The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 5 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! Your 5-month-old baby is gaining better control of his head. He may even try to sit up! He is starting to give clearer signals of what he wants, like lifting his hands if he wants to be picked up. At 5 months, he is gaining more and more memory and attention span. He can hear the words you say and begins to recognize them - he can even comprehend multiple languages. Reading to your baby is enriching. He loves playing with new toys.

12 month old milestones

The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 12 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! The biggest milestone you’ve had yet – your baby is a year old! The toughest decision at this age might be how to throw an awesome first birthday party and emotionally cope with your baby not being a baby anymore (cue ugly mom cry). This is such a fun milestone, enjoy the time with your little one at this age! She will probably be walking by now, and is looking less like a baby and more and more like a toddler.

Liv’s m Wed, July 29th

Anyone stopped using formula before 12 months, and just gave food?!

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Laikynn’s M 0 likes

I hope not because breastmilk or formula is supposed to be their main source of calories till as least 12 months

Olivia H 2 likes

I’m not 100% sure but I think I stopped formula at 10 1/2 or 11 months

Deleted A 1 like

Yeah same 10-11 but we switched to whole milk. She got the same amount of liquid just whole milk instead.

Dana E 2 likes

I did. I give table food and milk. In the process of weaning off bottles lol omg.. She is 12 months (had to pause the weaning tho)

Amber F 1 like

Honestly, if you’re confident that the baby is getting enough nutrition from table food then there’s no reason to stick with formula. Cows milk should wait until after the first birthday though.

Liv’s m 0 likes

When did you stop giving formula?

Dana E 1 like

But I gradually switched from formula to milk (like half and half and then full milk) to make sure she likes it and most importantly is that it won’t upset her stomach

Violeta K 2 likes

I have been feeding him reg food since 4 months old. Anything I would cook for us, I would put in the blender n feed the baby n as far as formula, I stopped at 10 1/2-11 months old n started to give him milk. It was easy for him to switch over. I’m having trouble getting him to drink from a sippy cup. He still wants that bottle. Doc advised me to put a little water n let him play with it. It’s got his fav character, Mickey on it so we will c.

Brooklyns M 1 like

We transitioned away from formula at 11 months. Took me 3 weeks

Miranda M 1 like

9 months bc he was already stealing food from my plate lol

Dana E 1 like

Sorry I transitioned when she was 11 months and a half . Took me a week ..

JVP 3 likes

It is best to wait till one year and keep giving what baby needs! It’s not recommended before 12 months!

Liv’s m 0 likes

JVP If the baby gets enough nutrition thru food, there is no need for formula.

JVP 1 like

You are absolutely wrong! (: there is a need until 12 months and following whole milk up to two years. U can transition to milk at 11, but it’s not recommended but kids need milk.

Liv’s m 0 likes

So the whole country if Sweden, where I grew up, is then wrong! There you breastfeed or formula feed until the child is eating enough solids to get its nutrition. Wether that is 8 months or 12, doesn’t matter. All my friends who still live there stopped bf at 8 months. And gave just food! They are all thriving! Every country’s research is different!

JVP 1 like

I’m from Poland. Not too far. 😉 they bf up to a year if not over. But I guess. If your going by what u know by all means do it your way. (: your baby. U just got an opinion of how they recommend things here in the U.S. Milk plays a very important role with bone development and stuff. I didn’t see a reason to skip it. My apologies.

Liv’s m 1 like

Cool! No need for that. I was interested in everyone opinion, there for asking the question. My dd is 9 months and thriving. Thou I give less formula the recommended. The kid eats like a horse and has little interest in bottles. I might stop earlier, I might not. Didn’t mean to come across as defense.

JVP 1 like

I guess as long as baby gets dairy through yogurt and cheese. (: also from what I remember the quality of food in Europe is so much better. Lol.

