The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 3 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! By month 3, you’ve started to develop more of a routine with your little one. You’re officially out of the “newborn” phase and your baby is starting to develop his own personality. During the 3rd month, your baby may be sleeping for longer stretches of time, (though still not all night) reaching for objects, and growing rapidly. It might seem that he is learning something new every single day - he’s developing and growing so much during this time! He might seem more hungry, let him eat as much as he wants. Motor skills are developing - your baby may watch moving objects, recognize things, and watch your face closely. During tummy time, baby may try to roll over or from side to side.

3 month old milestones

The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 3 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! By month 3, you’ve started to develop more of a routine with your little one. You’re officially out of the “newborn” phase and your baby is starting to develop his own personality. During the 3rd month, your baby may be sleeping for longer stretches of time, (though still not all night) reaching for objects, and growing rapidly. It might seem that he is learning something new every single day – he’s developing and growing so much during this time! He might seem more hungry, let him eat as much as he wants. Motor skills are developing – your baby may watch moving objects, recognize things, and watch your face closely. During tummy time, baby may try to roll over or from side to side.

Mommy And M Tue, March 24th

Just taking a poll. ↵↵What age and size diaper is your Lo in?↵↵My son is 3 months and seems to be too big for a 2 and the 3s are a little big.

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Alex K 0 likes

9 months in size 5 😊

Tricia 2 likes

4 mo and size 2 diaper

Sierra E 2 likes

5 months size 2 diaper

Michaela R 2 likes

7mo size 2

Zara J 2 likes

3 months right now using size 2

Nora G 2 likes

Almost 4 months and I just switched her to size 3.

Jackie N 0 likes

My son is 6 months old and wearing 3 months size 🙂

Cici 2 likes

2.5 mo size 2

Alexis J 1 like

Almost a year and still in size 3

Jackie N 1 like

All babies are sized differently nothing wrong with a size bigger 🙂 or smaller

Ashu A 2 likes

2 months size 1

Jenn M 2 likes

9 month size 4. If the diapers aren’t fitting your LO right try a different brand they’re all different

Olivia’s M 2 likes

13 months and size 4 Pampers Cruisers–almost ready for size 5

Chelsea A 2 likes

6 months just switched to size 3

Brittany E 2 likes

14 months size 3

Mommy To A Beautiful Princess 2 likes

6 months about to switch to size 3

Mama B 2 likes

3 months just switched to size 2

Terri G 2 likes

11 months. He’s in a 3 but about to switch to a 4 as soon as the size 3 run out.

J C 2 likes

9 months -size 3

Tonya H 2 likes

10 mo size 4 Cruisers

Lauren P 2 likes

8 months in a size 3!

Natalia C 2 likes

10 month size 4

Abby’s M 0 likes

5 months size 2 but probably moving to size 3 soon…. 1 blowout and 2 side leaks this week. Happens every time we’re about to go to the next size up.

JVP 2 likes

7 months size 3.

Mrs. H 2 likes

3mo – size 2

Ryan’s M 2 likes

14 mo size 5

Jannet D 0 likes

5 month uses size 2

Jess H 0 likes

My dauggter Gonna be 1 yr next month size 3 just starting to get small my son gonna be 2 next month size 6

Judy V 0 likes

My 4 month old son is wearing size 2 diapers.

Alice M 2 likes

5 months and in size 2, but about to switch to 3

Shannon S 2 likes

My daughter is almost 8 months in size 3

Adriana R 2 likes

8 months size 4

Kestin M 2 likes

2 years size 5

Nikki B 2 likes

1 year size 4

Rebecca S 0 likes

1 month-newborn, I have a peanut LOL

Stephanie 2 likes

My 5 month old is in size 3

Christina K 2 likes

3 months Size 2

Shannon H 2 likes

10 months size 3

Mommy M 2 likes

My DD is 22months and wearing size 5

Krista R 2 likes

6 months size 2 almost 3.

Michaela C 2 likes

10 months in size 2 diapers. She’s a little one lol

Martinae G 2 likes

4 months in a size 2 diaper

Mommy And M 1 like

My niece is 23 months in a size 3 and her mom was shocked that my 3 month old son was in the same size but her daughter had always been small and my son they said on his last appt was average. I think a lot of it is genetics.

Ruth A 2 likes

5.5 months in size 3 upgrading to size 4 as soon as we finish #3 box lol

Julia Z 2 likes

7 months and size 3, he’s been in 3s since about 4-5 months.

Sana F 2 likes

9 months size 5. My baby boy is big from the start.

Arianna M 2 likes

7 months size 3

Alexis 2 likes

9 months size 3.

Amanda K 2 likes

8 months size 3

Mrs. A 1 like

My son is 8 months and wears a size 6 diaper

Erica H 1 like

8 months in a size 4

Nicole M 1 like

Almost 8 month n my sons in size 5

Mary S 1 like

5 months size 3

Sarah S 1 like

9 months and size 4!

Sarah V Wed, April 15th

How old is your LO & what is their bedtime?↵↵Mine is 3 months and goes to sleep between 9 & 10.

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Danie M 0 likes

6 months.. 6:45-7

Cbird . 2 likes

Almost 4 months. 8:00! He sleeps all night. He doesn’t wake up until 6-7 in the morning.

