The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 6 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! At 6 months, you celebrate your baby’s first half-birthday! This is also the age many parents choose to begin experimenting with baby food (though some parents start as early as 4 months.) It can be fun to experiment with different foods. Your baby will be able to notice texture and taste, and will probably have preferences of foods she likes or doesn’t like.

6 month old milestones

The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 6 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! At 6 months, you celebrate your baby’s first half-birthday! This is also the age many parents choose to begin experimenting with baby food (though some parents start as early as 4 months.) It can be fun to experiment with different foods. Your baby will be able to notice texture and taste, and will probably have preferences of foods she likes or doesn’t like.

Leah M Tue, March 24th

Doctor said wait till 6 months for rice cereal. Friends doctor said four months. What did your doctors say? _

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Tess J 0 likes

4 mo

Trisha O 1 like

6 months, it is harder for them to digest.

Sarah C 0 likes

Mine said 4months

Dina M 0 likes

Mine said 6 months

JVP 0 likes

6! Baby is not always ready at 4.

Genesis S 0 likes

6 it’s better to wait All your baby really needs is breast milk or formula

V R 0 likes

We started at 6 months.

Jill S 0 likes

I wonder why no one says 5 months….😋

Danie M 0 likes

4 months but we didn’t start until 5 months

Becky M 1 like

4 months, but she said it depends on the baby. My baby was trying to eat off of our plates and his was the size of a 9 month old at 4 months. On top of it up until a couple years ago it was always 4 months. They just switched to 6 months because they claim it will make babies obese and cause allergies. Which is not true, waiting until 6 months have been causing a lot of babies to have taste aversion.

Leah G 0 likes

4 months

Ashley L 0 likes

Mine said 4 months.

Morgan B 0 likes

4 months

Natalie W 0 likes

6 months. Hard to digest

Bozena P 1 like

6 months

Chris R 1 like

6 months

Ivee S 1 like

6 months old.

Bozena P 1 like

Depend how fast your baby grows.

Margaret T 1 like

Didn’t ask lol I knew my baby could handle the oatmeal at 7 weeks!!! Now three months she’s still having oatmeal in her milk. Rice cereal she didn’t like it made her gassy 😩👎 Every doctor and website says something different so I just went with my mommy gut!

Sydney M 1 like

4 months

C B 1 like

I waited 6

Brandi L 0 likes

4 months

Christina N 1 like

4 months but start slow.

Christina N 1 like

4 months. Be careful with too much rice though with the arsenic. Google it if you haven’t hear. FDA recommends only once serving of rice cereal per day due to carcinogens.

Linsi M 0 likes

We got the ok at 5.5 months, but my girls didn’t like it, so we went to stage 1 foods

Victoria G 0 likes

We were told to wait until 6 months

Jamie 0 likes

Four months

Nikki W 0 likes

My nutritionist said never because of arsenic.

Kim 0 likes

I started mine at 1 month. Yes doctors know a lot. But mama knows best.

Nadya D 0 likes

We did oatmeal at 5mo.

Heidi C 0 likes

6 months

Jazz H 0 likes

Between 4-6 months, depending on your baby like how they’re doing with weight gain.

Maegon R 1 like

My doctor had me put rice cereal in his bottle to help with his acid reflux at 3 months. So I would say 4!

Erika L 0 likes

My dr said 4 months. We gave it to her and she didn’t like it/ hard for her to eat. Now she is 7 months and have been eating and lovin it since 6 montha

Brittany N 0 likes

My baby is four months..I sleep on a air mattress in his room. Lol, I want to go back to my bed but I nervous leaving him alone!! What do I do!?!? I feel like I will be in there until he’s a year!!

Sarah L Fri, February 20th

For those who have a newborn baby or a baby between 1-6 months: when you go grocery shopping do you put your baby in the cart with the car seat? If not what do you do? Please don’t comment if you don’t take your baby with you. I need ideas on how to grocery shop WITH my baby. __I put the car seat in the cart. We went shopping earlier and I felt like so many people were giving me dirty looks because I had to put stuff around his car seat. I didn’t put anything ON him.

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Mom Of 2 1 like

Normally I have some space in the car with his car seat in it but at this store the carts were smaller than I expected. I could put him in the wrap but how would I pick up the big stuff?

Chloe A 2 likes

Our car seat hooks in just perfect for the seat to sit where a toddler would normally sit. So he sits up high right next to my face in his car seat. But when I go to target it’s a little more tricky because their carts are different.. But most carts are a perfect fit for his car seat. I would try this is you haven’t already. Even if it doesn’t lock perfectly into place I can usually get it to sit in there pretty stable-y

Nicole F 1 like

The car seat usually fits on the carriage where you can put a child. That’s what I do and everyone I know.

Chloe A 0 likes

Personally it would be too much of a hassle to put him in his body carrier every time I shop, and this way if he is napping he will stay asleep, rather than me waking him up when I pick him up.

Megan C 0 likes

Most car seats click on to the front of the cart where older babies set. I normally bring my stroller in because her carseat clicks into that but i havent actually done any big shopping trips just little ones where i dont need a cart. but it should click into cart somehow.

Raven H 2 likes

There’s like an attachment on some carts for your car seat to click in. I’ll use that with my 4week old or I’ll put her in my front carrier and just have her in that.

Victoria S 1 like

Fit carrier to yourself .. If you go with your husband or bf I would push the stroller and he can push the cart.. Or get two carts there is a thing called baby hammock that goes on the cart

Ann S 1 like

I wear my baby in a carrier. He’s 3.5 months. Works great

Amy M 0 likes

I put it in the big section. My carseat is chicco and it does not fit in the front. I can’t do a big shopping trip, just basic stuff. And I use the rack underneath too!

Scarlett’s M 0 likes

I used to put the carseat in the big part like you do. My carseat was too wobbly at the top part I just didnt trust that at all. I put things around baby and at the top in the seat. Also you could put a basket on the bottom of the cart to put stuff in or carry a basket too

Becky W 0 likes

I always put the seat in the seat thing on the cart. It locks right in place and you can play with the baby the whole time and have the rest of the cart for the groceries

Emy G 0 likes

I put the car seat in the buggy. Why would they give you dirty looks it feels like pretty safe to me. My car seat wont fit in the upper part of the buggy and anyway i think it´s safer in the big part cuz my carseat dont clip well in the upper part. I tried different grocery store because they dont have the same carts I go where they have bigger ones or some have like top and bottom sections

Monica M 0 likes

I wear my 5 month old in my infantino carrier… She likes to be walked around instead of strapped in her car seat

Lyla H 0 likes

I save a stroller I take, or I carry her. I have an older son who pushes the cart if need be. She rarely sleeps these days and hates being confined.

