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Do You Know How Much I Love You? By Donna Tedesco

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Author and illustrator Donna Tedesco opens a world of imagination for parents and kids with her “Do You Know How Much I Love You” game turned into a beautifully illustrated children’s book. It’s a simplistic book with not many words; however I feel children will enjoy having this read to them. They will also have fun discovering objects in the drawings.

I played a similar game with my two kids when they were toddlers and preschool age. This would have been a fun book to have to sprinkle our imaginations with even more creative ideas. I still play an “I love you” game with my 13 year old special needs daughter. “I love you as …… “ is something we share with each other every night before bed. My 8 year old son joins in the fun sometimes too.

The text of “Do You Know How Much I Love You” is one long sentence. It’s written in such a way to have little ones excited to turn the page and see what’s next. Tedesco’s use of imagery paired with naive illustrations make for a pleasing combination and childlike simplicity. I really like how she did the drawings as if a child had drawn them. I feel that children will relate more to the pictures for this same reason, too.

The drawings and the text describe how much the author loves the child with each page making the love bigger and bigger. After the book has been read, it’s clear how the drawing on the front cover fits into the story. The second and last illustration are the two that are the most effective at developing the story.

The main theme of “Do You Know How Much I Love You” is the author explaining to a child the enormity of love she feels for the child. I feel Tedesco accomplishes the task and in the process gives both parent and child something to get our creative juices flowing.

Putting into words how extremely and deeply we love our child can be one of the most difficult tasks as parents. The depths of parental love are conveyed daily by our actions, wisdom shared, and lessons taught. Young children love nothing more than sitting with the one they love and sharing a good book together. “Do You Know How Much I Love You” brings into perfect harmony the task of putting love into words and showing that love by reading with your child.


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Camilla Downs is mom to two kids, 13 year old Lillian and 8 year old Thomas. Lillian has a chromosome abnormality called 18p-. She is author of 'D iz for Different - One Woman's Journey to Acceptance'. Camilla furthers her passion of living an inspired, intuitive and conscious life as a Reiki practitioner, blogger, and mobile photographer.