When Should Babies Start Talking?

When should babies start talking? - SmartMom

Let’s face it, as SmartMoms, this is a developmental milestone we celebrate. Admittedly, it’s also one we can fret about. Many moms ask, when should babies start talking? Most would say it’s typical to expect your baby to say their first word right around their first birthday. However, like many developmental milestones, it’s a norm based on babies who have said their first word before their first birthday and on babies who have uttered their first word a bit later. So, no need to mark your calendars or call the doctor on your wordless baby’s first birthday. In fact, let me suggest that it’s not about talking at all. It’s all about communication. Let me explain: Continue reading

Stimulating Your Child’s Mind: Sensory Bins for Toddlers

Sensory Bins for Toddlers - SmartMom

In my years prior to graduate school, I had the privilege of working under some amazing educators. They adhered to a Reggio Emilia model of early childhood education. This philosophy emphasizes discovery and investigation through student led projects and within a community of learners. This is when I truly gained an appreciation for the importance of sensory stimulation as a way of challenging the neural development of a child while also encouraging them to exhibit and explore their creativity! While every child may not have the ability to attend a Reggio preschool, you can do this at home! Creating sensory bins for toddlers is a great way to incorporate these opportunities into your child’s play. Your toddler will be challenged to explore their senses and be encouraged to develop their creative and critical thinking skills. Continue reading

Stimulating Your Baby’s Mind: Sensory Bins for Babies

Sensory Bins for Babies - SmartMom

Summer’s here! You’ve probably got a list of all the supplies to make your summer with your little one memorable. Swim diapers, sunscreen, sun hat, and sandals. Summer is a great time for your baby to explore and learn. Your little one is developing their senses through experiences like swimming, playing in the grass, and eating watermelon! Here are some ways to ensure your summer is safe, stimulating, and a sensory experience your baby is certain to enjoy! Continue reading

Know the Signs and Symptoms of GERD in Babies

As a mother cradles her baby, she wonders if the baby is suffering the typical symptoms of GERD in babies.

GERD, or acid reflux, is not typically something we associate with babies. When most people think of GERD, they think of heartburn, acidic food, caffeine, overeating and discomfort caused by the foods we eat. However, babies aren’t yet eating solid foods, so how can they get GERD?

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ADHD and Setting Your Child Up For Success

A girl running through a field. When dealing with ADHD, it's important to schedule and communicate effectively while planning on setting your child up for success.

I recently wrote an article, Teaching Your Child to Study with ADHD. As I wrote the article, I thought about all the aspects of school and schedules that really contribute to successful studying. In essence, a child can’t successfully study without having the foundation laid for success. But what does it look like to lay a solid foundation for a child with ADHD?

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The SmartMom Baby Food Stages Chart

Baby Food Stages Chart - SmartMom

There’s thousands of baby food and stages information out there. It can be challenging to put all the information together. This is why we’ve created a SmartMom Baby Food Stages Chart. Here, we’ve collected and compiled recipes and tips so that you can focus on what is important- enjoying mealtimes with your growing baby!

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Helping Children With Anxiety: Selective Mutism and What You Can Do

help children with anxiety

How do you know if your child is “just shy” or if it’s something more? How do you know when to intervene in social situations and when to let your child do that talking? How do you go about helping children with anxiety? These are questions many parents ask as they navigate the tundra of childhood anxiety and selective mutism.

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How to Teach Your Child to Feed Themselves

how to teach your child

Like most development in childhood, teaching your child how to feed him/herself is a process. Bound to be messy and tedious, here’s how you can embrace this season in your child’s development and how to teach your child to independently feed him/herself.

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When Your Friend is Parenting a Child with Autism

Parenting a Child with Autism - SmartMom

We’ve all heard what the media says about the diets, the vaccines, and the swarm of attention that autism has gained. And it’s not surprising, considering that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (commonly known as ASD).

As a SmartMom, you will encounter friends, co-workers, or fellow volunteers who are parenting a child with autism. Or, perhaps you yourself are parenting a child with autism. Continue reading

Teaching Your Child How to Study With ADHD

how to study with adhd

Smartmom recently posted an article on ADHD that discussed the consistent cycle of inattention caused by ADHD. This can make everyday tasks like getting ready for school, going to an appointment, or completing homework assignments very challenging not only for your child, but for you! ADHD has a way of impacting the entire family. However, by instituting a fool-proof plan for how to study with ADHD, your child is bound for success. By establishing these patterns early on, you are not only helping create a peaceful household environment, but also equipping your child to meet the academic challenges independently in later years.

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