Why Girls Should Learn Traditionally Masculine Skills

girls should learn traditionally masculine skills

“Anything you can do I can do better”. We’ve all heard that song or seen the commercial, which contains a funny dialogue between a male and a female competing to do certain tasks. The latest commercial sparking a debate of “who can do it better” is the #LikeAGirl commercial from the brand Always. This commercial, which went viral before the Super Bowl but increased its reach on marketing’s biggest stage, brought the idea to the forefront that being a “girl” does not mean that you are weak. Throwing like a girl, running like a girl, or fighting like a girl have become stigmas that girls must overcome. Instead of simply telling girls they can break through stereotypes, why not help them redefine what it means to be “like a girl”? In order to do this, many believe that girls should learn traditionally masculine skills.

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The Truth About Girls and Math

Girls and Math - SmartMom

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It is a well-known fact that boys are better than girls in math. Or is it? The common belief that “girls are writers and boys are calculators” has been circulating around for years. In fact, I have been guilty of falling into that category: I can write an essay in a minute, but give me an algebraic equation and I’m working and reworking the problem trying to come up with a solution. I struggled with math from middle school through college, continually saying “I hate math.” I believed my math abilities to be subpar, just as most Americans are under the assumption that boys always outperform girls in math. However, studies have shown that this stereotype is just that: a stereotype.

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Can I Exercise While Breastfeeding?

Exercise While Breastfeeding - SmartMom

It seems like everyone is talking about prenatal fitness these days. There are DVDs, fitness classes, and clothing lines dedicated to prenatal exercise. There is a lot of care taken to ensure you are safely staying active while growing your baby. But many moms are still asking themselves, can I exercise while breastfeeding? The same care should be taken in postpartum fitness. Let’s look at some keys to safely, comfortably, and effectively exercise while breastfeeding.

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Preparing for a Planned C-Section: What SmartMoms Need To Know

Preparing for a Planned C-Section - SmartMom

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These days, C-sections are becoming more and more common. When it comes to preparing for a planned C-section, it can be overwhelming. Here are some tips and stories from my own experience.

On June 6, 2014, I received an emergency C-Section to bring my son Henry into the world. Thankfully I had read up on C-sections in my “What to Expect” book, as well as listened to friend’s birth stories about their own C-sections. Although many of moms reading this may be planning on having a C-section, I encourage the rest of you to read this as well. Coming from someone who didn’t plan on it, I would have loved more in-depth information, especially because my C-section happened quickly!

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The Truth About Elementary School Bullying

Elementary School Bullying - SmartMom

Bullying seems to be a constant topic among middle and high school students. Sadly, elementary school bullying is also a problem. Despite it being a “mature” topic, I feel it is important to have an open dialogue about bullying with young children. Listed below are some discussion topics to enhance your child’s ability to deal with this issue.

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What Is STEM Education and Why Is It Important?

What is STEM Education - SmartMom

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You may have heard this buzz word – STEM – thrown around, mentioned on news shows, or seen it in a political ad. Chances are you have an idea of what the education acronym stands for: Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. And though that is the basic information, you may still be asking yourself, “What is STEM education and why is it important?”

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How Can I Help My Baby Crawl?

How Can I Help My Baby Crawl? - SmartMom

A baby’s milestones seem to be never ending. They develop so quickly, learning new actions almost every day. One major milestone is crawling. This is the milestone where babies truly become mobile! This usually occurs between seven to ten months of age. Many parents wonder and worry and think, “How can I help my baby crawl?” If you feel like your baby is ready to crawl, but may need a little help, consider some easy ways to get them on their crawling way!

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Creative Toy Storage Ideas for a Clean(ish) Home

Creative Toy Storage Ideas - SmartMom

Keeping your house neat and tidy can be a daunting task. Add a child or three into the mix, and it can feel like you are in organizational chaos! From the big toys to the ones with a million pieces that always get lost, it often feels like all you do is clean…and yet you still feel like your house is a wreck. With the start of the New Year, consider some of these creative toy storage ideas to help you on your way to a calmer, tidier living space!

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Teaching Financial Literacy to Your Child

Intellectual Praise

Understanding money, its uses, its value, and how to save it are important life lessons. Teaching financial literacy to your child will happen naturally. Children are naturally inquisitive, and eventually they will come to a point where money will need to be explained.

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Formula Comparison: Similac vs. Enfamil

Formula Comparison: Similac vs. Enfamil - SmartMom

Photo by Michele Hart

Being a parent means making important decisions every day. From which diapers to wear to what to feed your child, it seems like there is an endless list of topics to research and decide upon. When choosing to give your baby formula, knowing which brand will best fit your family must be an informed decision. By making a formula comparison between the two most popular choices for parents, Similac and Enfamil, we wanted to keep you as informed as possible. Although they have many similarities, knowing the differences between the two will help you make the right choice for your baby.

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