The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 10 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! At 10 months, your baby is developing in leaps and bounds. She’s crawling and even standing briefly. She is also more and more aware of your presence, and may start to experience separation anxiety when you’re gone.

10 month old milestones

The first year of your baby’s life is full of milestones. Here, we’ve compiled some of the top questions and answers from the SmartMom app about parenting a 10 month old. If you have questions of your own, download the app and ask away! At 10 months, your baby is developing in leaps and bounds. She’s crawling and even standing briefly. She is also more and more aware of your presence, and may start to experience separation anxiety when you’re gone.

Amanda Mon, October 5th

we are moving from an apartment to a house, & I was wanting to repaint & make my LOs room ninja turtle. he is only 10 months old. so I was wondering if it’s to much & just wait till I know what he likes just in case he doesn’t like them?

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Brianna f 2 likes

I would personally wait, but if you want to then go for it lol

Amanda 1 like

how do you come up with your Los first birthday theme if they don’t quite lie anything yet also ?

Ashley M 1 like

You could paint it a neutral color and just buy some pictures and little things that are not expensive but are ninja turtle so he has the theme but it’s not something that will be a pain to redo or change up

kj’s mommy j 2 likes

U can put ninja turtle posters up or things that arent painted it’ll be years before u no what he likes so if u like ninja turtles for him that’ll be fine just maybe nothing permanent on walls just posters and framed pics etc or do like lamps nightlights etc

Ashley M 1 like

For the birthday you don’t necessarily need a theme. If it’s in a certain season or holiday you could make that the theme, or just do boy colors.

Brianna f 1 like

The first birthday is really for the parents lol the baby won’t remember any of it. I’m doing a “ruffles and pearls” theme for my dd. You can totally do TMNT as a theme for you lo, that would be cute!

kj’s mommy j 1 like

First bday ideas

Amanda 0 likes

That’s what I was thinking…..we are all going to be ninja turtles for Halloween

kj’s mommy j 1 like


Amanda 0 likes

so I thought I’d continue it to his first birthday! because like you said it’s going to be mainly older kids & adults lol

kj’s mommy j 1 like


Amanda 0 likes

I was also thinking a circus theme! His baby shower /nursery was safari theme

kj’s mommy j 1 like

If u want u can do tnmnt but theres ideas in pics for his bday just do food like finger sandwhiches veggie tray fruit trays lemonade water juice

Amanda 0 likes

I really like the cute circus stuff now lol😓🙉🙊🙈

kj’s mommy j 1 like

Circus theme 1

kj’s mommy j 1 like


kj’s mommy j 1 like


Amanda 1 like

loveeeeeeeee now I have to chose lol. do you think it makes a difference on the season? his birthday is in December. but I don’t want a winter theme or anything

kj’s mommy j 1 like

No it doesnt matter i’d do that circus theme that sounds fun and for snacks u can do a bunch of those animal cracker boxes to take home

kj’s mommy j 0 likes

Just a suggestion if u go with the circus theme i wouldnt do anything with peanuts since that is a big allergy these days

kj’s mommy j 0 likes

Circus cake 1

kj’s mommy j 0 likes

Circus cake 2

kj’s mommy j 0 likes

Circus cake 3

kj’s mommy j 0 likes

Walmart target costco sams club does cakes too or go to a local bakery with these pics and see what they can do most places give a free smash cake that is a small round cake for the baby to mess up and eat and play with

kj’s mommy j 0 likes

Heres invites

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kj’s mommy j 1 like

U can get invites made at walmart or walgreens or just buy them i’d send them out a month ahead of time

kj’s mommy j 1 like

Ninja turtle room

kj’s mommy j 1 like


kj’s mommy j 1 like


Amelia E 2 likes

I’d do it! My daughters room is decked out with Sofia! I’d hate a boring room! That’s like not decorating your nursery cause your baby doesn’t have a say so!

Amanda 0 likes

ok kj’s mommy you made it official! lol. LOVE THEM!

Amanda 0 likes

I need to find someone that can paint like that!!!

Jessica M Wed, July 29th

is 8:00 to early to put my little one to sleep each night? hes 10 months old.

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J.O.M. 0 likes

No sounds good… I do later bc I work late and want to see my lo

Christie M 0 likes

I put my LO to bed at 8 and my older one too lol

Megan W 0 likes

I think you get to decide bedtime, I know some kids that go to bed at 7, others that have a bedtime of 9. The only right time is what works for your family and schedule.

Brandi Jo C 0 likes

That’s when I use to put my LO down. The later you put them down sometimes the later they will sleep in. The latest my LO went down at that age was 9:30-10 and she would sleep till almost 11-12 in the afternoon.

Blessed M 1 like

8 is the perfect time in my opinion

Chris R 1 like

My 15 month old & 3 yr old go to bed at 7. We are early birds though & usually up at 6.

Maggie F 0 likes

8 pm is our bedtime for our house. Those kiddos need to go to sleep and the adults need quiet time.

