The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 4 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! At 4 months, baby’s kicks and sways during tummy time may result in her first full roll-over. Baby will begin to recognize and remember routines — which means it’s important to stick to a daily schedule as much as possible. Your baby can babble, grab things, laugh, and pump her arms and legs.

4 month old milestones

The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 4 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! At 4 months, baby’s kicks and sways during tummy time may result in her first full roll-over. Baby will begin to recognize and remember routines — which means it’s important to stick to a daily schedule as much as possible. Your baby can babble, grab things, laugh, and pump her arms and legs.

Mommy And M Tue, March 24th

I need success stories on the CIO method. I swore I’d never do this but this is last resort. I need sleep. He wants to sleep on my chest at night and during naps and I can’t do it anymore. He is 4 months. He is waking every 3 hours to eat at night and that’s fine I will not let him starve. I just need him in his own bed.

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Megan N 0 likes

Have you tried putting one of your shirts in the crib with them??

Natalie D 1 like

Can you start by putting him next to you in a co-sleeper? I use a pillow with the ridges in it turned vertically so she fits in it and I rock her til she’s sleepy put her down next to me then wrap her arms around a stuffed animal sometimes I’ll give her my hand against her face to make her feel comfortable

Baby M 1 like

I use a co sleeper too and it works

Liz J 0 likes

The CIO was total last resort for us but our twins were 12 months old..we felt it was time and tried everything! It worked for us. Your LO is only four months I wouldn’t suggest doing it at that age but that’s just my opinion. We did it because at 12 months they should be sleeping through the night and not needing a feeding but your baby does. Cont…

Liz J 0 likes

Try black out shades, white noise machine, making sure room is at the right temp. Also as previously stated put your scent on something and attach to the crib. Does your baby like to be swaddled still? I would personally do CIO when LO is older atleast 8/9 months…try talking to your dr too 😊

C C 1 like

My LO co-slept with us until 4 months and just recently started sleeping in his own space next to our bed. I just rock (sometimes nurse) him to sleep and lay him in his own space propped on his side (and have a pillow snug underneath a tightened blanket). If he wakes up I do it again until he stays asleep. At first it took a good four or five tries to get him to sleep on his own, and we are now going on just about two weeks and he goes down easily now. He still wakes to eat every 2-4hours.

Chelsea A 0 likes

Co sleeping is not good enough for him. I’ve tried. He wants to be on my chest at all times.

Laura Z 0 likes

If you do chose to do CIO you should wait until at least 6 months. Babies don’t know how to self soothe until then. I would suggest putting a shirt in the crib safely and start establishing a bedtime routine. It will get easier with time.

Chelsea A 0 likes

Like I said ladies, this is last resort. If he would just sleep right next me id be perfectly okay with that! But he won’t by any means.

Katelyn D 1 like

Let him cry it out for your health. When they cry it’s more for attention, they aren’t in pain they are just waiting for you to come to them. Let him do it, it could last only five minutes before he tires out and goes to sleep.the first few times it’s gonna be hard on you so listen to music so you don’t feel as bad. Don’t worry though your not hurting him, it will be better for him when he can learn to self sooth.give a binkie or two in the crib with him&small toy for distraction

Katelyn D 1 like

Go in there if he’s crying for a bit and rub his belly, lay him down,soothe him a bit give binkie. Then walk out again. If you need to do that a few times. He will eventually start winding down. Of he cries more when you walk out, let him it’s for your attention. Get him used to the idea of soothing him a bit then letting him sooth himself. It get easier mama

Stacey M 0 likes

I tried the CIO method, unfortunately it was not successful because I learned my daughter had breath holding spells and if you let them go too long they could go unconscious. Plus it scared me when she would hold her breath so I didn’t allow the CIO method.

Dixie P 0 likes

My son wanted to sleep on my chest for about 2 months.. I realized he did not like to lay flat on his back. Once he falls asleep on your chest , move him flat to your legs, or even on his side, if he wakes up go back. Slowly we made it to laying on his back . It can be challenging.

E W 2 likes

Make sure your LO is ready for CIO. We tried with our LO at 7 or 8 months and we had to quit because he didn’t stop crying after a few hours. We tried ALL the sleep methods and at 12 months decided to give CIO another shot. He fell asleep within 15 minutes. We’ve been doing it now for 2 weeks and he’s asleep within 3 minutes and sleeps through the night!

Mommy L 3 likes

I started letting my lo CIO at 2.5 months! At first it was hard for me because I felt bad. But you will able to tell what type of cries are what. First: make sure baby is fed and changed and well burped Second: put baby down in crib or where ever baby sleeps 3rd: CIO begins 4th: time baby for 15 min and keep yourself occupied. Do dishes, mop, just something that will keep you busy for the 15 min. *This should help. If baby continues to cry past the 15 min get baby and hold baby.. Calm baby

Mommy L 2 likes

down. Then check diaper again. Make sure nothing is pinching baby. Then try again! It’s hard at first but will be beneficial! Now my baby just passes out at 9pm-6-8am! She is going to be 6 months on the 10th! When I first started CIO she would pass out with in2-5 min!

Tania T 1 like

I let my LO cry it out. It wasn’t easy trust me but I was beyond exhaustion I started with 5 min time lapses. Then went up by then. Before I would pick her up I would explain that she was fine and didn’t need to be crying or held for that matter that mommy was still here and she was ok. I would also sing to her. As the time increments got longer would also talk to her at least for half of that time before picking her up.

Megan N 1 like

4 months seems a little young to start CIO 🙁 they’re only this little for awhile I would wait a bit and try the crib again in a month or so.

S T 0 likes

Sleep experts do not recommend cry it out until they are at least 6 months. I know it’s a last resort. Is there no one that can give you a break for a little while? There are gentler methods too that can be applied to younger babies as well. Check out The No Cry Sleep Solution.