Liv’s m 1 like

Oh god yes! I moved here when I was 21, I’m 29 now. And I still miss it so much. The food, the water, the air everything is so much better quality! What you do for love! Lol

G’s Mom 0 likes

Pediatrician told us yesterday to start transitioning at 11 months to whole milk. Take away 1 bottle a week and give sippy cup

Kathy M Fri, October 3rd

My son is 12 months and EVERY night for around the past week – 2 weeks has peed through EVERY nighttime diaper. I put it on right before bedtime(8pm) and all of the sudden by 2am he’s waking up bc its soaked through. I have to change his sheets and clothes every time what’s going on?!

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Loveleen K 2 likes

Change the diaper brand

MAMA B 3 likes

I’d have to say it’s time to change the diaper!!! Also you can buy these pads that go under baby so if he pees you can just remove it instead of having to change everything good luck

Jay Allen B 1 like

He needs a bigger size

Katarina O 1 like

Diaper is wrong size! We use nighttime diapers & they wrk great

Ethans M 2 likes

I would go up a size for the diaper and maybe change the brand. I personally love pampers and I have to put my LO in a size bigger at night time

Monica G 2 likes

You could put two diapers on him at night. That may help.

Stephanie W 1 like

This use to happen with my son, trying going a diaper size. I also find the pamper cruisers are a bit bigger then other brands

Tee M 1 like

Change brand good luck

Amanda T 2 likes

I’d go up a size. My son should be in size 4, but I found that size 5 is more absorbent and it doesn’t scrunch him up down there.

Cinnamon K 1 like

Try not to give him too much to drink an hour before bed. That should help

Rach R 1 like

Hook him up with a new diaper before u go to sleep 🙂

Kathy M 0 likes

Thanks I’ll try a bigger size tonight!!

Crystal K 1 like

We loved the huggies night time diapers. I agree to try a bigger size. Good luck! 🙂

Stephanie W 1 like

How are things going with your little one?

Kathy M 0 likes

We went up a bigger size and it helps but we have to change him at night. I tried to get pampers but they don’t make sensitive in his size :/ and he was allergic last time I used it

Kathy M 0 likes

Thanks for following up!!

Nyri G 1 like

We use Pampers Baby Dry at night. Works well for our LO!

Sahar A Wed, March 25th

Swim diapers – how well do they work? Best brands? Tips or advice so she doesn’t poo in the water!! Thinking about summer swimming plans. She’s going to be 12 months in May. Thanks!

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Megan S 1 like

Following ! My son will be 12 months this summer and his nana & poppa have a pool, I haven’t figured out what swimmer diaper will be best yet though

Heather 5 likes

The lil swimmers are great! I think they’re made by huggies. They don’t get all poofy like if they’re wearing a regular diaper and will hold poop in if they go

E W 2 likes

We use huggies for swim diapers and really like them. They split at the sides so they’re really easy to come off. We use Pampers normal diapers so we tried pampers swim diapers and didn’t like them as much

Nattie 3 likes

I also use lil swimmers by Huggies. I made the mistake of having my LO wear a normal diaper (which is fine but the max amount of time that thing can stay wet is about 25-30 minutes) if u stay in longer, normal diapers will explode like a bomb of jelly and paper! Lol very embarrassing!

Chris R 1 like

Huggies little swimmers are great.

Marianne M 1 like

We have a washable swim diaper and it works great. Caught a few potential messes! It snaps up the side for easy on/off. I’m not sure of the brand, but we got it at Buy Buy baby

Jessica K 1 like

Target sells non-disposable swim diapers. I use them for my son while he’s at his swim lessons

Michele B 2 likes

I use the iplay swim diaper and love it! She did a big 💩 in it when she was 6 months old and it kept everything it!! She’s 15 months old now and hasn’t pooped in it since then, but I’m confident it would still keep everything in 🙂

D D 1 like

We use lil swimmer by Huggies. They are fantastic. They don’t blow up, and they undo on the side to take the diaper off easily.

Ashleigh 1 like

Charlie banana reliable swim diapers are awesome! I have so many and I’m in love with them…we go swimming a lot

Danna C 2 likes

I use I play swim diapers. We don’t swim often so a pack of swim diapers goes to waste.

Tess J 2 likes

We bought a reusable one that works great. It’s called iplay

Kailaa T 1 like

They work for poop but not very well for pee

Kailaa T 1 like

Sorry let me correct myself the little swimmers are great but the reusable ones leak pee

Tess J 1 like

I thought they all leaked pee???

