The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 8 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! At 8 months, your baby is much more alert and social. She’s starting to recognize people and may become wary toward strangers. This can often be a hard time for close friends, relatives, and grandparents as baby may be fussy when mom and dad are away. Often, your baby will stop fussing when mom is holding her.

8 month old milestones

The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 8 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! At 8 months, your baby is much more alert and social. She’s starting to recognize people and may become wary toward strangers. This can often be a hard time for close friends, relatives, and grandparents as baby may be fussy when mom and dad are away. Often, your baby will stop fussing when mom is holding her.

Ashley Fri, May 1st

Do you ladies think 17 pounds is too little for an 8 months old? She wasn’t premie

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Carolynn V 1 like

No! My second daughter was around 18 pounds at a year or so

Ashley L 3 likes

Hmm. Compared to mine, it small. Mine was 21 lbs at his 6 month.

Jamie B 1 like

Mine was 18 pounds at his 1 year appt.

Amy M 1 like

Nope. My baby is 8 months and 14 lbs. small but mighty!

Amanda Z 1 like

My 9 month old is about 17 pounds

Ashley D M 1 like

My LO was only 18 pounds at a year. As long as they’re gaining weight and following their own growth curve

Yv L 2 likes

No, she is perfect size . Fat chubby babies might seem healthy but it is not . Your baby sound just right

Stephanie B 1 like

Mine is six months and 15 pounds and in 50 percentile. I would say pretty normal!

Amy G 1 like

No my 10 mo old is 16 lbs

Tatjana A 1 like

That seems low but I don’t know for sure, both me and hubby are tall and so are our babies. My 11 yr old is 5’5″ 120lbs and our 19m old is 3’8″ 27lbs. Check with your doc.

Ashley 2 likes

Great. Yeah I figured. Thanks ladies! My godmother is Italian, I guess they think only fat babies are healthy lol.

Nat’s M 1 like

Mine is 18 lbs at 10 months old and she’s perfect 🙂

Mom O 1 like

My son was 20lbs at a year

Gunner Danger’s M 1 like

My son was 18 lbs at 9 months and 31 inches. So your LO is probably in about the 40th percentile for weight. That’s good.

Tara B 2 likes

Each baby is different. As long as the doc says they’re good who cared what any others say.

Anisa K 1 like

My LO is 8 months and about 18 lb

Cici 2 likes

😳 just came back from the 4 mo check up my LO is 17 lbs.

Skylar K 1 like

Not really. As long as your dr isn’t concerned. My first was 19lbs at 6mo and 21lbs by a year. Once they get mobile they stop putting on so much chunk

Ashley M 1 like

No I don’t think so. My 7 month old is 19# 12 oz so that’s right about average

Jill N 1 like

Nope my lo is 8 mo and 19 lbs !

My N 1 like

Mine was the same, but she’s also really short

Kyla R 1 like

No my son was 16 lbs at 1 year. As long as they are eating just fine. Then I think it’s fine. Both of my kids are small I have a 4 yr old that is 30lbs

Tabitha M 1 like

My son was that weight too dr said he was fine

Libby L 1 like

Mm I have a boy who just weighed in at 18 for his six month BUT I don’t know if we should expect different things for different genders. That weight put him at 55th percentile. At his 4 month check up however he was only in the 26th percentile so he had a quick growth spurt that put him where he needed to be. Maybe she will have something similar!

Brittany 1 like

Mines 20 lbs at 9 months 😁

Brittany 1 like

That’s right on track because they told me the average 1 year old is 20 pounds so she said I could cut back his feelings if I wanted to cuz he’s a chunk lol

Brittany E 1 like

My son is 19lbs at 15 months. You are fine. As long as you know she is eating then you are fine.

Ashley 1 like

Yeah she nurses still and eats solid 3 times a day with snack in between.

Naomi O 1 like

Every baby is different. Mine is 9 months and weighs 18 pounds she was born with only 4 pounds coz I was severely sick the whole of my pregnancy

Natalie W 1 like

My 13th month old is 30lbs!!!!! Lol

Alexis P 1 like

My son is 22lbs at 13months (:

Katie E 1 like

My LO is 4 months old and is over 17lbs

CLazz M 1 like

My daughter is 15lbs at almost 9 month. Healthy as can be. Breast fed. Don’t listen to anyone who talks about your LO’s weight as a negative. Every baby is different!!

Sweetest M 3 likes

Oh my! LO will be 4mo on the 7th.. She weights 19lbs!!

