A woman cradling her baby thinking about the importance of baby advice from your mom.

9 Pieces of Baby Advice From Your Mom That Are Actually Really Good

Bringing your sweet bundle of joy home for the very first time comes with its share of excitement and fear. You got to enjoy the first days with your newborn at the hospital, with knowledgeable nurses and doctors on hand to answer your every question. Now you are home… and on your own. Luckily you have friends and family members eager (sometimes too eager) to share their words of wisdom when it comes to raising your baby. A mother’s intuition is remarkable and you finally understand your own mother…finally. Too many opinions can be stressful to take in, but there are some pieces of advice from your mom that are really helpful!

Here are 9 pieces of baby advice from your mom that are actually really good.

  1. Never wake a sleeping baby

Sleep training and baby schedules are very common these days. So it may be tempting to wake your little one if they are sleeping too long, but don’t. Not every nap will be the same, especially when you have a newborn.

  1. You can’t spoil a baby

Newborns crave human touch and attention. Scientists have studied this theory and it turns out your mom was right when she says you can’t spoil a baby. In fact, researchers have found that babies whose needs were immediately met actually grow up to be more confident.

  1. Talk to your newborn

You will notice most grandmothers talk to their grandchildren all the time, especially newborns. Studies have confirmed that talking out loud to your baby through your normal routines is beneficial for your little one’s development. It helps your little one recognize sounds and words. It may feel silly at first, but if your baby is in a swing while you do the dishes, explain what you are doing. “Now I am washing the plates, then I will put them in the dishwasher.” Speak slowly and clearly, but talk the same way you normally would. Your baby will reap the rewards.

  1. Sleep when your baby sleeps

In those first few weeks, sleep deprivation is at an all time high. So the age old advice to sleep when your little one is sleeping is a good one. It may be tempting to get other things done while your baby is napping, but if you are exhausted… you should try to get some rest while you can.

  1. Don’t forget to eat

When you are tending to a new baby, it is easy to forget to eat. It is extremely important to get the nutrition you need as you recover from childbirth and especially if you are breastfeeding.

  1. It’s okay to ask for help

If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, it is okay to ask for help. Your baby will be fine if you leave him or her with grandma or a friend while you get some sleep or even just enjoy some time to yourself.

  1. Leave your house dirty

In the first few months, the adjustment of getting used to a baby will be a big one. Enjoy this precious time with your little one and don’t worry about housework. The dishes and laundry can wait. Your house doesn’t have to be spotless right now, so give yourself a little break.

  1. Be nice to your husband

Taking care of a newborn is a full-time job and all the extra responsibility in addition to lack of sleep may make you irritable. Remember this is a big change for your husband too, so try to cut each other a break.

  1. Trust your instincts

No matter what anyone tells you, no one understands your baby’s needs more than you. Your motherly instincts are almost always spot-on. Be confident in yourself and your decisions… and listen to you mother when she tells you that you are doing an awesome job! (because you are!)

So the next time your roll your eyes at the baby advice from your mom, remember she does know her stuff. She raised you…and you turned out just fine, right?

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