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My LO was over a year when I did this only cuz he was breast fed, but when I weaned him the first time I tried a bottle he wouldn’t go near it, the next night I laid him down in his bed with his bottle, let him cry for 5 mins went and told him it was ok, went out for 10 mins he was sleeping, next night I laid him down he didn’t fuss at all just went to sleep, now he’s the best baby to get to sleep (most nights lol)

Courtney � 1 like

I use the CIO method , only when after we’ve tried everything and nothing’s working though , if he’s not hungry , has a clean diaper , has had ample time around us / in our arms / won’t do tummy time / has no gas , THEN we let him cry it out I’ve only had to do it 3 times & each time he fell asleep within 10 minutes and stayed asleep for 5 hours each time

Chelsea A 0 likes

4-6 is the recommended sleep training age. I have done my research and I have asked my pediatrician. There is no one to relieve me I live hours away from family and SO works so it’s just me. Today I started CIO with naps and I’m going to continue and see how it goes. Thanks ladies!

Chelsea A 0 likes

Liz as a I stated in my post I will not starve my child. He eats every 3 hours therefore at night he will continue to eat every 3 hours. I’m not looking for him to just sleep through the night. Sure that’s be fantastic but I am looking for him to sleep in his own bed. Sleeping on my chest is not safe. I HAVE talked to my pediatrician about this method. She said it was perfectly fine. She told me you typically want to sleep train between 4-6 months when baby can’t sit up or walk.

Chelsea A 3 likes

I am not looking to be criticized or judged here I am simply looking for success stories from mother who have tried the method.

Courtney � 3 likes

I agree with you You asked for success stories not people telling you to not do it / it’s not recommended yada yada yada , that’s fine if you don’t do it with your child , this post isn’t for you then she asked for Success stories not people putting her down I understand completely im a SAHM & my SO works ALL the time Do what works for you momma !

Chelsea A 1 like

Thank you so much Courtney!!!

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They don’t recommend CIO until 6 months. But I have had several friends who have successfully used the method. It takes patience and maybe a few years on your end as well but baby will be happier in the end 🙂

Chelsey H 1 like

Worked great for us. We let our LO cry for 10 minutes then went in to rub his back and make sure he had his pacifier. Don’t pick up. He rarely made it to the 10 minute mark, usually fell asleep after 5 minutes. It sucks to listen to baby cry but you really are helping baby learn to self soothe.

Megan N 2 likes

SAHM myself and home a lot by myself and wouldn’t do this method this early were not trying to judge you, just passing along information that we weren’t sure you knew or not. Ultimately you’re going to do whatever you want and it’s your child so your right. Just believe in the “you know better, you do better” didn’t mean any offense and sure no one on here did either.

Chelsea A 1 like

Thanks Megan, but I am well aware 😊 I have a pediatricians opinion on the matter which is why I didn’t ask for thoughts on the CIO method.

Liz J 1 like

I was only stating what our experience was with CIO, at 12 months our babies should be sleeping through the night with no feedings. of course you shouldn’t starve your child and that’s not at all what I meant. My intention was to express that I thought four months wAs too young. Good luck to you

Katelyn D 1 like

Like I said Chelsea, don’t feel guilty. You’re a wonderful concerned mother don’t listen to other putting forth negative opinions. If you and your pediatrician feel it’s right for you and your baby then ‘go get em [to sleep] tiger!!!!!!’

Chelsea A 1 like

Thank you Katelyn!!!

Kalene B Fri, February 20th

I need opinions ! Me and my SO are doing our sons room hes 4 months old And theres 3 ideas so far .. Nautical, foxes, or baby robots !

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I like nautical

Carolynn V 1 like


Vickie P 1 like

We’re doing nautical!

Vanessa T 2 likes

I like foxes .. Lol

Erin B 1 like

I like the robots haha

Charlotte S 1 like

Nautical. It will last him longer.

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Katie K 1 like

Robots sounds cute

Erika H 1 like

I would say nautical cause my hubby was in the navy, but it’s so overdone. I love foxes!!!

Kalene B 0 likes

I have 3 family members that were in the army

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A V 2 likes

Robots!!! My boys would have loved a room like that!

Jessica L 1 like


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Ashley L 2 likes

We did owls.

Charo C 1 like

Baby robots

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Maddie 2 likes

I like foxes, or nautical 🙂

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Janae M 1 like

Baby robots👍👍

Alicia C 1 like

Nautical 🙂 so many cool things out there at winners/target for that theme!

Jasmine T 1 like

Baby robots !! (:

Car P 1 like

Nautical is more classical and modern to me

Molly & 1 like

Robots! Definitely not nautical

Perfectly M 1 like

Nautical is a more mature and modern style that has potential to grow with the child, with an endlessly wide range of choices for items. Baby robots, you won’t find a ton of themed items. It will get old fast, and personally I think it’s a little dry. Foxes is an unusual but creative idea, it can also grow with the child but again like with the robots there aren’t much choices out there (ex. Nautical you can use anchors and boats and sailors, robots and foxes are just plain and nothing is really

Perfectly M 1 like

associated with them).

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Roooooboooootttttsssss !!!!!!!

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We both have a little man names jackson just spelled different !!

KW M Wed, March 11th

I have a really dumb question…. Do you take your baby in to like the gas station with you? Or just leave them in the car? The gas station by my house is super slow so I can be in and out in less than a minute and I can lock my car while it’s still running. She is 4 months old and I’ve never had to go in but today I only have cash to prepay for gas. lol

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Baby M 5 likes

Take them in. Babies have been kidnapped in NY

Amanda G 6 likes

I wouldn’t take my chances. You never know what could happen and it’s not worth the risk.

Kendall G 3 likes

Take her in! I know it seems silly but anything could happen. You dont want to take any risk with your LO

Teri L 4 likes

Never leave them in the car by themselves even for a second. Too many incidents of cars being stolen with babies in them. It only takes seconds for professionals to open cars and drive off.

Sandy L 2 likes

I don’t get out of my car for gas. But for me it depends on the location. I just left mine to run into the bank. As long as you can see them the whole time and will be quick.

Eryn � 5 likes

Never leave your child in a car unattended. Anything can happen.