Jessica M 0 likes

thanks ladies (:

Brittany M 0 likes

I put my 8 month old to bed at 7pm. He made his bedtime and we love it bc it gives his daddy and I a little time together each night.

Jessica M 1 like

I agree! putting my little one to bed at 8:00 helps me with cleaning up the house so I dont have to the next morning, relax time & late tv shows (:

Morgan A 1 like

8 is a great time! My aunt has her 4 year old asleep at that time!

Jordan K 1 like

Omg we work for 8 lol. For the longest time my kids wouldn’t stay up past 6 it was exhausting in the mornings

Lucy M 0 likes

I think it’s perfect. My 4mo has been going to bed between 7 & 8 every night for 2 months now.

Ashley M 0 likes

My 9 month old goes to sleep at 7. It’s whatever works for you!

Tess V 0 likes

we go to bed at 7 here. maybe 630 in the near future

Marianne M 0 likes

I put my dd to sleep by 7:30 at that age. At 2, I’m doing 8:00. Earlier BT = longer better sleep.

Jessica T 0 likes

I try to stick to when I start preparing for bedtime and go from there but my son is just shy of three months so god only knows how often it could change over time

Olivia N 1 like

He sun is still up at 8 here barely going down😂 but I have a couple friends who do put their babies to bed by 8, I honk I might start trying it as well

Christina P 0 likes

My 22 month old goes to bed between 7-8

Heather L 0 likes

Definitely not too early. Mine are usually all in bed by 730. Do what works for you and your baby

Amanda W 0 likes

My 9 month old goes to bed between 8-9

Lori A 0 likes

My 11 month old goes to bed between 7-7:30. Sleeps all night. And wakes between 6:45-7am.

Sol S 0 likes

Sounds good to me

Tiffany P Sun, February 22nd

I just want to know everyone’s experience good or bad with ferber method. And I don’t need to hear from those who tried before 6 months. I think that’s too early but mine is 10 months and waking every 2 hours

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Liv’s m 0 likes

Following- consider trying it when LO is old enough.

Yvonne A 0 likes

I tried it… Still trying. Even though my daughter is 3 it works some nights and some nights I cave after 4 hours. It’s just the constant. Don’t start and then quit. Give it a chance. I failed at first because I could not stand listening to her cry, but I recently started again and it hurts to hear it but I want MY bed back lol!

Baby M 0 likes

There is much research against it. Look into no cry solutions

Amanda H 1 like

I’m following this too! My son is 6.5 months and wakes up between 3-6 times a night and wakes up around 5 or 6am. My husband and I want to try it. Of course I’m an emotional wreck. But he’s always so fussy bc he’s tired.

Julia : 0 likes

I don’t necessarily let my daughter cry but I will let her fuss for a bit and that seems to help. When I would just rush in she would always wake completely up. I also use a tranquil turtle to put her to bed and that is a great relaxing distraction until just falls asleep. Our bedtime routine is like this: bowl of oatmeal followed by a small bottle, about 30 min of playing and reading and then once I start getting the signs of being sleepy we go to bed. She’s 7 mo and is usually down by 8:30. GL

Yvonne A 0 likes

It’s better to do it slowly. Set low time limits… Say every 5 minutes a few nights then increase it. Keep reminding the LO your there and they are fine.

Erika H 1 like

this will be long 😉 we (my husband solely) just sleep trained our 7mo dd. Didn’t pick a method, just made what worked for us. We did CIO with the pick up put down method. Get a good routine (bath, book, bottle, bed) get a key phrase to say every time you lay them down (ours is i love you nigh night.) put them in bed then sit on the other side of the room (don’t have to, but it helped us not feel like we were abandoning her) then if they’re crying 2 min later go and pick up…..

Erika H 1 like

Put paci in if you use one, and as soon as they’re done crying put them down. Most likely will cry again, so wait 5 min this time and Pu/pd again. Then wait 10 min for the duration of however long it takes for them to fall asleep. Our dd would go to bed in our arms, and wake up like 30min-hour after we laid her down. Now she falls asleep on her own and 90% of the time stays asleep. Although she talks in her sleep and wakes me up haha but it took 45 min the first night, 30 min 2nd, 15min 3rd then

Kassandra B 2 likes

I tried with my LO when he was weaned from BFing, he was over a year. But I laid him in his bed with his bottle, told him its time for bed tucked him in, and went down stairs, I sat on the stairs listening. He cried for about 5 mins I went and checked on him, told him he was ok it’s time for bed, went back out, 5 mins later he’s snoozing, next night I did the same thing, oy he didn’t cry he went right to sleep, now he’s (usually) the best baby to get to sleep. Good luck mama

Erika H 3 likes

Now she doesn’t cry when we put her in bed and don’t have to stay in her room or tend to her. She’ll sit there and play until she talks herself to sleep. This has had no effect on her behavior or attitude. She’s actually more happy because they get a deeper sleep because they’re not waking up a lot. We still rock her to sleep for naps, and that also has had no effect at bedtime, probably because the routine makes her know it’s not a nap. It is SO hard to hear them cry, but the best thing