Jessica K 1 like

Every baby is different! My lo is pushing 20lbs and he’s 7 months old, but he’s also 28.5 in tall lol

Evie L 1 like

Girlllll she’s 9 months old not 8! Hahaha!!!😂

Ashley 0 likes

Omg! Evie I keep doing that haha.

Roslee D Mon, March 2nd

How much do your babies weigh? Mine is 8 months. He got weighed a week ago and was at 17.9 lbs, 28 inches.

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Ashley D M 0 likes

My 2.5 year old only weighs 25 pounds and she is 36 inches tall. She’s tall and slim.

Andrea 0 likes

4.5 mo 15lbs 25 inches

Danie M 0 likes

4 month- 19 lbs

Sandy L 0 likes

3 year old is 31 lbs 3 month old is 16 lbs

Katie C 0 likes

My 8 month twins are 19 and 20 lbs

Cassie B 0 likes

4 months and around 17-18 lbs! He’s a big boy (:

Jennifer H 0 likes

Almost 3month old weighs 10lbs 21in long EBF

Abby B 0 likes

10 months, 26 pounds, 31 inches long.

Brittany B 0 likes

Almost 6 mths and she is 16lbs and 4 oz

Crystal Q 0 likes

My 19 month old only weighs 24 pounds & he’s 32.5″ tall

Chelsea A 0 likes

5 months 15 pounds 4 ounces 😊

ElizM 0 likes

6 weeks 8 lb 12 oz

Jaeda C 0 likes

9.5 mo, 17lbs 7oz, 27 inches

Daniela❤️ K 0 likes

My 12 week old weighs 14 lbs & 27 inches long 😱😱

Nikki W 0 likes

Mine is the same 17.9 and 28 7 months old

Kathryn C 0 likes

4 months and 13 pounds

Kailaa T 0 likes

My 2 yr old is 26lbs and 34 inches

Rijvana P 0 likes

6 months 16lbs 27inches boy☺️

Amanda K 0 likes

7 months, 17.1 lbs, 27in

Vickie P 1 like

Mines almost 30 inches and 20 pounds and he’s 7 months today

Kelli A 0 likes

4months 17 pounds

Joshuin M 0 likes

My 8 month old weighs 23 lbs…but he was almost 10 when he was born

Evie L 0 likes

At his 6month checkup he was 20lbs.

Amanda R 0 likes

My son was 20lbs at 6 months, my nephew is 6 months & weighs 15lbs

Jen K 0 likes

At his 2 month check up he was 24 inches and 12.8 lbs

Lisa G 0 likes

My boy is 13 mths and weighs 28 lbs and is 35 inches ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Sierra M 0 likes

My baby boy is 5 mo 19.5 lbs 27 inches long 🙂

mommy k 0 likes

my son is 8 months, 28 lbs and 33 inches.

Becky M 0 likes

6 months old weighs 19 lbs and is 24 1/2 inch

Linsi M 0 likes

At their 15 month check up my twins were 22lbs 7oz/31″ & 18lbs 12oz/30″, they’re 17 months now, so they may be a pound more now

Julia J Fri, October 24th

Ok, Huggies Little Movers, can they cause a diaper rash, teething, what’s going on?? We switched to Huggies from Pampers Swaddlers due to blowouts and now this, I don’t know what to think. My son is 8 months a the diaper rash started about 2 days ago, Desitin is on his tushy at every change but it’s getting worse.

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Jazmyn M 0 likes

Destin didn’t do anything for my son when he had. Diaper rash either so I took him to his doctor and they gave some cream and he cleared right up so its best if you take him to the doctor before it gets really bad

Irma C 0 likes

Yes I have the same problem with Huggies. Both of my little ones break out almost instantly. Whatever store you bought them at, try to return and exchange for Luvs or something else.

Tiziana B 0 likes

I love Huggies! Have you tried to use some powder?

Britney C 2 likes

My daughter couldn’t use the little movers I did some research and found they use very harsh chemicals in that particular type I was a huggies lover before but now we only use honost diapers.

Katherine B 2 likes

Some babies can be really sensitive to disposable diapers. I would suggest switching diaper creams too. Beadraux butt paste works amazingly well, spreads better, is more concentrated and more natural. Perhaps try the diaper cream first and if baby sill has rash, perhaps switch to cloth diapers. (We’ve always used Kirkland diapers with no problems)

Nikki 2 likes

Huggies gave my son a rash too. And didn’t hold his pee or poo. The huggies natural wipes gave him a rash too. But if he’s teething that will do it.

