A Smartmom Guide to Choosing a Middle Name for Your Little One

A Smartmom Guide to Choosing a Middle Name for Your Little One

Having a baby is a huge, momentous, happy occasion. But naming your baby – now, that’s one of the hardest parts of being pregnant. I’m currently pregnant with our third child and can tell you from experience that choosing a first name is tough work in and of itself. But choosing a middle name for your little one can be especially difficult, even more so if you have no great ideas to try. And with how high profile the middle name has become over the last several years, there’s a lot of pressure to make sure the one you choose is perfect for your baby (for the rest of their life)! So if you’re struggling to make this decision for your family, let me help you out – with this handy middle name selection guide below. 

Family History

For many, looking to names of relatives that have passed for middle name options can be a great place to start. This can help give your little one’s name more meaning and make it a bit more special for you and your partner. Plus, old fashioned names are definitely back in style, even for a baby’s first name choice. And speaking of first names, if you give your baby one that’s pretty popular, having a more unique middle name can reduce the risk that they’ll have the exact same name as someone else in their class when they get older.


Go With a Destination

You can really find a unique name for your baby if you think in terms of your favorite destinations – and this is a celeb-worthy trend you should definitely consider. Using the name of a place where you and your significant other met, or even just a spot you love, can be the perfect choice for baby’s middle name. And it’s definitely a fun, personal way to complete your little one’s full namesake.


Steal Your Favorite Name Back

I remember back when two of my cousins were both pregnant at the same time – and one stole the other’s top baby name choice. This was highly dramatic, and if it’s happened to you, you probably can’t get that “favorite” name out of your mind. If you really want to use it, try incorporating it into your child’s middle name. Then you still have the option of using that name you fell in love with, without giving your kiddo the same moniker as their cousin.


Think About Initials

As you’re looking for the best middle name for your child, remember to consider their full initials. You might be looking for a name that creates a unique combination – or you might want to avoid certain ones (such as  initials that spell out not-so-flattering words, like DUM). Alternatively, if you have a specific initial combination to work with or want to choose the same initials for all of your children, knowing what letter you want your little one’s middle name to start with can help narrow down your choices. And that can make your selection process a lot easier!


What Sounds Right

Ultimately, you need to find a middle name that works with your baby’s first name. Say their whole name out loud a few times before settling on one – this will help you decide if you really like it and if their name will flow well. When you get the right fit, you’ll just know. After our daughter was born, I wanted to give her a middle name that reflected hope and joy. I tried saying a million middle names out loud with her first name, and we finally settled on Addison Grace – which just sounded right for her, more so than Addison Hope or Addison Joy.


Google, Google, Google

As a writer, I can’t help but forewarn you to check out who else would potentially share your baby’s namesake by typing that combo you just came up with into Google. After all, you probably don’t want your baby’s name associated with some political scandal – or maybe you’re having trouble choosing the right combo, and will find that a great leader once had the same name. And while you’re off in internetland, feel free to grab a website domain with your final name selection to secure it for your baby’s future. Apparently, that’s a thing now!



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