How do I Know if My Baby is Teething?

If your baby is cranky and constantly soaking the front of his shirt (and everything in front of him!) with drool, you might just have a teething baby on your hands. Generally, teething begins around 6 months of age, but rest assured there is nothing to worry about if your child starts sooner or a bit later. The timing of your baby’s teething depends on when Mommy and Daddy first got their teeth. Pediatricians say that it is completely normal for teething to start at any time between 3 months to 12 months of age, and all 20 primary teeth should appear by the time your child is 3 years old. But how do I know if my baby is teething? Continue reading

8 Best Essential Oils for Children

Best Essential Oils for Babies - SmartMom

We live in an increasingly crunchy world, especially when it comes to raising children. These days it’s all about breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, organic eating, and home births and I for one am all about creating a more natural lifestyle for my family.  I can’t exactly label myself a full-fledged granola mama (thanks in-part to my complete inability to keep plants alive, ergo no growing my own food) but one thing I have really fallen in love with the use of essential oils for children. I started my own essential oil journey when I was pregnant with my second child and wanted an alternative pain reliever for headaches. A friend turned me on to peppermint essential oil and I’ve been hooked ever since. Now I’m passionate about enriching the lives of everyone in my family with the benefits of essential oils. But this is a mom blog so before I get too carried away on oils for the whole family allow me to share my four must-have essential oils and four must-have essential oil blends for children.
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SmartMom Guide To Common Baby Rashes

SmartMom Guide to Common Baby Rashes

Amongst the many concerns that plague parents, a baby skin rash is one of the most common. It is quite alarming to see a cluster of red spots that formed in either your baby’s bottom or her chest. Add to that fact is the amount of irritation, discomfort, and in some cases, pain the skin rash is causing your baby.
The good news is that they are treatable and can easily be prevented. The measures you have to take when it comes to both are not that difficult to do, too! We have listed the common baby rashes below along with the accompanying treatment and prevention for each. Continue reading

Is it Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?

Is It Safe to Exercise While Pregnant? - SmartMom

Are you an exercise freak? Do you love to spend your evenings pounding the sidewalks or doing lengths at your local pool? If you are that girl and then you find yourself pregnant it can be a confusing time. You want to keep up your good work don’t you? Surely taking care of yourself is even more important now that you are carrying such precious cargo? Of course you want to keep exercising but at what cost? Is it safe to exercise while pregnant? Of course it is! There are many different types of exercise that are safe to do while pregnant. Continue reading

Natural Remedies For Treating Baby Eczema

Treating Baby Eczema - SmartMom

Your baby isn’t thirteen years old. Your baby isn’t oiling up every day for a sun tanning session.  So, why is your baby’s skin all red and bumpy?! Chances are, your baby has the ever-so-common baby eczema. Babies are known for their PERFECT skin, so it can be weird when you wake up one morning and notice that your wee one’s perfect skin is covered in pimply-looking, rough, red bumps!

Mom, breathe easy. It’s baby eczema. Don’t run out to the pharmacy and think you have to medicate. There are plenty of natural remedies for treating baby eczema. Continue reading

What Is Emotional Well-Being For A Mom?

As a mother a daughter spend time together outside, the mother wonders "what is emotional well-being" as a mom.

Here’s the thing about being a mom: there is no one-size-fits-all, well, anything. Think about it: have you ever bought something that was marketed as “one size fits all” and it didn’t fit you? How did you feel after that? My guess is you felt a little left out and a little out of place.

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How to Increase Fertility Naturally

A mom with her toddler wonders how to increase fertility naturally.

If you’re at the point where it’s time to get yourself in baby making shape, chances are you want to know how to up your chances of success the natural way. There are no supplements or superfoods that will guarantee a positive result on your pregnancy test, but there are ways to make your body more enticing to a potential resident. Keep in mind that not all natural remedies are the right fit for you, so before you try anything out, consult your doctor. Here are a few adjustments that you can make in your life for how to increase fertility naturally.

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How to Handle Post Baby Hair Loss

A new mother cuddles her baby while dealing with post baby hair loss.

Women go through a lot of transformations during pregnancy and right after having a baby. One odd transformation is our mane glory – from firm, luscious hair during pregnancy to a heart-wrenching hair loss post baby.

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10 Ways to Survive as a Sleep Deprived Mom

As a mom cradles her baby, she wonders how she is even functioning as a sleep deprived mom.

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“Better get your sleep while you can!”

That phrase has to be one of the most overly used bits of unsolicited advice known to man. If I had a nickel for every time I heard it when I was pregnant with my first I’d have collected enough to knock out a large chunk of our hospital bill. Pregnant women hate this phrase because not only is it flat out annoying, especially when given with a “you don’t even know what you’re in for” smirk, but we also know it’s true. We know we will become a sleep deprived mom. We know that life will greatly shift when baby arrives. We know that we’re in for a wild and crazy pee, poop, and puke-covered ride. But it isn’t until we are going on three straight weeks of multiple feedings a night and restless fuss-filled days that we think back to those friends and family members who blessed us with that small slice of know-it-all advice and hate them even more for being so right!

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Know the Signs and Symptoms of GERD in Babies

As a mother cradles her baby, she wonders if the baby is suffering the typical symptoms of GERD in babies.

GERD, or acid reflux, is not typically something we associate with babies. When most people think of GERD, they think of heartburn, acidic food, caffeine, overeating and discomfort caused by the foods we eat. However, babies aren’t yet eating solid foods, so how can they get GERD?

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