Tia S 0 likes

I use the buttpaste & that seems to work great with diaper rash…. Huggies never worked good for my son either 🙁

Remiya B 0 likes

Huggies gives my daughter a rash too every time never fails so we stick to pampers and honest company diapers…but for rash i use aquaphor and it clears it right up within hours…hope it gets better but I’d definitely stay away from Huggies

Haley M 0 likes

Sometimes it can be the wipes leaving too much moisture, baby powder helped us! We only use it on his bottom and he hasn’t had a rash since.

Toni S 0 likes

My daughter also gets a rash from huggies.

Michele B 0 likes

I have used the huggies pure and natural brand and haven’t had any problems with blow outs or rash. Good luck troubleshooting!

Ryan B 0 likes

My son had blow outs with all name brands so we started buying parents choice, Wal-mart brand. He hasn’t had a blow out since! He’s 2yrs. They have also have great night time diapers. Hope this helps! 🙂

Leeloo 0 likes

Some kids are sensitive to different brands. My friend’s son was sensitive to Pampers but Huggies worked for him. We are in the opposite boat. If switching brands doesn’t help with the rash def get it checked out. I used coconut oil for my LO and it worked great for us.

Connie W 0 likes

Huggies gave my son a diaper rash, I tried everything to get rid of the rash and when I took him into emerge the doctor asked me what brand of pampers I was using and I said huggies, he told me it was the pampers and to switch brands, so I did and couple days after no more rash.

Irekha R 0 likes

I switched my LO to Huggiea and I saw this reaction but I continued. Use Vaseline very change and I wash the Tushy after number #2 , to leave her with just wipes , I felt it might burn or irritate her and it was sticky feel. It cleared in a day. Oh I so wash her every morning, when she does #2 and a fall bath before night time. I use huggies with her now, so much better on my wallet 🙂

Caroline W 0 likes

Try a plant based diaper. Babyganics, honest company, 7th generation, etc. target has the best prices on them. Also, naked time. Let his tushy breathe.

jess p 0 likes

I use balmex it cleared rash in a day

Michaela R 0 likes

Idk about diapers causing but my niece was allergic to certain brands of diapers and wipes. Try an organic diaper maybe?? Or to get rid of diaper rash use coconut oil. It organic and has tons benefits

MAMA B 0 likes

A lot of the name brands have harsh chemicals in them and are very scented!! Try using the honest diapers!! And always have two creams on hand because LO will get use to one and it won’t work anymore!!! Also corn starch will dry it out tomorrow use Penaten good luck momma

Jessica F 0 likes

Huggies did the same to my babe! A cool bath in baking soda and the aveeno diaper cream cleared it up for us!

Chrissy D 0 likes

That’s funny cause we just switched our daughter Huggies and she broke out with rash also and she never had one before when on pampers.

Laura W 0 likes

Huggies have a chemical in the band (in the back) that is know to cause allergic reactions. My son got a horrible rash all over his butt and stomach about 5 min after I put one on. Take the diaper off put you lo in a Luke warm bath and then don’t put him in a different diaper if the rash goes away or gets better then you know he’s allergic. Almost everyone I know has allergy issues with huggies.

Stacy 0 likes

What is a blow out. ?

Laura W 0 likes

Poop comes out the diaper sometimes up the back.

Christina D 0 likes

I’ve used Huggies with all three of my boys and thankfully they didn’t have a reaction to them. Not saying they didn’t get rashes because they did every so often. I would mix a large amount of cornstarch with desitin until it made a very thick paste and spread it on their bottoms. My sons Dr gave me the advice. But I agree if the rash looks bad take your LO in to see the Dr.

Sammy Joe D Tue, October 6th

How much did y’all spend on ur little ones first Christmas ? I want to spoil as its his first but I don’t want to spoil him at the same time… 100? 200? 300? He will be 8 months old

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Nicole A 2 likes

For my three kids we are spending 200 on each kid. They will be 3,2, and 9 months.

Nikki D 2 likes

I’ve already spent about $300, no where near done either. My hubby is gonna be pissed 😑 but Idc. LO will be 7mos for Christmas.

Amelia E 2 likes

About 200 for my 11 month old last year!

Nilza D 1 like

My daughter will be 9 months and the fact that she will be more entertained and happy with the wrapping paper. Im only going to get 5-6 toys. I wanted to spoil her but honestly she will play with the paper more then her toys. I rather wait till next christmas where she will play more with her toys then the paper.

Alicia H 2 likes

My husband and I agreed on 250 because his toy box alone is 50. My son will be turning 9 months a few days after Christmas!

