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3 Tricks for Preventing a Diaper Blowout

Becoming a parent is a learning experience. It pushes you to become a problem solver. Many moms develop a mental list of problems that can arise while caring for their infants and come up with ways they can tackle them to meet their baby’s needs and be efficient as their caregivers. The list can include troubleshooting for how to treat colic, how to prevent gas or stomach upset in a baby, setting up a schedule that works for mommy and baby, how to treat illness, how to handle a meltdown in public, etc.. One of the most common situations that become stressful are diaper blowouts, and learning how to prevent them is high on our list. For any parent, handling a diaper blowout, especially if it occurs outside of the home, can be a daunting task. As a mom who has been in this situation many times while my husband was at work, I decided to figure out how to prevent it rather than learn how to cope with the mess time and time again.

Here are three tricks that may help prevent major diaper blowouts, or at least help them become few and far in between!

        Choose the right size diaper. Here’s the thing. As moms, we get nostalgic about everything. It’s true. As my newborn baby grew, I would get teary eyed every time I had to pack away clothes that were becoming tight on her, even when it came to her diapers! I think sometimes in the chaos of the first year of mothering an infant,  we forget to check how our baby’s diaper fits. I remember a few instances when my husband commented that the diaper seemed to be tight on our baby, and I just let it go. However, I soon realized that the reason I had so much laundry was because of leaks that could have been prevented by moving up a size in diapers. I also learned that putting a diaper that is one size larger than needed helped keep my baby dry longer through the night.

Choose the right brand of diaper. Because my baby was having multiple blowouts a day, I decided to try a different brand than what I was using and it made a huge difference! From there, I tried a few different brands to determine which one worked best for my baby. Some diaper companies are willing to offer free samples, which gives you the opportunity to try different brands before you settle on the best brand of diapers for your baby.

        Invest in overnight diapers. It seems that babies have the most blowouts and leaks in the middle of the night. It could be the way they’re laying or how much they had to eat right before bed or the fact that you’re just plain exhausted and don’t want to be in a messy situation. Regardless of the reason, dealing with a diaper blowout in the middle of the night is not ideal. It could be a good idea to bite the bullet and buy some overnight diapers. It doesn’t work for every baby, but it’s worth a shot! It very well could be life-changing for a sleep deprived mom.

As a mom of an infant, you work hard to find what works for your baby and what doesn’t. Finding ways to prevent the dreaded diaper blowout situations is high on our priority lists and these tricks may be a good place to start.


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