Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child

Tips for Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child - SmartMom

Photo by Saar Manche

Is your child very empathic, notices even small changes in her environment, doesn’t like certain smells, sounds, or textures, and gets overwhelmed by crowds or loud noises?  If this sounds like your child, take the full test here to see if he is a Highly Sensitive Child, or HSC.

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Getting Your Toddler To Listen

Getting your Toddler to Listen - SmartMom

Photo by Snippet & Ink

Getting your toddler to listen can be a difficult challenge. Three years old, what a magical, adorable age. Except when your toddler is not listening, which is most of the time he is awake. These five suggestions may make dealing with your little one a little less stressful, and may even help with getting your toddler to listen.

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The Happiest Baby On The Block by Harvey Karp

Happiest Baby on the Block - SmartMom

My copy of The Happiest Baby On The Block looks like it has been through war, which is how you can tell how good it is. It was essential during the first few weeks of my first baby’s life. This book is warm, engaging, and, best of all, practical. It gives concrete ways to calm and soothe your newborn baby, which is invaluable for new and exhausted parents.

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