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Creative Toy Storage Ideas for a Clean(ish) Home

Keeping your house neat and tidy can be a daunting task. Add a child or three into the mix, and it can feel like you are in organizational chaos! From the big toys to the ones with a million pieces that always get lost, it often feels like all you do is clean…and yet you still feel like your house is a wreck. With the start of the New Year, consider some of these creative toy storage ideas to help you on your way to a calmer, tidier living space!

Store toys in items normally used for clothing. We’ve all seen the shoe organizer that goes over the back of the door. Well, another great use for this is for toys! Use the shoe pockets to place toys in to maximize the storage space. If you want to take it one step further to create independence for your child, place pictures of the toy on its assigned pocket. This way, your children can independently put away their toys, because they know where they go! If there is an extra drawer space available, use drawer organizers to separate toys. This way small toys that seem to constantly find their way under your bare foot will have a home to be put in!

Store toys in items normally used for gardens. Flower boxes and flower baskets are fantastic when you nail them to a wall! They create a streamlined look while providing your child’s toys with much needed storage space. They beauty of this is that the wall does the work, so if you’re dealing with limited space, this will do the trick!

Use containers from around the house to store toys. Small items such as crayons, marbles, and Legos need a home with a lid. Mason jars are a great storage solution. Another great storage item that could be found in the home is large food containers or tins. These containers are often discarded or recycled, but could easily be used as creative storage options! Throw some chalkboard spray paint on them and you will have a functional budget friendly place to put toys.

Purchase furniture that is toy storage friendly. This will help every room of your house have a place for toys to be placed once they are done being played with. Many beds can be purchased with under the bed storage built in. This not only saves space but also the time and energy for finding other storage solutions for children’s bedrooms! If your child already has a regular bed, consider adding the storage yourself! Place rolling drawers underneath your child’s bed to create out of sight toy storage. If you want your living areas to be kid friendly but not look like a toy room, invest in ottomans that have built in storage. These can hold toys while looking chic.

Last but not least, use cube storage units to create a home for toys. These are popular for a reason: they work. Whether they are in your living area, child’s room or play room, cube storage units instantly tidy up messy areas and look fabulous. They can double as book shelves by mixing baskets and loose books. You can also change it up and use different storage containers depending on what you need stored. 

The key to toy storage is that everything must have a place. By examining your living area, what you have around the house, your child’s room, decide where storage solutions would work best for your family. These creative toy storage ideas can help you be on your way to safely walking throughout your house without the fear of stepping on a Lego or five!

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