Raelynn O 0 likes

I put the car seat either in the large part of cart or of it wasn’t big enough I would put it sideways across the top of the cart and either hold it while I walked around the store or use the seatbelt on the cart to hold the car seat so it didn’t slide off the cart

Gail M 0 likes

So on some carts there’s hooks on the side that most ppl don’t see. Not on plastic ones but the metal ones.

Joshuin M 0 likes

Wear him! He stays content being so close to mom and car seat doesn’t take up space in the cart!

Stephanie W 0 likes

I put her in her car seat and put stuff around her. When she started to sit up with assistance I would sit her in the cart seat, strap her in, and stuff blankets around her and kind of hold her in place. Kind of difficult but now she sits unassisted and does great when we go shopping! She is almost 7 months now and she goes with me everywhere. I’ve only had to call the hubby once to come get another cart so I could finish. Lol

Jaxon’s M 1 like

I put it sideways across the big part and just hold it while I shop

Ev C 1 like

I wear him in a carrier…haven’t had trouble picking up heavy things like soda packs. I just make sure not to put pressure against him. I’ve also put his car seat inside the cart, I don’t trust putting his car seat where everyone else puts it…tried it but didn’t like it….and I don’t mind the looks I’ve gotten for putting him in there, all those people can F off lol at the end of the day I’m doing what I find safest for my child (2 months old)

Chelsea T 2 likes

I do the same thing. Forget them. I don’t put my daughter where the child sits it’s not safe.

Mom Of 2 2 likes

I don’t put the car seat there where the toddler would normally sit because there isnt a hook for it under his car seat. Also I heard about a horrible story of this lady who’s baby fell off of that and suffered brain damage. I haven’t seen anyone use that for a baby in years!!

Johnny’s M 2 likes

I wear my baby in the ergo.. I have since he was a few days old and continue to at 14 months 🙂

C P 0 likes

I put the baby in the body of the cart. And play he’s good. I’ve brought the sling a couple times but don’t ever use it.

MikynDelanie’s M 0 likes

I baby wear! She falls right to sleep and no problems. I don’t put her car seat where the child sits either because it’s not made for that and baby can get hurt. Saw a cc camera feed of a baby falling out of the cart in a parking lot! Ever since then I vowed not to do it anymore.

Tara R 0 likes

I always put the car seat in the cart

DJ’s M 0 likes


Tara B 0 likes

I always use the chest holder I feel the carts are to germy!!!

Bboy K 0 likes

Shopping cart hammock for infants and once baby can hold himself up baby shopping cart cover 🙌 my cousin swears by it and I will be getting one. The hammock is perfect for shopping. Google it 😋🌟✨

Catrina F 0 likes

Some grocery stores well at least mine (hannaford) have special carts where the car seat can hook in

Margaret T 1 like

First of all who gives a damn what others think it’s your baby! Sometimes I just take the stroller if I’m not buying a lot of stuff and put the groceries in that bottom rack/basket. We have HEB’s in Texas and they have the infant/baby holders attached to the carts and they sanitize them. Or I do what you do, put her carseat in the cart and surround her with groceries💛

Mom Of 2 0 likes

Sounds like the wrap is the best. I was going to do that today but I didn’t wash it last night. I will definitely do that next time. Thank you!

Allisa K 0 likes

I put him in the spot where the kids sit. I’m not sure what the other moms are referring to by saying it clicks into place, all the store carts I use don’t allow it to “click” into place, but I can usually wedge it into there where I feel safe with it there. I’ve heard multiple people talk about using a carrier, that would be nice so you can walk away from your cart.

Elizabeth L Wed, March 11th

So car seat instructions says face child forward if over 25 lbs or if feet touches the backseat. LO is 6 months old nx wk, she’s about 14 lbs but her feet touch the backseat already. Should I face her forward? Or buy a new car seat?

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Patricia M 4 likes

I would buy a new car seat. I believe it’s 24 months before you’re suppose to be able to safely face them forward. Most all babies around 4-5 months start having their feet touch.

Ashley D M 9 likes

Illegal to face before age 1. I would look into getting a convertible car seat

R 4 likes

Keep her rear facing. She has to meet both the height and weight requirement to be forward facing. And it’s much safer. 😊

Daisy S 2 likes

Do you still have the infant carrier or have you switched to the convertible car seats. Because its recommended for them to be rear facing until 1yr or 2

Ceira B 0 likes

You’re supposed to do it over the age of two cause their muscles are more developed by then and doctors say not to worry about their feet touching cause babies are used to being swaddled and curled. In all it’s safer

Coryn P 5 likes

Just because her feet are touching doesn’t mean she’s uncomfortable. My LO is almost 16mo. She sits frog legged in her seat, but she’s fine. In the event of a wreck, a broken leg is better than a broken neck or internal decapitation.

Vera L 2 likes

My friend just got a huge ticket for having her daughter facing fed before 2!! So be safe talk to your dr or wic even and ask what the law is in your state

Bri � 2 likes

Ok thanks moms then I go get another one..

Bri � 2 likes

Ok one one question: if I get a convertible car seat and need to take my LO shopping what do I put her in!?!?!? Ftm here and very confused

Kailaa T 0 likes

You can turn it forward facing at 1

K W 1 like

Unfortunately you carry her or put her in a stroller. If she able to sit up unassisted she can go in the cart. Or some moms keep the buckets set in there vehicle and put them in that.

Daisy S 1 like

I either take his stroller out or put him in the shopping cart. I bought my LO like a shopping cart cover. Can your LO sit with out support?

Kailaa T 1 like

You can probably just put her in the grocery cart I started doing that at 6 months just get one of those cart covers

Logan’s M 1 like

The Radian RXT convertible carseat allows for rear-facing longer. When shopping, you can place her in the shopping cart with a cover and extra blankets, for padding, or wear her in an ErgoBaby carrier.

Bri � 2 likes

No daisy she can’t sit up.. I mean she does but only for a few seconds.. Maybe I’ll do what @ Karli suggested and keep the other car seat in the car and just transfer her..

Coryn P 2 likes

You can wear her! That’s what I did with mine before she could sit up. And it’s what I do with my current tiny one. I never used the car seat to bring them in stores.

Bri � 5 likes

U moms rock.. Who needs goggle when I have u ladies!!!

Renata Pouzas C 0 likes

Any newborn car seat will go to at least 25 lbs… So if she outgrows that, you’d have to switch it to a rear facing car seat still… Child needs to be over 40lbs or 3 years of age. Used to be 2, but they just changed it to 3 if I am not mistaken. I would look into car seat law for your state… It also varies a little…

Solomon’s M 0 likes

Please please keep your lo rear facing as long as possible!!!!! The recommended age is actually 4 years old but DEFINITELY not before age 2. Their little necks and spines just aren’t developed enough to absorb the impact of an accident while front facing!! I highly recommend the Facebook page Car Seats for the Littles…as a new mom I have learned so much through them 😉

Brie A 2 likes

Buy a new one. Definitely should be facing rear facing for as long as possible. 6 months is too young to have them face forward👍

Tricia 1 like

I put my baby in a carrier when I go on long shopping trips and he loves it!