TERESA W 4 likes

I would never leave them unattended in a car, always take them with you no matter the hassle it may be

Bugs Mom 4 likes

Never leave a baby in a car anything could happen.

Linsi M 4 likes

I’ve carried my twins in with me. It’s a pain in the ass, but not worth leaving them in the car

Nicole A 1 like

Luckily I don’t have to deal with that because my husband is the manager at a gas station and I just go there and he comes out to pump my gas! But I would never leave them in the car if I had to run in. A man stole a car up north with an infant in it and didn’t know the baby was in there.

Liv’s m 1 like

If I know for a fact I will only be a second and she is sleeping, then I will leave her.

Britaney G 3 likes

It only takes a second for something to happen, but on top of that if another person sees it they may say something. Although I live 5 min from Detroit lol. A parent recently busted out some guys window because a guy left his baby in the car. He didn’t even hesitate to see if the parent was in sight.

Kaitlyn L 3 likes

I take all three of mine in.

Danie M 3 likes

We aren’t allowed to pump our own gas in NJ but anytime I leave the car even just to run in the house I take them, even my 10 year old, someone tried to kidnap me when I was 7 so I don’t take any chances

JVP 1 like

Some of the craziest people are at gas stations. I take all mine in with me(:

Britaney G 1 like

But because so many babies are dieing because the parent left them in the car and forgot, a lot of people won’t hesitate to take action of the situation. Even if your gone for a second. I don’t take any chances and pay at the pump.

Jamie 2 likes

I take mine all with me! You just never know who is watching you!

NYT’S Mom 4 likes

Always take your baby with you. No matter where you are anything can happen in a split second. It’s also against the law to leave a baby or child unattended.

KW M 1 like

Lol thanks ladies. That’s what I was thinking. Just wanted to be sure!

JanJan R 1 like

The guilt you would have if God forbid something happened to your child. The thought of anything happening to my babies is devastating. Just take him/her out of the car seat of its easier for u to run in and out.

Miko J 1 like

Take your child in. Always, you never know. We should never assume when it comes to leaving our children alone. Please take her with you even if it’s going to be for a second. ❤️

Brooke S 1 like

I always take my LO in but it sucks pulling the chair in and out of my two door car /: but it’s beetle to be safe than sorry .

Miko J 3 likes

And that is not a dumb question! I’m happy that you considered advice/counsel of mothers who love their children and put their child’s safety over their own convenience. Wise question love!👏👏👏

Isabella M 0 likes

I’ve left her in the car if I’m just running into the house while parked in the drive way. But, never with the gas station.

Amber P 1 like

Never leave them in the car you don’t want to be the next story on a commercial warning parents about the dangers of leaving their kids in the car.

Kailaa T 0 likes

Take them in never leave a baby in the car for even a second…you could turn your back for a second and that’s all it takes for something to happen

Zana A 1 like

Buy a gift cc and always fill it with gas money this way u don’t have to go in to pay just use the cc machine outside !!!!

Shannon S 3 likes

I’m one of those pay at the pump or go to one of the few remaining full service gas stations when I have my kids with me. Even if I have cash to pay I will always use my debit. If I do have to use cash then I bring the baby in with me, or I wait to get gas when I have someone else with me to sit with the kids.

Jessica D 0 likes

It is against the law in the state of Indiana even for a split second. I wouldn’t do it anyways because there’s too many risks

Brittany J Sun, November 1st

Hey moms! I will be going to my pediatrician next month but I want a head start on the info about rice. When we introduce rice to our 4 month olds how do we do it? Do we put rice in every botttle? Do I still just give him 4oz? Please help me. He seems to be hungry every other hour on just formula and I think that is too often maybe he’s not getting full enough. Please help he turns 4 months next week.

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Baby K 3 likes

Don’t put it in a bottle, it’s a choking hazard. My little one just turned 4 month last week. At her check up, the doctor said rice isn’t what’s best because of something they recently discovered in rice. Or to make it. Not sure which one. She said she recommends oatmeal. And to feed it to our LO by spoon. One or twice a day for a month until they get used to it. And to feed it to LO 30 mins after their bottle.

Baby K 1 like

However, I feed my LO the oatmeal, before her first bottle in the morning and before her first bottle before bed. Only because If I dont. I forget about feeding the oatmeal and it’s more convenient because I already have milk made from her bottle to mix with the oatmeal. I put a little oatmeal in a little bowl then mix her milk in it, until late I have the texture I want. Feed it to her and then let her have the rest of the bottle

Debra C 1 like

Never put rice in a bottle, it can clump together and become a choking hazard! With rice cereal there are instructions on the box follow accordingly and make it a little on the watery side for the first few weeks and gradually make it thicker as the weeks pass.

Brittany J 0 likes

I have WIC and I don’t know if they will give me oatmeal so I’ll take their rice and use that from time to time and then use the oatmeal too. Does that sound okay? What did they say was found in rice? I live in Texas was it everywhere that the rice was affected?

Debra C 1 like

If your feeling uneasy about the rice there are plenty of options for oatmeal in a variety of flavours for your LO.

Brittany J 1 like

I read on The Bump if the baby doesn’t open their mouth when you are putting stuff infront of their mouths then they aren’t ready for baby food. I know this isn’t technically baby food but I am wondering if it’s too early to spoon feed him and if so what brand of spoons do y’all recommend ?!

Brittany J 0 likes

Can y’all post some pics of these boxes of oatmeal so I know what to look for? I’m going grocery shopping today

Baby K 1 like

Honestly I can’t remember what she said that was found in rice. But my baby doesn’t open her mouth, I kinda just stick it in her mouth a little. I figured she’d get use to it and learn that she’s suppose to open her mouth for it. And I can tell that she’s getting better with it. And if you have food stamps It will pay for the oatmeal

Debra C 1 like

With spoons I would use one that changes colours when the food you’ve prepared is to hot. My spoons went from a bright red in colour and when they came into contact with something to hot they would turn a bright yellow indicating to cool it down before feeding to LO. As far as rice cereal what ever your grocery store has will suffice.

