The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting an 11 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! At 11 months, your baby is closer and closer to be able to walk. He is much more independent. He might mimic you or his older siblings - pretending to brush his teeth, drink out of a cup, even being sleepy. Giving your baby choices at this age helps enable his independence. Setting up safe areas for standing and walking can help him gain the independence he needs to set off on his own.

11 month old milestones

The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting an 11 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away!

At 11 months, your baby is closer and closer to be able to walk. He is much more independent. He might mimic you or his older siblings – pretending to brush his teeth, drink out of a cup, even being sleepy. Giving your baby choices at this age helps enable his independence. Setting up safe areas for standing and walking can help him gain the independence he needs to set off on his own.

Kristy R Mon, February 23rd

Good morning moms! Just wondering how often you bathe your little one ? Mines 11 months.

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Jessica G 1 like

Honestly I bathe my 1 year old 2-3 times a week.

Life V 1 like

Once every two days

Sandy L 2 likes

My 3 month old is 1-2 a week. My older one is the same right now since it’s cold and she has dry skin. When the weather warms up baby will be every other day and daughter will be every day

Kassandra B 1 like

I do every other day, with a light wash up in between, both my boys have exzcema, so everyday really dries out their skin

Briana W 1 like

I think the typical bath per week is about 3 times because you still don’t want to dry out there skin they just hAd this discussion on Klove radio lot too long ago.

Nancy P 1 like

My 14 month old gets a bath every night as part as his bed time routine.

Jessica G 1 like

Kristy, everything you’ve posted/commented it’s posted 5/6 times each. Just letting you know. The app is messing up for a lot of people.

Andrea T 1 like

I show my 8 month every night

Lindsey P 1 like

I give all three of my boys a bath everyday

Linsi M 1 like

My girls get a bath every night. They have since they were 2-3 months old

C C 1 like

My 5 month old gets a bath every other day, unless he had a blow out diaper, then I’ll usually bathe his bottom.

Stacey * 1 like

Every other night for the most part. We have bathed them more often or less often depending on our day.

Kailaa T 1 like

I’ve always done every other day

?Amanda? B 1 like

Every other day in this cold weather.

Kali R 1 like

2-3 times a week in the winter because it dries my girls skin out. Summer every other day or every day if needed from playing outside etc.

Lisa M 1 like

Every night..its part of his routine

Mama Of M * 1 like

Every day 8 mos

Chelsea A 1 like

Daily and just lotion him up!

Katie R 1 like

It was every other day until she started solids now she get done every night lol

K W 2 likes

Every couple days depending on what’s going on. She’s almost 9 mos. we are pretty much home bodies and she’s doesn’t get dirty. Once summer hits it will be a different story. She’ll be outside and my yard is a mud pit right now lol

Ashley B 1 like

Every other day 🙂

Caitlyn S 1 like

Every night ,

Trena T 1 like

3 year old- every other day (he has eczema) so I keep him as dry as I can, but then lotion everyday. 9month old- every other day. So my 9mo can get baths Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun. And my 3yo will get them Tues, Thurs, Sat. It works with our schedules!!

Irasema Y 1 like

Once every 2 or 3 days. My LO is 5 weeks

Carolynn V 1 like

I have a 4 year old and a 21 month old and they get 2 baths a week right now (winter). But in the summer it’s more often because they actually get dirty 😄

Joy V 1 like

Every 3 days. So skin wont dry up.. Babies are not dirty anyway😊

Amanda H 1 like

My 6 1/2 month old baby girl and my 2 year old son get baths every night. It’s part of their bed time routine and has been from day one.

Nicole M Sun, June 22nd

I’m having trouble clipping my sons nails. It’s been this way since he was born and he’s 11 months now. I’ve probably only done them 3 or 4 times. He kicks me and screams and tries to punch. If I try while he’s asleep he will wake up instantly. Any tips?