Franny E 1 like

I would buy one cz when th feet touched the set she will kick it and her back will hurt or get red from trying to push.

Claudia � 1 like

Either transfer her to the old one or wear her. But I think those are definitely your best options. 🙂

Katie R 2 likes

Wear her! I love taking baby places now that I have a good carrier! So much easier and less strain on my back and arms lol

Claudia � 2 likes

Just curious, at what age can you start wearing them? Sounds easier than dragging their car seat around

Coryn P 2 likes

C J at any age. I have a baby bjorn and a Mobi and both worked great from the time mine were newborns.

Stephanie L Fri, December 26th

Cry it out or not cry it out? What’s your experience? My baby is 6 months old.

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T W 3 likes

Crying it out is bad for babies. It’s their only form of communication.

Yvonne A 1 like

Well…I started at 8 months old and failed. My daughter is now 4yo sleeping with me every night. I wish I stuck it out. Seems to working better this time around!

T W 2 likes

My son has colic and cries often. The longest I let him cry is a minute while I fix his bottle or bath or get his medicine

Yvonne A 1 like

Depends on the parents honestly. You know your LO and you know what’s best for him/her. I don’t suggest co-sleeping because I’m now regretting it. I understand they are little for so long, but it’s going on 4 years now and I’m starting to want me time.

Vanessa U 1 like

I agree. If you let them cry it out for too long, it might only frustrate you more. What my husband would do and still does to my son is pretend he heard something or saw something out the window and it would stop his crying and the. Try to make him laugh after that. You just have to be creative with them. What I learned from the Hubby.

Tiffiny M 2 likes

I couldn’t stand to hear my daughter cry when she was an infant even now that she is 13 months old. It breaks my heart to hear her like that, she was never colicky though. I know people say its bad to not let them cry it out but its my choice as her mother and I know whats best for her. It puts more stress on myself perhaps but its all part of motherhood!!

A L 2 likes

Yes. I started to let my son cry it out when he was 7 months old. It was a rough few nights but after 5-7 days he was sleeping through the night not waking up once!

A L 1 like

But I wouldnt let him cry over 30 min. It seems like forever but he was not hurting he just wanted out of bed.

Dez H 4 likes

Cry it out only last a couple days sucks at first but teaches independence

Christie M 2 likes

It didn’t work for us. Mine cried and cried and cried, never stopping. I went in every 5-10 minutes to reassure him that it was okay, but it still didn’t work. He just loved co-sleeping with mommy and daddy. That is what worked for us. He slept through the night and we were all happy campers!!! You have to just find something that works for all of you.

Sarah R 3 likes

Cry it out gets better each night. First night sucks, second sucks less and by the third/fourth night my daughter went right down

Baby M 5 likes

A baby shouldnt learn independence. You are a mom at night too. Cio is selfish in my opinion. Neglecting needs in a baby is wrong. And yeah, comfort and cuddling are needs

Ella M 2 likes

Tried once, never again … And at 10 months she sleeps 10-11 hrs straight… It will get better

Jeanine H 3 likes

I cried it out at 8 months and my son is fine 🙂 it depends on your child. We tried a bunch of other methods at first and none worked.

Jeanine H 3 likes

I agree with Sarah. First night was the worse by we did it exact as the instructions said. Did not pick him up. Only soothed him with our voices. We didn’t go into the room for more than 30 seconds to 1 min. And made each wait a little longer. Who process was about 45 minutes to an hour the first night. Second night was 20 minutes and third was starting to become routine. When he woke up in middle of night I bf and rocked him and put him right back in his crib. 🙂

Erika H 2 likes

You put them in bed with a full tummy, dry diaper, and sleepy eyes. So what need do they have that calls for immediate attention? Nothing, just them wanting attention… They cry because they’re tired and want to sleep. It’s the best thing we’ve done for dd. It took 3 nights and she now talks herself to sleep. Hardest thing EVER but so worth it. We sat in her room and picked her up till she stopped crying every 10 min then put her back down, so we weren’t “abandoning” her. She’s very happy!!

Brooklyns M 2 likes

Cry it out !! Worked for us !! It’s horrible first night but yes it gets better and better every night !! Stay strong

K M 2 likes

We did cry it out at 11 months by accident LOL I put her down in the crib and thought she was sleeping so I showered. When I was getting out I heard her start to cry I rushed to get dressed and in a min or two when I rushed to her room she was sleeping. Since then she sleeps fine but I don’t recommend letting her cry for more than a minute or two.

Ashley D M 2 likes

I never let my 2 1/2 year old cry it out when she was a baby and she is a very independent toddler. Actually now I don’t let her cry it out. When she throws a “fit” I just explain to her why she can’t have what she wants and she stops crying and just says okay and goes on. But I guess every child is different.

sahar W 4 likes

I talked to my doctor abt this and there are studies saying that it causes depression in later yrs… So my Little guy always gets picked up when he cries!!!!

Kendall G 3 likes

so my bestfriend has a 18 month old daughter and my son is 3 weeks and keeps telling me let him cry let him cry but i think its cruel . She did the ” cry out method” but her daughter is a brat and gets everything she wants and always crys for attention.. I just dont get why shes so for that if it didn’t even effect her daughter in a good way. I just dont think its right. You bring this baby into the world so you can love them not neglect them

Molly L 2 likes

I don’t like to let my 3month old cio unless he’s obviously fussing. He usually will be asleep in a couple minutes, if not I Go and get him. I ever let him cry or fuss long, as it’s his only way to communicate to me

Lady T 1 like

I think parents are confused about the cry it out method. I would do my research first, which is what I did for LO at 3 months Cry it out is NOT letting baby self soothe for independence or to give u a break its a process in training your LO how to fall asleep on their own so when they wake up on their own if nothing is wrong they are confident to fall back asleep. Yes we did CIO but she still co sleeps it’s just getting her able to fall asleep w/o being rocked. It worked for us took 3 nights

Lady T 3 likes

Babies don’t cry for no reason however learn your baby’s cries my LO would have a different cry when she wanted us to rock her to sleep. Also rocking or bouncing or cuddling had nothing to do with naps. At the end of the day find what works for you and figure out your goal first! Why are u considering the CIO method? Then go from there. Sorry this is so long I just get frustrated when ppl don’t understand something and spread bad information/advice…

Amanda H 1 like

Well if a baby is sleep deprived that can cause obesity and depression later on too. I think if the baby is not getting sleep, then you have to do what you can to help them. Yes of course try other methods. Co sleeping or a self soother. But they still have problems sleeping I don’t think it is wrong to try a cry it our method. This doesn’t mean the child is screaming for hours on end. I think people will do what’s best for their child. It’s not a big deal to wake up on the middle of night.