New M 2 likes

I put it in the bottle and made the hole a little bitter it didnt clump she did not choke and stayed full don’t let anyone freak you out

Brittany J 1 like

Thank you! You ladies are so helpful !!!! Okay no more putting it in the bottle. It only happened yesterday. Today my SO and I will make him rice today 👏🏽😊

Debra C 1 like

It’s not to freak you put at all, but putting rice cereal in a bottle just isn’t safe, and to make the hole in the nipple bigger is even more unsafe they have stages of nipples for a reason, if your making them bigger LO is getting to much at once which can lead to LO choking.

Christen F 2 likes

I have wic and we get oatmeal for our lo

Brittany J 0 likes

Yes Debra Capes ! Perfect idea! Do you know what they are called and where I can find them??

Brittany J 0 likes

Okay I need see what WIC will give us

Debra C 1 like

Munchkin or Nuby brands! Most that they sell on the shelves these days have the hot indicator but only for the tip of the spoon! Mine the whole spoon changes color which I preferred for hot spots within the food.

Brittany J 0 likes

I found these so far! 😊

E B 0 likes

Arsenic is what was found in rice. It’s in a lot of our foods in trace amounts, but they were surprised how much higher it was in rice cereals. Also, I loved our spoons from Boon and Baby Carrot. I started with oatmeal cereal from Gerber at six months. Prior to six months, baby has a leaky gut and the large molecules in cereal can make it into the bloodstream. If they seem to tolerate it, then fine. If not, wait a few weeks to try again.

Brittany J 0 likes

Omg no!!!! Why is that in our children’s food?! Jesus.

Brittany J 0 likes

So should I feed him 4oz then feed oatmeal in the morning and for dinner or do 6oz of milk the oatmeal

Brittany J 0 likes

Sorry I’m still stuck on arsenic being in rice. How do I know if it’s in his? I doubt it will be on the label

Ashley M 1 like

It’s recommended 6 months but I would start with oatmeal not rice. I just started oatmeal although my son doesn’t even like it, just in a bowl with warm breastmilk twice a day but I’m starting sweet potato in a few days

Ashley M 0 likes

Why not just feed him more formula if he’s not getting full?

Brittany J 0 likes

The thing is he eats every other hour. Does that sound normal? We do feed him more formula when he seems to be still hungry but he’s turning 4 months and that’s when we can start oatmeal and or rice. Like I said we will be taking him to the pediatrician next week I wanted to ask my fellow moms what they do before we go to his dr so I can ask them if the suggestions that I’m given are stuff we can do

Mommy To T 1 like

Have you tried giving him more formula at each feeding. The could be a sign lo needs to go up a few oz each feeding.

Denise S 1 like

Are we talking about rice cereal? Or just rice.?

New M 1 like

Like i said don’t over think or freak out over anything other people tell you your baby will be fine either way you will learn what your baby needs thru experience of your own not anyone else’s I’m a ftm also

Brittany J 1 like

That’s very true!

Marianne M 0 likes

4 months is early. Rice is a binder and may cause constipation so I definitely wouldn’t be in a hurry to try it. And yes, it has arsenic. It’s not an ingredient, just absorbs naturally from the ground. It just happens to absorb a lot. And agree, never in a bottle. If li can sit up and take cereal by spoon, he’s ready.

Marisah M Fri, December 26th

My baby is one of the biggest baby’s I’ve ever seen for her age! And I’m not just talking weight! She was only 7.4 at birth (1 day early) and now is weighing 17.4 at 4 months! Will be 4 months on the 4th! Have any of you out there seen this? Or should I be concerned?? She also eats 6oz every 4/5hrs and that’s with rice cereal in it!!

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Baby K 1 like

I feel like my son is big he is 4 months today and is alittle over 16 lbs. but doc said he is good. I see 3 year olds that are 23 lbs

Baby K 2 likes

Wow she’s big but she looks okay. My LO is 10m and only 20lbs. Doc says good for ASIAN sizes. 😄

Debra C 7 likes

If your doc isn’t worried you shouldn’t be. Enjoy you squishy cheecked baby 🙂

Brittany J 1 like

Oh girl don’t be worried! Your baby is normal, my son was 4 weeks premie an he weighed 9 lbs 9 oz.. He is almost one and weighs 26 lbs.. Som babies just grow faster then others.. As soon as your LO starts crawling that weight will fall right off

Debra C 2 likes

Don’t worry, some kids are just bigger than others, my son at 10 weeks weighed 16 lbs and has been eating 6 ounces since 5 or 6 weeks every 3 hours, all 3 of my kids were that way and they thinned out when they became toddlers, she’s a cutie 🙂

Brittany J 2 likes

My baby is two and a half months old and he weighs over 16 lbs 😂 doc said he’s fine. He eats 3-4 oz every 2-4 hours. Love big chunky babies 💙

Brittany J 1 like

It depends how long she is.. If she’s long then it’s fine, but being short then it is considered over weight. But either way she’s a cutie 😘

Baby K 1 like

She’s so darn cute! I want to squish her face!! You have nothing to be worried about 🙂

Debra C 10 likes

How long have you been putting rice cereal in her milk? 4 mo is young for solids. And rice cereal is not a gold first solid anyway – void of nutrients. I would stop the rice cereal.

New M 0 likes


Brittany J 0 likes

It’s the rice cereal! Putting it in the bottle will make your baby gain excessive weight!!

Debra C 0 likes

^^wws, rice cereal will just pack on pounds but not add any nutrition. My daughter is 4.5 months and at her 4month checkup was 17lbs 9 oz.. I feel your pain! My arm goes numb when I hold her for too long! Mine is EBF, so I’m not worried at all… I love to kiss all those yummy baby rolls!!

Christen F 3 likes

I was always told by my doctors that solids before 6 months, especially in the bottle, lead to obesity. It might be healthier if you try stopping.

