5 Baby Sleep Myths, Debunked

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When I was a new mom, I pored over books and blogs, and talked to all my mom friends looking for “answers” to questions about my baby’s sleep schedule. I’ve since learned from my experience as a parent and my training as a sleep consultant that there are some pretty big myths circulating.  But when you’re wading through advice it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction (especially if you’re exhausted from lack of sleep!)

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Four Steps to Help Your Sleepless Baby

Help Your Baby Sleep Better - SmartMom

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Wouldn’t it be nice if parenting came with a manual? I know that some days I wish I had detailed instructions to follow. One of the areas that seems to vex parents most is sleep: why doesn’t my baby sleep through the night? Why does my toddler fight bedtime so hard? How can I get my child to become a better napper? Why is my baby waking so early every morning? Is there a way to help your sleepless baby? Continue reading