June Contest: Win a Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock!

Going to the grocery store can be a mom’s worst nightmare. Your 30lb car seat takes up half the cart so you can’t get nearly as many items as you need, while lugging around the car seat plus groceries is virtually impossible. Getting out of the house with a baby is hard enough!

Binxy Baby is here to help. Leave that heavy car seat where it belongs and unwrap Binxy Baby’s Shopping Cart Hammock! Your little one can literally hang out while you shop and your shopping cart can fill up with much needed goodies. And no need to worry – this mom hack meets all applicable safety standards.

For our June Contest, three SmartMoms will be rewarded with a Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock!
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Take Our Survey to Win $250 to Target!

We chat in the app daily. We ask each other some of our most embarrassing questions. We log in at 4am. But do we really know you that well?

We would love to get to know you better, so would you mind taking a survey to tell us a bit more about you?

Take the SmartMom Survey

If you take our survey within the next week, you will be entered to win a $250 gift card to Target! Be sure to enter your email address or SmartMom username at the bottom to be eligible to win.

Thanks and looking forward to getting to know our SmartMoms. See you at 4am 😉

May Contest: Win a Gift Set from Handstand Kitchen!

20151011-IMG_8333For some odd reason, filling the day with activities doesn’t come as naturally as it should. As moms, we are always trying to keep our littles busy while we carpool, clean, and …. COOK! That’s right, when we are organized enough we have a few opportunities to cook during the week. Why not invite the littles to join? That’s one less activity to plan for them while we chop, peel, and slice.

Handstand Kitchen is the perfect place for kids to start learning how to cook and love food. With Handstand Kitchen products, cooking can be a shared experience that the whole family an enjoy. From cookbooks and aprons to size-appropriate safe utensils, Handstand Kitchen is bringing SmartMoms a special prize for our May Contest:

Four of our SmartMoms will win a gift set from Handstand Kitchen!
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Real Life SmartMom Andrea Levoff

InstaIn 2017, SmartMom launched a blogger series featuring your favorite Mommy Bloggers. We go to them for advice, recipes, support and whenever Google comes up with an answer we don’t like. Let’s get to know the mommies behind these amazing blogs a bit better – why? Because they are SmartMoms; and smart moms talk to SmartMoms.

This week we hear from Andrea Levoff AKA Dope Ass Mom! Andrea is mom to two kids while building her business as a professional mom-supporter. That’s right – she works hard to make sure moms have the support they need – mom friends, mom resources, mom time, and mom wine (of course). Get to know Dope Ass Mom below.

Here are some questions we asked –

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April Contest: Win a FREE Year of ABCmouse!

ABCmouse Image copyAs moms, we collectively have a common fear looming in the background noise of our homes at all times…screen time. Some say our kids are getting too much screen time (“it’ll rot your brain!”), when some say it’s okay to save a mom’s sanity (why don’t we watch Trolls while mommy takes a nap?”).

As SmartMoms, we’ve come up with a solution to not only face our fear but embrace it! Screen time is inevitable for our littles, so let’s make it worth our families’ whiles. We partnered with an educational learning app to bring you the prize for our April Contest:

One lucky mom will win a FREE year subscription to ABCmouse.com!

ABCmouse.com Early Learning Academy is a subscription-based digital education program for children ages 2–8. This online program helps kids learn to read, teaches lessons in math, social studies, art, music, and much more.

Sign up for ABCmouse.com for a FREE month today!

Whether you are our contest winner or not, ABCmouse.com is offering a prize to ALL SmartMoms! As a new member, SmartMoms will receive one month of educational games for FREE just for signing up!
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SmartMom Stories: Lilli’s Battle with Ezcema

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.45.00 AMSmartMom is a community of moms who turn to each other for advice during some of their most trying times. It’s important to share our stories and experiences with each other, so we can learn how to best take care of ourselves and our families. We often go to Google or WebMD when something odd happens with our children, but there is so much mis-information and answers on the internet it takes too long to sift through. SmartMom strives to help moms save time, precious time, time when your little one is struggling, time you can’t waste, so you can get back to what matters most. 