Jasmine D 2 likes

Almost 2 and a half (years).Asleep by 8:00 pm every night until 8-9 am. No naps tho

Mel Marie 2 likes

5 years 9pm 6months 830-930(he made his own bedtime lol)

Caitlin L 2 like

3 months and typically 8

Baby G’s M 1 likes

3 months on Thursday and he’s ready for bed by 8. I nurse him and then he’s usually asleep by 8:30/8:45.

Sarah V 2 like

My LO wakes up 1 time between 4-6am then sleeps again until 9:30

Jess C 1 likes

5 months & 7:30pm

Ashley D M 0 like

9-10 . 3 years old . No naps and wakes at 8 ish

Michelle N 1 like

Almost 18 months. Between 7 and 7:30. He’s a bad napper (15-30 mins a day total) and still gets up between 5 and 6am even if I put him to bed at 8 or 8:30, so I figure he should get more sleep if he’s still going to get up at the same time.

Naasia W 1 likes

My kids are 4,3,2,1 and 5 months and there bedtime is 7

Chelsea A 3 like

Almost 7 months goes to bed at 8:30.

Crystal Q 1 like

20 months – 8pm, up between 6:30-7:30am

Jennifer F 1 like

5 yr old 830 rest time at 8 1 yr olds 7-8, we start our night routine at 7.

Kellie M 1 likes

15 months with a bedtime around 8am – 6:30am. She takes 1 or 2 naps everyday.

Jordan C 0 like

11.5 months and is out like a light between 7:30-8:00. She wakes up I the morning between 7:30-8:00 also.

Tara V 1 like

5 months and she is in bed at 7!

Mimi G 1 like

14 mo- bedtime around 8:30 after a calming bath 💦🛀

Ruth A 1 like

6 months goes to bed at 8-830pm But he is now teething and his schedule is all mess up 😒😔😕

Austin M 1 like

5 months and 8pm

Ashley W 1 like

3 months 8:30

Sami 1 like

4 months 8-9

JVP 1 like

8 months 7:00pm 3 years 9:00pm

K P 1 like

6m and bedtime is 730/745. He had 2 naps each 1.5-2hrs. And wakes at 7am.

Dani D 1 like

4 months, 7:45-8pm ☺️

Blessed M 1 likes

7.5 months and she’s in bed 6:30-7 Still wakes up 1-2 times and is up at 7-8

Mariana C 0 likes

Little by little go back with time .. 93o then 915 then 9.. Till 7 pm my both girls 2 and 4 still go bed 7 to this day as I’ve been consistent day in day out

Lori A 0 like

8 months and between 6:30-7

Chelsea T 1 likes

My LO is 2 months, she needs to be in bed by 8pm… Lol.

Teryn S 0 likes

2 months 1 week he goes to bed between 7-10 pm depends on when he is done eating and falls asleep and if he’s fussy/cranky we try to get him to bed by 7

Sarah S 0 likes

My LO is 10mo and is typically in bed by 6pm and he sleeps all night and wakes around 630am

3TimeMom 0 likes

11 months – 7:30 3.5 years – 8:30 Me (37 years) – right after that – 😜

Jen M 0 likes

2 mo. and around 8pm

Olivia’s M 0 likes

14 months and 8-8:30. She usually parties in her crib until she falls asleep around 9:15. She sleeps until 9:30 am 😴🌙

Erin B 0 likes

Mine goes to bed around 9-10 too. 3 months old. Last night was 11 though and up at 4:30😔

DJ’s M 0 likes

7 months And he asleep by 11

Luna L 0 likes

My daughter is 17 months and goes to sleep between 7:30-8:30pm.

Chelsea M 0 likes

My son is three and his bedtime has changed recently, before I had to start work at 6am my son went to bed between 840-9pm. Now that I’m working so early and we both have to be up by five I put him down around 7pm. He’s had a 9 o’clock bedtime since he was only four months old when he created his own sleeping schedule, and sleeps until 10am when I’m not working.

Sarah F Mon, October 20th

Question at what age did you stop breastfeeding? I know it’s the best but my son never would latch and after 3 months of pumping I’m soo over it. I feel guilty but we have no life outside of the house with pumping every 2 hours.

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Toni P 0 likes

I only did it for a month for my oldest and two months for my youngest

Jennifer D 1 like

14 months exclusively! So no bottles at all, I didn’t really do much during that time. But it does go by fast and I wouldn’t have changed it!

Eryn � 2 likes

I stopped after a week! I had to go back to college 2 weeks after having him, and we were both stressed! I couldn’t stand that he wasn’t eating. Don’t let anyone try to tell you you’re in the wrong for formula feeding! My son is happy and healthy.

Anonymous 0 likes

I’ve been giving my son exclusively for almost 10 months,no bottles. I will let him him wean himself off,if not I’ll probably stop within the next 6 months . Have you thought about about having a lactation consultant that could help your baby to latch properly ?

Meagan W 1 like

I breastfeed only at night in bed cause DD sleeps with me. She’s 3 mo old. I ebf till she was 1 mo then breastfeed off and on with formula supplementing till she was 2 mo. From 2 mo to now i breastfeed at night in bed.

