How to Treat Cradle Cap in Infants

How to Treat Cradle Cap in Infants - SmartMom

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Cradle cap is a term used for the flaky, dandruff-like spots which can appear on a new baby’s scalp. Often the cradle cap manifests as yellow or brown patches of crust on the skin. Doctors call it infantile seborrheic dermatitis and though the name sounds intimidating, cradle cap is harmless to babies. Most babies lose their cradle cap between 3-12 months old, however, in the meantime if you’re wondering how to treat cradle cap in infants, there are some easy and natural home remedies to try.  Continue reading

Why Making My Own Baby Food Was The Best Decision I Made

Making My Own Baby Food - SmartMom

When it comes to feeding your baby, it seems as though there are endless options to choose from. In the beginning, it was formula feeding vs breastfeeding and when my baby started to eat solids, it was making my own baby food vs. buying baby food from the store. Whatever your choice, the options a new parent faces can seem overwhelming. Continue reading

Natural Remedies for Teething Babies That Actually Work

natural remedies for teething babies - SmartMom

Most babies begin teething between four and six months old. Though you may not see any tooth buds appearing in your baby’s mouth, it does not mean that they are not in pain trying to cut that tooth. Teething can be very painful for infants and can cause sleepless nights (for parent and baby), congestion, and fussiness. However, there are natural remedies for teething babies which all parents can feel safe administering to their little one in order to relieve some teething pain. Continue reading

NurtureShock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman

Nurture Shock - SmartMom

As a new parent you want to learn everything you can about babies and children, so you often turn to books to educate yourself. There seems to be a barrage of information in books, and much of it can be contradicting and confusing. With the plethora of parenting books available for new parents nowadays, it’s hard to discern which book will help them, or which books they can simply learn from. NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children by science journalists Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman takes a completely different approach to educating parents of all ages about children in this modern day and age.

Continue reading

Seven Simple and Natural Cures for Diaper Rash

Natural Cures for Diaper Rash - SmartMom

There is a common misconception that babies’ bottoms are supposed to be smooth skin and rash free. However, most babies have sensitive skin on their behinds and add to that the fact that they sit in a diaper all day long, it’s practically a recipe for diaper rash.

Diaper rash is very common for babies and toddlers of all ages and though it is harmless, it can be uncomfortable, and if not treated, can cause yeast or bacterial infections. Luckily there are natural cures for diaper rash, which are perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. Continue reading

Natural Methods to Induce Labor: Nine Tips for New Moms

Natural Methods to Induce Labor - SmartMom

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The end of a pregnancy can sometimes feel like it drags on forever. You’re bloated, tired, achy and you just want to meet that little person who has been kicking you for nine months. Luckily, there are many natural methods to induce labor that can help speed things along.

Although none of these methods are medically proven to kick start your labor, they are all safe and harmless. Whether they’re old wives tales or they prove to be effective, why not give them a go? Continue reading

11 Great Gifts for New Moms

Great Gifts for New Moms - SmartMom

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The days after a baby is born can be long, tiring, confusing and emotional. However, a special gift is a nice way to show her that you care and help her transition into motherhood.  Here are 11 great gifts for new moms to help make those overwhelming early days just a little bit easier.  Continue reading