Nancy W 2 likes

We usually spend the same amount on all kids I think it’s fair, for baby last year he was 4 months so we got him a few toys and mostly clothes. This year I think he’ll get to open up presents so it’ll be fun. The bigger hey get the harder it is to get them presents

Mallorie M 2 likes

I spent about $300 just on his new stroller and probably another $350 on clothes and toys he was only 5 months lol

Tricia 3 likes

I would just buy things he needs and a couple new toys. At that age he might be able to rip off some wrapping paper but he’s not going to want to sit still and open 10+ presents. But I am pretty frugal. My baby’s first Christmas was last year and he was only a month old so we just got him a teddy bear. His grandpa got him a “my first Christmas” onesie so we took pics with him in that, and we took him to my parents’ and my in-laws’ for Christmas morning.

Traci T 5 likes

Remember baby will likely get bored after opening a few gifts not to mention he’ll be upset that you keep making him rip paper instead of a Playing with cool new toys how about spending some of the budget on a nice gift date for you and so

Denise S 2 likes

Not too worry bout the lil one, cuz she wont know the difference, its my 11yr old that wants a gadget nd his own phone, that i need to decide what to get, my 6 yrs old only wants books. The rest is covered by my mom cuz shes their Santa Clause.😂😂🎅🏽🎅🏽

Shannon S 2 likes

My daughter was 5 months for Christmas last year and she was spoiled rotten lol. I think between both kids last year (even though my husband and I only had my ei income last year) we spent about $300 each. Of course the gifts were divided between us and Santa. This year I’m not sure. I do have to start my shopping this month. I hope to be able to spend about $250-300 again between now and Christmas. That way it’s spaced out and I can avoid falling behind on my bills.

krystal 3 likes

Wow that’s a lot to spend! I would not spend over 100 on my kids. I have a 5 year old and 1 year old. I will probably spend 50 on each. They get plenty of gifts from other relatives as well.

Mrs. H 2 likes

My LOs bday is Dec 17 so I’m still contemplating on how much to spend on each- bday & Christmas. Hmm.

Lisa W 2 likes

For the first Christmas I didn’t buy mine much. They will get to the age they want more and more. I maybe spent 50$ They are always more interested in the boxes anyways.

ElizM 2 likes

My LO will be 11 months and 4 days for Christmas. I will probably spend about 100-150.

Sheila B 2 likes

Because my daughter was (and still kind of is) still little, I don’t bother much on expensive toys. Even tho she’s not the first grandchild for my mom or my MIL, she’s the one they see the most and see during the holidays so they spoil her with presents for us. I mostly buy her stuff to open Christmas morning since we open presents Christmas Eve with my mom and visit my MIL Christmas Day

Sabrina W 2 likes

My daughter is going to be 1 year on Christmas. It’s her birthday and Christmas. So we’re probably gonna hit just about $800

Sabrina W 2 likes

It’s mostly clothes though. For the whole entire next year. And big stuff like the little red and yellow cars that every LO has lol! And learning toys. We also decided on a DVD player with educational DVDs

Caitlin V 2 likes

I spent 50 on toys and 50 on essentials that I just wrapped. He liked the toys but he liked just ripping up wrapping paper a lot too. Our budget is really tight and between the two kids, we couldn’t spend more than 200. We may spend more this year but we may also just take the money and go do something cool instead. Like our town has old trains you can ride and we may do that and a small gift.

Travis’ M 1 like

I only spent 10$ last year as we didn’t have much money… My son was 9 months at that time. We were thankful for just having our family. I wanted to spoil him but just the one gift meant a lot.

Lizabella � 1 like

About 200 I believe

Victoria S 2 likes

I didn’t get my son anything bc we have a big family so he was going to get tons of gifts and he did. We are going to get one thing for his birthday this year and Christmas

Bridget A 2 likes

Lo’s birthday is 12/19 and last year (when he turned 1), we spent around $200-$250 total for birthday and Christmas and he got a ton of stuff from grandparents. We are going to Disney in February so that will be part of his Christmas present this year.

Johnny’s M 3 likes

We didn’t go off of cost, we did “something you want, something you need, something you wear, something you read” and the. Filled his stocking with age appropriate snacks, socks, teething toys, etc

Sam R 4 likes

Wow on my sons first Christmas I just bought him a bear 😐

Kara P Wed, March 4th

My goal is to EBF until LO is 12 months old. She is 8 months old now. Almost there, woohoo!? What about you moms? Where are you at and what’s your goal?