Kailaa T 0 likes

The little swimmers I get have never leaked the only ones I have problems with are the reusable ones

Sahar A 1 like

How do you know if they’re leaking pee or not?! There in the water.

FirstTime M Wed, August 26th

When is it considered “inappropriate” to shower in front of my son? He’s 12 months now and I take him in the bathroom and put toys on the floor while I shower.. Is he too old? When should I stop?

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Amelia E 7 likes

He is your child, I don’t think it’s inappropriate at all unless it was someone else.

FirstTime M 2 likes

I agree, but there has to be an age limit I would imagine.

Kaitlin C 9 likes

I don’t think it is till he’s much older, I actually recently read a very good article about a mom who chooses to shower in front of her boys and will change in front of them because she wants them to know that real women aren’t perfect naked like they see in the magazines, it changed me opinion on it a lot

Nicole M 1 like

I stopped at 4/5.

Alyson M 2 likes

You’ve still got a while to go. He’s still so innocent right now. I’m going to take advantage of all the years my son will take a bubble bath with mommy 💙

K B 0 likes

I still go in the shower with my son and he is 16 months. I can remember me mom in the bath and me talking to her when I was a teenager. Your the parent, who cares!

Sandy L 0 likes

My daughter is 3.5 and still will take a shower with me or husband ocasanaly. It depends what you and child are comfortable with.

NYT’S Mom 0 likes

I’m not sure but maybe when they are old enough to identify body parts?

J.O.M. 0 likes

My hubby stopped being naked around our daughter about 18 months, about the time they may begin to remember? Idk, depends on if your prepared to answer questions too, if hubby wants to do bath w my daughter he wears his swim trunks, she’s 3 now of course so it’s very different from 12 mo

Mickey 1 like

There is an limit. At 2 they start to recognize

S T 0 likes

The age limit varies. It is whenever either party begins to feel uncomfortable at all. To not stop then would be disrespectful to those involved. To stop before then is fine to but it doesn’t really matter because it doesn’t make a difference to those involved at that time too.

Brittany � 0 likes

My son is 2 (almost 3) & I still shower with him!!

R S 0 likes

I read about it as a recommendation for 2 year olds, never thought about it until then. My dds are 2 and 5 and they were used to walk in and out of the bathroom when my husband showers and never had any problems, they asked me about body parts before they were 3 so I guess thry had it all very clear

Monika V 0 likes

My son is almost 11 months and I get in the bath with him to bathe him. But my SO won’t be naked around him! He won’t tell me why he just doesn’t feel comfortable with it. I don’t get it!

Caitlin V 0 likes

I stopped around 4 but really only because he started pointing and going “booby! Booby!” And while that was funny, it didn’t really make showering easy.

Alysha B 0 likes

I’ve read that some kids can start having sexual feelings as young as 3 or 4 & they can feel strange/guilty if it happens when their opposite sex parent is naked. I’m planning to stop by the time my son is 3.

Eileen C Wed, August 13th

So today I bought vitamin D milk so that I could start weaning my 11 month old from being bf and I don’t want to give it to him yet lol I’m not ready :/ Ps.. I know you should wait until they are 12 months

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Charo C 1 like

I get stressed just thinking about the day I will no longer bf my twins. I have three months to go and like u will begin at 11 months

Eileen C 1 like

I’m glad I’m not alone

Eileen C 0 likes

Thank you 🙂

Charo C 1 like

It’s such an amazing bond!! Are u doing half and half or going straight to whole?

A W 0 likes

You’re not alone! I couldn’t imagine my lo getting anything else for a while. Weaning is harder on mom I think… Just go as slowly as you need to. Breast milk will give her what she needs for as long as you give it to her. You can supplement her diet with other foods.

A W 1 like

Him* 🙂

Crystal H 2 likes

You can still breastfeed while giving whole milk. You should only be giving 500ml a day (16oz) of whole milk. So if your baby wants to eat more that two 8oz bottles then you’ll be able to BF.