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Marisa B 1 like

I have the same problem. But I do them once a week. Today wen I did them, I thought maybe if I talk and sing to her, it’d keep her calm. And it did! She only wiggled around twice – a billion times better than normal. Try singing a song in a really calm and comforting voice 🙂

Nicole M 0 likes

When I try to sing to him he puts his pacifier in my mouth to shut me up lol we tried distracting him with a cartoon on my phone and it hardly worked. He knows our trickery

Kelly D 1 like

I used a Nail file their nails are so brittle it would come right off

Victoria N 1 like

Maybe have dad feed him a bottle to distract him and you try cutting his nails? That works for my daughter as well good luck!

Mad C 2 likes

I still use the nail scissors and my daughters 10 months. She sits in my lap and tries to break free, but I distract her by turning on cartoons or asking her grandma to talk to her. It takes time, but the scissors seem to be easier.

Linda C 1 like

Try just filing his nails

Vanessa A 2 likes

Try clipping the nails when the baby is sleeping.

Jordan C 1 like

I have the same issue. My son is 3 months and kicks and cries. I only file not clip and do it weekly. He acts like I am torturing him but if I don’t do it he scratches his face when tired.

Carlye M 1 like

Try trimming them when he is eating his bottle.. If he’s still on one… Or when he is nursing, if you are breastfeeding.

Robin F 1 like

Cut them when he sleeps. Makes life easier.

Shayna B 1 like

I do my daughters while she’s in the bath with me while she’s playing with her tub tous

Shayna B 1 like


Erin S 2 likes

They are like paper so when I feed I can actually chew them off as they tear really easily. I feel a bit weird biting off her nails but I find it’s the easiest way especially when I’m feeding as she’s calm and doesn’t care what I’m doing. I have also used a nail file as it’s way easier to do that quick vs trying to clip them.

M W 1 like

Clip yours then show him it doesn’t hurt you or bother you then do his. Put the tv on, give him a book to distract him. We always paint our daughters after, that’s her reward. So maybe give him a reward after. Sticker, something fun!

Cristina V 1 like

I give Sammy a calming bath and give him his milk, while he is drinking my husband clips his nails. This helps us. Make sure you are calm because they can sense your feelings as well. Good luck

Erin M 1 like

Try filing! I can tell you that it does get better! Our son hated it and now he tolerates it! He is 22 months now, stopped fighting it around 18 months 🙂 keep him busy too, I used to have my husband distract him while I cut them.

Jessica J 1 like

I clip my daughters nails while I have her in her high chair feeding her. She is 11 months old and won’t sit still for me unless I do it that way…..

Elena S 1 like

I know it’s not recommended, but I am using tweezerman yellow baby nail scissors since my baby girl was 6 weeks. Love it. Fast and no cuts (knock on a wood).

Lacy R 1 like

Try the Zo-li Buzz Baby Nail Trimmer…I have it and it’s amazing!! It’s like a nail file but it’s battery powered and is real gentle.

Alexis W 1 like

We provide a prize of some sort, like 2 m&ms, a sucker, etc. & after using it on two boys for years I would say it works pretty well! I find that they want the treat more than they want to fuss

Tami W 1 like

Try distracting him with Cheerios or a toy while you clip them.

Jessica B 1 like

I clipped my sons nails when he would drink a bottle.. It was my only option for a while.. then I started to clip them towards the end of his bottle and pull it away and keep clipping.

Emma F 1 like

Oh that’s me too!! Sometimes I say look what’s mummy doing etc I get less resistance.. But mostly it’s holding him tightly and just doing it.. It’s horrible

Andrea E 1 like

My son would fight me on it until I started holding him in my lap and letting him watch me do it. He gets a little antsy sometimes but more often than not he has no problem with me trimming his nails.

Chelsey L 1 like

I make funny noises after each nail gets clipped. My son tends to wait for me to do it so he is still. It takes a little time for the breaks for him to laugh or try to make the same noise. He is 14 months. It doesn’t always work because he sometimes just doesn’t want anything to do with the clippers but for the most part it has helped.