Lacie C 1 like

My daughter wouldn’t latch on. I started to use the nipple shield that you put over your nipple. Now she will nurse. If you haven’t tried it I would. Website below.…/nipp…

Sarah F 3 likes

Ya we almost lived in the lactation consultants office we were in there so often. I kinda figured that only the moms that were fortunate with easy breast-feeding would answer my question. I know there are moms that don’t feed every long but would never say it cause it’s looked so down on.

Robin F 1 like

I have heard that the first 6m are the most important

Brindley M 6 likes

Just know that if you do switch to formula the length of time you did give breast milk was wonderful and did amazing things for baby!

Jamie G 2 likes

I tried to EBF but my son was just not getting enough. He was not gaining weight and so we decided to supplement with formula. It was a hard decision because I was so emotionally invested in exclusively breast feeding. By at the end of the day it was about making sure he had enough to eat. The change in him once we started supplementing was amazing. Do what works best for you and your little one. If that means supplementing then go for it!

Katarina O 2 likes

I don’t produce a lot so I’ve been pumping 4 the last mnth! It is tiresome & I’m gng 2 try 2 hang on as long as possible – we also supplement w formula – good luck & I know whatever choice u make will b ok & ure baby will b great!

Eryn � 0 likes

I tried pumping exclusively too. It just wouldn’t work with going to school and other life events going on. I couldn’t imagine being stuck at home all the time to do that!

Nicole H 1 like

The la leche league book lists all of the benefits your baby gets based on the length of time you breastfed. I can’t find it online, but even at 3 months you’ve already given your LO so many benefits. Do what is best for both you and baby! Enjoy that little one while they are that little!

Samantha O 3 likes

Take note that you need to take care of yourself to take care of baby! I started pumping when I went back to work and it made my supply drop. I tried power pumping every evening and between that and work I had no life. I became stressed, sick and depressed that my son had to switch to formula but really I should have been celebrating the 3 months he got of breast milk. Don’t beat yourself up if you choose to stop pumping. Baby will be okay and you will be much less stressed!!!

Teri L 2 likes

3 months of exclusively pumping? Wow great job momma! I quit breastfeeding at 4 months I was working and couldn’t make the time to pump and when I was home he was constantly feeding. My milk became mostly foremilk and I just felt it was time to stop. You did awesome and it’s something to be proud of!

Zory R 1 like

My son as well did not take the breast that easily either he was not latching on hard enough to express or when he did latch on he would fall asleep immediately having seen the lactation consultant a few times baby was losing weight & the fact I was not sleeping at all because he was always hungry for 2 weeks straight I decided to do what was best for us so I started pumping after 2 weeks until 6 months it was sooooo HARD.

Zory R 1 like

I supplemented w formula at about 5 months my milk supply went down because of work and not being able to pump as often. I do not regret any of it at least I tried.My son is healthy happy & striving and I am grateful! Do what you believe is best for you and your lil 1 do not let anybody make you feel any kind of way you are doing awesome ! At the end of the day its you and your lil 1 that matter ->Happy Mama Happy Baby 😉

Alexandra F 1 like

I feel you. I have been exclusively pumping since my LO was 2 weeks (he is 12 weeks now). I am pretty over having to set an alarm for every 3 hrs to pump although I don’t wake up at night to pump. I will try and continue to pump as long as I can, mainly because it is the free option and formula is so expensive. I have a pretty large stock pile of frozen milk so once I’m getting close to being done I will figure out how much I have frozen for him. Hoping to get as close to a year but we will see

MAMA B 1 like

I stopped with my dd at 5 Months I couldn’t keep up with her and right now I’m still breast feeding and pumping all day for bottles at night and while I’m at school!!! I would stop anywhere from 6-12 months!!! Good luck

Aprilbaby 2 likes

I couldn’t bf. I didn’t produce any milk. But I will say any amount is better than none so a few months is great and better than not doing any. Also your frustration, anxiety, and stress effects your baby. So while breast milk is great for your baby you need to do what’s best for you and your baby which means how you feel too. Also my LO is exclusively formula fed and perfectly healthy and happy. Meets all milestones ahead of where he should and the doc says he’s perfect so don’t feel bad

Aprilbaby 1 like

Your little one will be fine either way.

Danielle B 1 like

I only breastfed my son for 2 months. I have extremely flat nipples and even with a nipple shield, he couldn’t latch properly. I had the nurses and consultant from hell. They were so critical and judgmental. My son would just scream and scream and I would cry right along with him because they just wouldn’t stop pawing at both of us. I don’t feel bad in the least for switching to formula. Sometimes it is just hard on your body and mind. But you’re doing a wonderful job!

Jamie F 2 likes

I made it to 4 months and am proud of that. It’s not easy, anything you have done is great and you should stop when it feels right to you. There is no too soon

Sarah F 2 likes

Thank you so much for all the positive comments!!!!

Marianne M 0 likes

16 months and still breastfeeding. I’ve been pumping since day 1. She was in NICU and didn’t learn how to nurse for about a month. We’ve done bf and bottle from the start (now sippy cups) and still pump 1x a day at work. Prefer to bf when I’m with her. I planned to stop a 1 yr, but she wanted to keep going! Yeah!

Marianne M 0 likes

If you’re pumping, you have good milk. I’d see an LC to see if you can get him to latch. You’ll enjoy it a lot more and get to relax over the whole thing. You’re making a great effort this far!