We welcome SmartMom Juliann in sharing her daughter’s story of battling a horrible case of eczema and how an overlooked solution made a difference overnight. 

At only a few weeks old, my daughter Lilli started showing signs of skin irritation and eczema. She was not able to sleep soundly, she was constantly pulling out her hair and scratching any part of her body her fingers could reach. At each visit to her pediatrician we would ask questions and search for solutions to soothe her gradually worsening skin problems.

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SmartMoms Buy Smart Brands: Burt’s Bees Baby

SmartMom is very pleased to announce a special “Ask Me Anything” event in the app with two brand representatives from Burt’s Bees Baby!

Take out your phone and set a reminder for WednesdayMarch 8th at 7pm ET!

SmartMoms are invited to an exclusive live chat with Maria Asker and Mandy Cotta to get to know more about Burt’s Bees Baby and discuss what it means to be a “smart brand.”

At SmartMom, we label Burt’s Bees Baby a “smart brand” because they created a product line that we believe nurtures our children from the outside in – soft, natural pieces, 100% organic. What do you consider a “smart brand”? Come March 8th, it’s your turn to ask the questions and talk about what is important to you when it comes to the brands you welcome into your family. Continue reading

March Contest: Burt’s Bees Baby Gift Card

burts-bees-markAs SmartMoms, we try to do the best for our children and families. We try to get food on the table before a tantrum. We try to soothe our sick littles so they can rest and get better quickly. We try to turn the TV off in hopes our babies will say their first words. While we try and try and try, it’s clear that certain brands make things easier on us moms. What we’ve come to know is that SmartMoms buy smart brands.

During the month of March, we will be featuring Burt’s Bees Baby as one of our smart brands for SmartMoms. We label them a smart brand because Burt’s Bees Baby has created a product line that nurtures our children from the outside in – soft, natural pieces, and 100% organic.

We will be rewarding 5 SmartMoms with a gift card to Burt’s Bees Baby! That’s right, moms – THE MONTHLY CONTEST IS BACK!

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You’re Invited! *SmartMom’s Night Out*

For one special evening, SmartMom invites our incredible community to come out of the app for SmartMom’s Night Out.

SmartMom and Vicki Reece of Joy of Mom are hosting a unique event dedicated to celebrating moms who deserve a night out on the town.

Come March 16th, you can shop, eat, drink and mingle with Chicago’s finest.

Meet Monica from Chicago-based children’s clothing company Monica + Andy and shop the spring line at a discount. Sip on “mom juice” from Ferrari-Carano while creating your own makeup bag with DIY experts Make to Celebrate.

New and expecting moms can anticipate pregnancy/nursing-friendly bites from Kitchfix and a relaxing mini-makeover with Julep.

Not from the Chicagoland area? Not to worry. Join virtually by watching Joy of Mom’s LIVE STREAM of the event on Facebook! Also, log in to the SmartMom app to answer Chicago moms’ questions in real time.

RSVP to rsvp@simplybeagency.com ASAP to secure your spot at the event as space is limited. 

SmartMom Expert Series Contest #4: Win an ULTA Swag Bag!

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 2.48.58 PMTake out your phone and set a reminder for next WednesdayFebruary 22nd at 7pm ET! 

SmartMom will be featuring celebrity make-up artist, Shannon O’Brien. We got to know a bit about Shannon during our Real Life SmartMom Series where she answered a few of SmartMom’s questions about motherhood and family life. Come February 22nd, it’s your turn to ask the questions!

It’s also time for another LIVE CONTEST in the SmartMom app sponsored by ULTA Beauty!

Any mom that downloads the app and logs in during the SmartMom Expert Series Events will be entered to win a beautiful gift bag courtesy of Ulta Beauty. The more you participate by asking questions, giving stars, and commenting during the events, the more chances you are entered to win!

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