Kassandra B 0 likes

Sorry it’s supposed to say “only he didn’t cry” it says oy up there ^^ sorry

Erika H 3 likes

We’ve done FOR her. And I talked to my friend who is a child psychologist and she did CIO with her kids and she was giving me boosts of confidence letting me know this was the right decision. I feel better knowing we didn’t just leave her there to cry by herself. My friend is doing a gentle, no cry approach to training and almost a week and she’s still waking up and restless. So just do what’s best for you 😊

Erika H 1 like

Also, if they’re last nap was too long before bedtime, it’ll be harder for them to sleep cause they’ll be overtired 😊

Kassandra B 5 likes

Agree with Erika ^^, letting them cry it out, teaches them to self sooth, and helps build their independence. Some ppl say it’s wrong or neglect, but if you are close by, and checking on them it’s not neglect at all, it helps you and your LO get a solid sleep, cuz after a certain age, the night feedings aren’t needed for nutrition anymore, I believe it’s 9 months, I asked my doc about it. Sleep is more important at night then the food, they need both equally.

Rebecca A 1 like

I did when my DD was 14 months. She wouldn’t go to sleep without at least 30 minutes of me walking around with her and she was just getting too heavy. Also she was getting up in the middle of the night at least once but I was less concerned with that. Anyway I did the Ferber method exactly as instructed and it worked perfectly, took about 5 days and she never cried more than an hour total. Going to sleep on her own was the main thing but she also stopped waking up so I was really happy overall.

Margaret S 1 like

If you feel like that’s right for you and your baby then go ahead. Truthfully, in parenting especially, you can find research that backs both sides of an argument for every issue. We did it and really just had one night of a little crying, it was not too bad at all. We also set parameters before we started so we were more comfortable. We made SURE he was changed, healthy, full, etc. Establish bed routine first for at least a week. My LO sleeps SOOO well now and loves going to sleep. Good luck!

Tiffany P 2 likes

Woooow. Lots of responses and thanks for not knocking it down. I’ve tried it a couple times and usually give in. I don’t want to teach him that if he cries he’ll be picked up. So I guess I’ll wait til I’m ready.

Yvonne A 0 likes

Yeah. You need to be ready to hear the crying for how ever long it lasts. It’s hard but it can be done.

Liz J 0 likes

We did it with our 12 month old twins, I’m not sure I could have done it earlier but it was last resort. Our dr also recommending doing it at that age because at that age they shouldn’t be waking up for a bottle. We got a full check up by dr, we knew they weren’t sick and started CIO that night. Cont…

Liz J 0 likes

We did time intervals…basically what our dr suggested. It worked for us and we all sleep all night now. Took a good two weeks. Consistency is key. First couple nights was hard but it was worth it. Good luck with whatever you decide ☺️

Chelsea R Tue, July 29th

My daughter is 10 months old and just got her first diaper rash. =[ of course I’m super upset about it because we’ve made it almost a year without one. I noticed it was irritated yesterday but tonight I got out the bright light to check it out. I’ve been using diaper rash cream since yesterday but tonight it looks pretty irritated. Anyone know what could have caused this so randomly and at what point I need to head to my pediatrician?

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Nena N 1 like

Corona ointment! Had the same issue with my daughter so I called her dr and they told me to use this. And it was a total relief!!! You can buy it at walmart!

Crystal H 1 like

Perhaps a food you introduced recently? Acids in food can cause diaper rash. Or perhaps something as simple as the heat. My mom said I use to get diaper rash all the time from the heat and would let me run around the house (areas without carpet) naked all the time to keep me drier.

Savannah R 1 like

Try a Luke warm bath and alternate between Vaseline and diaper rash cream, it could be that she has a rash cause her urine might be a little strong right now.

Jessica D 1 like

I would head to a pediatrician if it starts like bleeding from being so raw, I know a lot of moms now recommend that aquaphor I personally haven’t used it on my three month old because she hasn’t had a diaper rash yet

Nena N 2 likes

Little tip they told me. Rinse off the wipes beforehand. Otherwise it’ll sting them. I know this totally helped with both my babies.

Jenn P 1 like

I was in your same boat till this past wk when my LO got her first tooth. Aquafor works well and so did an oatmeal bath I did for her. I alternate aquafor and baby powder just so she feels different soothing. Hope this helps.

Staci B 0 likes

It’s probably cuz of the heat. Sweating can cause diaper rash diapers are hot for babies to wear.

Allison O 1 like

Use coconut oil or breast milk:)

Eileen C 0 likes

Aquaphor and Maalox! You have to mix it together. You can find the Aquaphor in the baby section and the maalox by the pharmacy or medicine. You mix them to make a paste and it works magic! It was the only thing that worked for our dd

Chrissy A 1 like

Use coconut oil.. We used every diaper rash cream under the sun and nothing was working, what ever happened coconut oil started clearing it with in hours and by the next day was just about gone.