Laura S Fri, August 29th

My baby had his first haircut! No more blonde baby mullet- 11 months! When did everyone else’s baby get their first trim?

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S T 0 likes

I think we’re about to break down and do it soon. He’s 20 months.

Jayna Rissa C 0 likes

Oh boy! What a handsome little boy! My son is 6mo and pretty much has that mullet. I am going to let it grow out but also can’t help but imagine him in a cute clean cut like this. Did you take him to a special salon?

Teresa T 0 likes

Cute!! My son was 13 mo

Rachelle H 0 likes

When my son was 9month old. He had so much hair I had to tie some cause it keeps getting on his face 🙂

Lauren D 0 likes


Jessica S 0 likes

4 1/2 months due to two minor surgeries

D’Yani C 0 likes

2 yrs. He had long flowing locks that I couldn’t bear to part with.

Cynthia B 0 likes

He’s so adorable

NiraH M 0 likes

Adorable…At 6 months

Lynn N 0 likes

That’s cute!!

Rosemary T 0 likes

So adorable! I trimmed the back of my LO hair at like 6 months. Just the back though. He had a mullet it looked funny. He needs a haircut but his daddy says no. I kinda don’t want to cut it either

Ashley H 0 likes

Oh my goodness he is too adorable!

Paula P 0 likes

My daughter got a trim at about 10 months, she had so much hair!

Kathy M 0 likes

7 months

Jessica M 0 likes

My 2 month old is getting a mullet and her hair on top is almost in her eyes! Time for cute ribbons and hair ties almost!!

Chelsea R 0 likes

He’s such a cutie!

Sara C 0 likes

He looks adorable. My boyfriend cut my babies hair couple of weeks ago, because it was getting close to his face, plus it looked funny.

Heather S 0 likes

1st birthday. He’s do adorable!

Meena S 0 likes

My baby got his head shaved at 3months & he is 13months with full hair & trimmed it about a month ago.

Laura S 0 likes

Loved seeing all the responses thank you!

Jenn P Tue, November 11th

What’s everyone’s opinion/advice on switching your children to cows milk? My LO will be 11 months the 23rd and was curious when I should start weaning.

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Mich I 0 likes

We started right about that time. We did it slowly… An ounce each cup for 5 days then two.. Etc…

Adrianne F 0 likes

I started when my daughter turned one and I did 2 ounces cow milk the rest formula and then every other day added an ounce of milk and reduce the formula. It took about 7-10 days and it was easy on her stomach.

Elizabeth P 1 like

Most experts say 12 months.

Kathy N 0 likes

I started a week before one and did half formula half milk for a couple days(warm). Then I did 1/4 formula and 3/4 milk(warm). Anything in a bottle was warm and anything in a sippy cup was cold unless it was leftover from bottle. My daughter was completely off bottles at 15 months. I narrowed it down to three bottles at first (morning afternoon night) with sippy cup in between. At 13 months we only did morning and night bottle. Then at 14 months just night bottle.

Mindee 0 likes

At a year you can switch them. We put chocolate with milk and she took off with it!

Amy S 0 likes

I was breast feeding my son on formula at all. I started to dry up about a month ago ( he was 10&1/2 months old). My Dr told me to start giving him whole milk not to try formula because it would be for only a month and it could take him that long to find one that works well with him. So he went to whole milk at 10&1/2months and has been doing great. He will be 1 on the 29th of this month. I didn’t mix the milk( do 1/2& 1/2 or anything). Good luck. 😃

Sarina W 1 like

Wait till closer to a year.

Marianne M 0 likes

We started after her first Birthday and gave it to her straight. She got one bottle of organic whole milk in a sippy and took right to it. She’s up to 2x a day, but I still nurse am/pm. She doesn’t have any issues getting both.