Heather S 2 likes

I switched cold turkey when my son was around 11 months. I had no issues, if it helps warm up the regular milk and mix it with breast milk to help with the transition.

Heather P 1 like

yes I warm up milk for my 11 month old. He’s adjusted fine to it. I introduced it to him when he turned 10 months I think

Eileen C 1 like

I am not planing on cold turkey just a little at a time, we are in no rush

Eileen C 1 like

I’m only going to do a couple oz a day

Heather P 1 like

that’s perfect. but i know it’s emotionally hard to stop with the BF!! 🙁

Eileen C 1 like

It is! And I didn’t think it would be. A couple weeks ago I couldn’t wait and now I’m on the fence

Marykate M 0 likes

I was told to start with an oz then move up every few days along as baby does alright with it and I mixed it with the formula. So day one would be 6oz of formula 1oz milk

Eileen C 0 likes

I am breastfeeding

Allie I 0 likes

I believe if you love the bonding and just don’t want to stop, why would you? There is no hard mom rule stating you have to stop at 12 months. If you go to 15 mos that is what you and your baby need. Sometimes it not just just for nourishment but for bonding.

Jenny B Mon, November 17th

I’ve seen a few posts about introducing a blanket to their LO until they are like 12 months but I’ve always used a blanket for my baby since she was born.. Is it bad? Or what precautions should I be taking? Or what’s the reasoning behind this?

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Sandra D 1 like

If you decide to use a blanket, keep it under her arms and tucked under her sides. The reason they don’t want blankets used is because it is a suffocating hazard. I used a blanket with my 2 month since she was born. The nurses showed me how to use it.

Monique P 1 like

I don’t think it’s bad as long as you don’t over fill the crib with toys pillows and blankets… My sons both loved there blankets!

Mr. And Mrs. C 3 likes

Ankets can suffocate them, and are recommended not to be used until baby can sit up and roll over

Coryn P 1 like

I used swaddle blankets with mine until she was in her own crib and was rolling over. But I definitely always had a blanket on her.

Kim G 2 likes

I always used a blanket for both of my girls., I just made sure I covered the lower part of there body and not around their face

TnT M 1 like

I have always used a blanket. I just make sure that it is no where near her face.

Jessica T 1 like

Our ped says once they know how to pull the blanket off of their face, they are fine. I still don’t give my ) month old one as he likes to bury his face.

Amanda S 1 like

My LO has had a blanket since she was about two moths old. She is now seven months and will not sleep without it.

Marianne M 0 likes

This is a SIDS concern, which has dropped by almost 75% since the back to sleep campaign, but babies still die unexpected and unexplained. Here are two very good articles:

Hannah M 2 likes

Both my babes have slept with me, and both have shared my blanket with me. Both are fine. Right now Cash has the blanket up to his shoulders.

Guadalupe V 1 like

I’ve also used a blanket from day one my baby is now 3 months and everything is ok but baby also sleeps with me

Grazi Z 1 like

I always used a blanket since day one. As long as its breathable, like one of those homemade crochet blankets and you just cover their lower body, it’s fine. Babies get cold at night and I feel that they need their blanket. Warm baby sleeps longer. I tried the sleep sack and her legs were cold . It just didn’t keep her warm. Good luck.

Jordan H 1 like

I’ve always used blankets with my son. What I did when he was little was place the blanket in his lower half a tuck the blanket into the mattress. That way I didn’t have to worry about it moving and suffocating him.

Lillian G 1 like

Blankets can be a suffocation hazard- if you do want to use one make sure it is tucked into the bed as much as possible so that it doesn’t twist around them so much

Momma to t 1 like

I just started giving me LO a blanket around 13m, she’s 17m now and still uses it.

Jennifer 1 like

There is a concern for suffocation with any item in the crib, and the magic age is 1. When my daughter was younger we would have her swaddled, and now that she’s 14 months she sleeps in a sleep sack, which is basically a wearable blanket. Didn’t want to chance the risk of suffocation when she was younger. Now, she moves/flops to much for it to do any good since she doesn’t understand the concept of pulling it on herself to stay warm yet. Layering of clothes, best way to keep baby warm and safe.