Shawna G 1 like

Your doing awesome to make it three months! I was the same, had to exclusively pump and at 3 months I decided to stop. Emotionally it was very hard but what I think was best for us because I was way too stressed trying to keep up with pumping.

Cara L 1 like

Both my daughters have now had latching Problems. My second daughter luckily uses the shield not First I had to pump ti she was 3-4months then she used the shield. She latched around 6 months. I would try the shield before switching to formula. The new shields are so great and you don’t have to pump after because your production isn’t affected like it would have been with the older style shields.

Jennifer D 1 like

Omg!! It wasn’t easy the first 3 months, but I kept at it!!! My son was born a month early so hadn’t developed the sucking reflex. I remember feeding him and he would cry & pull off and I would think to myself “I thought breastfeeding was easy?” It does get easier, much easier!! And when that happens its magical, before that it was a battle…

Jennifer D 1 like

Do what’s right for you and your baby! Breastfeeding is great and so is formula! Be proud of yourself for accomplishing what you did!! <3

Karrine D 1 like

I started loosing my supply around 4 month with both of my babies. I tried pumping but, even though my babies latched on perfectly, my supply dried up. I went to formula after that. At first I was mad at myself for not trying hard enough but I realized that I did what was best for my babies. Don’t beat yourself up over this, you do what you need to do for you and your baby.

Nicki S 1 like

Breast-feeding for three months is awesome way to go mom sometimes it is what it is 🙁 it’s not an enjoyable bonding experience if you are both stressed out the whole time. I’m sorry it has been hard for you but major kudos for trying

Brandis G 0 likes

I breastfed for 22 months, 18 months, 30 months and i’m currently breastfeeding my 20 month old! It is definitely challenging at the beginning each time but it gets much easier as they got older. I never bought bottles or formula so that i wouldn’t give up on a hard day. I also never thought that i would ever breastfeed for over a year until it happened. They weren’t ready to be done & neither was i. I decided to let them wean when they were ready!

Mary G 2 likes

I quit after 5 weeks. Breastfeeding felt like torture. Best decision I ever made!! Your baby got some breast milk. Which is great! But remember– Formula is a wonderful healthy option too!!

Dayhan P Fri, May 15th

How often do you give your LO a bath? My LO is currently 3 months 🙂

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Daniela❤️ K 2 likes

Daily since she was 2 months before that just on day yes one day I wouldn’t

TaylorGrace’s M 1 like

Every night, age 3

Z’s MOM❤️ � 1 like

Evey 3 days 2 month

Jess B 2 likes

Every night. I will only skip a day if my baby seems to exhausted for a bath and wants to go straight to sleep. She is 5 months now

Selina H 4 likes

Every 2-3 days at that age, so their skin doesn’t get irritated or dries out. Ps your baby is ADORABLE!! 😍

Ashley 2 likes

9 months and every other night.

Kristy B 1 like

Every other day so I don’t try his skin out, it’s already super sensitive.

Mom O 1 like

Every night 😊 my favorite thing to do!

Tara B 1 like

Every 2-3 days.

Chelsea D 1 like

2 months, and every other day because I have sensitive skin and in worried she does to. But she loves it so much I want to try every day. 😊

Ruth A 2 likes

At 3 months it was every other day but now at 7.5 months it’s every night as part of his night routine:)

Kathryn J 1 like

Every other day, and when needed! My LO has greasy hair for some reason…and a lot of it, for that matter!

Angie C 1 like

Mine is 9 months now and since about a month and half it has been every other night. She has sensitive skin and we have to use Aveno. Bathing too often can dry their skin out at that age is what my dr told me.

Momma C 1 like

My boys are 5,3 and almost 1. They need a bath every night when it’s warm out… We do every other in the winter. At 3 months though… I’d do 2-3 days in between baths. Too much will dry out a new baby’s skin

Ashley C 2 likes

My baby is 10.5 months and we do every 2-3 nights. Once he is walking and playing outside a lot it’ll probably be every night

Carol M 2 likes

Same as ^@ruth

Lisa M 2 likes

Every night, its part of his routine

Isabella M 1 like

Every other night. 11 months. Has been this way since birth 😊

Cara F 1 like

Every other day! Mine is 12 mo and we still do it that way.

Sarah S 1 like

3 weeks old, every night before bedtime. It’s part of our routine and he is starting to understand that after his bath it is time for bed. Routine is a necessity!!!

Paige B 1 like

Every day in the summer and every other day/every three days in the winter. When my one year old was younger I gave her a bath every day until she was 5 months because she had acid reflux and was spitting up all the time. The doc said to watch for her skin drying out but I always put coconut oil on her post-bath and she never had dry skin.

Melissa : 1 like

Every night ☺️ Best way to end his day! He loves it and knows it’s light out right after his massage (applying lotion) 😉

Samantha 1 like

6mo every night with exception every now and then!

MJ’s M 1 like

Every single night since he was 2 mo. I use soap and shampoo everyday too followed by baby lotion. My baby’s never had a diaper rash or any other skin issues.

Kim S 1 like

My son is 2 months and I give him a bath every night since he’s been born. Sometimes I do it twice a day once in the morning once at night. I put lotion on him usually every other day (when he cooperates) and he never gets dry skin.

Mel Marie 1 like

Like 4 times a week turning into every 2 days then every other day. 7 months. (Or if he gets dirty or throws up) I’m a firm believer that they don’t need baths daily cuz their skin dries out.