Mr. And Mrs. C 0 likes

About a year. When shes eating baby food is a good time to start

Bev Y 1 like

We went to almond milk. I wouldn’t do cow milk unless it’s organic. There’s all sorts of hormones in regular cow milk. And soy converts to estrogen in the body.

Jaime S 0 likes

Formula till one

Shiela G 0 likes

Mine as soon as he turned 1. Hard couple of days. But after a week it is all good. I have healthy little one.

L S 0 likes

I just switched right over to all milk. She gets a little backed up at times and has a hard time pooping so we use miralax, about 1/4 teaspoon per bottle unless we give her an orange that day. If she eats oranges she doesn’t get backed up.

Bailey M 0 likes

We did both( rotated formula/milk)at 11 months and transitioned to just milk just a week before he was 1. We also switched him to a sippy cup. No problems at all, I think he enjoyed the milk better.

Katie N 0 likes

I have a 13 month old and just started the transition at 12 mo’s.. Still doing about half and half.. Hope to fully switch soon!

Crystal Q 0 likes

We went cold turkey at 10 months … my little guy was only taking 2oz of formula a day so we had to do something. Luckily he had no issues with the switch & was drinking it great.

Ciara B 0 likes

Im told 12 months n not a day sooner

Clare B 0 likes

We switched our daughter from formula to whole milk at 1 year. She had no problems making the transition with no weaning at all.

Joanna L 0 likes

I started slowly at 1 year to organic whole milk

Kristin . Tue, July 15th

Hi smart moms:) I’m new to this app and could use a little help. My son is 11 months old and pretty much since he was born has been very gassy. It’s to the point where he will wake up in the night crying and jolting around with gas pains. I have taken him to his dr and even to a paediatrician. (I give him oval) They both told me nothing was wrong with him. I just feel like something isn’t right. What child has gas that bad all the time!? My poor baby:( thank u in advance for your help.

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Tatiana M 2 likes

Have you tried “Gripe Water” it’s amazing stuff, always worked for my kids and my oldest has horrible gas pains. If not than try warm baths with Epsom salt, that also worked for my little ones 🙂

Daniker H 1 like

Have you tried gas drops?

Alice W 2 likes

Lactose intolerance can cause pain and lots of gas. Or u should change formula if it formula feeding

Kate B 0 likes

Gripe water?? That worked for my guys when they were really little but usually they grow out of it by 6 months. Trust your instinct tho if u think something’s up, keep on it. Can u try eliminating some foods (dairy maybe?) to see what it is that might be bothering him?

Dawn M 0 likes

My 11 week old is so gassy too! His dr told me to try culterelle or however you spell it and suggested switching him to enfamil gentlease (which were gonna do when he turns 12 weeks since I want him on newborn formula the full 3 months) The culterelle works so well hes still gassy but it actually comes out instead of causing him pain and when it does get bad we give him has drops. Are you breastfeeding? Try switching around your diet a little and watch what your baby eats.

Lina M 0 likes

Hello, you can try celery tea… Will help your little one, just boil water and cut the celery in pieces and let it boil for 2 minutes and give to him… Hope it helps.

Kelly M 0 likes

I use the little tummies gas drops on my son when he seems especially gassy. Seems to work pretty well.

Tierney D 1 like

Make sure he doesn’t have acid reflux disease. My daughter had it since she was 2 months and still does. She is on a special formula now because of it.