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Jordan M 1 like

2 months and our goal is until he gets teeth

Alicia C 1 like

Good job momma! My original goal was 6 months – had a lot of issues due to a severe tongue tie but I pushed through and am just over 4 months now. It was very painful. It just started to get easier at 3 months. I supplemented. A few feeds here and there in order to heal – used shield/pumped oh man it’s not easy!! Now I would like to continue after 6 months so we shall see.

Nicole R 1 like

4 months! My goal is 1 year, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop when it comes time.

Mommy To L 3 likes

4 months goal is 1 year nursing 2 year pumping

M K 2 likes

I’m in the exact same boat! I want to make it to at least 12 months and am at 8.5 months now. It was rough at first and I’ve had to work to keep my supply up at times so I’m so proud of us for sticking with it. It’s one of my favorite times of the day. 😍

Lauren C 4 likes

My goal is 6 months😊 and my little guy is almost 4 months now. Afraid I’ll feel guilty if I stop at 6 mo. Lol.

Nora D 2 likes

Aiming for a year as well although the hubby wants 1.5 years. For max benefit, it’s actually 2 years but I’m a no-way for that lol

Skylar K 2 likes

I’m at 4 months she won’t take a bottle so Ill probably just let her nurse until she seems ready to stop

Diana B 2 likes

I did it until 12 months and weaning my LO off was easier than what I expected. Good luck!

Johnny’s M 3 likes

I’m at 11 months, 3 weeks and 6 teeth lol my goal is 12 months but we won’t be stopping until we’re both ready 🙂 To the mommy scared of teeth- I’ve actually never been bitten with his teeth. He went through his biting phase around 8 months before they popped through and I taught him biting was a no no. Now it’s no problem!

Krystal W 3 likes

My goal keeps changing lol first it was 4 months then 6 months then I was going to stop when she got teeth…well now I can proudly say that we are at 7 months with two teeth 😊 I think I’m going to make it to 12 months and stop but my new goal right now is 9 months. I did have to supplement a little during 3/4 month but since she started some solids at 5 months and I relaxed a little bit (finally) I know have been able to give her just breastmilk since the beginning of the year

C M 2 likes

Good job. Treat yourself to some wine! 🙂 Just weaned my baby at 12 months. 🙁

Drae 4 3 likes

Good for you mommy 🙂 My goal is 2 years old. My daughter is 16 months right now and exclusively breastfed!

Kathryn W 3 likes

My goal was 6 months, but due to my son not latching I have pumped for 4 months, and it was getting hard, loosing my supply slowly, two days after he turned 4 months, got him to latch!! But now that we finally get to have the bonding that breastfeeding gives I might go till 8 months! 💙 breastfeeding is best!

Ariel G 1 like

Goal 12m Nursing but still want to pump afterwards. My daughter is currently 4m.

Kendall G 3 likes

Im at 4 weeks my goal is 12 months even if i have to pump to bottle

Salina A 2 likes

6 months strong, but my goal is 12 months. But if my LO wants to continue I will keep breastfeeding him until he doesn’t want it anymore

Katie R 2 likes

My goal is 2 years or self weaning 🙂 we are at 11 months!!

A S 2 likes

My goal was 12m aswell we’re at 9 1/2m!! 2bottom teeth are coming thru hope he doesn’t bite!! I’m not sure if either of us are ready to wean yet !

Nicky O 1 like

I’m still nursing and my daughter is 21 months old.. Would like to stop a little after her second birthday

Alec G 2 likes

My goal was a year at the very least. I made it nursing for 3 months. Pumping for two weeks after that. He was on formula from 3 1/2 months-6 1/2 months. He is currently 9 months old and has been on donor Breast milk since 6 1/2 months😊

Tay B 2 likes

My goal is 6 months EBF and then pumping until 12 months. My son is 2 months now and it’s going well 🙂

Michaela C 3 likes

My goal was 12 months. Got to 8 months but dried up ! So upsetting but glad I made it that far! Good luck 🙂

Tiffany P 1 like

Great job! My goal was 12 months. I made it 10 1/2 and my milk supply started going down so I stopped. He had quite a few teeth when we stopped. He had only bitten a couple of times, but he started touching and playing with my nipples, which I thought was weird Lol!

Kara P 4 likes

You moms are doing a great job! Breastfeeding is no easy business for sure. I had my share of struggles at the beginning also. Congrats on making it as far as you have, and keep up the good work!!! 👏👏👏👏

Sara Tue, September 30th

I’m at my breaking point! All day my daughter (8 months) has been so fussy and I can’t take the sound of her crying anymore. My head is throbbing from her screams and I’ve tried everything. I think she’s just going through a grumpy stage but it’s taking a toll on me and I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t get any house work done because she has to be with me and screams when I step away. Am I the only one???