A V 1 like

9 months and every other night because my daughter gets drier than a popcorn fart. It’s really dry where we live

S L 1 like

I do it every other day 🙂 or if we go out that day. But mostly every other day, and my baby is 10 months

K.C. R 1 like

My child just turned 2. He gets a bath everyday, sometimes 2.

Heather H 1 like

2.5 months. We do it every night for her night time routine. Bath, feed then bed:)

Riris Fri, December 12th

Hi mom ↵↵My LO is almost 3 months. My in laws are telling me to start feeding him baby food and my family is telling me to wait until he is 5 or 6 months. I’m confused don’t know what to do. So I was wondering when is a good age to start feeding them baby food?

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Samantha H 0 likes

I started when my LO was 3 months. He’s 7 months now, no allergies, and his system is handling everything very well. Old school is feeding them early, but everyone now is more cautious. It’s whatever you the mom feels most comfortable with. 🙂 enjoy!!

Katrina S 0 likes

I started on my sons 4 month milstone. Just for fun. Rice cereal and breast milk or formula.

Danie M 2 likes

Wait until closer to 5-6 months.. Your dr will tell you when to start, my mil gave my daughter food early and had an allergic reaction, dr suspects it’s because she wasn’t ready yet

Kaitlyn L 0 likes

6 months

Johnny’s M 0 likes

6 months is the current recommendation

Monalisa W 1 like

As with everything else your baby will tell you when they’re ready. Usually around 5-6 months they’ll start wanting something more, you can tell when they’re looking into wanting to eat your food. Rice cereal is the best to start.

Linsi M 0 likes

I started my girls when the pediatrician gave me the ok around 5.5 months

Tanner T 1 like

Does you lo chew, like act like they are ratting periodicly through out the day?,or show interest in what your eatting? If so they they are ready! My lo started at 3 months but I as a mother knew she was ready

Caitlyn S 0 likes

6 months

Riris 0 likes

Thanks ladies I feel like he is so ready to start baby food but don’t want want him to get allergic reaction.. So I’m going to wait another month or so..

Meagan W 1 like

Talk to your pedi. I started my DD at 4 months.

T K 0 likes

If you feed any baby any foods before 6-7 months, you will create food allergies.

Stacy 1 like

Don’t listen to in laws ask a dr

Stacy 1 like

And try making ur own baby food 😉

Jenn M 1 like

Usually 4 months. Try one food for four days in a row, if there’s no reaction try another for four days and so on.

Marianne M 1 like

We waited until 6 months. People used to think that babies would sleep better with solid foods, but it’s a myth. They will wake because their tummies are tiny and they need more. Breastmilk or formula offers all the nutrition they need for the first year, and solids can add stress to their developing digestive tract. Research has also shown that allergies can develop to the high risk foods introduced before LO has a strong immune/digestive system.

Miss M 0 likes

Talk to your dr. We waited til 4 mons to start rice cereal

Linette T 0 likes

I started my LO with solids at 4 months and she didn’t have problems. I think that a good time to start introducing solids to them.. Good Luck 🙂

C C 0 likes

At 4 months a babies digestive system is fully mature, so my midwife suggested to wait until at least then, but recommended 5-6 months. But definitely talk with a pediatrician about it. It’s overall your decision. 🙂

Erin P 1 like

Pediatrician recommend 6 months. That’s when I’ll be introducing baby food and juice. I’m EBF.

Riris 0 likes

I’m going to ask his pediatrician on his 3 month check up.. Thanks ladies for your advice:)

Elena M 0 likes

It’s recommended by pediatricians and la leche league exclusive breastfeeding or formula before 6 months and after 6 months until 1 year – food before one is just for fun. The main source of nutrition between age 6 and 12 months is still breast milk or formula.

Adriane K 0 likes

4 months start with rice cereal or oatmeal mixed with milk then after a couple weeks you can get level 1 jar foods they say for about 4 months on the jar

Jenn S 0 likes

My doc said I can intrusive cereal to my 2 month old, and to wait til he’s 4-5 months to start baby food.

Jenn S 0 likes

Introduce… Sorry

Janine W 0 likes

My doc told me 6 months is the recommendations nowadays due to new studies on babies digestive systems and when they fully develop.

Em M 0 likes

Don’t listen to your in laws ! 😉 after you speak to your dr. You will decide what is best.

Tiffany A Thu, October 23rd

Just wanna get some opinions about when you think is the best age to get my daughter’s ears pierced. (She’s 3 months old)

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Lauren G 0 likes

Now is good 🙂 She’s young enough to get over it quickly but old enough to not have to worry about healing.

Stephanie W 2 likes

It’s much easier when they’re young because you clean them and take care of them yourself. My step daughter got hers around 3 months and now her holes won’t close, so she will never have to experience the pain of getting them (unless she wants more) just be careful because now is the time they want to experiment with grabbing their ears, nose, feet, etc… So ripping one out is definitely a risk!

Anonymous 0 likes

The younger the better ! I don’t have daughters but my mom did mines right after birth and I don’t remember any pain lol Little baby girls look so cute with earrings 😉

Sweetest M 9 likes

When she’s old enough to ask for earrings 🙂

mommy k 0 likes

3rd grade… babies in earrings are so ridiculous!