Chelsea R 0 likes

I loooove coconut oil. I’ll definitely try that one next. It’s like magic. Thanks for all the tips ladies. I’ll also be rinsing the wipes off. I’m hoping I don’t have to go to too many extremes to get rid of it since we haven’t have any previous issues with it.

Krishna H 0 likes

Letting poop sit on her too long could do it or not wiping her down each time. But sitting on warm baking soda bath could help, baby powder (away from her face) or BUTTPASTE helps too.

RaeLynn M 0 likes

My daughter didn’t start having a diaper rash until she was one years old . Dr said it was something I introduced her too . But during her diaper rash I was putting on Desitin . Which come to find out has a lot of zinc in it . My daughters diaper rash was actually getting worse and started to bleed because of zinc . So if you apply cream and it gets worst check to see how much zinc is actually in the cream .

Chelsea R 1 like

I change my daughters diaper appropriately. I don’t let her sit in her poop, and I wipe her. Thanks though.

Jennifer B 0 likes

We just use water and flannel wipes and thoroughly dry afterwards. You can use water and soft paper towels if you want. Also our end all be all cute for diaper rash that is 100% natural is corn meal. Just change and wipe your baby as normal and sprinkle corn meal on the area. Then do up the diaper tight as it does tend to get out and everywhere but usually within 24hrs the rash is gone. It’s cheap, effective and natural. Good luck

Amanda F 0 likes

Wash her, air it out, of course & a&as worked great for me before my placenta ointment

Michelle R 0 likes

Every time my children teeth (break teeth) they get bleeding diaper rashes. The first few times, I panicked. Now, I just use an little Neosporin or lotrimin and it clears right up.

Devan C 1 like

It could be a yeast infection. I use a mixture of Monistat and desitin. It works amazing really quickly. My boys would get them, especially after and antibiotic.

Teri L 1 like

Lots of air. I also use desitin rapid relief or A and D ointment

Teri L 0 likes

Teething can sometimes cause diaper rash my mom said my brother always got a fever and a rash when he was teething

Stephanie O 0 likes

Aquaphor is my go to item almost always. He’s never had diaper rash just some irritation but it worked in under 24 hours. Even worked for those little scratches he used to give himself when he was first born. I’ve also heard triple paste works very well and no burning with that. It is a little pricey but like I said I hear it really works.

Brooke H Sat, January 31st

I am at a total loss as to how to make my twin girls sleep through the night. They are 10 months old!! We have tried everything… Not only do they still wake up for a bottle twice (sometimes more) at night, they have been starting to wake up for the day at 5:30! They used to sleep until at least 6:30-7….I feel like I’m all alone when it comes to this. Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I tell them how terribly they sleep at 10 months old…I’m exhausted..

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Ashley K 1 like

I unfortunately don’t have a lot of advice because I’m in the same situation! We had a couple nights where my almost 10 month old slept from 8-530, 545-730 but is back to waking twice to eat and is moaning/crying out a lot more. I don’t know what’s going on! Hang in there!

Sarah R 1 like

My son is 11 months and is up all thought the night. He’s never been a good sleeper. Hang in there. Let me know if you figure out something that works.

C C 2 likes

At that age they shouldn’t need to eat during the night at all. How close to bedtime do you feed them? And how much? Maybe they aren’t getting enough before sleep? Have you tried other methods of getting them to sleep other than a bottle right away (probably, but just asking)? As for the getting up early, maybe just let them fuss for a bit in their beds before getting up. Maybe they will fall back on their own. Or slowly push their bedtime later by half an hour or so.

Ally B 1 like

I’m sorry you feel all alone! 💜 i don’t have twins, nor do I know anyone with twins.. I can’t give you an advice, just here to support you. Might it be teething?..

Lexi H 2 likes

Also, try putting them in different beds. My cousins would wake each other up to play or mimic what the other wanted. Very smart babies.

Brooke H 1 like

I know that they should not need to eat during the night at this age but when we try not giving them a bottle and only a pacifier, they will scream until they get their bottle with milk. I don’t know what else to do..

Linsi M 3 likes

I would stop feeding them at night. They may be doing it out of habit at this point & it doesn’t seem like they wake up at the same time every night. With my twins we were on a set schedule from 2-3 months on. They ate, napped & went to bed at certain times (& my husband traveled 3-4 nights a week out of state, so it was just me). And I think that really helped us, because they’ve been sleeping 11-12 hours at night since they were 3 months. That would be my only advice. Good luck

Brooke H 2 likes

It seems easy to say to just not feed them at night but when they scream non stop until they get a bottle, it is easier said than done. I am terrible with the cry it out method. I just can’t do it

Emily C 1 like

I feel your pain. Even though mine isn’t a twin he is almost 9 months & still wakes up 2-3 times for a bottle. I am certain it is habit bit I can’t seek to break it. CIO lasts hours with this kid and i can’t do that. Good luck to you

Safia E 1 like

Did you try separating them at night? Sometimes twins can excite each other. How many ounces are they eating before they sleep?

