Holiday Skincare Giveaway with The Fox & She

the fox and sheFor the November Contest, SmartMom has partnered with fabulous mom and clean beauty expert Blair Staky from lifestyle blog The Fox and She! She has hand-picked an incredible prize package to honor our SmartMoms and reward our community for helping each other. 

“Hey SmartMoms! My skincare routine is my ‘me time’ at the end of a busy day and helps me relax. I’m giving away a prize package of my favorite clean products. This month’s prize is a secret—you have to download the SmartMom app to see which products are included! Plus, find some exclusive tips for switching to and benefitting from a clean beauty lifestyle.”

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October Contest: Chelsey Wang Beauty

SmartMoms deserve a little pampering for all of the little miracles we perform every day … and for our dwindling patience at the end of the evening.

For the October Contest: One SmartMom will receive collections from Chelsey Wang Beauty for mom and baby!

The Mom Collection and Baby Collection include the following products:

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July Contest: Prize Package from Ever Skincare

Last month we announced that moving forward, we are aiming to honor the mothers in our app as women, too, by adding more prizes that are JUST for mom! When announced in the app, this didn’t go too well … it went over LIKE GANGBUSTERS! SmartMoms, we hear you and are excited to bring another prize for mama’s only:

For the July Contest: One lucky SmartMom will receive the Pure Results Regime compliments of Ever Skincare! This is a prize package including the following products:

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June Contest: 11 Piece Copper Set from Anolon Cookware

SmartMom is starting to change things up a bit. Over the last year or so, we’ve mainly given away prizes that are specifically for baby – swaddles, onesies, bottles, etc. The prizes have been awesome and help make motherhood easier – shopping cart hammock, stroller blanket, formula mixer, etc. Moving forward, we are aiming to honor the mothers in our app as women, too, by adding more prizes that are JUST for mom!

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Baby Not Sleeping? April Contest with Nook Sleep

At SmartMom we are always looking for ways to improve sleep for our families. While creating a sleep schedule and cutting caffeine are great tips, improving sleep conditions is of the utmost importance.

Hunger and hugs aren’t the only things that wake your baby at night. She can also be awakened by getting too hot or cold during the night. Nook Sleep mattresses are designed to keep breathable materials close to your baby’s skin so her body temperature will remain more constant, eliminating the danger of overheating. Furthermore, all Nook products are made with Organic, non-toxic materials – that’s what we refer to as a “Mom Win!”

For the April contest Nook Sleep is giving away two prizes to the two most active SmartMoms in our community!

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March Contest: Bottle Feeding with Brezza

As a new parent, there are never enough hours in the day. You want to spend as much time as possible with your little bundle of joy and maybe catch some Zzz’s, but there is always something lingering on your to-do list.

That’s why this month we’ve teamed up with Baby Brezza to help make ordinary tasks easier, so you can enjoy the special moments longer…and even sneak in a nap!

For the March contest Baby Brezza is giving away a bottle feeding prize package to the most active SmartMom in our community!

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February Contest: Prize Package from Milestone

While motherhood can be difficult, watching your baby reach significant milestones is one of its greatest rewards. SmartMom loves sharing baby milestones! Being able to relieve these incredible moments with fellow SmartMoms, family, and Instagram is one of the best ways to celebrate your little ones.

Documenting these moments is another thing … You run around with your smart phone trying to get their first steps on video. You take 10-15 photos of their messy faces the first time they eat solids. You will literally do anything to make them smile.

That’s why this month we’ve teamed up with Milestone to help document your family’s most memorable times.

For the February contest Milestone is giving away a prize package to 1 lucky SmartMom! 

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“Ask Me Anything” with Chef Rodelio Aglibot, The Food Buddha

At SmartMom, we are cooking up something super special to start the new year off with an Italian twist. We are spending all of January celebrating Italian cuisine in honor of our SmartMom’s Tour of Tuscany, so we have invited an Italian chef to chat with our SmartMoms before we personally meet him in Italy!

Join us for a live chat with Chef Rodelio Aglibot, “The Food Buddha” January 11th at 3pm ET/ 2pm CT!

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SmartMom Italian Recipe Contest

In honor of SmartMom’s Tour of Tuscany, we are celebrating all things Italian: the food, the language, the beautiful scenery, and the memories we will create with our fellow SmartMoms next year.

During the month of January, SmartMom is hosting a LIVE recipe contest!

We’re calling all moms to submit an original Italian recipe to be reviewed by Chef Rodelio Aglibot, AKA The Food Buddha, and Chicago food blogger and Real Life SmartMom Erica Eckman of Everything Erica.

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December Contest: Get Baby Winter Ready with 7AM Enfant

While the colder weather brings hot chocolate, tree trimming, and extra snuggles, it can also send a chill down mom’s spine. As soon as I became a mom, the excitement of first snow turned into anxiety about my little one getting cold and ending up sick.

The truth of the matter is, kids don’t get sick from the cold weather – they get sick because everyone is moved inside to close quarters and germs are exchanged easily. SmartMom’s advice? No need to bring your little one to the mall or indoor gym every day. Instead, bundle up and take a walk outside!

In honor of Jack Frost nipping at our noses:

7AM Enfant is giving away 2 Evolution Blankets to our most active SmartMoms! 

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