Brittany J 0 likes

My daughter is 16lbs and she isn’t even 3 months.

Brittany J 0 likes

I thought you shouldn’t feed solids before 4-5 months… Maybe that’s why

Debra C 1 like

She is beautiful. Perhaps the rice cereal at such a young age may be a factor ( but I’m not a doctor). I however was advised by my son’s pediatrician to only provide breast milk or formula for the first six months and not introduce any type of cereal until after that time.

Brittany J 0 likes

Omg I wanna squeeze her! When she starts crawling and walking she’ll probably lose a lot of her baby fat. Mine slimmed up a lot. I miss her little chunky arms!

E B 0 likes

As long as she is healthy then she is perfectly fine. 🙂 my son is very lite for his age. He is 15 months and 19lbs. But super healthy. She is beautiful!

Brittany J 1 like

Just feed the baby milk. No need to add extra fillers, like cereal, to her diet so early!

Brittany J 0 likes

I wouldn’t worry to much. She is in what is considered the feed and grow stage. Along with the fact that Your feeding her cereal she will grow bigger than the average baby. The average baby doesn’t start cereal until 6 months. However, if her weight gain doesn’t slow down when she starts moving around (walking etc), you may need to alter her diet…my LO is 12 pnds 3 mnths old so I asked my doctor the same thing…

Brittany J 1 like

She still fits in her bumbo! My LO is 3 1/2 months and pushing 16 pounds and his thunder thighs barely fit in his bumbo. She’s a cutie!

Ashley M 1 like

I would get a second opinion. My son is almost 9 months and is 18 lbs 7 oz.

Ashley M 0 likes

My son is 15 weeks and is 16pounds 6 oz. His daddy is 6’3″ and 240 lbs though, so I figured he would be a big little guy!

Brittany J 1 like

She’s fine. My 7 month old is 23 lbs. he’s also 29 inches. 99% for height and weight. Doc said he’s fine.

Mommy To T 1 like

My son was the same way. He was born 7lb 15oz and doubled his birth weight by 3 months. I guess bc he was 3/4 Asian I wasn’t expecting that! He was a fatso lol. As he got older he has definitely thinned out and is still healthy. I miss his neck meat 😂😭

Denise S 0 likes

She’s about 27 inches last time we checked and I only started the rice Cereal because I would give her 6 oz and less than an hour later she would SCREAM for more and then would eat 4 more and I felt like that was waaaay too much. And she doesn’t spit any of it up at all. It just worries me because my 4 yr old step daughter only weighs 36 lb. and is exactly 3 ft tall. I wasn’t there for her baby years so I don’t know how she grew. But now that I add the cereal 6 oz holds her until 4 hrs

New M 0 likes

And honestly my only concern with it is diabetes. I love having a chubby baby! But I don’t want her to have something permanently because I just let her eat too much :/

Brittany J 0 likes

Demanding milk hourly is normal for newborns (first 3 months) & for babies (up to 12 months) because they go thru many growth spurts (physical and mental). Based on my experience of ebf two babies & having many phases of hourly nursing sessions. I assume it must be similar for formula fed. I think giving her formula every hour is healthier than using an empty filler just to make her artificially not ask for milk more often. Trust baby’s hunger queues and just give her milk when she is hungry.

Bree A Wed, February 25th

Just a quick question opinions please? my lo will be 4 months next week is it to soon to start baby food?

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Katie M 0 likes

No 🙂 IMO! Personally my little one hated the Gerber cereal’s so I started with Beechnut naturals baby food but earths best is also really good! If your LO seems interested or can sit up assisted or on their own I would go try it

Perfectly M 0 likes

Yes. Wait another month at the least.

Heather B 2 likes

Never to soon!! You know your baby and if they are hungry. Fruits and veggies to start! Adding cereal to a bottle helps too

Tasha N 1 like

I started rice cereal at four months at the recommendation of my LOs doctor. He just couldn’t get enough from milk! A lot of pediatricians say wait until six months, but it really depends on the baby’s needs.

Lori A 1 like

We waited until 6 months. I think most pediatricians suggest waiting between the 4-6 month range. I think it really depends on your baby.

Mommy M 0 likes

You can wait till 6 months..but again it’s you choice!

Hope W 0 likes

I started my baby on cereal in her bottle way earlier than that because the milk itself was not filling her up

Amanda W 3 likes

There’s a quiz you can take to see if they’re ready since every baby is different 🙂 just google it! I think it’s on the baby centre website. Most recommend 6months because any younger they’re digestive systems aren’t ready and there’s the saying ‘food before one is just for fun’ but like I said, every babes different!! 🙂 we’ve started letting our 4 month old taste things off our finger and chew on the edge of turkey, Brie, cranberry, spinach and cream cheese sandwiches on ciabatta, loves it!

?Amanda? B 1 like

Is your LO interested in food when you’re eating? My daughter throws a fit to sit at the table when we eat. She’s had cereal, veggies and fruits.

Emily F 0 likes

My lo’s doc told me to start rice cereal a week before his 4 month appointment.

Amanda W 1 like

Also, our grandparents gave our parents food earlier and they’re fine :p guidelines change like every week it seems

Sydney W 0 likes

I started baby food with both my kids at 4 months. I would just give them baby good at night and a rice cereal bottle, that would fill their tummies up and help them sleep all night then at 6 months I started giving them baby food 3 times a day. With a bottle in-between. You could try that if you want to.

Ann G 1 like

Yes way too soon. His system won’t be able to process it properly and could cause intestinal damage! You can start baby oatmeal at 6 months but wait till one year for all other baby food!

M K 1 like

Studies say to wait until 6 months. I’d talk to your pediatrician if you think your LO needs to start this early for some reason.

Brooke J 0 likes

Amanda: that’s what I wanted to do was wait until my little one was as close to one as possible. She’s gaining weight and getting full

Baby M 0 likes

Agree with heather

Keagan P 3 likes

Rice cereal is empty calories. It has 0 nutritional values. If your going to start foods, just I go straight to baby foods. Most doctors stopped recommending cereal for babies a while ago because it has no health benefit.

