December Contest: Get Baby Winter Ready with 7AM Enfant

While the colder weather brings hot chocolate, tree trimming, and extra snuggles, it can also send a chill down mom’s spine. As soon as I became a mom, the excitement of first snow turned into anxiety about my little one getting cold and ending up sick.

The truth of the matter is, kids don’t get sick from the cold weather – they get sick because everyone is moved inside to close quarters and germs are exchanged easily. SmartMom’s advice? No need to bring your little one to the mall or indoor gym every day. Instead, bundle up and take a walk outside!

In honor of Jack Frost nipping at our noses:

7AM Enfant is giving away 2 Evolution Blankets to our most active SmartMoms! 

7AM Enfant designs comfortable, cozy (vegan) products for stylish babies and modern families. The  Evolution Blanket is a SmartMom favorite because it allows you to size it up or down using zippered length and width extensions—this product can actually grow with your child! Whether you’re out for a morning hike in the mountains or strolling city sidewalks, the water-repellent outer shell and fleece-lining will keep your little one warm and dry.

Bonus: it easily converts from a wearable garment to a large blanket, and is machine washable and dryable.

Quick tip: Get baby winter ready by connecting the Evolution Blanket to your stroller the night before cold weather is supposed to hit. That way, your morning walk won’t be delayed or skipped.

How to Enter the Contest:

To qualify, follow 7AM Enfant and SmartMom on Instagram and make sure to download the SmartMom app during the month of December.

Our contests are designed to reward the most helpful advice-giving moms in the app. Here’s how it works: everyone who has registered for the SmartMom app is already entered in the contest. That means everyone has a chance to win! You can earn extra entries in the contest by collecting “stars”, which can be earned as “thank you’s” for great answers and advice.

Basically, earning stars is like buying extra raffle tickets. Every star you earn in the app helps your chances of being a winner so be sure to log in every day! More questions? Check out our official contest rules.

Last Month’s Winner:

The winner of the Safe Sleep School “Ask Me Anything” event is J Waters!


What do you keep the temp in your house at during the winter? And what’s your fave baby lotion for cold, chapped winter skin?

Any mommies have give birth in the winter months? If so what did you pack for baby to come home in?

During the winter when you go to take your baby out, do you put the snowsuit on your baby and put then in the car seat or do you put them in the car seat and then the snowsuit on when you arrive where you are going?

Im having A Fall / Winter Baby, what are some must haves?

It’s about to get very cold here. I’m trying to figure out a way to keep my 14 month old warm, yet safe…

Just wondering if I should be putting a hat on my baby while she’s at home and during the night. At 3 months she doesn’t have much hair and our Canadian winters are cold here…

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