Looking Good in 2014

Looking good 2014

I’d like to attribute it to pregnancy hormones; they’re easiest to blame in most situations these days, but I am not quite sure they deserve all the credit.  This morning, I found myself watching a short clip on the Boston Marathon. Perhaps it was the inspirational music, the throngs of people all moving in the same direction, or just the joyful expression on the runners faces but suddenly my eyes were full of hot tears and my nose was running.  What’s this?  Was I really crying over a marathon highlight video?

Those of you who are already moms and those of you who join me in the pregnant category, maybe you can relate? As I enter the final month of this nine-month, life-creation-adventure, my body is reaching some unspoken limit.  I’ll refrain from complaining, because if you’re a mom you know exactly what this final stage feels like, and fellow preggos: either you’re right there with me or you’re well on your way. Continue reading