Whit C 1 like

I know the cry it out sucks but it’s effective. It’s the only way my daughter naps or goes to sleep half the time and she’s 15 months. She use to not need it and would just sleep. When we started she would cry 15-20 minutes now it’s hardly ever and if it is it’s less than 2 minutes. Maybe they need to be in separate rooms so they don’t wake each other up? I don’t have twins but maybe that would help.

Whit C 1 like

Really the cry it out hurts you more than it hurts them. They’re safe in the cribs especially at this point. B But I know. It makes you feel awful.

Lexi H 1 like

I have a 3yr old that still wakes up for milk lol . I guess I’m used to it. I wake up for milk or water so why shouldn’t they get some?

Annie P 0 likes

My boys are much older and not twins, once one is up he wakes the other one up. My my oldest we did the cry out one evening for his pacifier. My husband did it for his nap the next day and he was fine. Get another family person with you if you decide you are not strong enough to do the cry out method and not give any bottles at night.

Krista R 1 like

It could be a comfort thing… It was for my DD… She would wake up every night at 3:30 for a cuddle and a bottle til she was two. I had tried everything as well and the doctors just kept telling me that she should’ve been weaned off the bottle entirely when she was one. So I started watering her milk down and giving her less each night finally just half cups of warm milk chased by water to rinse out her mouth and then one night she just stopped waking up…

Ashley M 2 likes

It could be teething or even sleep regression. You could try to eliminate one bottle at a time. Or even give them water instead of milk. I hope this helps! I’m so sorry you feel alone. Don’t feel pressured to do the cry it out! People can be so pushy and its your decision in the end. Just remember that you are doing a great job no matter what decision you make!

Katie K 1 like

Try getting them very full right before bed to hold them off longer. Also a bedtime routine may help. The Johnson’s bedtime bath really does make my LO very sleepy! Do they sleep in the same room? Possibly try putting them in separate rooms because I’m sure one wakes the other when they cry. You could also try keeping them up a little longer during the day so they’ll be very tired at bed time.

Kayla F 1 like

It’s not just your twins! I feel you, I have a 10 month old that’s doing the exact thing. So exhausting! Thinking about doing the CIO method. I’m desperate 😳 hope Something works for you mamma!

Ashley K 1 like

I agree, don’t feel pressured to do anything you aren’t comfortable with. I personally could never do it with my 9 month old. I know it works for some people, but like everything else, it doesn’t work for everyone. I need to check again, but it could be a mental leap/growth spurt? You’re doing all you can and I am sorry you feel all alone!

Alison M 1 like

Go with your gut, we couldn’t cry it out either and my 16 month old is just starting to sleep most of the night. Some kids just have a harder time, do what you need to do so everybody gets the most sleep. We got a weighted blanket and tried chiropractics and essential oils…it all helped a little and slowly but surely we’re getting more sleep! Hang in there!!

Julia : 2 likes

When my DD wakes up I have started turning her tranquil turtle on and leaving the room and she sucks on her fingers and goes back to sleep. It plays the sound of ocean waves and fills the room with blue light mimicking waves. She loves it! Maybe you could do something like that during middle of the night feedings and slowly put less milk in the bottles and then maybe just going in turning on whatever you use will be soothing enough? Not sure if it would work but just a thought instead of CIO! GL

Eileen C Tue, July 15th

My sons pediatrician told me to not use baby toothpaste, he said to use toothpaste with fluoride? That seems crazy to me he’s only 10 months. Had one one else’s doc said that?

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Carlye M 1 like

No. I got told to just use water on the toothbrush until they turn two. It’s more important for them to get in the routine and habit of brushing their teeth then it is to clean their teeth at this age.

Nikki D 2 likes

They can’t use fluoride until they know how to spit it out.

Kirsten T 2 likes

As soon as your child gets their first tooth, they are supposed to see a pediatric dentist.

Sarabeth M 1 like

Sometimes doctors who don’t think fluoride drops are necessary will say to use toothpaste with a little bit of fluoride so the child is getting some but not too much fluoride.

Stephanie S 6 likes

A 10 month old can’t spit out the toothpaste and ingesting too much fluoride is bad. Brushing with the baby toothpaste is just fine.

Jessica G 3 likes

No, i use non-fluoride toothpaste because he cannot spit out the paste yet. If you want a second opinion i would ask a dentist. That is their field and their answer is more accurate.

Amber Q 2 likes

Our city does not fluorinate our water so some dentists advise using fluoride toothpaste from the start and even encourage swallowing a bit. This is not every dentist mind you, but several pediatric dentists in the city recommend this.