Sahar A Thu, April 30th

Did you moms REALLY wean off the bottle at 12 months? I can do sippy cups during the day fine but she sleeps with a warm bottle at night and I don’t think I can take that away. ? do I have to??

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Karla P 2 likes

My daughter is 21 months and she still needs her bottle at nights.. I just make sure to brush her teeth after she drinks her milk

Ashley 1 like

For the sake of her teeth and gum health I would.

Skylar K 0 likes

I did at 18 months. It was an easy switch for us but I just felt bad taking it away before then lol

C M 0 likes

I weaned my DS at 12 months. DD was about 14 months. The younger, the easier.

Kade’s M 1 like

dd is 13mo & she is allowed her bottle at nite, but only with WATER in it.. milk is in the cup, period. the bottle is a comfort thing, esp needed when teething horribly.. 😔

Stephanie V 1 like

Just brush your LO teeth afterwards.

Ashley M 0 likes

You don’t HAVE to but it’s best for them for their teeth. Maybe try water? Or start with every other night a bottle for a week or 2 & work down? But yes my oldest 2 were off the bottle before 12 months & took a sippy only & had their sippy & night with water.

Olivia’s M 0 likes

Never put a baby to bed with a bottle/sippy cup of milk:

Babygirl G 1 like

You dont have to do anything, do what you thinks right, give it a few more months and try again

Adrian R 0 likes

It was easy for my daughter she stopped drinking a bottle when she turned 1 and has been on a sippy cup ever since and she will be 3 in November.

Olivia N 0 likes

My daughter is 19 months and I still give her her bottle for any liquids, she was breastfed and has been addicted to her bottle since I took the boob away at 10 months

Holly R 0 likes

My advice is don’t worry about it. I’ve read that babies have a suckling instinct until about 2 1/2 years old & the bottle satisfies that. My daughter suddenly gave up the bottle on her own. One day she just started refusing it and never went back. I think it was just after she turned two-years old.

AE M 0 likes

My son is three and still has bottles 😁

Tonya H 0 likes

My son is basically weaning himself. He is down to three bottles a day. 6oz in am, four with nap, 8-12 at bedtime. He eats pretty good. Takes more bottles when I can’t get him to eat. But he is a year in two weeks. Most days he just has two bottles period and actually prefers them out of bed. A lot of moms go to sippee cups soon after age one. I would suggest at least by age two to wean. Just to prevent dental issues that come with bottles in bed.

Alia W 0 likes

I weaned at 14 mo but I never put my DD to bed with a bottle to begin with so I think that made it easier. Maybe start by giving her the bottle earlier before actually weaning? I would recc earlier bc it’s easier at a younger age and better for their oral health.

Ann O Thu, October 8th

Where do you find footed pajamas for 12 months+ that are NOT fleece other than Carters?

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Griselda P 2 likes

Target carry but are carters brand

Nicole A 1 like

Oshkosh is the only other place I can find them

Amelia E 2 likes

Children’s place

Rose 1 like

Baby gap

Danni P 1 like

Look on etsy even amaZon!

Tricia 0 likes

The children’s place.

Kim M 0 likes

Walmart I just got some from there yesterday

V C 0 likes

I agree, the children’s place

Jessica F 0 likes

Costco has the best PJs and they are only 8 bucks

Katie T 0 likes

Walmart and they’re super cheap!

Caitlin V 0 likes

I think Gerber makes some. Check Amazon.

Cassie A 0 likes


Lauren A 1 like

Target and some at Walmart

Becky G 0 likes

Amazon sells leveret brand, they have up to 5t for those types of pjs, my son loves them!

Josie✝ 0 likes

Wal mart

Mari A Thu, December 11th

My daughter has the frizziest hair always looks like I never brush her hair but I do CONSTANTLY . Are the any toddler hair products out there that won’t harm her hair and keep her little baby hairs in place . She’s 12 months old. Between straight and curly hair

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Taylor B 1 like

Whole foods sells a baby hair care line called Mixed Chicks, for frizzy/curly hair

Lauren P 3 likes

You could always try coconut oil 🙂

Angelique O 0 likes

Use some baby oil or after taking a bath leave the towel with the hood on her head then it will dry straighter! Another suggestion

Jessie A 0 likes

Rub a dryer sheet through her hair. I have really curly frizzy hair and it works.

