The baby room paint colors in this nursery are soft and emit a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Choosing Baby Room Paint Colors to Help Your Baby Sleep

When pregnancy nesting mode kicks in, I know I can’t help but drool over all the beautiful nursery inspiration there is to find. I’m sure you’re the same way! There are so many bright, colorful, patterned and trendy ideas out there. We might love how it looks – but which design ideas are best for a baby? Does it make a difference to your newborn if you paint the walls red, striped, or plain white? Your choice of baby room paint colors has a strong affect the atmosphere of the room. That’s right; you have the power to create a calm atmosphere that can help your baby focus, relax, and sleep all while having a creative adventure choosing baby room paint colors!

Color Affects Mood

Barring the lack of scientific studies on this subject, anecdotal and personal experiences show consistency with the effect that certain colors have on people. It is common in marketing and design to use colors like red, orange and yellow to convey power, speed and excitement. Cooler colors like blue, gray and purple are often used to promote feelings of calm, serenity and seriousness.

You want your baby’s room to be a place of peace and relaxation, so reducing the amount of visual stimuli is your first step. A calming, neutral environment with a simple and clean look sends the message to your baby that this is a relaxing, quiet place. Bright or bold patterned walls and fun vibrant colors are exciting and stimulating – especially to a baby. Although these designs look great on Pinterest, the excessive stimuli do not fulfil the goal of the baby’s bedroom so it might be best to save those ideas for the playroom area of your home.

Cool, Clean, Calming Colors

To create the peaceful atmosphere to help your baby sleep, think about a soothing spa. The design of the entire room should be clean and minimal. The artwork should be beautiful and classic. The light in the room should be soft and dim. And the baby room paint colors, most importantly the wall color, should promote feelings of relaxation.

Here are a few baby room paint colors to consider:

White: White is clean, fresh, open, pure and innocent. Alternatively, it can also feel stark or sterile. If your walls are white, consider using some other calming colors within the decor of the room to keep it feeling cozy. Shades of off-white or light gray, even subtle color tints, can still give you the clean white look but feel a little less severe.

Blue: The color blue has been shown to lower pulse rate and body temperature and is often even associated with sadness (having the blues, for example!). But, it can be coolly calming in the right hues. Think of colors like sky blue or powder blue, which aren’t radiating feelings of sadness to most people, but are rather associated with freshness.

Green: Green is often used for its stress relieving, calming effect. Again, it depends on the hue. A forest green feels different from a mint or seafoam green. A pale minty green would make a calming, fresh looking nursery color for a boy or girl.

Pink: Pink is an interesting one, because it is known to have a calming effect upon initial exposure. Yet upon prolonged exposure, it tends to cause feelings of agitation. Take this with a grain of salt, of course, because color affects us all differently! You could always use pink as an accent color with bedroom accessories if you think pink walls might do this to you, too!

Purple: Purple in richer hues feels luxurious and is often thought of as a symbol of wealth or royalty. In softer hues, it feels more spiritual, soothing and wise. Stick to pale purples for the nursery for a more spa-like atmosphere.

Keep It Peaceful

Choosing paint colors is such a personal thing. Everyone reacts to color with different feelings, and your baby will too. Regardless of the color choice, the level of intensity that you choose is the most important factor. Stick with faded, softer shades of your choice baby room color. This keeps the room feeling light, airy, and soothing to create a visually quiet environment to help your baby sleep.



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