Jaime K 0 likes

I have a daughter and I do think little girls look cute with earrings. But I also think there are things in life that are special and exciting moments. I can remember being four years old begging my mom to get my ears pierced. It’s up to you but wouldn’t you want to give your daughter that fun experience of wanting something like that and making a special day/memory of it and she can pick out the earrings she wants to get her ears pierced with.

MacKenzi Y 0 likes

I’d say it’d be fine to do it now mine were done at a month old

Jennifer 8 likes

I’ve chosen to wait until my daughter is old enough to ask, and take care of them herself. Her body = her choice!! By the way, your daughter is beautiful!!

Kourtney C 1 like

I got my girls done when they were 3 months and 6 months. I had the pediatrician do them because I felt better having them done there than at the mall lol

Lauren K 5 likes

We are choosing to wait until she’s old enough to ask as well. But just like with most things parenting, it’s a personal decision and doesn’t mean getting it done young is bad or wrong. 🙂

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We are waiting until she asks. Not all girls want their ears pierced and I feel like that kind of takes the decision away from them. Her body so it should be her decision. If you are going to do it she should heal up fine at this age.

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When she’s old enough to make the decision on her own and old enough to sit in the chair by herself. I worked at Claire’s and piercing a babies ears is awful. Not only does your baby scream in pain but also its hard to hold their head still and make sure they are even on both sides since their ears are so little. I found once they were old enough to sit in the chair by themselves you could also have them pierced at the same time.

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I did my daughters at 6 months. The girl that did it told me they usually don’t do it before then.

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My girls are 3 months and my husband and I are taking them on Monday to get their ears pierced. They are over 30 days passed their 2 month immunizations which is mandatory where we’re taking them. Doing it now so they don’t tug at them if we get it done when they’re older.

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We’re waiting too. For us, earrings is a “coming of age” event and part of the transition into young womanhood. I’m expecting to have that convo around 10 -12 years.

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I am from Brazil and over there is within first week!! It’s our culture.. Some babies don’t even cry…

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I got my daughters done after she got her first set of shots. Now she’s almost 2 and I can’t keep them in 🙁

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My first got hers done when she asked for them ( at age 2). Her and I talked about it a lot and I explained many times they were to look at and not to touch. She was great when getting them done and even liked helping me clean them. She never once touched them otherwise. My second daughter got hers done at 3 1/2 months, and she was also great about it. She’s one now and she hasn’t bothered them at all either.

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When she’s old enough to tell you she wants holes in her body

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They say once they get their shots that can get them done now should be a great time

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My pediatrician recommended 6 months after they get their third tetanus vaccine.

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I got mine done around this time! It will hurt less now because the ear is thinner where it will be pierced. If your not sure ask your ped what they recommend . But I’d say now is good(:

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When she’s old enough to make the decision for herself.

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Got my daughters done at 3 months and she cried for 2 seconds and now at 9 months she still never touched her earrings (:

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I think it’s best to wait until she can make that decision for herself.

Amber D Sun, September 27th

Making a wish list for Christmas for my in laws. My LO is 3 months. I put some learning toys and interactive stuff on there for him. Can you ladies think of anything that would be good for him and myself.

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Activity gym.

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He has one of those :)) thanks for the input though!

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Walking wings (Google it) Clothes for 9 to 12 months Books Bath toys Toy chest or organizer Diapers and wipes

Taylor F 1 like

Think ahead to stuff you’ll want coming up. Larger size clothes, some kind of chair (we liked the Mamas and Papas over Bumbo), highchair, baby bowls, spoons, sippy cups, baby food blender system if you plan to make your own purées, bigger size diapers, sunscreen for when he hits 6 mon (we use California Baby), hats, socks. For you, anything that makes you feel relaxed and helps rejuvenate you – bath salts, bubble bath, a yummy tea or hot choco, music, books, stuff for what you like to do.

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Clothes up to 12 months a jumper or walker for when hes ready a gift card u can buy ur own things when you need them. A activity table sensory play toys

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Also bath stuff and books

AJ 1 like

Ball pit? I’m just getting a bunch of balls and making the pack and playa ball pit lol

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Tummy time

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T time

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Tummyy time

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Sensory 2

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Sensory 3

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These are all fantastic ideas!! Thank you!

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Tub 3

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U r Welcome 💙💙 its best to get a raised tummy time toy because its the crawling position

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Also amazon gifr card cause i get a lot off amazon

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And lastly for car seat

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I like gift cards from amazon walmart target and babies r us

Theresa B Sat, February 7th

My son is 3 months old and is in a size 3 diaper now. He out grows them before I even use the whole box. How old is your child and what size are they in?

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That’s about how it goes.. It follows the age until about 5 months.. Then their diaper will stay at 4 or 5 for a while.

Roro L 1 like

My Lo is 9 months she wear size 3

Deanna J 1 like

My daughter is 15mo and just moved into 6’s

M S 1 like

My baby girl is 3 months, size 2 diapers.

Stephanie 2 likes

My son is about to be 4 months and in a size 3

Janae M 1 like

My daughter is about to be seven months and wears size4

Samantha S 1 like

My son was the same way! He’s 6 months now and still in a 3 but I’m about to move to 4s next box. But he was in a 3 at 3-4 months. Just different growth spurts. No worries.