Heather S 0 likes

I use gripe water, make sure he is burping after every milk feeding. It could be his formula. Use a warm compress for his tummy. Keep him sitting up after he eats for at least 30 min. Hope that helps 🙂

Elise M 1 like

Try a warm pack on his belly at bed time warm packs solve lots of night problems for me

Kristin . 0 likes

I have only breast fed him. I am going to start whining him off breast milk around 12 months and start giving him homo milk. I have cut out dairy when he was about 3 months for about 3 weeks and no changes. I have not checked on the acid reflux and I will look into that. Thank u everyone for the tips. It is greatly appreciated 🙂

Lindsey V 1 like

Make sure you are burping him between sides. If your chest is more full and he chokes a bit from drinking too fast burp him extra. Make sure you hold him so that his neck is not turned since that can let in extra air causing more gas. If you are putting milk in a bottle burp him every 2.5 oz or if he chokes a bit since the bottle flows faster and let’s in more air. You can also help by laying baby flat and gently pushing his legs up towards his belly. Repeat exercise about 15 times. Really helps

Valerie M 0 likes

There are a lot of things in breast milk that you eat, that he could have allergies too… I had the same problem.. I tried gas drops, gripe water, I tried to stop eating any dairy but then there is also wheat and egg allergy… I had to stop breast feeding and put him on nutramigen, hydrolyzed formula and he is better . Goodluck!

Kristen G 0 likes

Try changing his food a bit and look up exercises for gas that u can do for him like lifting his legs up to stomach it helps relieve pressure

Serenity K 0 likes

My son is very gassy too he’s 12 weeks. I gave him some gripe water or infacol and to help him try and get it out I would move his legs in a bicycle motion and bring his knees up to his tummy and push gently. After every feeding I sit him up for about 10-15 mins it causes all the gas bubbles to rise to the top and help him burp it out. If none of that helps I give my son a warm bath and it works

Christine L 0 likes

My daughter was like that too for the first 6 months… My doctor told me to try a naturopath and it did wonders!!! No medicine, just a nerve reset all around the body… Now, when I see that she might be getting constipated, I give her probiotics that are called “BioGaia” that are sold at pharmacies over the counter but are very pricy!! Good luck, it is so sad to see them in this discomfort!! Mine was colicky the first 6 months where she would cry 6-8hrs daily!!! 🙁

Brandis G 1 like

Are you formula feeding or breastfeeding? If breastfeeding, cut out dairy. It is the number 1 cause of gas pains. If formula feeding, switch to a hypoallergenic type. If you don’t eliminate the cause of the problem he will continue to have the gas pains and you will have to continue to give him some kind of gripe water or medication to relieve the pain until he is off formula or done breastfeeding. Talk to your doctor/lactation consultant!

Marah O 0 likes

Try a probiotic for infants. I use klaire.

Taryn C Thu, April 16th

How many diapers do you go through a day my sons 11 months and I just went through 70 in ten days lol holy crap

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Stephanie A 1 like

I go through about 8-10 a day

Linsi M 1 like

I go through 8-10 a day total with my twins (they’re 18 months)

Katie R 1 like

10 ish depending on the day but we use cloth diapers

Ash B 0 likes

About 9-11 a day or so I know it gets expensive. I thought about investing in a few cloth ones for when I’m home with lo

Amanda M 0 likes

Maybe 14+ we change him every time he’s peed

Alex H 0 likes

the 17-month old that I watch goes through about 6-8 a day

Taryn C 0 likes

Okay good then this is normal. People tells 5-6 I’m like wtf how do younger your kids sit in pee. They must !

Taylor G 0 likes

I’d say 8-10 with my twins (they’re almost 2)

Taryn C 0 likes

Lol me too as soon as I see a blue mark on the panpers I change him

Gail G 0 likes

I have a one week old and we just went through a box of 80. 10 diapers per day! 😳

Jessica G 0 likes

1 when she wakes up about 11am 1 before nap time at 2 an 1-2 before bed (5-9) . And my daughters two. I wish she was potty trained but she’s still too scared of the toilet

Sarah U 0 likes

Twins 120 a week 😭😭😭

Tiffanie G 0 likes

6-10 she’s a month old

Jessica F 4 likes

4-6 I think. You don’t have to change them as soon as they pee, it’s just a waste of time and money. The diapers are meant to hold a fair amount and still feel dry to the baby. As long as your babe isn’t getting a rash don’t bother changing the diaper in my opinion

Lindsey P 0 likes

I don’t really keep count but I change mine every two hours unless he poops

Tricia 0 likes

Like 5-8.