Carly B 0 likes

I put coconut oil on my LOs hair after her bath! Works great!

Ashley V 1 like

Don’t brush it so much, will make it frizzier. When your finished washing it put a spray in detangler and comb it with a wide tooth comb and then let it dry naturally and shouldn’t be super frizzy.

Bridget C 0 likes

I’d just use a little coconut oil when her hair is damp. It’s natural and has tons of vitamins that may also help her hair grow strong!

Alice W 0 likes

I use a product called its a curl. Its for biracial hair. They sell it online. Its amazing

Perfectly M 0 likes

Try using a soft baby brush instead. My daughter has pretty silky hair until it gets to the very bottom, then it’s crazy curls everywhere!!!! It’s adorable straight from the bath because they are PERFECT coils of curls. Use a comb when her hair is wet, then kinda fluff it a little. After it’s dry gently use a soft bristle brush to comb it down. Then it’s beautiful:)

Perfectly M 0 likes

Ps unless this girl is biracial using products for African American hair may cause hers to look a bit greasy. Js. Good luck

Yomi S 0 likes

Thank you Jessie dryer sheet is good and less expensive. If she is biracial, use coconut oil hair texturizer it works wonders

Robyn M 1 like

I have stick straight hair, but I once read that you never brush curly hair because it will frizz out. Try a wide tooth comb?

Jessica C 0 likes

Coconut oil works every time!

Robyn M 0 likes

I like the oil suggestions. Just out a tiny bit on your hands and rub them together, then run your fingers through her hair.

Nikki R Thu, April 23rd

Hey ladies!!! I know babies need formula until they are 12 months! BUT!! At the 12 month mark, do you switch them to milk or the toddler formula? & if it’s the toddler formula, at what age can they get to milk?

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A V 3 likes

At 12 month they can go to regular whole milk. Then at 2 years old they can go to regular 2% milk.

Tiffany C 3 likes

I started my 11 mo on whole milk mixed with his formula to make the transition easier. I’ll be doing this until he is 12 mo on May 15 🙂

Restaurant M 1 like

I’m gonna do 1/2 and 1/2 with whole milk and her formula.

Nikki R 2 likes

Is there a reason why it has to be whole milk?

Erin B 3 likes

I think the toddler formula may be for underweight tots but I’m not 100% sure. No harm in mixing the 2!! But I go to milk because it’s cheaper 😏 I do mix regular formula and milk to transition

Tiffany C 2 likes

I think it’s because of its nutrients

Erin B 4 likes

It has the fat they need

Nikki R 1 like

Ooooooh ok! Thanks ladies!

Elizabeth . 2 likes

Hi! I wondered about this as well.,I asked my dr and she said that it’s up to me. I like the extra nutrients in the formula so i have her drink a formula bottle first thing in the morning and the rest of the day drinks are milk. 😀

Danie M 4 likes

Whole milk has fat for for nerve and brain development

Katie B 2 likes

The fat in the whole milk is very important!

Mommy M 2 likes

I started regular organic whole milk when she was 11 months..

Emily M 1 like

I did whole milk. Man I didn’t even know toddler formula exsists! They love to try to get us for our money trying to advertise to our Achilles aka our weak spot (our kids)

Yv L 0 likes

Many go straight to whole milk at 12 months, some use toddler formula for weight gain issue or sensitive stomach .

Nikki R 0 likes

Gah! I didn’t know that about whole milk!! My grandma has been on me about starting him on 2% when he turns 12 months. So glad I know not to now!

Victoria B Wed, November 26th

Is it safe to put vapor rub on my baby’s chest? She’s 12 months and has a cold. She won’t sleep but just keeps screaming and crying. I don’t know what to do. I’ve given her some Motrin and it seems to helping a little. Any advice?