Yvette M 1 like

All depends on your baby. My baby started at 4 months

Mom O 2 likes

I started when my lo was 4 months but wish I could wait till he is 6 months It’s affecting your milk supply

Kristen O 0 likes

So many people say you shouldn’t start until 6 months, but I started at 4 and a half months. He’s still getting use to it and sometimes won’t eat the rice cereal at all but it’s at least getting him use to eating from a spoon which he’s doing really well with! My doctor told me that if he’s been wanting to eat more frequently then normal then that probably means he’s not satisfied enough from each feeding so then it’s ok to give him the rice cereal

K W 4 likes

Check with your Dr. The reason they say to wait isn’t because of internal damage its because babies don’t have the proper reflexes to swallow thicker foods. That’s also why they say to start on rice cereal. It’s smooth and a little thicker than milk. It’s a transition.

Kayla + Emerit D 1 like

I put my lil man on baby food at 3 month and every now and then gave him some big ppl food

Marisa G 0 likes

My son just turned 5 months and is eating baby food. He really enjoys it! It’s probably getting close enough for your baby to start getting used to the spoon. Good luck cus mine loves to put his hands all in house mouth while its full. It’s a messy situation lol

Mommy Of 3 A 0 likes

My 3 kids started solids as soon as they hit 4.5 months. I skipped the cereal because my LO now takes enfamil AR(added cereal) so I started with veggies and then fruits. Now at almost 6 months he is on stage 2 eating mixed fruits and veggies and some mixed with grain he looooves them all!!! U have to go by their cues and always wait a couple of days in between flavors to make sure your LO is not allergic to any of them.

Em A 0 likes

No you should be ok. Just use your judgement. If the baby looks interested in what you eat then it’s time.

Erika N 1 like

Yes I took a class and it talked about how starting them on solid food can cause digestive problems I would wait another month

Bree A 1 like

I started him on cereal because he wasn’t getting enough. Just wanted some other opinions and advice. Dr said wait until 4 months but he was just eating way to much formula. I had to stop breastfeeding do to my own health. Thank you all very much

Bree A 0 likes

He shows real interest in eating watchs my hands move to my mouth drools has to be at the table

Teonna S Wed, April 1st

What size diaper was your little one wearing at 4 months?

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Danielle D 1 like

Size 3

Kara M 1 like

My son is 4 months today and he’s in size 3

Ethan’s M 1 like

Size 2

A E 1 like

My son is just about to turn 6 months and he’s in size 3. lol I must have a small boy

Kiara H 1 like

3 but he’s 11 months now and still wearing a size 3 they slow down when it come to growing after 6 months

Patricia M 0 likes

My daughter is a just over 4 months and has been wearing a size 2 for about a month or so.

Baby M 1 like


Cara F 2 likes

Size 3. We decided to go to size 3 a little early because every time he pooped it was a blowout. The bigger size really helped!

Renata Pouzas C 1 like

I think he was at 2… Now he is at 4… I actually switched sizes as soon as he would fit the next size up so it would never be too tight on him. He is 24 lbs now.

Sami 1 like


Chelsea A 1 like

Size 2. He’s 6.5 months now and in size 3.

K M 1 like

My 3.5 month old is in sz 3

Teonna S 1 like

My daughter is still in a sz 1 😔

Sierra E 1 like

Size 2

Heather P 1 like

Size 3

Xtina P 1 like


KW M 3 likes

My LO could still be in a size 1 but we switched to 2s for more leak protection. They are kind of big but they work better for us. Plus she would have outgrown 1s before we used the whole box.

AAJ C 1 like

Still a size one, LO is tall and skinny. She gains weight, I’m just not entirely sure where she puts it all lol

Renata Pouzas C 2 likes

Maybe she would already fit on a 2?

Tonya M 1 like


Teonna S 1 like

She isnt leaking through the sz 1s yet..

Emma 1 like

Size 1. My boy has a tiny hiney.

Lauren C 1 like

Size 2👶

Corrie R 2 likes

My daughter was premie. She is 5 months now and we’re just starting size 1 diapers and newborn and some 0-3 clothes!!

Katie M 1 like

Size two

Krys S 1 like

Size 2

Ashley L 1 like

Mine switched to 4’s at 4.5 months because he was leaking.

FTM T 0 likes

Size 2

Dana Wed, November 12th

My little one is 4 months, i have been breastfeeding, yet I still have not started my period. Is this normal?

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Aimee B 0 likes

Yep! My daughter just turned one and I have been breastfeeding and I still haven’t started! I love it!

Amanda N 0 likes

Yes it is. For the most part as long as you Brest feed you won’t get your period.

Jenifer P 0 likes

I didn’t start until I stopped bf

Jennie Y 1 like

Totally normal. I did not get mine until a month after I weened. Which was about 7 months PP.

Anca P 0 likes

Yes normal. I didn’t get mine until 2 months after I weened.

Lillian G 0 likes

Completely! I didn’t get mine until 8 or so months after having my daughter (i breastfed for 6 months)

Dana 3 likes

Oh good. Thank you. I was beginning to get a little nervous.😁

Julie M 0 likes

Oh yeah Super normal! I have 4 kids and I have breastfeed them all and I don’t get my period till like 9 month after having their babies

Ashley D 0 likes

No worries… Very normal.

Meagan W 1 like


Lauren C 1 like

Of course it is normal most bf moms do not have a cycle

Monika W 1 like

Very normal:)

Becky G 0 likes

Yep! I didn’t get my period back until around 9 months while breastfeeding

Laura W 1 like

Yes it’s normal. But you CAN still get pregnant.

Becky G 0 likes

Yep! I didn’t get my period back until around 9 months while breastfeeding

Ana S 0 likes

I am in the exact same boat…my LO is 4 mo old and nothing yet

Samantha M 1 like

Yup I e/p for 3 months and still haven’t gotten a period

Kacey L 1 like

Completely normal.