Lisa M 0 likes

Around 7-8

Taryn C 0 likes

Changing them every time they pee is not a waste of time or money would you enjoy sitting in a heavy diaper full of pee to save some money !? NOPE not doing that to my child. He gets changed every time he pees

Genny H Thu, September 17th

Hi mommies! I need your help! My baby girl will be 11 months on the 28th. She is not sleeping through the night!! I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. She is breastfed and I’m supplementing with formula. I feel as if she uses my boob to soothe because she’ll fall asleep within a minute or so? Any tips or thoughts you would like to share? I’m in desperate need for some sleep since I work. 🙁

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Amber E 1 like

Swaddling? My daughter can’t sleep unless I swaddle her.

Genny H 0 likes

I stopped swaddling her at 3 months because she would break out of it. :/

Ariana A 1 like

How may times does she wake up?

Diana N 2 likes

Do you keep her up after 5pm? I don’t let my lo take naps after 5pm, and he is in bed by 8 or 9pm and sleeps thru the whole night.

Olivia 2 likes

We did the Sleep sense program by Dana Obleman. We read the book and followed it exactly. Lo was waking 6-10 times a night to nurse at 10 months. Took three days and it was tough but shes right your teaching them an important life skill of good sleep. Lo goes to bed at 7 and sleeps 12+ hours now. If you private message me your email I can forward you the PDF instead of you buying it. Saved our sanity and now everyone is sleeping.

Dawn M 1 like

I fed mine to sleep even when she woke (3+ times a night) because I needed the sleep for work. Something magical happened at like 14 months. I stopped feeding her if she woke up after 2:30 and just pulled her next to me and comforted her to sleep. She would go back to sleep faster and within a week or 2 stopped waking up. She only wakes occasionally now and I don’t even pull her out of bed. She did also start walking at that time which might’ve helped, but…

Taylor F 1 like

Night wean. She’s old enough to not need to eat at night. It’s rough the first few nights because it can take a long time for them to fall asleep without the breast but it gets better after a few days.

Genny H 0 likes

She wakes up every 1 hour or so :/

Genny H 0 likes

I do keep her up after 5 and she naps twice a day for an hour and half

Genny H 0 likes

And I put her down by 8 830

Taylor F 1 like

My LO was up like that at 11 mo. Night weaning made all the difference. She’s 18 mon now and only wakes once a night and sometimes sleeps through the night.

Genny H 0 likes

How do you night wean?

Taylor F 1 like

I started by choosing a time (for me it was 2 am) and deciding not to nurse before that time. When my daughter woke up, I would hold her, rock her and bounce her but no talking or nursing. At first there was lots of thrashing, hollering and tears and it took a long time before she gave up and went back to sleep. Each day it took less time though and eventually she would just lay in my arms quietly and go back to sleep.

Taylor F 1 like

After a week or two, she started sleeping through to 2 am. Then I extended it to 3 am, then 4, etc. By the time I got to about 4 she stopped asking for it and we just jumped from there to not until first thing in the morning. She still wakes up once most nights but is usually back asleep within 15-20 min. without nursing.

Genny H 1 like

I’ll give it a try! Thank you!

Taylor F 1 like

Feel free to message me if I can be of any help. 🙂

Love M 0 likes

Here’s a chart that helped me with nap times so that she would sleep thru the night!

Kathy M Wed, August 20th

So I exclusively pump (11 months pp) and generally I’m good with maintaining my supply. But out of no where I have have More milk than I want. I usually pump 9-10 oz per session and this morning I quit at 16 oz. and it’s like I couldn’t stop having let downs. I felt no where near empty and now I feel big and I’m like spraying milk. Like what is going on?