Brandis G 3 likes

Our dentist says to start fluoride toothpaste when your child’s 2 yr old molars start to come in. Before that, use only water

Casey F 1 like

Our ped said to use baby toothpaste until they were used to the texture/sensation and around 2 to switch to the real deal

Alia W 0 likes

It really depends if there is fluoride in the water where you live. He may have reccommended it because there isn’t fluoride in your water. I’m a dental hygienist and I know how terrible early childhood caries (cavities) can be- leads to a lot of other problems. You should also take your child to see a dentist for a check up by 1 yr of age. If your dentist says it’s fine until he’s older, find a pediatric dentist.

Sarah R 1 like

We were given baby toothpaste without fluoride by our dentist.

Eileen C 0 likes

Thanks girls I am not a big fan of this doc. I think he’s saying it bc even tho we have fluoride in our water I’m bf so he’s saying that he is not getting enough. Personally I think we need a new doc

Daniker H 1 like

You shouldn’t even have to brush his teeth yet just take one of his rags and clean his tongue. My sons breath is horrid in the mornings to only be 10 months but it’s a quick fix

Eileen C 1 like

I have a little finger brush and I use a washcloth also.

Megan W 1 like

Even children’s toothpaste contains fluoride. Our pediatrician said that now it’s recommended for a baby’s first dental appointment should be between 18 and 24 months. That way they obtain a good relationship with their dentist. My son will be 2 this week and has already had his first appointment. We use fluoride toothpaste but not very much. I would just use a small amount when starting out. No bigger than a pea size.

Kristin . 1 like

There is fluoride in the water. Using toothpaste for a baby can give dark spots on their teeth!

Heather S 1 like

Some folks are anti-flouride. It’s up to you if you choose to use it. Usually they give you drops as soon as their teeth come out. I personally, think it’s unnecessary but that’s just me. I would research it and see if it’s right for you and your baby.

Tracy D 0 likes

No fluoride toothpaste before 2. Although they should have fluoride but only a certain amount. I use a non fluoride paste and give them fluoride water to drink. It’s store bought so that I know it’s not too much. I wouldn’t trust the toothpaste or city water.

Kadi L 1 like

I have never heard of a baby using fluoride toothpaste! Did the dr give a reason for it? Unless there was a reason for you to make that change I would not switch

Eileen C 1 like

Not rly. And we have fluoride in our water here so I have no idea. He said to use a rice size amount. I’m obviously not going to do it I think it’s crazy. I think we need a new pediatrician

Crystal H Wed, May 20th

I’m having a lot of stress and anxiety about weaning my LO. She is bf and never took a bottle. I go for surgery on June 15 and so I nee to wean her. She will be 10 months on the 23. She will take a sippy cup but that’s only for water at dinner. She will not drink formula. I was thinking of moving right to whole milk but I’m worried it will hurt her stomach. Where do I even start? I feel like she’s going to be so upset so I’m nervous to even start although I feel like I’m ok with being done bf

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Kelley L 1 like

My friend had the same problem .. She did ¾ breast milk and ¼ formula and then did ½ breast milk ½ formula and then ¾ formula and ¼ breast milk until it was completely formula… Try that and see if it works!

Nicole W 1 like

Can you pump and store a supply? My older ones had no problem weening, so I know all the tricks yet my youngest wouldn’t ween until he was 2! He refused formula and milk! He would only drink water from a cup otherwise it was all just the breast! So I know how you must be feeling! Do you have any other breastfeeding moms near by just incase who might help?

Ros M 1 like

Try different types of bottles?

Evelyn J 1 like

Try having someone else feed her. They say your scent might cause them not to want to take the bottle because they know you have the milk…lol

CiCi’s M 1 like

Maybe start mixing breastmilk with a little milk in her sippy cup? Will you not be able to pump or breastfeed after surgery?

Crystal H 0 likes

She will take a sippy cup so I’m going to avoid bottles since she’s 10 months. I have a little bit pumped but not enough. I used to pump a lot and then it all went to waste when I would try to give her bottles so I just stopped pumping.

Crystal H 0 likes

I will have to pump and dump

Liams M 1 like

Well you aren’t supposed to give lo whole milk until a year old unless recommended by your paediatrician. Maybe try pumping to get a stash of milk if you don’t want to switch over to formula for a couple of months and also try different nipples.

Happy M 1 like

I found out the key is to start letting her practice with sippy and straw cups now while she’s playing throughout the day. There’s a bottle called como tomo in Amazon that you might get just to have in case she turns to sucking on something. That bottle is also squeezable so that even if they don’t suck, you can squirt liquid into their mouths. That’s one part of the process.

CiCi’s M 1 like

Because of pain meds? For how long?

Crystal H 0 likes

Yes because Meds but the surgeon didn’t say for how long. Didn’t seem like he really knew

Happy M 1 like

The other part I found helpful was starting by weaning at night. That is a lot easier if your SO can take the lead of calming them back to sleep while you sleep in a room far away so they can’t smell you. Dr. Sears’ website was helpful. If giving a cup or bottle, it’s more likely they’ll take it from someone else than mom. You might leave her with someone for a few hours at a time to start practicing. If you give it to her, sit her on your lap so she’s facing away from you. Good luck!

