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The Best Giftable Experiences for Father’s Day

As much as we love to spoil mom, it’s time for dads to have their day. That’s right, Father’s Day is nearly here so get ready to spoil all the dads in your life.

This year, up your the ante on your Father’s Day gift. Forget the “Sausage of the Month Club” memberships and spare dad from another year of silly ties.

This year, give dad something to really remember: an experience. Whether the leading gentleman in your life is a sports fans or a beer aficionado, there are so many wonderful experiences you can gift. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions.

Take Me Out to the Ball Park

For all the baseball-loving dads, tickets to their favorite team’s home games are a fabulous way to treat him. Pick a date (perhaps June 15? Bonus points for scoring tickets for Father’s Day!), and order the tickets for the whole family to enjoy a game together.

Tour with Cousin Brewsky

Does dad love beer? Then this could be the perfect experience to gift him this year. Book him a Beer Tour (they are being offered more and more these days all over!). You could go with him, or talk to his buddies’ wives and arrange to all gift it to them so they can go together. Either way, it will be a frothy good time.

Work Out the Kinks

Who doesn’t love a little relaxation? Help dad unwind this Father’s Day by booking him an appointment for a massage. He’ll appreciate the soothing spa treatment and come home refreshed and ready to tackle whatever to-do lists are waiting post-Dad’s Day.

Get Back to Nature

If he’s a nature-lover, than he will probably appreciate this one – especially if life has gotten in the way of his favorite nature pursuits. Depending on where you live, pick up a hunting or fishing license (or permit) for dad. He might have to go with you to get it – and the fun can last a season long. And if it’s really been awhile, get him some useful new gear to go with it too.

Enjoy the Music

Dads who are really into their favorite tunes will love it if you gift them tickets to see their favorite bands live. Check local venues (which often sell their own tickets), Ticketmaster and BandsInTown to help you find just the right show to send him to. Also, be sure to get two or more tickets so he can bring a friend or even the whole family.

Have you given the gift of an experience before? What was it?

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