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Heather S 4 likes

That’s a good problem to have, if you’re taking in extra fluids or eating certain foods it could be enhancing your flow. I would just pump away and save your milk.

Mad C 2 likes

Enjoy the extra milk. It’s going to be a diet. You can cut back on pumping a couple days, and your body will adjust if you don’t want the excess. I would take advantage though so you have some extra stored or frozen.

Kathy M 0 likes

I know :/ but I can’t which is why I don’t store milk. I have high lipase and my son won’t drink milk over 3 days old so i finally got it down to just enough. I have tried scalding it in a pan, microwave, bottle warmer at 3 different temps…I tried doing it right after pumping, hours, days, etc. tried freezing right after…nothing works so I decided it was more headache than it was worth. I generally don’t pump for another 2 hours but I seriously feel like exploding!

D’Yani C 4 likes

Oh, man! I would love that problem. I say count your blessings and pump pump pump!

Kathy M 0 likes

I’m at 3x a day now and have been about 2 weeks…next month I’m going to two since my son will be 12 months.

Stasia M 2 likes

Enjoy it!! Many moms would love to get that much, you can freeze it for later or some people like to donate it too.

Brittney H 1 like

I wish I had your problem. I’m having the exact opposite. It’s all I can do to keep my supply at all. I’m Recently a single mom and can’t afford formula so it’s scary. I would say your lucky 🙂

Autumn R 0 likes

Has your diet changed? I exclusively pumped for almost a year and oatmeal always spiked my milk supply.

Monica C 0 likes

Sounds like you have an oversupply. There’s lots of information on about it if you google “oversupply kellymom”

Monica C 0 likes

Also oversupply can have its own issues like foremilk hindmilk imbalance, misdiagnoses of colic or reflux, and an increased risk for plugged ducts and mastitis. It sounds like you could pump less often and only for comfort in between sessions

Amber B 1 like

Holy cow! I pump only about an oz and that’s both sides together! You are lucky!!!!! I wish!

Caroline W 1 like

Pump what you need per serving. Maybe pump 1 or 2 extra times to relieve pressure. Store the extra for a day or two just in case and then dump? What a conundrum!

Kathy M 1 like

Yah I know I’m lucky and I wasn’t trying to sound ungrateful(maintaining supply is hard work!)but when u have to taste every bottle&you get to the 4th one and he’s screaming it just gets frustrating.Not to mention all the time u put into pumping just having to dump it.I wish I could store my milk,I had all these plans to quit pumping sooner but I can’t. After making a billion homemade bm soap bars I had to part ways with the freezer stash&dump it.Idk y today it’s been such a weird day boob wise.

Mad C 0 likes

I would slow down on pumping and express milk in shower to get supply down if it’s too much. Also talk to your lactation nurse to see if there is anything besides waiting it out to slow things down.

Kathy M 0 likes

Lol I’m actually really scared of this drying up process. I used to clog so bad (like everyday) and I finally figured out that pumping for 30 mintues instead of 20 minutes fixed thAt. I’ll call a lc tommorow and see what they say 🙂

Dorean A 0 likes

You’re blessed.

Sara T 0 likes

If you’re comfortable with it consider donating your extra to a local mom. Check eats on feets or HM4HB on Facebook. I see moms with high lipase donating and just disclosing that ahead of time to find a good match.

Kathy M Sat, August 9th

Holding my sons kills my back and Arms. Does wearing him make a difference? He’s 23 lbs and 11 months. Idk if I should wear him on my back or in the front. When’s the latest you can wear them? What’s a good wrap(is that what you call it?) any suggestions!

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Lisa P 0 likes

I love my Ergo, which you can use for a couple years old I think! You can use it for front carry, back carry and side carry!

Amy H 0 likes

Yeah my son was that heavy and even on my back with the ergo it was exhausting as I’m only 5’5″ and 110 pounds. He will walk soon!!!

