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How to Help a Baby Falling Out of Bed

No matter how old your baby is, you want to keep them safe and protected, especially when they’re sleeping. So when you have a baby falling out of bed repeatedly, you know that you’ve got a problem to remedy. Typically, this is due to one of two things: your baby is climbing out of their crib and falling on their way out, or your toddler is rolling out of their big kid bed. While both have pretty simple solutions, it’s something that you clearly want to fix quickly – just to make sure it doesn’t keep happening, which can open up the door to a more severe injury for your child. To help you find the right solution, I’ll give you all my best tips below.

Climbing Out of the Crib

If your baby is big enough to know how to climb out of the crib, they’re big enough to get hurt falling out of the crib. Some people might tell you to put pillows around the edge of their crib or get a mesh “tent” to cover the top of the crib. In reality, neither of these are very safe options. While you may not have planned to do this right now, it’s time to start the transition to a big kid bed. If you’re not ready to make the giant leap from crib to a full sized bed, try a toddler bed – they’re lower to the ground and won’t eat up as much of your budget.

At this stage, your baby is trying to tell you that they’ve outgrown their crib. Transitioning your baby to a bigger bed will give you more peace of mind that they’re safe. I was reluctant to move my toddler to a bigger bed when he turned two, but I soon figured out that it was more my own apprehension at him growing up than whether he was actually ready for a big boy bed. We ended up trading his crib for our guest room bed – because that room is being transitioned to a nursery for the new baby – and he loves it. He tells me every night, “I love my big boy bed!” And he’s actually sleeping a ton better, which means mama isn’t getting up twenty times a night to fix a blanket or find a pacifier. I’m so glad we made the switch when we did! 

Falling Out of the Bed

If your toddler is falling out of their big bed, you have a few options. For us, adding a bed rail was the right solution. One end of my toddler’s bed is pushed up against the bedroom wall, the other has a mesh bed rail that we picked up for around thirty bucks at our local baby store. We ended up getting one that folds away during the day, making it a lot easier to actually make his bed and change his sheets on the weekend.

If you’re still worried about your baby rolling out of the bed – or if they’re somehow figuring out a way around the bedrail – try going for a slower transition between the crib and the big kid bed. Put their mattress on the ground for a few weeks while your baby adjusts to their new found sleeping space. Once they’re more comfortable sleeping outside of the crib, transition them back into the bed, but put extra pillows and blankets next to the bed to ensure that if they do fall, they have a soft place to land. Try to get them sleeping in the middle of the mattress, instead of at the edges. Eventually, they’ll get the hang of it – it can just take some time to fully adjust!


When your baby is falling out of their bed – or out of their crib – figuring out how to keep them safe should always be your first priority. And if you’re ever concerned that they’ve taken a big fall, don’t be afraid to turn to your pediatrician for a checkup – and for advice. They will have good, safe tips that you can follow to make the transition to a big kid bed smoother – you just have to ask! 



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