Benefits of Prenatal Yoga for Labor and Delivery

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga for Labor and Delivery

Prenatal Yoga can be very beneficial to help you prepare for Labor & Delivery. For this video series we partnered with Veronica Stevens, a birth doula and prenatal yoga instructor. Veronica has extensive experience working with women in all stages of pregnancy, and has great insights into specific poses that help you prepare for labor and delivery. Veronica has a passion for helping people have a birth experience they can feel good about. You can learn more about her practice on her website, Happy Baby Yogi. This video series is divided into 7 segments. Feel free to practice individual segments depending on your schedule and needs, or follow all 7 segments for a more holistic practice. If you have questions about prenatal yoga, please leave them in the comments!

Part 1 – Setting an Intention for your Practice

Part 2 – Side Stretch

Part 3 – Core work on Hands and Knees

Part 4 – Tadasana, Half Sun A

Part 5 – Warming Up with Squats – a great pose for every day!

Part 6 – Standing Warrior 2 and Tree Pose for Balance

Part 7 – Pigeon, Side Stretch and Shavasana – The Importance of Rest

There are many benefits of prenatal yoga. If you’re looking for more prenatal yoga for birth resources, here are a few Veronica recommends.
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