What are the Most Important Nutrients Needed during Pregnancy?

A pregnant woman searches the internet on her computer looking for the most important nutrients needed during pregnancy.

Photo by Rylee Hitchner

Grocery shopping can take on a whole new layer of complexity during pregnancy; what was once a simple task suddenly raises an important question: “what are the nutrients needed during pregnancy?”

All of a sudden you’re over thinking everything, checking labels and holding up the grocery line with confusion and indecision.  If you gain a better understanding of the nutrients your body needs during pregnancy, you can become  a smarter shopper prepared  to make healthier choices.

So what are the most important nutrients needed during pregnancy?  We’ve gone through and highlighted a few of the most important nutrients, as well as the foods that contain them.
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Alone and Pregnant: How to Stay Resilient

A pregnant woman resting on her bed contemplating what it's like being alone and pregnant.

When my first husband died in 2011, I was 5 months pregnant with our third child. The thought of facing pregnancy alone was completely overwhelming and I had no idea where to start. The questions just wouldn’t stop coming.

What if I go into labor early? Who will drive me to the hospital?

Who will be with me when my daughter is born?

What if something else bad happens? How will I be able to handle it?

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How To Prepare To Be a First Time Mom

How to prepare to be a first time mom before looking into your baby's eyes.

In the months before becoming a first time mom, you’ll hear dozens of opinions on what you need to buy and what you can do without. Most often, the advice will be conflicting and for good reason. No two babies are the same, nor are the needs of the parents. In my experience, you don’t need to spend a ton on your first child, but there are a few staples you’ll want to splurge on. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Phantom Pregnancy Kicks

A woman carrying her toddler wondering why she is experiencing phantom pregnancy kicks.

If you’ve been stopped in your tracks by what feels like little fetal kicks or movements even though you are one hundred percent positive that you are not pregnant, you’re not alone! Breathe a sigh of relief that you aren’t crazy while we dig into what these phantom pregnancy kicks are and why they happen.

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How to Make Medicine for Children Easier

A mother and child try different ways to make medicine for children easier to handle.

If you’ve had a kid for any measure of time, you probably cringe whenever you know you’ll need to administer 10 days of antibiotics or Tylenol every 4 hours. Why? Because medicine for children is horrible tasting and it makes babies and kids go completely insane with everything from spontaneous anger-vomiting to caveman-esque fits of screaming rage.

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Urinary Incontinence After Childbirth

A mother cradling her baby while battling the effects of urinary incontinence after childbirth.

Urinary incontinence is an involuntary loss of urine due to several factors including childbirth. It is a fairly common urinary system disorder in women whether having given birth once, multiple times, or not been pregnant at all. It is also known to occur not just after giving birth, but also during pregnancy and while delivering. More importantly, the rate of urinary incontinence significantly increases as a result of having a baby. Here are the facts of the urinary incontinence after childbirth so moms can remedy the effects of this disorder and ultimately regain control.

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How To Support a Preemie Mom

Preemie Mom - SmartMom

Without a doubt, being a mom has been the toughest thing I’ve ever done. From the self-doubt of the toddler years to the rough patches of adolescence to the complete bewilderment of letting them go off on their own… it’s one roller coaster of emotion that no one can truly imagine when they first find out that they’re pregnant. It’s hard from the start, but imagine that your first experience as a parent is as a preemie mom, watching your child be hooked up to machines, lying in a plastic bed and unable to hold your baby as they fight to gain every ounce that they can. And that’s probably on a good day. Continue reading

Why Making My Own Baby Food Was The Best Decision I Made

Making My Own Baby Food - SmartMom

When it comes to feeding your baby, it seems as though there are endless options to choose from. In the beginning, it was formula feeding vs breastfeeding and when my baby started to eat solids, it was making my own baby food vs. buying baby food from the store. Whatever your choice, the options a new parent faces can seem overwhelming. Continue reading

The First Toothbrush: How to Care for Baby’s Dental Health

The First Toothbrush - SmartMom

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when I learned that we should be “brushing a baby’s gums” long before teeth appeared.  Like most first time Moms, I continued relishing in my weekly emails telling me about my baby, only this time instead of telling me what size fruit he was, it was telling me various things I needed to do to ensure a healthy and well-adjusted child. Enter: baby toothbrushing. I do believe starting early with the first toothbrush has put us on the path to a life of oral hygiene, but we’ll have to wait and see when we have our first dentist appointment.  In the meantime, here are some of the tips that worked for our family. Continue reading

When Your Friend is Parenting a Child with Autism

Parenting a Child with Autism - SmartMom

We’ve all heard what the media says about the diets, the vaccines, and the swarm of attention that autism has gained. And it’s not surprising, considering that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (commonly known as ASD).

As a SmartMom, you will encounter friends, co-workers, or fellow volunteers who are parenting a child with autism. Or, perhaps you yourself are parenting a child with autism. Continue reading