Amanda H 1 like

But if you can have a happier baby that is getting the sleep he or she needs I think that is best. You can still do a sleep method and have your baby wake up and respond to their needs. It’s helping them wake up less and fall asleep better and longer.

Robin C Wed, February 25th

No judging please. I find breastfeeding a lot of work sometimes I cant wait for my beautiful DD turn 6 months so I could be DONE, but as soon as I do latch her on, I love just staring at her, talk/sing to her, and do enjoy the beautiful bond we share, and I’m like oh I could wait. Its a love hate thing I guess. How long did you mommas breastfeed for?

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Yasmine D 1 like

By son is 10 months and my goal is 1 year. Initially I wanted to stop at 6 months but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Jordan C 2 likes

I exclusively pumped for 9 months and then I cried for 2 days when I lost my supply. I so badly wanted to make it to at least a year. I was devastated that I had to start giving her formula.

Loe D 3 likes

I’m so with you! I hate breast feeding but I know it’s so good for my baby! I plan to do a year. She just turned 6 mon so half way to go!

Ashley R 3 likes

5 wks with my oldest. Stopped due to milk protein allergy. My second I had 10 months later and attempted to BF and that lasted a week:). With juggling 2 under 1 it was easier and more convenient for me to formula feed.

Amy Y 2 likes

1 year so far. I figured I’ll stop when she’s ready.

Melissa S 1 like

14 months. When he started pulling up or down my shirts to get at my breasts… That was my cue! LOL

Kelly B 1 like

I didn’t breastfeed. I pumped for 4 months and had a big enough supply to last until she was 5 months. With working 10 hour days and pumping every 4 hours I couldn’t get enough rest and it was wearing on me

Tammie W 1 like

Congrats for doing for that long ! My lo is 10 months and we are going for a year I love it every time I nurse him he holds one of my fingers. Right now he’s going through a stage where he only wants to nurse for a bit stops sucks his thumb and has to be touching my skin with his cheek to fall asleep.

Emma 1 like

I breast fed for a month. It is hard, never thought it would be! I had to stop because of a milk protein allergy. I was also ready to give up because it was stressful-I still get bummed out that I couldn’t do it though. I had an amazing supply of milk even the nurses were shocked about how quickly and how much came in right away.

C C 2 likes

We are still going strong at 7 months and don’t plan on quitting any time soon. I don’t even want to know how emotional I’ll be when its time to quit! 😁

Becky A 1 like

It’s bittersweet for me. No live the bonding time with him, it’s doesn’t cost anything, and I know how great it is for him BUT I also would like a little more freedom, not having to worry about pumping etc

Cassie H 1 like

That’s awesome! I’m at almost 4 months but I plan on switching to formula after her 4 month check up because it’s too much. I work as a nanny so I have her plus other kids and mine and another house to take care of. I don’t have time to pump and I’ve had thrush the whole time I’ve been breastfeeding so I have no milk stored. I fail like a failure becauE my goal was 6 months but it’s too much for me.

Lisa W 2 likes

The longest I have done it was two and a half years. He wasn’t the easiest Child to wean.

Z’s MOM❤️ � 2 likes

I’m breastfeeding !! I love it ! But my DD seems not to be getting full although she 💦💦💧 milk everywhere!! I’m not complaining but my nipples are also killing me! I’m pumping and breastfeeding !!

Lisa W 1 like

My lo now who will be one next week I can’t wait till he stops. He has me so sore and he bites. I’m ready to be done now. I’m having a hard time weaning him and he hates bottles. Ugh.

Alyssa S 3 likes

1month. It’s very hard. Even after reading everything and doing classes and talking to consultants I just couldn’t do it. Supply was awesome. 8 oz altogether each time. Even after a feeding. But she couldn’t latch to the right. Tried a shield but was losing supply. Was engorged and got mastitis. Leaked all the time so I smelled gross. Was too tired and scared if hurt my baby from getting frustrated. So I stopped. Wanted to go a year:( but she’s a healthy happy baby so it’s fine:) she also would

Alyssa S 1 like

Pull really hard on my breast and unlatch so if be in a lot of pain. We just had a lot of problems so I decided it was best for us to stop. I quite cold turkey. She went straight to formula after my frozen milk was gone. Now she’s a chubby, fast learning, happy girl and is growing way too fast! I miss my little 6.13 lb baby that fit on my chest..

SAHMommy 2 likes

I formula fed. No reason to feel bad. It’s very hard to do that and you should be very proud.

Yv L 3 likes

There are no bottle to wash, no waiting, no heating up water, no spilling or packing when to out , it is a big saving not have to buy formula. That is how much less you have to do when bf . However, there are restriction on what kind of clothing you can wear( so you can feed the baby), what food you can eat or drink , how long you can be away without pumping or feeding the baby. It is not easy to be a mom.

Nikki B 2 likes

Don’t feel bad! Be proud you are even doing it! It’s such a great thing! I did 4 months and felt no guilt when I stopped lol … To me first 3 months is most important … Once he turned 4 months I started giving him solids so didn’t feel I needed to breastfeed him anymore … Not to mention I don’t eat well so my milk probably wasn’t that nutritious anyway lol … Breastfeeding and pumping is so much work! But once you stop you will be like dangggg this buying formula really sucks!!! Lol

Mommy 2 likes

I’m almost at 12 months and she will be done by then, once you get passed the 6 month mark you will think it’s just so much easier, cheaper and more convenient. My goal was 6 months. We got there and decided to keep going. At 9 months you can start with homo (whole) milk once a day. That cuts out one breastfeed for you so you are able to get away easier.

Nanz C 1 like

I love all the different, GOOD answers thanks guys 😄

Tabitha M 2 likes

I breast fed for the first 2 mo due to lack of production I had to quit. I would have done it longer. My next child I will do it longer. I loved when he’d fall asleep and smile then realize that he wasn’t attached anymore and like kind of bite down. I loved it but hated it. I don’t knows about any of you moms but I would cry sometimes when he’d use me as a pacifier.

Emily, R 1 like

I only made it a month. Too much physical pain and emotional distress made it unhealthy for both of us

Cesia H 2 likes

I only made it to 4 months with my son. I lost my supply. No matter how hard I tried to keep it, I just couldn’t get it back. I was heartbroken. I did cry because he would always search for my breast when I would hold him and try to give him a bottle, and I would feel so bad. Few months forward and he’s now almost 11 months old happy & healthy. I did take pictures and videos of him breastfeeding just for me, so I can remember all the cute little sounds he made, and the little smiles he gave me

Brenda C Wed, November 12th

Hey ladies this is a question I don’t want to ask but it’s best for my lo that I do. I ebf my lo who is now 6 months and unfortunately I was just prescribed some meds that might have side effects for my lo. Yes my doctor said they were safe but I’ve read otherwise on reputable websites and i just want what’s best. I would love to continue nursing him because I really enjoy that bond and I know many women have to stop for many reasons. And so many people who formula feed have healthy kids!

