When will my baby sleep through the night?

When will my baby sleep through the night? - SmartMom

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If babies need more sleep during the first few months than at any other age then why do we see so many new mama’s pulling their hair out with tiredness? If you’ve been there yourself – or know someone going through the same thing thing – then you will know that the only question on these new mom’s lips is the age old one: when will my baby sleep through the night?

Sleeping ‘through the night’ usually means sleeping for eight to twelve hours without waking for a feed. Although it’s not that common, some babies will start sleeping through the night from only eight or nine weeks old. If you did get a baby like that then consider yourself one of the lucky ones! At around four months most babies will start sleeping for around five hours, usually waking for a feed before dozing back off for another few hours. However when it comes to getting that full ‘through the night’ snooze you so desperately long for the National Sleep Foundation reckons that about 70% will be doing so by nine months. But as we all know, nine months can be a long time for any shattered mother. Feeling so sapped of energy and constantly tired can make it hard to function and make you much more prone to depression. So is there anything you can do? Continue reading

7 Benefits of Gripe Water for Babies

Benefits of Gripe Water for Babies - SmartMom

In 1851 an English pharmacist called William Woodward formulated a treatment that was an effective “soother of fretful babies and provided relief from gastrointestinal troubles in infants.” Today gripe water for babies still flies off the shelves as tired mothers try desperately to soothe their little ones. While there has been some controversy over gripe water through the years, particularly in cases where it contains sugar or alcohol, many parents still see it as an effective aid in helping treat an upset baby. Today most remedies avoid these ingredients and it’s considered safe to use. Here we look at 7 possible benefits of using gripe water. Continue reading

Is it Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?

Is It Safe to Exercise While Pregnant? - SmartMom

Are you an exercise freak? Do you love to spend your evenings pounding the sidewalks or doing lengths at your local pool? If you are that girl and then you find yourself pregnant it can be a confusing time. You want to keep up your good work don’t you? Surely taking care of yourself is even more important now that you are carrying such precious cargo? Of course you want to keep exercising but at what cost? Is it safe to exercise while pregnant? Of course it is! There are many different types of exercise that are safe to do while pregnant. Continue reading

How to Handle Kids Who Are Out of Control

How to handle kids - SmartMom

Everyone feels angry from time to time – it’s a normal human emotion for both parents and children. But what happens when your child’s anger turns into something more? What happens when your child’s anger causes their behavior to become out of control or aggressive?  It’s important to learn how to handle kids who are out of control.  Here at SmartMom we’ve explored the causes of these angry emotions and ways to help your child handle their anger in a positive way. Continue reading

5 Helpful Hints for Moms Going Back to Work

moms going back to work - SmartMom

Going back to work after maternity leave can be stressful for many moms. All the bonding you’ve done with your baby in that first precious part of their life can leave you emotional and anxious to leave them. Maybe you went back to work early because you missed the buzz of a 9-5? Perhaps you just prefer to be the breadwinner and let your husband take on the stay at home role? Maybe your reasons for going back are purely financial? Whatever your reasons for going back to work, SmartMom has devised 5 top tips to make the transition a little less painful. Continue reading

The Meaning For the Movements Of Baby During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman feels her belly and wonders what the meaning is for the movements of baby during pregnancy.

Most pregnant women start to feel their baby move at around 18 to 20 weeks. If it is your first pregnancy you may not become aware of movements until you are past the 20 week mark. If you have been pregnant before then you may even feel movement as early as 16 weeks! Usually these movements feel like a soft kick, a flutter, a swish or a roll and are an exciting stage causing your impending motherhood to suddenly get extra exciting. But as exciting as it is, it is also important that you start to recognise your baby’s movement patterns. So here at SmartMom we have put together a rough guide to the meaning of the movements of baby during pregnancy.

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Why Selling Your Breast Milk May Be a Great Idea

As a baby relaxes on a bed, a mother wonders if selling your breast milk might be a good idea.

Hailed as the most natural super food out there, breast milk contains metabolic fuels and the raw materials needed to aid tissue growth and development, such as fatty acids, amino acids and minerals. Providing your little one with breast milk is the perfect way to ensure your tiny baby is getting all the nutrients and care that they need during the first few months of their lives. But what if you have a new baby and you can’t produce enough milk to keep him healthy? This is only one reason why women have turned to selling their breast milk online. Here at SmartMom we’ve looked at some of the various reasons why selling your breast milk may be a great idea.

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Newborn Week One: What To Expect

A mom carries her baby during newborn week one.

You’ve struggled through 9 months of nausea, back pain and swollen ankles. You’ve suffered through the agony of childbirth. Finally all the hard work is over and it is time to take your brand new baby home. But the first week of a newborn baby’s life can be daunting for any new mother. A giddy mixture of elation and exhaustion can prove overwhelming and there are many things to consider during your new baby’s first few days. From bathing to feeding – here’s a quick guide to help you through your newborn week one.

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Sick Day Activities For Little Ones

A boy laying on the couch hoping his mom planned some sick day activities for him.

No one likes being ill or seeing their child unwell. Being cooped up caring for a sick little one can be a nightmare for some parents, especially as they feel so helpless and only want to make their child feel better. However, have no fear, we SmartMoms have come up with a few ideas on sick day activities to keep your little bundles entertained while they get over those annoying bugs and viruses.

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Breastfeeding the First Week: A Complete Guide

breastfeeding the first week

It’s the most natural thing in the world to nurse your newborn baby. That being said, you would think that it would be easy. But breastfeeding the first week can be a painful and difficult time for a new mother. If you are finding breastfeeding the first week tough and are wondering if there is something wrong then don’t. The struggles you are going through are completely normal. Here we try to give you a basic guide to breastfeeding in the first week.

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