Brooke B 0 likes

My lo breast fead for 8 months (now on formula) I still haven’t started and he is 10 months now.

Amber B 0 likes

Yes about 1/2 people will not get a period while you breastfeed 1/2 will get theirs

Emma 0 likes

I never had my period the whole 12 months that I bf.

Megan H 0 likes

My son is one and no period too. It’s the hormones your body produces from breastfeeding. It’s a natural birth control.

Megan H 0 likes

And yes you still can get pregnant just like with any birth control

Sara D 0 likes

I didn’t get mine for a whole year PP.

Anisa K 0 likes

I haven’t had mine it’s been 9 weeks from delivery. I guess it’s good 🙂

Jenifer P 0 likes

I am hear to tell you it is not a natural birth control! My son is less than a year old and I am pregnant with baby number three because I thought you couldn’t get pregnant while breast feeding! Oops 🙂

Brooke B 0 likes

I started two months after I stopped breastfeeding. He stopped at 9 months

FTM T Sat, April 18th

Our pediatrician gave us the okay to start baby food because she’s just not satisfied with formula anymore. LO is 4 months old. We’ve tried bananas and squash so far. No interest in it. She makes a yucky face and spits it back out. Pediatrician said to stay away from rice cereal and oatmeal. What can I do to get her interested in it? If you’re just going to comment to say to wait till she’s six months old please don’t comment.

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Paola O 2 likes

Sweet patatoo

Ashley D M 2 likes

I always took a bite and say see it’s yummy . Sweet potatoes are usually a favorite. I had to wait till 6 months because she had a texture thing . Good luck and just keep trying .

Cassie B 2 likes

Sweet potatoes for sure

Stephanie A 0 likes

I give my son rice and oatmeal with a spoon and he’s 3 months. We’re going to start him on food next month. If you wanna try the cereal is say go for it. Babies love texture. That’s why we started with it now to get him used to the spoon and eating that way. Maybe try adding a little into her food. That’s what my cousin does with her daughter

Daniela A 0 likes

Babies have sth called tongue trust reflex and its just that they push out everything that goes into their mouth so maybe your baby is just not ready yet. I gave her first oatmeal mixed with breastmilk or formula and the response was better. At about 6 months once my baby outgrew the tongue reflex she loved all the veggies

FTM T 0 likes

How often should I try giving her baby food? Before or after bottle?

Ashley L 0 likes

Keep trying. It could be that it’s such a new texture and they’re not sure what to do with it in their mouth. They will like it soon. I can almost promise you.

Laura H 0 likes

My LO did the same thing. She is 5 months. So far she loves sweet potatoes & carrots. She spits out peaches & green beans. Keep trying different stage 1 foods. It’s probably just the texture. We stay away from cereal too.

Stephanie 0 likes

Sweet potatoes pears apples! Try before a bottle if she’s not having it give her a bottle for a little bit and try again don’t let her finish the bottle you don’t want her full but you also don’t wanna try it when she’s super hungry good luck momma! Let us know how it goes 💖

Emma S 1 like

Always after bottle. Until they’re 1, they need 80-90% of their nutrition from breastmilk or formula. I offer solids an hour after nursing. Try yams, pears, carrots.. if she still isn’t happy then she’s just not ready yet. Try again in a week.

Carol M 0 likes

Sweet potatoes, applesauce, some babies surprisingly take on pea and lentils really well. And I know you aren’t looking for this answer, but sometimes waiting a week then try again helps a lot! My peds told us to start solid at 4 mos cos of slow weight gain and we stressed for a month trying to shove food in his face then voila at 5 months LO started loving solid. Ps. defo after bottle, milk is still the most important. Start with one “meal” (couple tsp and work your way up :))

✨GNA � 0 likes

Sweet potatoes!😁👶

Joy D 0 likes

Also we did the old school airplane to get her excited to try the foods she just didn’t care the day after she first tried it. But I agree with everyone on sweet potatoes she loved them first time!

Nicole D 0 likes

My son loved the favorite sweet potatoes, but he really liked the apple strawberry mix. I started my lo on cereal early because formula just wasn’t enough for him. He liked a lot of the fruit. I would also give it to her before the bottle.

A V 0 likes

Just keep trying. It’s normal for babies to push the food out with their tongues until they get used to it. And the face may not be a yucky face. It may just be because it’s something new.

FTM T 0 likes

She was doing pretty good with rice cereal. We started that very few days just for fun. But he said not to do that because it has minimal nutrients. But I always mix it with formula so I thought it was okay? Idk. I’m a FTM so this is all new to me

Alia W 0 likes

Just keep trying. My LO did the same thing. Although are you making your own food or using the jars? I started with the jars but found I was wasting a lot bc she wouldn’t eat it so I started to make her food. She loved the homemade stuff. There is definitely a difference in taste.

FTM T 0 likes

We’ve been using beach nut jarred baby food.

Tannasia B 0 likes

My baby is 4 months & I just stared him on apples he seems to love it

Crystal Q 0 likes

Keep trying! According to our pediatrician & everything I’ve read LO’s don’t determine if they dislike something until they’ve had it 8-10 times. Plus being 4 months it’s going to take a bit for your LO to become adjusted to being fed something other than formula

CiCi’s M 0 likes

In the beginning is more for the introduction of new textures and the practice. It takes about 11 tries of a new food for babies to decide if they like it or not

Tricia 1 like

👏 I think just keep trying. She’s just surprised by the texture.

Brooklyns M 0 likes


Adrianna F 0 likes

Any of the sweeter baby foods but feed her one thing for a whole week be jade if you switch it up too much if she’s allergic you won’t know. My daughter loves sweet potatoes. Also the faces she’s making is she’s trying to get used to something thicker then food once she does get used to it she will learn to swallow and not spit.

FTM T 0 likes

Update: I tried mixing it with rice cereal cuz I already knew she liked that plus a bit of formula. And she did much better. Also if I let her suck it off the spoon instead of putting the spoon directly in her mouth she keeps more in.