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Ash B 0 likes

To you moms who would love to breastfeed or had to stop early for a certain reason.What kind of formula would you recommend? The best thing possible and possibly something organic. Thank you! Stars for your help thanks

Sarah K 0 likes

Could you go back to your doctor with what you’ve read up on and see what they have to say? Usually I say go with what the dr says but if you strongly believe there could be something they haven’t considered it’s worth bringing up. Or maybe there’s more background knowledge that the dr might have for why they’re prescribing it and saying it’s ok for nursing moms.

Sarah K 0 likes

And just to be clear I’m not against formula feeding at all but if you want to continue you might as well explore it further!

Jordan C 4 likes

If your doctor assures you that it is safe to take while breastfeeding then I would take his word for it over some information you found on a few websites.

Skylar K 1 like

6 months is amazing! And now that your LO is probably eating solids he is getting nutrition from that as well. All formula has to be held to the same standards so which ever you choose should be ok.

Deborah D 1 like

I only formula fed my daughter, just by choice, my son I tried to breastfeed, however he’s tongue tied and so I wasn’t successful 😔 both are super healthy and super smart! I would say that if there’s a chance it could affect your little one, you need to do what you think is best, I think you probably know your little one better than the doctor does! Plus you’ve been breastfeeding, so that’s a great start for your baby! Best wishes for you and hope you figure it out!

Mommy To L 2 likes

Gentle lease.

Jalen’s M 0 likes

same thing happened to me… they wanted to give me antibiotics, doctor told me it as safe but the pharmacist said its not safe at all. in no way at all did I want to stop breastfeeding. I ended up taking a natural antibiotic and I’m fine now and was able to still breastfeed 🙂 I personally wouldn’t risk taking any medicine that could possibly not be good for lo while breastfeeding. I’ve heard supplementing formula is best…

Jordan C 2 likes

Do you mind me asking what the medication is? If you rather not say then that’s totally fine!

Cesty B 1 like

To start; I respect all mommies in whatever desc they make for there children in any form! For me I tried to breast feed did it a week and because I am epileptic my medicine made my LO hypoglycemic and he because so sick and jaundice. I did check while Preggo if this would happen and I w

Cesty B 1 like

as told I could ebf on my meds obv they were wrong so we had to formula feed and it was ok. He is so healthy never sick and is 15 months. Every kid is diff obv I have a wonderful bond. We did similac soy because of his gas issues and it helped. I would feed him w my shirt off as if I was breast feeding.

Cesty B 1 like

As a mother the goal is to bond, however that happens is a wonderful thing 😉 I don’t think bf or formula will ruin that 😉 You will do great!

Ash B 2 likes

Thanks ladies! Jordan, I’m taking propranolol and methimazole for my hyperthyroidism that was brought on from pregnancy. I also found a few lab test data on it in my books for med school. The only problem is I have to wait 3 hours after taking to feed my lo again. If u have any experience or thoughts let me know 🙂

Mary 0 likes

Wow it sucks that you have to take meds. But don’t feel bad, you need to be healthy for your LO to enjoy you more!! Can you store milk befor you start your treatment??

S T 1 like

May I ask what meds they are? I have a source that has been conducting research for over 25 years on medications for pregnant and nursing women. They are the doctors that wrote the book that pediatricians and the LLL consult when considering safety. I would love to be able to share any info they have with you.

Lauren M 1 like

I think if your doc gave it the okay then you’re fine. But if you do prefer to use formula, I use Gerber goodstart, get the gentle soothe kind because if he’s breastfed, the formula might be a little sensitive to his tummy. Btw; I had to take propranolol while I was pregnant and my baby is fine. 🙂

Gunner Danger’s M 1 like

Sounds like meds you’ll be taking for quite a while? If your doing once daily dosing you could quick pump and dump during the day then feed at night. If BID dosing feed before your pm dose?

Michaela R 1 like

We started on Enfamil gentlease when I had to stop because of low supply. It super gentle on his tummy and he has no gassy side effects from it. Good luck momma. I know you would rather BF but as long as that baby is being fed and taken care of you’re doing the right thing.

Julia : 1 like

We use Similac and have been very happy with it. I wasn’t able to breastfeed past 2 mo because my milk had zero fat in it and just dried up. You did great momma! 6 mo is awesome!

Stephanie M 1 like

I had to stop due to latch problem and dehydration in my LO do not listen to doctors they arent always right if u found that the meds arent safe then they prob arent i would do more research just to make sure but i put my LO on soy just bc everyone is lactose intolerant I figured he would be too. And i have just as well bond with him … Hes a mamas boy all the wAy he just said mama yesterday. Just make time to do something special with LO.

S T 1 like

I’m going to post the info on each med separately as it’s too much for the text box we have here. Please bear with me. For more information, contact the InfantRisk Center at (806)352-2519.

S T 1 like

Propranolol Breastfeeding First Stage (0-6 months) Rating:SAFER Propranolol is the preferred beta blocker for use in breastfeeding women since levels in milk are minimal. Use with caution in patients with asthma. Observe for bradycardia, sedation, hypotension in the breastfed infant. Long term exposure has not been studied, and caution is urged. Of the beta blocker family, propranolol is probably preferred in lactating women. Use with great caution, if at all, in mothers or infants with asthma.

S T 1 like

Methimazole Breastfeeding First Stage (0-6 months) Rating:SAFER Methimazole is used to inhibit the secretion of thyroxine. Methimazole usage during breastfeeding is probably safe. There are lots of data reporting no untoward effects to the infant for periods up to 12 months. Monitor thyroid function of the breastfed infant to be safe.

