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9 Benefits of Clove Oil For Teething Babies

When you have a teething baby on your hands, you’ll try just about anything to help ease her pain. Many smart moms reach for clove oil for help. This essential oil is known for its natural analgesic and antiseptic properties which has aided in numbing babies’ teeth for centuries. While there are many benefits of clove oil for teething babies, it is extremely important to keep in mind that precautions should be taken when using it. Clove oil is one of the strongest essential oils available and, if used improperly, can cause blistering, bleeding, and tooth loss for your baby. Additionally, it should not be used on babies under 2 years old, and should be enormously diluted. For further precautions check with your pediatrician.

Relieving Sore Gums
Clove oil has powerful germicidal properties which, when used properly, can aid in relieving sore gums where the new teeth are coming in.

Relieving Sore Teeth
While some teeth may take weeks to come in, some may appear overnight! You may see your baby is chomping on everything from their blankie to your fingers. Clove oil can help relieve the soreness of their new teeth.

Relieving Sore Throat
Gargling with diluted clove oil is a great way to help ease your baby’s sore throat. This one might be tricky (how many babies can gargle?) so simply dilute the clove oil and rub on the inside of your baby’s mouth to help comfort her. If your little one does know how to gargle, even better!

Relief Headaches
Along with a sore throat and earache, babies often get headaches during their teething phases. Adding a little clove oil to a wet washcloth has a cooling effect that can help ease your child’s aching head.

When diluted clove oil is placed on the teeth or gums, it provides a gentle numbing effect that can greatly ease the pain your baby is facing. Remember to keep the oil diluted. It is better to go back and use more than start with too much and cause blistering.

Chances are your 2-year-old is brushing their teeth with a starter toothpaste. While the cherry, banana, or strawberry flavor may taste great, these early toothpastes don’t have the cleaning capabilities of adult tooth paste. Using a little clove oil will help clean your baby’s teeth even better and relieve pain for the new teeth coming in.  

Fighting Cavities
By the time your little one is 2-years-old, he or she will surely be in a routine of brushing their teeth. Clove oil is effective against cavities and can be a good supplement to your child’s dental routine.
Fighting Bad Breath
Believe it or not, babies can get bad breath too! From sour milk to the combination of foods they eat, there’s a good chance that there’s a bad taste left in your baby’s mouth every once in a while. To resolve this, a swish of clove oil can help fight bacteria and eliminate bad breath.

Calming Effect
Essential oils are known for their healing and calming effects. Teething can be a scary time for a baby because they don’t know what is going on or why they are in so much pain. Clove oil can help aid in calming your little one and making the teething process much more bearable.

If you’ve ever added clove to your morning bowl of oatmeal or baked cookies using cloves, you know that a little bit adds a big pop of flavor! The same powerful effect rings true for clove oil.  Again, it is tremendously important for you to dilute the clove oil, test it on a small portion of your baby’s mouth, and ensure your little one has no adverse effects before proceeding. When used correctly, clove oil is a natural way to help ease the pain that comes from teething.   


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