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Jordan H 1 like

My 8 month old did somethin similar the past couple of days except without the consistent screams . She just doesn’t want me to put her down or she screams . I think they are just at a clingy stage .

Nicole M 3 likes

Definitely not alone in this. When my son is out of control like that he’s usually very tired or he’s teething. Sometimes I’ll take a few minutes to myself in the bathroom and let him cry in his crib while I calm down and breathe. If it’s not really hot outside I’ll take him for walks too. Change of scenery seems to help if he’s bored and feeling cooped up

Melissa B 1 like

At the advice of my doctor… Walk away if you are overwhelmed.. It doesn’t make you a bad mom. Make sure your LO is changed, fed and burped and if that doesn’t work (and it seems like it hasn’t), walk away for ten mins and take a time out for yourself. It’s not easy but do it to stay sane. Hope that helps.

Neda R 1 like

Calm down.. You’re baby can sense you’re mood towards her.. If you are calm and hold her she will calm down. I have been through this a lot. Just wash you’re face and breath than go hold her and she will start to calm down slowly. If you are breast feeding plz try not to nurse her while you are mad because the breast milk becomes spoiled somehow they end up nursing bad energy.

Tricia W 1 like

Do the house work with her in the stroller. It’s soothing. Have her munch on a naughty snack like cheez doodles.

Marianne M 1 like

You’re definitely not alone. Those days pop up every now and then. I’ve found that shifting my priorities a little seems to help. If I’m really focused on getting a certain thing done, it just makes my attitude worse. I’ve learned to take a deep breath and let it go… When I stop and really focus on dd with cuddles and playtime her attitude gets better and so does mine. I agree with a change of scenery… Go for a walk outside or even to the mall. Dishes can wait :-).

Christina M 0 likes

Your definitely not alone!!! Hang in there! She’s either teething or just wanting to be put down for a nap! My son gets that way too! Like today is a good example! 🙁 it’s tough

Sara 2 likes

That’s the thing I don’t get. Lately she’s been throwing tantrums to try to get out of her stroller cuz we walk almost everyday. I’ve tried letting her scream it out but she literally doesn’t stop screaming. I’ve only ever let it last 15 minutes before I go get her. I don’t breastfeed her when I’m upset, it’s just never felt right for me to when I’m all stressed and frustrated. She’s never cried herself to sleep. I’m thinking she’s very dependent on me to sooth her

Bobi S 1 like

My daughters 4 months and does this too now mainly at night! She screams when I change her diaper and she wakes up hungry and doesn’t give me time to even make a bottle! All days she’s super happy though!

Sara 0 likes

Oh yea my daughter screams all the time during getting her diaper changed and was never like that before

Tricia W 0 likes

We as adults think that because a stroller is a certain color or price it’s comfortable. That could be it. Try taking her for a walk in something not traditional. Like a walker. If she participates in the walk it might help.

Sara 1 like

My sister in law is dropping off a walker sometime this week so I’ll try that

Evelyn O 0 likes

Sara, that sounds exactly like my daughter I suggest giving her tylenol and a frozen waffle. That definitely sounds like teething. My daughter is 9 months and when she does that this is exactly what I do its work several times hope it helps.

Meg C 0 likes

Try changing locations frequently. Go outside, play in her room, play in the kitchen etc. That always helped my son. Maybe you could also get some one to watch your baby for a couple of hours so you can have some you time. A friend, or family member? Or some places have moms morning out programs at churches or something. Taking time to yourself is important.

Britney S 0 likes

Is she teething? My daughter is doing the exact same thing and her doctor said she is probably getting more teeth and to give her baby ibuprofen because she is probably in pain. My daughter gets very clingy and grumpy and I have to just go sit out side for a few minutes to relax a little.

Sara 0 likes

Yeah my friend has asked me to go to a group to talk with other moms and they have people watch your child for 2 hours but I’m not comfortable having someone I don’t know watch her. My mom is taking her for a few hours Friday thank god lol! And yes she is teething and I give her baby Tylenol and plenty of teething things but she still is so cranky. I’m hoping to tire her out tomorrow maybe go to the park or something

MAMA B 0 likes

No Hun I went through it too my LO use to pull my pants down while I was doing dishes so I would pick her up!! Just take a deep breath it’s okay to step aside for a minute and breath; if she cries it’s okay, sometimes us moms need to breath and regroup so that we don’t loose it!! She will be out of soon stay strong

Sara 0 likes

Yes lol I know the feeling of the pants pulling. She’ll even try to bite my knee to get my attention. I want to pull my hair out but I do feel bad that she’s so miserable. Thank you all for the input I feel better knowing I’m not alone

Koriann T 0 likes

Download the wonder weeks app. Seems like she may be going through one.