S T 1 like

In a large study of over 134 thyrotoxic lactating mothers and their infants, even at methimazole doses of 20 mg/day, no changes in infant TSH, T4 or T3 were noted in over 12 months of study. The authors conclude that both propylthiouracil and methimazole can safely be administered during lactation. However, during the first few months of therapy, monitoring of infant thyroid functioning is recommended. (Side note: it is probably hazardous while pregnant though according to their info)

Ash B 1 like

ST- yes thank you for the info wow that’s so sweet of you! Yes the propranolol is the one I am no too familiar or happy about taking. Thank u for your help! Wish I could give u more than the 4 stars

S T 0 likes

No worries Nicole. When I found the Infant Risk Center, it was such a huge relief for me. Their research has been invaluable to me when talking to doctors about various issues I’m having. I’m just glad that I can help pass on the info to help others too. They have a great app called MommyMeds for free which is where all the above info came from too. They also have a forum at where they have staff that will also answer your questions. I hope it helps ease your mind. 😊

Mommy Of T Sat, October 25th

My son was circumcised at birth with no complications and normal healing. He is 6 months old now and sometimes his penis looks as if he is not circumcised. When you pull in down, it looks normal, but I’m curious if this has happened to anyone else?? Did they not do the procedure correctly or does he have to “grow into it” ?? Please keep all comments regarding opinion on the procedure to yourself. Thanks 🙂

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Kristina K 0 likes

My son had the same thing. At certain points it even looked like it was “stuck” together. I had to use Vaseline a lot. It is completely normal though

Melanie M 0 likes

I don’t remember my sons looking like that I would have a doctor look at it the next apt

Chelsey H 0 likes

My older son had the procedure at birth but they didn’t tell us about the skin adhesing to the head. You have to pull the skin apart to make sure they separate. Not sure if that’s what you meant is happening…be careful if it is, very painful for baby, dr should pull apart the first time.

Guadalupe V 0 likes

I’ve assisted the doctors at work in a few of those procedures and know you tell the difference right way it shouldn’t look like that

Anonymous M 1 like

My son ( who was quite a chubby baby) had a little fat as at the base of his peepee and it pushed most of the penile skin forward. He developed some adhesions which painfully tore on their own once he started growing. But every time I asked the drs they assured me it was all normal. And now at 4 years old everything is fine.

Aprilbaby 0 likes

I would ask pediatrician to check it. Could have penile adhesions. Basically the skin heals back to the head sometimes. Sometimes it’s mild and the doc can give a cream to cause it to loosen. Sometimes they can pull it and separate it. And sometimes yes it does require a second procedure to get fixed or redone. My LO had it mildly at 2 months but we caught it quick enough and the doc lightly pulled it back apart. A week of A&D when changing him and all better. A friend had to have the procedure

Aprilbaby 0 likes

Redone on her little boy. While sucks he did okay and is fine now. Definitely ask the doc sooner than later to avoid procedure if possible if it is adhesion.

Ryan B 0 likes

I agree with the above post, my son was chubby and had this issue I thought he would need another one done. We took him in and the doctor said it was perfectly fine, and once he grew a little and became more active he would thin out and that wouldn’t happen anymore 🙂 hope this helped!

Tiffany W 0 likes

My sons skin does that and the doctor said its normal. I was even pulling the skin back and she said not to do that. That it wasn’t necessary. My dad said it looks normal too.

Kristin . 0 likes

It’s probably just the baby chub:) make sure u pull it back with every bath to make sure it’s getting cleaned properly and to make sure it doesn’t start to connect the skin. With proper cleaning I’m sure it will be just fine. Talk to a dr it will make u feel much better

Amanda W 0 likes

This happens to my 6 month old son. At his 2 month appointment the doctor had to pull his foreskin back because it had adhered. It was red afterwards, but healed quickly. Every once in awhile it looks as though he wasn’t circumcised. My son’s doctor told me to roll the skin back as far as I can (so the entire end of his penis is exposed) with each diaper change, and apply Vaseline to keep it from sticking again. We haven’t had trouble since then. Good luck mama!

Mrs. M 0 likes

After waiting for our son to turn one, to see if things would improve. It was recommended by his pedi to see a pediatric urologist because dr. (My OB) did not cut enough skin off when the initial circumcision was done. When urologist saw it he said they left too much skin (could not see tip only if pulling back) and urologist did the entire procedure over a few months later. You should have it looked at by dr.

Katherine B 0 likes

You should not be pulling their foreskin back in order to clean it. Retraction can cause infection and tearing. Until around 2 years of she you should leave it the heck alone. After a couple years you can clean the tip slightly for any built up anegna but you shouldn’t be pulling their fore skin back. Research how to clean your child’s penis no matter the procedures

Jessica B 0 likes

Here’s a good article about it, I’d recommend mentioning it to your doc but based on what I’ve read I’m trying not to stress too much about it as I noticed it on my lo too.

MAMA B 0 likes

I would go to a doctor my sons never looked like that and just a suggestion you should never pull down there for skin it can cause damages!!! Good luck

Mommie D 0 likes

My sons looks the same way! I always pull it back a bit when I bathe him to clean it properly… But wen I asked my doctor she said it was fine idk y this happens

Natalie G 0 likes

I’ve never experienced this with my boys but I do remember my doctor always telling me they can not ensure how it will look. But mama knows best. I would definitely mention it to the doctor.

Laura W 1 like

Ok I shall clear this one up for all of you. I am a surgical assistant who works in labor and delivery. Like every other part of your babies body his penis will grow. If they trim all the skin off there will be allowance for growth. As your boy gets older it will look better. Each day just pull back the extra skin so that adhesions don’t happen (only do this after the circumcision has healed). It’s not common but can happen where the circumcision need to be redone again it’s not common.

Laura W 0 likes

Your pediatrician should be checking this circumcision at babies 2week and again at the 2 and 4 month of it looks ok and he or she doesn’t say anything then it’s probably fine and nothing to worry about. If your concerned then bring it up. It is a very easy very fast surgery if there is a problem.

Laura W 1 like

Oh and even with the extra skin it should not completely cover the tip. If that’s the case the it is a possibility that a revision needs to be done.

Teri L 0 likes

My ds also has some extra skin and at times it looks like it penile adhesions. I pull it back with every diaper change and clean it. I also let it air dry a little or use a little baby powder to keep it a little dryer in between changes sometimes. Like moms said just keep pulling it back

Sara 1 like

I use cloth diapers and my son sometimes has what sounds like the same thing. Almost looks like the skin has just been pulled down some where it’s in contact with the diaper. Being moist makes it stick. I just make sure I clean well with every change and he’s fine. Definitely check with your ped if you think it looks abnormal.

Nikki D 0 likes

No, his never “sticks together” or needs to be pulled apart per say. But we do have to pull the skin down to clean. It just sometimes, looks like there isn’t even a head- just skin. I’m sure it is fine- but wanted to see if This happened to any one Else’s kiddos!

Nikki D 0 likes

He has also had a diaper rash/yeast infection up under the skin. Which is from it always being moist and closed off.

Kristy R Sun, August 17th

Ok not trying to offend just wondering about it . _It seems most of u ladies on here are Americans I’ve noticed , and it seems normal for yous too feed solids at like 3/4 months , I’m Canadian it’s a big no on solids before 6 months ‘ why the big diff by country ???

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Emilie W 3 likes

I’m American and I was told not to feed solids until 6 mo.

Jenny C 0 likes

I’m American and started cereal at 4-5 months but nothing else until 6 months

A E 1 like

I started at 4 months. My doc said 15 years ago, 4 months was the norm. Now apparently it’s not. I am also Canadian. Other moms who I’ve talked to who have introduced solids at 6 months have had difficulties getting their LO to like foods and eat. Whereas my son is now 8 months old and eats everything. There isn’t one food he won’t eat

A E 0 likes

Totally just saw that we also live in the same city!!!

