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How to Take DIY Baby Pictures

Photo by Maiuki Shop

DIY baby pictures seem daunting to many moms, but taking a decent photo of your baby doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, you don’t even need to use a fancy camera. You can take an eye-catching, professional looking picture of your baby using the camera on your phone by following a few easy tips and tricks.

1. Watch your background. Backgrounds can make or break your photo. Try to photograph your baby against a clean background, which means there shouldn’t be lots of other objects and clutter in the background. If your nursery is very busy, try having using a solid colored blanket as a background. Repeating patterns can also be distracting.

2. Avoid flash. There is nothing nice looking about direct flash photography. The lighting that direct flash creates is harsh and notorious for causing red eye. Without the use of flash, you need to make sure you are photographing baby in a well lit area.

diy baby pictures3. Natural light is best. For professional, flattering photographs use natural light. In your house, place your baby near a window. Experiment with the relationship of your baby to the window. For example, for a bright background, place your baby’s back to the window with their face looking out towards you. If you place your baby perpendicular to the window, it will create soft shadows on baby’s face.

4. Avoid harsh sunlight. Though natural light is best, there can be too much of a good thing. If you are heading outside to take photos of your little one, do so on a cloudy day. Cloudy light is soft and won’t distract from your baby’s cuteness. If you can’t wait until a cloudy day to take your photograph, place your baby in a shaded area. While the light may look dull to the eye, it photographs beautifully.

5. Shoot lots of pictures. Take more shots than you think you need. If you are photographing a newborn, though they won’t move much, try different angles and take some close ups. You may be surprised by what you like. If you are photographing an older baby, keep shooting pictures as your baby plays or you talk to your baby. They will likely have a range of facial expressions and you will capture them all, allowing you to either choose your favorite or to come up with a fun series of your baby.

diy baby pictures6. Consider your props. Newborn photography often includes the use of baskets, blocks, and wraps. You don’t need to buy fancy props to create a killer newborn picture. A simple basket with a blanket in it makes the perfect prop to put your sleeping baby into. If you are looking for a seasonal spin, you could have your new little one surrounded by apples for fall, bows or plastic Christmas balls for the holidays, or in a large sand pail for summer.

7. Outfits or not. Don’t stress too much about finding the perfect outfit for your baby’s pictures. Naked babies are adorable in photographs. If that’s not something you are comfortable with, a plain white onesie works well too. Also, never underestimate the power of a well chosen hat or headband.

8. Timing your photo session is everything. For sleepy newborn pictures, aim to take your photos within the first two weeks of life. After that, your baby will be too alert. If your baby is older, chances are you have a good sense of their routine and moods. Try to take your photos during one of their happier times of day.

diy baby pictures

Photos by Jenna Fletcher.

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