Adriana K 0 likes

Honestly sometimes you just have to put everything aside and just hold baby. And since she’s a baby…it’s fitting that you baby her! I know it’s hard because around you life goes on, but we must remember these babies are experiencing new things daily and it can be overwhelming to them. Also teething, sickness could be the problem? But if you can, just give up a day to give baby all your attention. I have done that a couple times for my now nine month old baby, it worked for me. Good Luck!

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She may be breaking her first teeth. It will be painful for them. They make medicine to help numb the pain for it for a bit but a cold/ frozen teething ring would possibly help. Sadly this phase will last until her tooth has broke through. Maybe turn music o for you to listen to, to help with the fussiness a bit.

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I spent all morning playing with her and giving her my full attention and she just ate a good lunch and cuddled right up with me and fell asleep no fuss no problems👍 Having a much better day today 🙂

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You need to get her use to soothing herself this is something children need to learn or you will never give her the chance to learn it! Let her sooth herself do this in small steps!! Your doing a good job keep it up

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Yeah I’ve been trying to let her cry it out for a bit then I go in and ask if she’s done and she does little sniffles and holds her arms out for me to pick her up then she’s pretty calm after

Coryn P Tue, April 21st

When did everyone stop feeding in the middle of the night? My oldest was probably almost 8 months old bc it just never occurred to me that I didn’t have to feed her every time she woke up. Lol. ↵My second is almost 3mo.

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My LO was 6 weeks old when she stopped eating in the middle of the night

Damien’s Mom 3 likes

My lo is 8 mo and still wakes up once to eat, if he doesn’t get a bottle he won’t go back to sleep.

Laura L 3 likes

12 months

Sarah B 3 likes

My LO just had her 6-mo checkup and her doctor recommended now to wean her off. She said at this age a baby can go 8-10 hours without eating at night.

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I’m still “feeding” every 2-3 hours at 7 months and would like to stop, but don’t know how to go about it.

Caitlin L 2 likes

My 3 month old wakes up at 4 am to nurse. He goes to bed around 8:30

Samantha M 2 likes

Mine around 2 months. Unless you count his 4:30-5am feeding lol but he hasn’t got up before that to eat from around 8 weeks old.

Baby M 4 likes

Until a year, they probably need it💕

Dayan M 1 like

Mine is 17 months and he stills wakes up for his bottle at nigh

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My first stopped when she was 5 months , slept 12 hours, and her weight always matched her age. My second wakes up every 4 and I have realized when I feed my Her overnight she eats less during the day !!!!!!!

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My 11 month old still wakes twice and eats like he’s had nothing for days!

Eryn � 2 likes

Mine stopped waking up for his 5 am feeding around 8 weeks. I had him on a feeding schedule. Every 2-3 hours during the day depending on when he got hungry. But never went past 3 hours. He was formula fed though. With breastfeeding, you might still have a night feeding for a while since it is digested quicker.

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6 weeks

Crystal Q 1 like

My son quit waking in the night at 3 weeks – for us his STTN was 11/midnight to 6:30 at that time (he went down when we went to bed & woke when we woke).

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My Mini Man stopped waking up in the middle of the night around 5 mo I think. But since 3 mo old I only fed him once and we slept a until 8am!

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I stopped at 6 months 😓

Coryn P 3 likes

Well then lol. I’ll keep nursing her 😄 as if I wouldn’t ☺️☺️

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My 8 mo old still gets up once to eat she won’t go back to bed any other way! I don’t mind it tho I’m only up for 5 min and then right back to bed 🙂

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My daughter was 6 weeks old when she started sleeping through the night. I used to feed her around 11pm and then she would sleep till around 7. She is now 3 months old and eats around 9pm and sleeps till around 8.

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Mine was almost 8mo when she stopped eating through the night. My Pedietrician said its fine until they’re 12mo 😊

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Mine stopped at 4 months and started waking up again at 6 months. It was A good 2 months while it lasted 😒

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Mine stopped by herself waking at 2.5 months.

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Between 7-8 months.

Kayla L Sun, January 11th

Everyone acts like there is something wrong with my baby and I don’t spend enough time working with him because he’s not crawling yet.. He will be 8 months in about 8 days. I work with him every day and he gets his butt in the air and then gets on his tippy toes while his face is in the ground. And if he’s lifting up his face and chest his feet are on the ground. Idk what to do..