Britaney G 0 likes

My son absolutely rejects beechnut. I don’t know why lol his fav is gerber sweet potatoes. It’s hard for me to get him to eat green though. Gags on peas and just makes faces with green beans.

FTM T 0 likes

WIC will only give us beech nut so I have to use that

Lena D Sat, October 25th

Question: so, several people told me that I can introduce baby food to my twins when they turn 4 months (which is in 2 weeks). 4-6 months is when babies can start on baby food & start adding some rice cereal to their bottle. How true is this? Have any of you ladies fed your infant-baby food at 4 months?? I hope it’s true bc I’m excited about making organic baby food at home for them.

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Chelsey H 2 likes

You can introduce rice cereal at 4 months, but don’t put it in the bottle. It’s a choking hazard. Mix it in a bowl with formula and juice, it’s a great way to introduce spoons.

Susan B 0 likes

Started both of mine at 4 months. After a couple of weeks on rice or oatmeal, I started introducing them to veggies. They ate cereal and veggies for 3 months with their formula before I introduced them to the sweetness of fruit. At 17 months old they are great eaters and love their veggies and fruit.

Nikki B 0 likes

I started my son at 4 months

Jamie A 0 likes

I did introduce rice cereal to my baby at 4 months Gerber has this rice cereal that is Apple banana flavored so that you don’t have to add baby food to it and my little lady loves it it is her favor meal of the day my baby only poops once a day so I add a little dark Karo to the bottle to make the bananas don’t constipate her

Taryn C 2 likes

I fed mine here and there at two months to get him used to the spoon and see if he had allergies. Now at 5 months he eats everything and loves it

Taryn C 2 likes

Not to be rude but I wouldn’t feed your baby flavored cereal. It’s not natural Making your own or the organic kind is best

Kat M 0 likes

I fed my baby oAtmeal for two weeks when he turned 4 months (some rice has traces of arsenic) then added veggies for a week and then added friut for a week and then after that he was eating his his fruits and veggies everyday. I added protein a few months later.

MAMA B 1 like

You can introduce cereal at 4m and then within two weeks introduce veggies; when u do start veggies make sure it is only one veggie per week to see for allergies. Also you will know when your LOs are ready! I had my LO on veggies from 4m GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN

Jennifer 7 likes

I would speak to your pediatrician before offering your twins food. Since most twins are preemies, sometimes their stomachs aren’t developed enough at 4 months. Also, it is not recommended to put any food in the bottle, unless specified by the doc for medical issues like reflux. I waited until 6 months to feed my daughter solids, but she was breastfed. Rice cereal does have arsenic in it, so we chose to skip that and went straight to homemade veggie purée. Ask doc before making the decision.

Aprilbaby 2 likes

I would talk to your Ped. It is 4-6 months but best is to wait til 6 months. However do not add cereal to bottle unless your Ped tells you too. It can cause harmful complications.

Aprilbaby 1 like

Jamie. I wouldn’t keep adding karo to your baby. Once a day is actually normal and sometimes a lot. Babies can go once a week and be just fine but to add karo when she’s not having a problem is not a good habit.

Emree’s M 2 likes

My baby’s pedi told me to only start my baby with unsweetened rice cereal. Not in a bottle, in a bowl to prepare her to start eating from a spoon. She informed me to wait on baby food until my baby turn 6 months. By 6 months a baby’s digestive system is developed. When you try baby food, you want to stick to the same flavor for at least a week. By doing this, you will be able to tell if your baby has any food allergies and if so, you will be able to tell from what food your feeding them.

Charo C 2 likes

I skipped cereal and did my own baby food at 6 months for my twins by 8 months they were eating table good

Jennifer 2 likes

It is not just bananas that constipate, but rice cereal in general is a binding agent and will cause constipation. My opinion, if you are feeding your baby rice cereal you might be feeding them a bit to early. Rice cereal is usually given for reflux, or as a starter to learn to eat from a spoon. Since it has very little nutritional value, it’s rarely used for that and will not help your little one sleep through the night. That is a myth as well.

Brookley G 1 like

Talk to your ped dr first but I started my daughter at 4 months. However do NOT add cereal into a bottle!!! It’s a choking hazard and doesn’t help the baby learn to spoon feed. I left the bottle for her formula and used a spoon for anything else that went into her mouth. Good luck 🙂 it really is an exciting time!

Amy G 0 likes

I started at 4 months but make sure u pick something and use it for a week and don’t rush it.

connie f 0 likes

i waited until 6 mo with my son simply because of the risk to open gut… check with your ped and make sure it’s safe according to them, first. i’d think that with twins, you may want to wait a bit longer simply because they usually don’t get a chance to gestate for a full 38-40 weeks

Marianne M 0 likes

We waited until 6 months on our pedi’s guidance and started with oatmeal instead of rice because of the arsenic concerns. We did veggies before fruits and waited 3-5 days before introducing anything new, to watch for reactions. I made most of my own food, but found the organic squeeze pouches more interesting and sometimes cheaper when they’re on sale. It’s all fun and it’s hard to wait. My dd is a star eater now and not an allergy in sight. (Still haven’t done seafood, but that’s on me)

Ashley L 0 likes

We started my daughter on rice cereal at 3 1/2 months(:

A V 0 likes

I started baby cereal with all 3 of my boys at 4 months but I never put it in the bottle. I was told by my ped that it was a choking hazard. So I spoon fed. It was messy at first but they learned. I started puréed food at 6 months.

Jessica Y 0 likes

I started purée food at 4 months

Kacey B 0 likes

I started my daughter on baby food at 4 months. It can’t hurt them at all. She absolutely loved it!

Jamie A 0 likes

My Pediatrition is the one who told me about the Karo because of the banana and the rice making it hard for her to poop

M. S 0 likes

Your the mommy and know what your babies need!! Fallow your gut!!! Best of luck and the fun be gains!!!

Melly’s M 0 likes

Talk to your pedi. My daughter just went for her 4 month check up and the dr gave us the option to either start or wait until she turned 6 months