Enfamil Gentlease Infant Formula – 21.5 oz Tub


Retail Price: $27.33
Amazon Price: $25.98
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Enfamil Gentlease is designed to ease fussiness, gas and crying in 24 hours, while providing nutrition for healthy development to help babies reach key milestones. Gentlease has a gentle start for sensitive tummies, easy-to-digest gentle protein, and complete nutrition for baby.


So.. We thought our almost 4 month old had acid reflux. I breastfed exclusively until 3 months and gave him ranitidine to help, well it didn’t so I switched him to enfamil gentlease formula and omeprazole…

I recently sign up for wic, and my daughter doesn’t like the formula they provide us with, she get diarrhea and throws it up, any advice?

I have twin 5 week old boys. They got a mix of breast milk and formula for one month. Now it’s only formula (enfamil gentlease). One twin eats every 2 hours on the dot, around the clock. Aren’t formula fed babies supposed to go a little longer in between feedings?

Formula question. My newbie is on enfamil gentlease. He’s had problems pooping, today was the worst. Is enfamil newborn a little more gentle?

How do you moms feel about off-brand formula? My son is on the enfamil gentlease. I’ve seen the Meijer and Walmart brand similar. Would it be bad to switch?

Someone tell me good things about Enfamil Gentlease please! Wic doesn’t cover it but we are to the point we are willing to loose some things to buy something that actually helps our daughter!

I switched my 2 month old to enfamil gentlease cause she seemed really fussy and gassy on similac and she seemed to do better on it but started pooping army green a lot and then sometimes pebble yellow tanish poops. It’s also hard to get off her bum so she got a mean diaper rash that won’t go away completely. Should I be worried?

We have been giving our sweet five and a half month old Enfamil Gentlease since she was born. Due to cost I was considering the Parent’s Choice brand. Anyone have any input? Is Enfamil worth the higher price? Thanks!

Anyone use enfamil gentlease? My lo gets breast milk & formula and I’m currently using Similac Advanced but I feel like she gets really gassy after she drinks it. Any better suggestions?

Do any of you use enfamil gentlease? How does it work for your LO?