Sophia G 0 likes

We’re told not to some do anyway.

Ashley B 1 like

More recently drs are recommending 6 months instead of 4 months. I did 4 months for both my kids, youngest is 6 months now, because they both had a really big interest in starting solids, they both had wide eyes and grabbed for the spoon the very first time they were fed solid food 😀

Lauren C 0 likes

We are not suppose to either

Emy G 1 like

I’m canadian (Quebec) and my ped told me I could feed my baby solids at 4 mo… Even If she told me not to do it I would have because my feelings told me she was hungry for a little food. Follow your instinct… Doctors give advice but every child is different.

Marianne M 3 likes

I’m American and waited until 6 months. I certainly wasn’t in a rush. I wanted her digestive system to be ready. She eats everything and prefers veggies.

Josie✝ 0 likes

I was told after 6 months too!!😀

Samantha H 1 like

I’m in Ontario and I started solids at 3m

Sandy L 1 like

Personally I looked for cues that my second baby was ready and didn’t even get the doctors ok first but when she asked why I started and I told her she realized I made the right choice. He was grabbing food of my plate and trying to put in his mouth, always hungry, no pushing the tong out when swallowing. Also not being satisfied with just milk. We started with baby led weaning at 4months.

JVP 2 likes

It is a no no hear too just many think it’s cute when their kiddos do things “ahead”…

Dani D 0 likes

I was told by my paediatrician that I can slowly introduce starting with cereal at 4 mos and I’m in Ontario. she also said follow lo’s cues, she’ll let u know when she’s ready. But both me and my dd felt more comfortable at around 5.5-6 months

Lala S 0 likes

I’m American and didn’t start solids until 6 months.

Charlotte’s M 2 likes

Research used to state that 4 months recommended and was then changed to 6 months but the most recent medical journals are showing research that 4 months is best to start introducing cereals ect. I am Canadian.

Denise N 0 likes

We started at 6 months per dr. Request. Others start early..

Sam R 0 likes

It depends on your doctor and what research he/she goes by. I’m Canadian and my ped told me to start at 5 months.

A W 1 like

I am an RN in Canada. It was an old recommendation and a lot of docs are not current on their research. Their digestive tract it NOT ready before 6 months. I find in Canada recommendations usually come from public health nurses, not the drs and the information is more standardized due to our health care system

Jacob’s ❤️ M 1 like

I’m Mexican and I didn’t feed my son solid food tell 6 months.

Paty C 2 likes

I am Brazilian and in Brazil it’s s big no no too. Food only after 6 months.

R S 1 like

Im from South America and it is only nurse as long as possible. My ped a male american that has over 40 years of experience also encouraged me to breastfeed only at least until they were a year old, of course taking pre natal vitamins It was funny when his nurses would give me a hard time for not doing solids of water and then in the a appointment he would reassure it is better in the long run, both of my girls were perfect in every milestone and got sick much less than the others

AAJ C 0 likes

We were told by LO doctor to start at 4 mos, due to her intake and not gaining weight. Has helped with that.

ElizM 0 likes

I am American and I got the OK at 4 months due to my LO still being hungry after 8 oz and always reaching for food or opening his mouth when I eat. He’s 5 months now and I’m just starting him on baby food 3x a day.

Vanessa M Wed, January 7th

Where does your baby sleep?_My 6 months old sleeps in his crib in a separate room. He seems to be fine and had no problems moving there when he was 4 months. But I still feel like it might be stressful for a baby to sleep without his mom being around. Should I move the crib to our room?

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Ashley P 1 like

I cosleep

Katherine B 1 like

If your baby is happy, leave them be. I do currently cosleep but at that age my son was in his crib waking 4-6 times a night.

M. S 7 likes

Ours has been sleeping since day 1 in a crib in her own room (she’s 6 weeks). She sleeps great and I sleep great, it’s a win-win!

Alysha B 5 likes

My son has always slept in his crib in his own room. We have a monitor & it works well for us.

Serenitys M 2 likes

i cosleep and we are both very happy:)

MAMA B 2 likes

My son is in our room bc we have two other girls and they share the other room!! I think it good for children to have there room. And learn to sleep plus you don’t gave to worry about making noise in your room. I don’t believe In co-sleeping; there are many dangers in it and won’t take those risks!!!

Emma 2 likes

If he is fine I would leave him be. I think he’d let you know if it caused him anxiety. I personally moved my son to his own room at 9 months and he did well. I know ladies who have moved over a lot sooner and had no problems either. I think it just depends on you and your LO.

Susan B 2 likes

I chose not to co sleep. We felt it better to develop the habit early on of being able to sleep on their own without needing another body to sleep. It has been great as they sleep in their own beds and in their own room.

D’Yani C 3 likes

Both my kids, 4 yrs and 7 mos have slept in their crib in their room since day one. Now if they aren’t feeling well or are having a bad night I will let them sleep in my room. If your LO is doing well in a separate room I think you’re fine.

Ashley E 0 likes

My daughter has been sleeping in her own crib in her own room since 2 months. She didn’t sleep well in the bassinet because she was so wiggly and when it moved it would wake her up. She is fine and we have never had any issues! She actually started sleeping through the night once we put her in her crib. And she sleeps from 8pm to 7:30am. She is now 7months but her sleeping habits have been consistent since 2 months!

Amy 1 like

No, do not move your LO. If your LO is content in their own room that is great! Dont change what you are doing bc of what others might say or do. Every child is different. My LO has slept in her own room since 3 months. She is now 16 months.

Eryn � 1 like

If your baby is happy, it’s fine. My son has been in a crib in his room since day one. We lived in a small apt until he was 3 months and I kept the monitor right beside my bed. There were a couple nights when he was a newborn where I had to cosleep for a few hours at some point in the night, but other than that he’s never slept with us.

Heather A 1 like

I think you are doing the best thing so far. Follow your instincts, but it’s best to establish great sleep habits as early as possible

Jennifer 1 like

I moved our daughter to her own room and crib when she was 3 months. It allowed her to sleep more peacefully, and me as well. If your baby is stressed they will let you know. You’re doing great mama, no need to second guess yourself!!

Shannon M 1 like

I moved my lo to his crib in his room around 11 or 12 weeks, and he actually started sleeping better! He started sleeping through the night and would wake up so happy. So I definitely do not think it caused him anxiety to move to his room.

Samantha S 1 like

The gist is that you do what works best for you and your LO. There is no right or wrong way 🙂 We beat ourselves up so much trying to fit a mold when each child is different.

