You’re Invited: SmartMom’s Tour of Tuscany

SmartMom's Tour of Tuscany

Pack your bags ladies, because we are going on a tour of Tuscany! Whether you’re a member of the SmartMom community or happen to find our trip online, you are eligible to purchase a 9-day trip to the Tuscany region of Italy at an UNBELIEVABLE price.

Check out the full itinerary for SmartMom Tour of Tuscany

So, what does a typical vacation to the vineyards of Italy cost, inclusive of accommodations, meals, tours, tastings, ground transport AND flights? About $7,600.

But if you’re a SmartMom, you’ll be getting all of this for $3,600. (That’s FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS in savings!) 
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July Contest: Win a Gift Set from Life Pearls

July Contest - Life Pearls

Life Pearls is a unique concept that combines a parenting app to a symbolic vase filled with pearls. In this fast paced life, parents often run out of ideas on how to entertain and stimulate their children. Providing weekly activity ideas tailored to the child’s age, Life Pearls is there to help parents create incredible memories with them. The activities are creative, easy to set up, and are free or low-cost. For our July contest we’ll be giving away 5 gift sets from Life Pearl, including the beautiful Bamboo box and vase with pearls.

The Life Pearls vase contains 936 pearls, one for every week between the birth of a baby and their 18th birthday. Every week, remove a pearl from the vase to mark yet another memory created together. The vase is there to remind you when you look at it that childhood flies by. Continue reading

June Contest: Win a Bundle of Goodies from Pearhead!

Win a Bundle of Goodies from Pearhead!

For this month’s SmartMom contest, 5 lucky moms will win a bundle of goodies from Pearhead! These adorable gifts will help you share and cherish your baby’s special moments in life with those you love. Our All About Baby Chalkboard (retail value $24.95) lets you customize and capture your baby’s loves and favorites. It’s easy to erase and clean to reuse for each month of your baby’s first year. And it’s perfect for posting on social media to share your baby’s moments with friends and family. Let everyone know when your little pearhead says ‘mama’ for the first time with our Baby Milestone Cards (retail value $12.95). They’re the cutest way to send friends and family an adorable photo message. Display your baby’s hand and footprints with our Babyprints Photo Frame (retail value $24.95). Just press your baby’s hand or foot on the included Clean-Touch ink pad to reveal a detailed print of your baby’s piggies. This is a keepsake that will truly last a lifetime. This little piggy didn’t go to the market, he can be right at home in your nursery. Our Piggy Bank (retail value $24.95) perfectly fits on your baby’s shelf and is sure to brighten up any room. Continue reading

May Contest: Win a Set of Lifefactory Glass Bottles

Lifefactory Glass Bottles - SmartMom

As soon as you become a mom, your standards get a whole lot higher. It isn’t enough for products to be pretty, they also need to be highly functional. Lifefactory bottles are perfect for young families on the go – they’re well designed, functional, and safe for the whole family. Their BPA, thermal shock resistant glass bottles are perfect for baby and parent alike. This month we’re partnering with Lifefactory to give away 5 sets of Lifefactory glass bottles!

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April Contest: Win a Mama Strut Wrap for Pregnancy or Postpartum Care

Mama Strut SmartMom April Contest

Pregnancy brings many new experiences. Excitement and anticipation, heightened emotions, and physical exhaustion. And then there are the experiences that you can’t talk about. The pain you experience “down there”, especially postpartum.  We love Mama Strut because it’s the only product available for new moms that supports all sides of the pelvis, and incorporates therapeutic heat and ice to target postpartum discomfort.

This month we’re partnering with Mama Strut to give away 2 of their revolutionary pelvic binders – one specifically designed to support the body during Pregnancy, the other designed for Postpartum care.

SmartMom Community Manager Mary loves her Mama Strut band: “The Mama Strut took care of my postpartum pain while I was able to focus on taking care of my new addition!”

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March Contest: Win $250 to Petunia Pickle Bottom

It’s common for the style of many women to evolve quite a bit after they become a mom, and practical ends up replacing perfectly-put-together most days. This month we want to help two moms fearlessly brings style and sophistication to the world of modern motherhood with the bold patterns and smart designs from Petunia Pickle Bottom!

With an intuitive flair for fashion and function, this vibrant lifestyle brand offers versatile silhouettes that tote baby and mothering necessities with ease and polish. From backpacks and shoulder bags, to travel bags, satchels and totes, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags are charmingly clever and ready for any outing, from baby to beyond!

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February Contest: Win $250 to Buy Buy Baby

February SmartMom Contest

No matter how hard you try to budget for baby, there are always unexpected costs. Maybe you thought you’d stick it out with cloth diapers, or maybe you underestimated how expensive strollers can be. Let’s face it – babies are expensive. Adorable, but expensive.

This month we want to treat 2 lucky moms to a little shopping spree with $250 to Buy Buy Baby. We love the wide variety of baby products at Buy Buy Baby, and we love that you can shop online and have everything shipped directly to you!

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January SmartMom Contest – Win $100 in Dapple Baby Products

Dapple Baby Products - SmartMom

During the first 12 months of your baby’s life, there are bound to be a few messes. Scratch that – there are bound to be a TON of messes. During these first months you’re likely to scrap the chemicals in favor of more natural cleaning products that are safer for baby.  And while it’s easy to love the idea of natural cleaning products, so often they fall short of being effective.

Dapple Baby products are the best of both worlds. They’re made with naturally-based ingredients that are environmentally safe and biodegradable.  But they’re also specifically designed to tackle even the toughest crusty, drippy, and sticky messes. We love Dapple products and we think you’ll love them too! That’s why we’re partnering with Dapple to give 5 lucky moms the complete line of dapple products. Continue reading

Win a $250 Gymboree gift card!

Win $250 to Gymboree from SmartMom!

Post holidays can be a rough, lonely time for mamas everywhere. After all the excitement, parties, travel, and gifts, it’s back to reality. But hey, nothing a little retail therapy can’t help, right? Even better when it’s a quest for cute, cozy baby clothes for your LO’s. This year SmartMom wants to brighten your January with a $250 Gymboree gift card! Take advantage of those post-holidays sales, mamas. This year we’re picking up the tab for 2 lucky moms in the SmartMom app. Continue reading

This November: Win a Swaddling Blanket from Embé!

As the weather gets crispier, you’re probably looking for more ways to keep your baby (and yourself!) warm and cozy. I don’t know about you, but I pretty much have a cup of tea in my hands from November until about March or April. I mean, half the time it’s not even tea – just a mug of hot water to keep my hands warm.

This November we want to send coziness your way with a soft, snuggly swaddling blanket from embé! This month 10 (that’s right, ten!) moms from the SmartMom community will win a patented Embé® 2-in-1 Swaddle — a convertible swaddle that allows for baby’s legs to remain either in or out of the swaddle, helping to reduce the risk of overheating.

The 2-in-1 design also allows for quick and easy night-time diaper changes by keeping baby’s hands away from the diaper and allowing for easy access. These swaddles are made with 100% Peruvian Pima cotton — a rare cotton often referred to as “the cashmere of cottons.” Check out the Embé site to learn more!

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