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Why Exercise With Kids Is A Busy Mom Lifesaver (And How To Do It)

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Let’s face it. Pregnancy leaves moms with pounds they want to shed, but it’s hard to find time to exercise! Ideally, going to the gym everyday would help with fitness goals and overall health. Exercise with kids seems like a daunting and stress-filled undertaking. But exercise could help moms feel like themselves again after nine months of pregnancy. It could take time to feel motivated to get moving again, especially recovery from giving birth. Whether your baby was born vaginally or through C-section, it takes time to recuperate and gain strength. However, when your doctor gives you the green light, it’s a good idea to get moving again. The question is, how do busy moms find enough alone time to exercise? The answer? Don’t wait for alone time – exercise with your kids!

Whether you just had a baby or are years into motherhood, it’s never too late to create a good habit for both yourself and your kids. Think about it. Our kids are watching us, from the moment they’re born. Why not set a good example by getting up and into a routine of exercising.   Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, your life is busy with your baby, but making the time to work toward a healthier you will benefit not just you but your entire family.

Even the word “exercise” can make some of us cringe. Not everyone gets excited about it, especially when they are exhausted from motherhood duties. Here are three ways you can get moving all while spending time with your family.

Use exercise DVDs – yoga and Pilates are great! The key to starting up an exercise routine is to start slow, especially after everything your body has been through. DVDs that promote workout programs is a convenient way to ease yourself back into an exercise routine right in the comfort of your own home. Whether you have a baby or toddler at home, you can do your workout while watching them or even encouraging them to get involved. Many moms believe that teaching their kids to be active at a young age can build good habits for the future. Even if they do just one or two yoga moves with you, it will give you a chance to be active for a few moments, and for him or her to be entertained while you do so.

Use an exercise ball. Having just had a baby, you probably have a lot of toning to do in your mid section. Using an exercise ball can help you engage your core. You can lay on it while doing crunches or simply bounce on it while tightening your abdominal muscles. Sitting on the ball can also help with back pain and tension, which many moms struggle with. Physical therapists also encourage moms to put their infants on exercise balls, while holding them, to engage their reflexes, balance, etc.. Both mom and baby can benefit from investing in an exercise ball.

Take a Walk. One way to help with problems during the “witching hour” – a time in which babies are fussy in the evening for no apparent reason – is to take them outside. I know that both me, my baby and my husband become a little less grouchy and refreshed when we take a walk as a family in the evenings. There’s something about fresh air that rejuvenates us all. It also gives parents a chance to catch up on their days while doing something active.

The hardest part about exercising as a busy mom is getting into the habit of doing it consistently. These simple steps can be taken to incorporate an exercise routine into your hectic schedule. And it’s time to let go of the mom guilt! Taking time to take care of yourself is important so you can be the best for your family – and there’s no better way to do it than encouraging them to join you!

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