Kathy M 0 likes

Is the ergo easy to use by yourself? Do guys wear them too? ^^ girl! 5’5 ” is tall!! I’m 4’11” 87 lbs and I’m the tallest out of my aunts. My sister is the tallest girl at 5’2″ lol

Kathy M 0 likes

What do you have heather?

Heather W 0 likes

Once you put it on a couple of times and position it just right, it’s a piece of cake and super comfy for mom and baby. I put my son on my back with no assistance. Me being 5’9″ and weighing as much as two and a half of you 😉 has nothing to do with it. I recommend giving the ergobaby carrier a try!

Meghan P 0 likes

Our stokke was the best investment we’ve ever made. It had a metal plate along the back the keep you from improper posture. You can put baby rear and front facing and you can also change it around to become a backpack carrier for children up to 3 years.

Heather W 0 likes

Didn’t mean to double post lol my bad. I have two ergobaby carriers. One is the classic one in black/camel and the other is the organic one in an orangey color. They make a bunch of different styles and colors. I’d take a peek at their site if you’re interested. 🙂

Kathy M 0 likes

It’s ok this feed is not working. I can’t even like your comments idk why it’s messed up :/

Kathy M 0 likes

And not to be weird…but if you go to the bathroom (like at the grocery store) do you disconnect them? I feel like now I have to talk him in a stroller, bring the stroller back, and then get a cart. Do any of your spouses wear them?

Nicole M 0 likes

Get an ergo I love mine

Iris W 0 likes

I have been working with my daughter to sit in a stroller or a cart so I don’t have to have to carry her. She kills my back too.

Heather W 0 likes

I would just keep my son on when going to the bathroom. It’s a quick affair, why mess with undoing things? Hehe.

Heather W 0 likes

My hubby has worn our son a few times. Mostly at home, when he was newbornish, to give me a break.

Licia K 0 likes

I feel your pain. I have a 10 month old at 25 lbs. I have bought and tried them all. I revert to the maya wrap I made myself. $5 and a little thread and ur done. If u don’t want to sew it; assemble and take it to the nearest swap meet for them to put 3 lines of stitches and your done. The best for my back and shoulders.

Kathy M 0 likes

^^lol heather right? Like it’s such a change to go to the bathroom!

Heather W 0 likes

It’s amazing how talented us moms can be, just doing the simplest of tasks, while juggling baby(s) and their mounds of accessories lol

New M Sat, October 3rd

What time do your lo go too bed at 11 months plus

Show Answers

Laura G 1 like

Lo is one, he’s in bed by 9pm (:

Riris 1 like

My 12 months son goes to bed at 9

New M 0 likes

Do they stay sleep or get up middle of night

Keri J 1 like

Mine are just over a year and go to bed at 630 7 and normally wake up at 7 the next morning.

Ruth A 1 like

Bed time is at 9 pm ☺️ ds is one

Deep S 1 like

Between 8 and 9 pm

Linsi M 0 likes

My girls have been going to bed at 745 since they turned 1 (they just turned 2)

Katarina O 0 likes

Same as Keri- occasionally 730

Eda L 0 likes

My son is 18 months and goes to bed at 8pm and up around 8am. For the whole night 👌🏼

Lauren S 0 likes

7 and sleeps all night

Amy Z 0 likes

Anywhere from 7:30 to 8

Nancy W 0 likes

Lo goes to bed between 8-9 pm everyday since he was born (used to wake up a couple times at night until 4 months & after that sleeps thru the night)

Samantha R 0 likes

My daughter has had a 9 pm bedtime since she was 7 mo, she’s almost 13 mo now

Mrs. A 0 likes

My son was going to bed at 9pm but I bumped up to 8pm about 3 weeks ago he’s now 14 mo

Rachel L 0 likes

My son goes to bed 8-9 and sleeps til 7-7:30 with out only one wake up at night. He’s 11 months.

Brooklyns M 0 likes

6:30-7 and sleeps all night