Crystal H 0 likes

Thanks happy mom I will def try that. I will de try letting SO feed her. He’s gone 10 months without having to get up once lol so maybe if he tries feeding her before bed it will help. When we’ve tried it she cries and my heart breaks an I give in. I will have to be stronger because she will have to take something other than me by June 15. My dr assured me she wouldn’t starve but I still feel stressed about it

Everleigh’s M 1 like

Start by pumping & mixing milk with your breast milk. & slowly reduce the amount of breast milk you put in day by day.

A V 1 like

I had to completely cut my daughter off from the boob for her to take bottles. They learn that that is their food source

Crystal H 0 likes

Anais how did your LO take that. Did she cry a lot. How long did it take for her to take the bottle?

A V 1 like

The first day she was really clingy and grumpy. Didn’t eat as much but the second day she realized that this is what she gets and takes bottles no problem except for when it’s bed time. She will still want the boob at night time. I can almost guarantee crying at night but stay with your LO and get her to calm down another way.

Crystal H 0 likes

Thanks Anais. I suspect my LO will be upset as well. She’s teething so hopefully they pop through soon so I can begin. I would hate to cut her off while teething.

A V 1 like

I wish the best for you. My daughter is beyond stubborn like me and it sounds harder than it is.

Crystal H 0 likes

Anais good to know. My LO is quite stubborn as well so hoping this goes well!

Tania T Mon, March 9th

My daughter has always done the fake sucking ( you know like when you take the bottle or you nipple out of their mouths when they’ve fallen asleep and they keep sucking) well she’s always done it and for about 3 months now it’s become a more continuous and noticeable habit of hers. Well my MIL insists in blaming me for it she says it’s my fault for taking her bottle away and switching her to a sippy cup at 10 months.(cont)

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Tania T 2 likes

Swear this women is crazy! She looks for any reason or defect in my child just so she can make it my fault. It’s quite annoying! Doesn’t she have anything better to do

Alexia A 2 likes

Lol not true my daughter has been doing that since she was a few months.

Amber R 1 like

That’s so normal! My baby was sucking before she was even born…I remember in the ultrasound I could see her little mouth moving and the nurse said it’s completely normal. My LO is almost a year and she still sucks in her sleep.

Julia D 2 likes

That has nothing to do with it! All babies do that no matter what!

Alexia A 1 like

The way I see it is babies need to have something to suck on to so they suck on a binky, thumb, hands, tongue, etc.

Madison G 0 likes

My daughter does that when she’s sleeping! I don’t think it has anything to do with that! I know exactly how you feel, my MIL dos the same stuff! It makes me so upset!!! She told me that her hair was growing to fast, and in result of that I was giving her some kid bad of something and it was wrong…. Which I wasn’t! It seems like they have nothing better to do!

Baby M 0 likes

U mean while she sleep she do the sucking or awake ?

Lorrie C 0 likes

It is a natural reflex for babies just like their startle reflex and is something they grow out of…. Good luck

Hailee R 1 like

My four month old does that in her sleep. Usually her binkie falls out and she makes the motion , I really don’t see any concern.

Victoria I 1 like

My baby does it too it’s completely harmless and quite frankly it’s pretty damn cute! Tell your MIL to leave you alone lol.

Alexia A 1 like

If you don’t care that your daughter is sucking then let her and tell your mil that she can do it if she wants to and she is your baby not hers.

Coryn P 1 like

My 14mo does it when her pacifier falls out of her mouth while sleeping. Babies do it. What does it matter? Lol

Morgan S 0 likes

All babies do that. Just tell her it’s your baby and if you want her input you’ll ask.

Julia T 0 likes

My baby has been doing it since day one

C M 0 likes

It’s a reflex. Taking her bottle away has nothing to do w it. That’s ridiculous. 🙂 Gotta love character building.

Alyson ? 1 like

Lol it is cute when they do it! My daughter does that when she falls asleep breastfeeding. Your MIL is weird lol

Jessica G 0 likes

My son has done that, except when he started getting teeth, lol. It’s completely harmless and she should stop. It’s cute!

Brittany B 0 likes

Mine is 6 months and does it. She doesn’t use a pacifier at all and does that. It’s nothing to worry about.

Alysha B 0 likes

Totally normal. I’ve heard most babies stop but my 2 year old still does that & my mom says I did it until I was in kindergarten.

Tania T 0 likes

Baby mama my daughter does it awake and asleep. I don’t mind it especially because I’ve noticed she doesn’t most when she needs to cope or comfort herself. She started doing it now that the new baby has arrived and it helps her so why not I just don’t see the big deal it does bug me why does it bug her plus it’s not like she has to see her do it everyday. I mean I’m the one who does

Roslee D Tue, April 21st

How many teeth did your lo have by the time they were 10 months?