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Ashley B 3 likes

My mom said she did it with all 4 of us and we turned out fine. You can also rub some on her feet and put socks on. It actually works and makes them feel better

Anonymous 2 likes

Baby vapo rub in feet and cover them with socks, it works wonders!

Blake P 1 like

There is baby vapor rub

Christinae B 1 like

Vapor rub on their back helped open up my little one. Especially the lemon scented.

Stephanie W 1 like

Baby Vicks bath too!

Jennifer 1 like

I don’t put it on my daughters feet because she’s constantly pulling her socks off and putting her feet in her mouth. I actually put a little on her back, since she can’t reach it. The smell is so potent, it still reaches. Regardless of where you put it, just make sure your little one can’t get to it. Not good in mouth or eyes (ouch)!!! Hope your daughter feels better soon.

Abby R 2 likes

I have used it on my sons chest since he was 12 months old, and I also put it on his feet and put socks on him. It always seems to work well for us. Hope this helps, and hope ur little one feels better very soon! 🙂

Dakota R 0 likes

Either do the feet with socks or on back shoulder blades. There is baby Vic’s that works just as great.

Abby M 1 like

I put baby vicks on my sons chest back and feet. It seemed to really help him sleep so much better! Hope your little one gets better soon!

Nattie 1 like

Humidifier! Keeps the room moist and helps with the breathing. My mom did always use one with me, along with vapor rub. I haven’t used vapor rub on my son though. Only the humidifier. Good luck!

Beth E 0 likes

We put a little on her back. It helps so much!

Melissa K 0 likes

I put it on his feet and on his back and put him in a footed sleeper! We also run a vaporizer with the Vicks vapor pads!

Caitlyn S 0 likes

Yup love it and you can get a nice bubble bath for cold by Johnson’s

Aida O Sun, January 11th

Hi moms, my lo its 12 months old, when is safe give him eggs and pbj ?

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Momma Z 0 likes

I’m pretty sure right around the 1yr mark is when we did with our daughter. She loved both and luckily no allergies!

Mommy Of T 0 likes

I was told to wait till 2 yrs on the pbj but i later found out my sister gave my daughter a Reeses and she was fine so she got the pbj sometimes after 1. Lol

Crystal A 0 likes

Yes it’s fine .

Laura H 0 likes

I think the rules changed regarding what can and shouldn’t be given to babies.. I give my 9 month old scrambled eggs and she seems fine… I am cautious about peanut butter only because it could be a choking hazard due to the stickiness…

Aida O 0 likes

Thank you all, I’m so scared to give him eggs , but I want him to eat of everything… I guess I’ll try scramble eggs

Ashlee 0 likes

The rules have changed there Is no proof that delaying certain foods will prevent allergies I gave my son peanut butter blended with fruit at 7 months. I do however have children’s benedryl in my house ask a pharmacist what dose is best according to your baby’s weight. If there ever was an allergic reaction give them a dose to slow it down and take them straight to emergency

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I hVe both things at 1 yr and she did fine

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We did eggs at a year. It took a few tries, mostly due to texture, I think. We waited a little longer on nuts and actually started with almond butter. We introduced in midweek at bfast because dad’s side has known tree nut allergies, but no issues. We then tried pnut butter the same way (Peanuts aren’t actually nuts so reactions can be different)

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My daughter tried eggs around 8 months and peanut butter and jelly around 9-10 months!

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I got permission from my pediatrician at 12 months.

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You can give eggs and PB by age 12months. Start one at a time and give it 4-5 days or so before introducing the other, just to be sure there isn’t an allergy with these two foods. Make sure you only use a thin layer of peanut butter and it can be a choking hazard.

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*that should say “PB can be a choking hazard”… Use a thin layer.