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Susan B 6 likes

Who is saying that?! Are they doctors? If they are not and your pediatrician thinks your baby is fine, then tell the people who want to judge and criticize to go away. Kids develop at different times and at their own pace. Not every kid falls into a cookie cutter chart of proper devlop want and growth. Comparing one kid to another in regards to developments does not help anybody. Especially the kid. My daughter did not start crawling until then and she is absolutely fine.

Sara S 1 like

Ignore those people. Every child is different and 8 months is not late. My niece was 8-9 months before she started. She just pulled herself along with her arms. As we all know, some babies skip it all together. You can’t force it. They work on it when they are interest. As long you you give him plenty of tummy time I’d ignore the ignorance of others.

Michelle W 2 likes

My little girl didnt crawl until 8 months and that was. just an army crawl. I just kept putting toys she wanted just out of reach and one day she did it. Then she decided to go to all fours cuz she figured out it was faster. Babies do their own thing on their own time line. No worries Momma!

Danie M 2 likes

Don’t listen to other people, that’s normal, millstone timelines are just an about, some are early some are later.. My daughter didn’t crawl until 8.5 months where my son did at 7 months and some babies don’t crawl, they just go straight to walking

Yolanda C 2 likes

Don’t let everyone else get to you talk to your dr. My daughter never really crawled but she would pull herself up to stand. Then at 14 months she just started walking. My son on the other hand crawled around 8 or 9 months and started walking at 12 months. All kids are different, milestones will happen at their own pace. Good luck

Lish G 2 likes

Listen , there is nothing wrong with your baby ! Don’t listen to other mom or even doctors when it comes to milestones. My daughter who is 2 was walking at 10 months ! My son however is 8 months now and doesn’t crawl or walk. He JUST started rolling over. Every baby is different and will reach each milestone at THEIR own pace. There’s just so mch you can do to help your little one. Good luck and just keep encouraging baby but don’t force.

Kate L 1 like

I have 3 boys and none of them started crawling until around 10-11 months and they are perfectly heathy little crazy boys. Consider it a blessing, once they start moving its a whole other world 🙂 Don’t worry at all I’m sure your baby is just fine!!! If your concerned ask your pediatrician. But I wouldn’t lose any sleep 🙂

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you should purchase the onesie that reads…my mom doesn’t want your advice. seriously, people shouldn’t be allowed to talk sometimes. your baby will crawl when they are ready. try your best to ignore.

Renee S 1 like

Most boys do pretty much everything later than girls. My son started to crawl at 8 1/2 months so I’m sure yours will soon.

Kayla B 2 likes

All babies are different; some don’t even crawl at all. Don’t worry!

Melissa K 1 like

Babies learn to do things in different stages, and actually some never crawl at all. Sounds like your LO may be one of the few who want to walk instead of crawl! Be patient and don’t focus on crawling but instead stand him up and hold his fingers and walk behind him. Also invest in the vtech Sit to Stand Learning walker. Baby just pushes himself behind it and it lights up making all kinds of noise! Best investment in teaching my LO to walk!

Nicole W 1 like

My son is 6.5 months and just started crawling but my girlfriends daughter just turned one year and never army crawled! She just stood up and started to walk last week! Every baby hits milestones when their brains and bodies get on the same page! My brother never crawled either… He was a butt scooter! Just keep encouraging and tell any negative person that no two babies are alike and that you don’t appreciate criticism. Good luck, momma bear!

Melissa K 0 likes

Read this article, it’ll ease your mind. Stating that the average age for crawlers is actually 8-10 months! And tells you if your baby is too driven to learn crawling and instead ways to teach them walking.

Marissa D 1 like

That’s ridiculous! Don’t listen to them. My son is 7 months & doing the same thing. All babies are different & reach milestones at different ages. He is perfect 😊

Blanka K 0 likes

All babies are different. Mine is 8 months old, loves to walk when you hold het hands still doesn’t like to crawl. She just started doing that once or twice a day but she just doesn’t want to so it. And we aren’t forcing het either. Her pediatrician said this is OK, so I don’t worry.

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Thank you all! I was so worried!

Skylar K 1 like

My daughter didn’t crawl till 10 months, every baby is different!

Carrie W 1 like

Some babies don’t crawl at all, they just start walking:)

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Crawling is not a milestone according to neuro pediatrics. Some kids skip crawling and that’s ok. Is your baby able to sit down?

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Yes I can sit him up and he will stay up as long as he wants.