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Olivia’s M 1 like

4. Central incisors on top & bottom. The other 4 lateral incisors started coming in at 11 months.

Alexis P 1 like

He had 2bottom teeth! Now he’s 13months and has 8teeth 😁

Michelle W 1 like

6 is now 11.5 months and has 8 including a molar

Jasmine D 1 like

2 bottom teeth until 13 months when she got the top 2

Meliss < 1 like


Mama D 1 like


Katie V 1 like

Ugh, our LO is 9 months and cutting teeth 9 & 10. Lord help me.

Lupe H 0 likes


Kristin � 0 likes

She had nearly all of them! Hers started coming in around 3 months

Linsi M 0 likes

One had 2, the other had none 😝

Tuese D 1 like


Mya M 0 likes

None. Still none and she’s 13 months

Kade’s M 0 likes

at 10mo, i think dd had 8…then we got a couple wks off & then molars decided to join the party, not nicely, at 12mo, and we are still awaiting one of the bottom molars to crash the party, then praying for another break before the canines!!! my nephew didnt get his FIRST tooth til 11months, & then got the first 4 in about one month’s time..

Darshana P 0 likes

None and my daughter is 6 months

Emma 0 likes

9 months with six teeth and a stubborn one not wanting to come through

Roslee D 0 likes

Mine has 6. I wanna say the next ones are coming out. 😭😭

Jordan C 1 like

Zero. lol

L. L 0 likes

NONE!! She got her first and second tooth just around 11 months

Jen F 0 likes


Melissa T Wed, July 15th

I’ve been making my sons baby food since he was 5 months and is now 10 months. I try to go organic as much as possible, but everything is definitely fresh! I went yesterday to tour the daycare that he is scheduled to start next week and they will not allow parents to send homemade baby food. But instead will give him a jar of gerber baby food. I’m so bothered by this. My son loves to eat! And a jar will not sustain him nor will he like it, I’ve already tried.

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Melissa T 1 like

Is this even legal? I’m his mother I should be able to dictate what he eats and I def don’t want him eating that jarred crap!

Liv’s m 1 like

That is ridiculous! How about taking it further?! Talking to someone higher up?!

Ally B 2 likes

Inconsiderate!!! Dump the place and find another one. Inappropriate.

Melissa T 2 likes

I’m trying to speak to the registered dietician for the company to see WHY?!

E B 0 likes

They shouldn’t tell you what or what not to feed your LO .. I would tell them that that’s not an option..

Ethan’s M 0 likes

I think this is ridiculous I would be pissed. Defending not something I could agree on

Ally B 2 likes

I’m thinking it’s cause they don’t want to be reliable for a possible chocking or don’t want to be bothered to warm it up individually. Either way, it goes against developmentally appropriate practice. Children at any age have individual needs to meet, they develop differently. The place fails at meeting your family’s belief. Everything about it is wrong. Now if they told you about their peanut butter policy, that would be understandable.

Melissa T 0 likes

I’m also breastfeeding still… And they want me to bring 2-3 bottles of breast milk. My son eats heavy during the day and drinks water so he only takes one bottle of bm (which is all I pump) when I told her he only gets one bottle she looked at me crazy and suggested formula. He’s still up nursing at night and while I’m home I nurse him often! Ugh these jerks are trying to change my ways and I’ve worked too damn hard to give my baby the best I will not let anyone take that away from me!

Kelly ? 0 likes

Our kids werent allowed to bring food into the day care unless its prepackaged. Its to prevent allergies or cross contamination. We had kids with severe allergies and they couldnt risk her getting exposed to anything.

Melissa T 0 likes

I can understand the point of allergies by t they are spoon feeding the babies so it’s not like the babies can get up and share their food if they’re strapped in high chairs. Lol

Heather B 0 likes

I had the same issue, the reasoning was that there were children with severe food allergies and even though I wasn’t using anything that was an allergy food they could not take my word for it and risk the other children’s well-being. Maybe if there are no allergies in the room they could make an exception for you.

Melissa T 1 like

Sounds like a convenience factor to the teachers to be honest

Cassie C 0 likes

Yup definitely sounds like they don’t want to inconvenience themselves

Amber K 0 likes

That sounds crazy!!! We made all our own baby food too. If it were me I would find a different daycare.

Ally B 0 likes

We had a nut policy in our school. Parents were not allowed to bring any nut containing products (or products processed in a factory that processes nuts) but if they made something, they had to bring a label that listed ingredients (you make the label). In their defense, children do get into things that are their and not their things, as it’s very hard to control everything at any time. That’s why they create these food policies.. It’s a grey area. Imagine if you had a child with severe allergy.

Leah M 0 likes

For what you’re probably paying them I think you’re allowed to bring your own food. How would there be any cross contamination if they’re doing their job? Can someone have an allergic reaction from a jar being open and just smelling it in the air? If not I say that’s a joke!

Melissa T 0 likes

Exactly Leah! I just sent an email to the company director of early childhood services and the president of the company 😁 lol this is only for the next couple months, once he turns one he can eat the regular lunches which seemed pretty healthy. Hoping they can make an exception