Kathryn W 1 like

Almost 4 months and is in size 1, he was a month premature

Ali’s m 1 like

We were going through that too for a while. Now my daughter is in size 4 and is 7 months old. She’s been in them for 2 months.

Dani R 1 like

My son is 6mo and in size 2s but mine also was 5wks preemie

Sarah J 1 like

Baby girl is 5 1/2 months and in 3’s. Thinking about moving to 4’s next box 😁

Erika C 1 like

Almost 3 months, just finally moved to a 1. Lol took forever.

JooLin R 1 like

My boy is 4 months and in a size 3. Girls are boys differ greatly. My 21 month girl just moved into a size 4. Your boy sounds quite normal and healthy 🙂

Sandy H 1 like

10 weeks, size 1.

Damaris C 1 like

3 1/2 months and us in size 3 as well 😁

Kelsey K 1 like

My son is 7 months and size 3

Emily S 1 like

Our LO is almost 11 months old and just moved into size 3

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Baby girl is 6 months in size 2. Wasn’t premie just kinda tiny I guess.

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My LO is 3 months and wears size 1.

Jocelyn S 2 likes

My 6months is size 2. About to move up to size 3 soon.

Mama B 1 like

2 months size 1… Still have 3 boxes more… Seems like I will need to exchange for a bigger size lol

Mother O 1 like

Almost 2 mo still in NB. She was 7 weeks early.

Olja V 1 like

My girl is turning 2 months on the 9th and she has been in size 2 shortly after the hospital.

Linsi M 1 like

16 month old twins – size 3 diapers. They’ve been in a size 3 since last May/June!

Crystal Q 1 like

My son is 18 months & in size 4’s (he’s been in them since 12 months)

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My son is 4 months and he is in a size 2 diaper. He weighs about 16lbs.

Em P Fri, June 13th

My son is almost 3 months old and I believe he has cradle cap. The peds didn’t prescribe him anything and I have been putting oil in his hair to loosen the dry skin for 30 min before washing it out with baby shampoo making sure I clean his scalp thoroughly. His scalp will be fine for an hour and than gets dry and scaly!!! Poor thing. Any suggestions to get rid of the cradle cap or make the situation any better.

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Chrysta P 1 like

Mineral oil would work – leave it on over night and wash it off in the morning – repeat till gone 🙂

Brittany N 1 like

They have medicine for it at the store. But when my son had it when he was being bathed I put baby oil on it & combed it out of his hair off his scalp & it never came back

Nicki E 0 likes

My little one had it since a couple weeks old. We finally tried Mustela Stelaker and foam shampoo. After a few days it was gone! We used the shampoo during his bath, leaving in for a few minutes then used a soft brush to soft it up, then rinse thoroughly. Then in the morning I applied the Stelaker. It’s a thin lotion that looks a little greasy when you first apply it, but it dries after a few minutes.

Hannah E 1 like

Use the baby’s soft bristle hair brush to gently rub while shampooing his hair every night. This will loosen it & it will come off in no time! Can even use a little lotion after!

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They have something for CC at Walmart in the baby section. Not sure what it’s called but I have seen it.

Crystal H 0 likes

My daughter had it too. I just gently scraped it off with my fingernails. Usually while she was BFing. Then just made really sure to wash her hair in gentle circular motion like a massage. She had it on her forehead and top of her eyebrows too. I also only washed her hair every 3 or 4 days when she was a baby to prevent her head from drying out.

Kim O 0 likes

Baby shampoo can be very drying. Try a moisturizing shampoo instead. I use adult shampoo on my babies heads.

Taylor P 4 likes

I massaged coconut oil on my sons hair and brushed it with a stiff baby brush and then once it was brushed off his scalp, I rinsed it. I’ve never had an issue after

Amanda K 4 likes

Coconut oil and the little soft plastic bristle brush they give you in the hospital. Works wonders!

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Put breastmilk on it 🙂

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My sons Ped said to use hydrocortisone cream

Remiya B 1 like

My daughter had it really bad so I only wash her hair twice per week and massaged coconut oil and brushed it thru twice a day… Cleared up in less than a month

Erin S 2 likes

Coconut oil and a baby brush! My son had it bad! I mean like thick huge scales! I still have to treat it and he is almost 5 months old but it is barely there now. It is also linked to a dairy intolerance. If bfing try to avoid dairy

Teesa D 0 likes

My son has a very dry scalp ever since he was months old… Recently I started using Dream Cream and the Dream Wash from Lush and it works amazing!!

Jessica W 0 likes

We also were told to use hydrocortisone cream and tar shampoo

Anne D 0 likes

Both my boys had cradle cap, and my 10 month old still has some traces of it. It’s not harmful and doesn’t bother the baby, so I just scrubbed the head with regular baby shampoo on a wash cloth during baths and then used a baby brush to loosen the dry skin cells. It eventually goes away so I wouldn’t stress over it.

Beka C 0 likes

Our ped told us to use selsun blue shampoo on the affected area like a facial mask for a few minutes, wipe away with washcloth. Cleared up right away. Downside is, it kinda stinks. And be careful not to get in baby’s eyes, it is NOT tear free.