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Thank you ladies

Kathy M Tue, September 9th

My son is 12 months on 9/11. He usually wakes up once a night when he’s teething (drinking 6 oz) otherwise he sleeps through the night. On his birthday I was going to try replacing his first bottle with whole milk and then bm/formula for the rest of the day (and then slowly replacing it with milk just depending how it goes) after he’s transitioned my question is if he wakes up at night does he still get whole milk? Formula? Water? Do I feed him the same just replacing bm/formula with whole milk

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Or am I replacing some feedings with water? My 12 month appt is next tues so I was going to try just one bottle of whole milk a day until then but just wanted to hear what y’all’s do so when I go to the dr I can discuss some ideas 🙂

Fergie B 1 like

Instead of replacing a bottle with while milk I would start mixing it to give his tummy time to get used to it. Start out with half and half if he takes it fine then after a couple days increase the amount of milk till you have completely weaned him off the formula and breast milk. If he won’t drink half and half increase the amount of formula. If you still plan on nursing for a couples feedings then just nurse and skip the milk that feeding.

Fergie B 1 like

Good luck! If he will take water in the middle of the night instead of milk then that would be best but some LOs won’t.

Monica G 1 like

I did it cold turkey.. Took my son about a week to get used to it 🙂

Kathy M 0 likes

Britney ^ so is that just one bottle or 50/50 on all bottles?

Kathy M 0 likes

Monica^ I’ve heard of constipation but did you have that issue?

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Sorry I spelled your name wrong my bad🙅

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I’m not nursing I ep. Currently he gets bm during the day and formula if he wakes up at night.

Maddie S 1 like

I didn’t nurse at 12months. Lo got formula. When I went to DR they suggested almond milk instead of reg milk. I am doing a mix of formula, almond, and regular milk. I do water at night and if he gets juice during the day I water it down.

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I was told at six months that my baby doesn’t really need milk throughout the night and they can get all the nutrients they need throughout the day. So I cut her off cold turkey it was harsh but she got used to it. She’s nine months now a total little chunker and hasn’t had any weight-loss at all she sleeps great for the night.

Jessica Y 1 like

It really depends on the child, you know your child best. With mine she tasted cows milk once and never wanted formula again I’m getting close with my youngest she has two months until we begin that journey.

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I love it. I totally worried about this when I transitioned my son as well. Honestly, I think he will do just fine if you just start giving him whole milk. If formula isn’t hurting his tummy, you are good. Time to save money!! He’s 12 months! Congrats mommy! Since he’s eating food now, the milk is really just a drink.

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Nope and if you did have that problem my grandma always told me corn syrup! And the pediatrician said white grape juice. Start out in small amounts if needed 🙂

Christie L Wed, June 4th

When did you start feeding your baby scrambled eggs? I have been reading a lot of mixed reviews. Some sites say wait until 12 months, and some say earlier.

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I would say wait to at least a year.

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I have my little one scrambled eggs around 10 months. Later, I found out you should probably wait until they’re one. Luckily nothing happened. But, it’s just like peanut butter and honey, it could potentially cause an allergy.

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6 months. Studies now show that holding off on “allergenic” foods may actually be part of the cause of increased food allergies. Unless there is a history of family food allergies, babies can have anything except honey and whole nuts after 6 months.

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Babies under 1 shouldn’t have honey because of the risk of botulism not allergies. Whole nuts should be avoided because they are a choking hazard.

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You can do egg yolks as young as 6 months, but wait until 12 months to do egg whites. The allergy is usually with the egg white. I gave my baby egg yolk at 9 months.

Tamara W 1 like

I would wait until a year just to be safe, because an egg allergy would really suck! There’s egg in so much yummy food!

Nikki W 0 likes

I gave my son eggs when he was old enough to chew probably 7 months old but at a year and a half one day he had egg and swelled up his throat closed off completely and he stopped breathing in a matter of 5 minutes so he can’t have anything with egg now or any kind of nut either. I would say do what you think is best for the child apparently they may not be allergic to it right away but build an allergy to it I have no history of allergies he was the first one I had to go through this with

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Thanks everyone!!

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I was giving my daughter mashed potatoes at 2 1/2 months. And shared my eggs with her when she was 6 months old. I do understand the allergy thing but since neither of us have allergies on our side. I didn’t see where it hurt. She was eating peanut butter cookies and peanuts at 13 months.

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Nikki that is so scary! Thank god your son is okay. I give my son eggs, have been since about 7-8 months.

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Yup after they turn one

Jessica W 0 likes

My ped said 12 months