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4 Reasons to Choose Organic Baby Food

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A question most moms encounter, especially with their first little one, is whether to choose organic baby food. As moms, we try to see the world through our babies eyes. We watch them discover a new toy, list to their incessant babbling when they find their voice, laugh when they realize they have feet and are entranced by them. We revel in each “first.” It’s exciting to watch and important to encourage them to learn. We do our research so we can do it right. We make sure they do tummy time on a firm surface, put them to sleep on their backs to avoid SIDS, establish a daily routine for them that involves a certain number of naps and feedings. When it comes time to introduce solids, we are excited about this new “first” we will experience with them. We go to the grocery store and try to decide what fruit or veggie to give to our babies first, but soon that decision goes out the window when we realize we have to choose between organic and non-organic produce or jarred baby food. What is the best for your baby?

Non-organic produce is exposed to pesticides, chemical fertilizers and processed using genetic engineering. I don’t know about you, but when I first started  giving my baby anything but breast milk, I wanted her first exposure to food to be as pure and healthy as possible. Their little tummies are so sensitive, so the less processed the food is, the easier it is on their new system. Organic baby food, that is as “clean” as possible gives me peace of mind as a mother.

Some studies show that pesticides and additives can cause health problems. It’s possible that consuming products that have been processed or contain GMOs can contribute to the cause of certain autoimmune disorders such as colitis.  Most people affirm that they feel better when they eat “clean.” Preventing health issues is a great reason to provide pure foods for our babies.

Studies show that organic foods have more nutrients. At such a young age, it’s important to ensure your baby is receiving proper vitamins and minerals through their food intake. Up until the moment you introduce solids, your baby gets proper nutrition from breast milk or formula. As a mom, I want to provide foods that are full of vitamins and minerals for my baby. It helps set them up for a healthy future.

Many people attest to the fact that organic produce just tastes better. I can tell you that the tomatoes I have tasted from my own vegetable garden taste much sweeter than the dull flavor of the ones I buy from the grocery store. I am so happy when I introduce a new fruit or vegetable to my baby and she likes it. It’s good to know your baby is expanding his or her palate with the best tasting fruits and vegetables.

So the next time you peruse the aisles at the grocery store, whether you’re reaching for carrots or jarred baby food, be sure to read the labels and choose organic, non-GMO foods to provide healthy and delicious meals for your baby.



I’m excited about making organic baby food..several people told me that I can introduce baby food to my twins when they turn 4 months. How true is this?

My daughter is 15 months. I only feed her healthy organic whole foods. I feel like she is going to feel excluded because of how she eats. Any moms have experience with this?

I make my own baby produce so far. Everything seems to constipate him..Do you moms think he might digest jar baby food better?

Moms who budget groceries at $40-50 a week for a family of 3 or more.. How do you do it? I shop mostly organic and it’s adding to my grocery bill a lot.

What are the best organic baby foods? Earths best?

I went yesterday to tour the daycare and they will not allow parents to send homemade baby food. Is this even legal?

Anybody have good recipes or ideas for baby food for a 7 month old?

Any other moms skip rice cereal? If so, what foods did you start with?

Suggestions for baby food brands, prefer organic/natural (we are not doing home-made)?

I am wondering does anyone have an input on organic versus regular baby food? My baby is 9 months..

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