Linsi M 1 like

My girls are in the same room in separate cribs. They get upset if they wake up & 1 is missing. I’m sure some day they’ll want their own rooms, but for now they have their room & mommy & daddy have their room & everyone is happy 😊. Leave your little one where they are if everyone is happy, no need to disrupt a happy baby

Monika W 1 like

My baby sleeps in his own room in his crib! It’s great for them to learn to be more independent and sleep on their own

Angela K 1 like

My oldest slept in her crib every night from day one in her own room, which at that time was right next to my room. Now with our second, our master is downstairs and the girls rooms are both upstairs. My youngest is 5 1/2 months and is still sleeping in our room. She started in the pack n play and then I moved the crib into our room when she got a little bigger. I’m just not comfortable with her being upstairs on the opposite side of the house yet.

Jessica R 1 like

My son is 5 months. We moved him to a crib at 4 months after co sleeping and he’s in our room only cuz we live with the inlaws. I wish he was in his own room because we have to be so quiet after he goes to sleep. Our bed is squeaky and my husband tosses a lot so it wakes up my son. If your baby isn’t crying constantly in another room why would you disrupt that?

Chelse B 1 like

Your doing wonderful momma! It’s a personal preference and choice where your baby sleeps. I had my little girl sleep in our room until around 2 1/2 months. At that time she was able to lift her head and roll over. She loves her crib and gives my hubby and I our room back!

Ashley G 1 like

My baby sleeps in his crib in my room next to my bed

Aprilbaby 1 like

Nope. If he is sleeping he’s fine. My LO has been in his crib in his room since 6 weeks. He sleeps soundly. If yours is sleeping without crying and waking why would you move him? Then he’s just going to be old enough to get comfortable with you there and your going to have to break it eventually which will be tearful at that point. He’s fine in his room and old enough even pediatrics only say the best benefits of co sleeping (as in room not bed) benefits are only until around 6 months.

Jenna S 1 like

We put my daughter in her crib in her own room the first night we brought her home from the hospital. She became a very good sleeper at a very young age.

Shawna Tue, June 30th

HELP!!! My baby is 6 months old. EBF and she only sleeps 2 hours at a time. Will formula really help her sleep longer? My husband and I are fighting more because she’s not improving on her sleep. Suggestions?

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S T 5 likes

Nope. Neither will cereal or table food.

Nadine C 0 likes

Formula could help if she’s still hungry, if she is top her up on formula. Do you have some type of routine at bedtime? I had the same problem with my twins.

Hali A 1 like

Breast milk is almost like a snack as to formula is more like a Thanksgiving dinner. If breastfeeding, babies need more feeds daily than if they were to have formula. Warm baths, soothing ocean music, & a full belly.

Hali A 1 like

Also if you want to introduce formula. You can also do half & half. Supplements !

Nadine C 0 likes

I also bought those fisher price fish tak thingys, it helped my twins fall asleep as it just soothes them.

Mia F 1 like

Nope. A good bedtime routine (that doesn’t end in nursing but could start with it) will work best. If baby is nursing to sleep it’s a hard habit to break but it can be done. They just have to learn a new way to fall asleep.

Nadine C 0 likes

Tank** sorry

Britt B 0 likes

Rice cereal or oatmeal before a bath and a consistent bedtime routine. Relaxing time. Soft voices. If you put lights and mobiles in her crib it’s just a distraction and won’t help her get the idea of sleep.

Heather S 1 like

Formula works for my girls, they sleep really well actually. Formula tends to expand the stomach so they are full longer and sleep longer. Just be careful as it will increase their appetite.

Liza W 0 likes

We have been doing a bed routine since 3 months. She use to sleep for 4-5 hours, then at 4 months she switched her routine at night and now it worse. I love breast feeding, but her, but my husband wants their to be improvement. Also I think her nights feeds are just soothing, she only nurses for 4 minutes at a time.

Nadine C 1 like

Maybe try giving her a bottle of formula before bed, and BF throughout the day.

Caroline W 1 like

Have you tried letting her sleep on her tummy?

Jennifer 1 like

If you can give breastmilk, it’s best. It really does have everything a baby needs. I think you might want to start sleep training.

Sandy G 0 likes

my son was the same way at about 4 months. he would wake up every 2-3 hrs to eat. soon as he started eatin cereals and gerbers he would still want 6oz of formula to be able to fall asleep. he slept through the night the very first time n still is doin it. i found that hes less hungry overnight after his bellys been filled before bed. he sleeps 10pm to 730am…takes another bottle and goes back to sleep til 9 or 930am. most times i go back to sleep w him or i just get up n workout while i can!

Sandy G 0 likes

i do have a friend who only breast feeds and her daughter is 5 days older than my son and she still gets woken up every 3 hrs

Charo C 0 likes

My twins are 8 months and still wake up every three hours but I also know ppl that ebf and their babies sleep thru the night it’s all about training them

Angela K 0 likes

Breastmilk is easier for babies to digest, so it digests faster than formula and breastfed babies get hungrier faster. If she is only nursing for 4 minutes when she wakes up she may just want to be soothed. If she takes a pacifier try giving her the pacifier before you nurse. I’m still in the same process with my daughter, we have to get up and give her her pacifier a few times a night but she always goes back to sleep. Routine helps as well as everyone else has mentioned.

Erika C 0 likes

My son is 6 months old, and we usually put him down anywhere between 7-8:00. I exclusively pump to bottles since going back to work, so I know how much he gets. We wake him up around 11pm to give him about 4-5oz., then he ends up sleeping straight through until 7am. Maybe just give her a “nightcap” of breastmilk, not formula.

Momma to t 0 likes

I’m sorry Liza but your husband kinda seems like a jerk. It’s not the babies fault. Every baby has their own alarm clock. She probably wouldn’t cry if she didn’t need anything. Do you only Bf? No food? She should be eating fruits, veggies & rice cereal.

Erin S 0 likes

It could be 4 month sleep regression. My son slept 5 hour stretches at night right from day one, then at about 3 months sleeping 9hours through the night. Then at 4 1/2 months he stopped napping alone, and most nights wakes up every hour or two nurses for 2min and goes back to bed. 6 1/2 months now and still doing it a couple nights a week

Liza W 0 likes

Jerk? I guess you can say that, but he’s also just looking out for our family sleep health. She is eating rice cereal once a day . I don’t pump very well, or I would totally bottle feed more often which would give my husband some more involvement. I’m actually going to see a LC tomorrow with my pump, fingers crossed they can help. She gets her 6th month shots next Tues and then I’ll be starting sleep training, and night weaning, I hope we see some change. How do I introduce formula??

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What kind of pump do you have? I had an Ameda and pumping was tough. I switched to a madela and it made a world of difference.

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I started with a Avent double electric and switched to a Medela mini electric

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Tonight I am experimenting with the tank top I slept in last night in her crib with her.