Caroline W 0 likes

Don’t wash his hair more than twice a week. If your shampoo has alcohol in it get a different shampoo. I like Babyganics. I put baby oil in his hair using a cotton ball. Then I use a soft bristle brush and comb his hair back to lift the dry skin. Lastly I smooth his hair back down with a clean cotton ball. Sometimes I repeat these steps a couple times. I don’t wash his hair until the next bath time which is usually the next day.

Victoria S 0 likes

Oil and then soft baby brush before baths!

Lauren C 0 likes

Make sure it is not eczema, I thought my son had cradle cap and ended up being eczema

B K 0 likes

Baby oil and a fine tooth comb. Mine had it too and his little head got red when I did it but he wasn’t bothered. Bath after that and the next morning it was barely there.

Kerry S 0 likes

My daughter had it once. And it was pretty thick. I put coconut oil on left it for 2 hours (coconut oil does not stain anything and has antifungal properties) then I comb it all off her head and bathed her. It never came back!

Nina M 1 like

Coconut oil. It puts moisture back into the skin. It’s gentle for baby too! You don’t have to wash it out right away. Just be careful with it on baby’s head and then heading out into the sun, may cause a burn. Hope it helps.

Edda M 0 likes

Tea tree oil

Jayna Rissa C 0 likes

Mustela foam shampoo. Let it sit for a minute, comb his scalp really good to loosen all the flakes. It works! & my son had really THICK cradle cap! GL

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My pedi said to use selsun blue.

Alice C Sun, April 12th

So I read that a lot of people include a bath at night in the bedtime routine.. How many of you actually do that? My baby is 3 months and I give her a bath twice a week, I feel like bathing her every night might not be so good for her skin.. Plus, it’s a huge production every time!! Any thoughts?

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Shawna 1 like

I only do 2-3 times a week. My baby girl loves bathes but her skin gets so dry. Even using cream.

Mommy B 1 like

I give my daughter a bath 2-3 times a week also. I’m afraid my daughters skin would dry out if I have her bath every single night.

Carmon C 1 like

I only bath my babe twice a week. She gets way too dry.

Tiffany C 1 like

I bathe my son every other night. It is good for a routine thiugh

Lauren P 1 like

I don’t. I bathe her once a week and she showers with me maybe twice a week. If I did it every night she would be covered in cradle cap 😳

Nikki B 2 likes

I bathe my son every night. I don’t use soap every time though.

Emy G 2 likes

I bathe my 2mo every 2 days around 8pm

Jamie 3 likes

I do it every night as apart of our routine! His skin is fine and helps him sleep so much better

Roseanna S 1 like

I bathe my little man every night. I’ve been doing it since his cord fell off at five days and haven’t had trouble with dry skin. He’s ten weeks now and loves bath time. He’ll play in his bath for at least 30 minutes every night.

Jordan C 2 likes

My 11 month old gets a bath every night as part of her bed time routine.

Nikki B 1 like

I do it every other night … It’s a huge production as well and Lots of work but calms my LO down and helps him sleep better at night

Kailaa T 1 like

I For us it’s part of the routine every other night

Baby G 1 like

Every night!! I bathe myself everyday why wouldn’t I do it for her? Just lots of lotion!!

Marianne M 1 like

I didn’t start a daily bath until my dd was about 8 months old and mobile enough to get a little dirty. Until then, just 2x a week. I actually found that baths wound her up, so we’ve stuck with the morning bath.

Olivia’s M 1 like

2-3 times a week max is all your LO needs at this age.

Shana V 1 like

My son is 15 months, he’s been getting baths nightly since his cord fell off. Even if I just put some bubbles in the water and let him play that’s all he wants, he expects it and he helps calm him down at night.

Sami 1 like

I bath every night before bed. I only use soap half the time. And I usually give her a bath in the morning cause she gets oatmeal everywhere.

Nadia S 1 like

Both my girls get baths every night I wash their hair every other night unless they play outside then I wash their hair that night. But they do get baths every night if I don’t they have he hardest time going to sleep

Britney C 1 like

We bath every night. I think a lot of the dry skin has to do with what soap you are using. If your using a soap with alcohol and formaldehyde in it then babies skin will dry out (as well as if you follow with lotions with the same ingredients) we once ran outta our soap and lotion and used one we got in the mail as sampled and holy moly it dried her out quick!

Cassie H 0 likes

I do it as a routine on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights and follow bath with lotion. I still use the lotion on the nights she doesn’t get a bath as part of the routine though.

Angie . 1 like

We started it and had to stop bc it dried his skin to my surprise he still went to bed nicely with a bottle music and a book

Logan’s M 0 likes

I live in California and we are experiencing a major drought; so, we’ve given up a nightly bath to conserve water. It helps establish a calming bedtime routine, though, and helps keep bedding cleaner longer. If you’re worried about your LO’s skin being too dry, you can help seal in moisture by applying lotion liberally after each bath. We also love using The Honest Company’s organic body oil (

Haley W 1 like

We do it every 3 days and on the other nights get a warm wash cloth and just wipe her whole body down and lotion after just like we would if she got a bath.

Kathryn C 1 like

I do every night. My son spits up a lot so we got into a habit. He loves them.

Ethan’s M 0 likes

I have done it since he was born, it really does help him sleep better, my doctor even told me I could bathe him twice a day, I leave in florida and it is really hot. If you are worried about the skin drying put some lotion afterwards.