March SmartMom Contest: Two $250 Gift Cards to Gap Kids!

March SmartMom Contest

We’re really crossing our fingers that warm weather is around the corner.. and for many moms that means a new spring wardrobe for their little panda bears.  That’s why this month we are giving away two $250 gift cards to Gap Kids. We love Gap kids – their clothes are adorable and rugged enough to handle all of the mud puddles that springtime will bring.

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How to Enter the Contest:

Remember, every star you earn in the app helps your chances of being a winner so be sure to log in every day!  More questions? Check out our official contest rules.

Last Month’s Winner:

The winners of the February contest for $250 toThe Land of Nod are Safia E & Ashley M! Be sure to congratulate them in the app!

February SmartMom Contest: $250 to The Land of Nod!

February SmartMom Contest

Winter is in full swing and here at SmartMom we’re looking to spruce up our homes a bit. That’s why we’re excited to announce the February SmartMom Contest!  But first,

Last Month’s Winners:

The winners of $100 toThe Body Shop are Kerry, Mary C, Sana M, Fara J and Karrine D! Be sure to congratulate them in the app!

This Month’s Giveaway:

If you live in a place that experiences all four seasons, you might be snowed in for a few days this month. To help you enjoy your home more, we’re giving away $250 to The Land of Nod to two lucky SmartMoms! We <3 The Land of Nod – their unique, whimsical toys & furniture are perfect for a playroom, child’s bedroom, or even your living room!

Remember, every star you earn in the app helps your chances of being a winner so be sure to log in every day!

Lots of love SmartMoms! Thank you all so much for making our app the best it can be!

How to Get Rid of the Pacifier

How to Get Rid of the Pacifier - SmartMom

When I was little, I loved my pacifiers. They were my favorite blanket, stuffed animal and my mom’s arms all rolled into one. Having a pacifier with me at all times kept me in my comfort zone until I was a toddler. My parents struggled with the question of how to get rid of the pacifier obsession I had, and they finally figured out a simple answer: the Paci Fairy.

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What I’ve Learned: Liz McGrory, Working Mom Coach

What I’ve Learned: Liz McGrory, Working Mom Coach - SmartMom

After her second child, Liz McGrory found it hard to balance home and work life. That’s when she discovered the benefit of working mom coaching. While pregnant with her third child, Liz decided to quit her corporate job and work full time on her own company, in which she coaches other working moms and focuses on channeling Mommy Energy – a force, she says, that is almost like a superpower.

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What I’ve Learned: Lindsay Powers Eichmann, Editorial Director of Yahoo Parenting

Lindsay Powers Eichmann for SmartMom

One month ago, Lindsay Powers Eichmann launched a digital magazine at Yahoo and celebrated her son’s first birthday. As editorial director, she manages Yahoo Parenting, which covers topics regarding kids of all ages from pregnancy to post-college.

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January SmartMom Contest: Five $100 Gift Cards to The Body Shop!

January SmartMom Contest

If you’re anything like most moms I know, you’ve vowed to become a better mom in 2015.  And as I’m sure you’ve learned, that includes taking better care of yourself!  This month we want to help you do that – by giving away five $100 gift cards to The Body Shop! Continue reading

Official SmartMom Contest Rules

One of the coolest things about participating in the SmartMom community is the chance to earn awesome prizes each month!  If you’re new to the community, or just want to increase your chances of winning, here are the official SmartMom contest rules. Continue reading

December SmartMom Contest: Five $100 Gift Cards to Fabletics!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and the holiday season is already upon us! And you know what that means: New Year’s and the resolutions that come with it!

Last Month’s Winners:

The winners of $250 to Toys ‘R Us are Elise M. and Taryn! Be sure to congratulate them in the app!

This Month’s Giveaway:

This month we know all SmartMoms are making resolutions that will involve being a better mom and improving upon their mommy skills. Here at SmartMom, we want all moms to focus on themselves a little more in 2015. That’s why we’re giving five moms $100 to Fabletics to get a new workout wardrobe!

How To Enter:

  1. Be as active as possible in the app! Earning stars will make you more likely to win!
  2. Leave a review in the app store for us – this makes a huge difference!
  3. Each time you tweet – use this link to make sure we see it.
  4. Each time you share on Facebook – make sure you include @smartmomco and use this link so we can see it.

Thank you all for being such great SmartMoms! We love how much you love SmartMom!

What I’ve Learned: Amanda Jane Jones, Designer & Co-Creater of Kinfolk Magazine

Amanda Jane Jones Interview - SmartMom

Amanda Jane Jones is a Freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer living in Chicago with her husband, Cree, and her 16 month old daughter Jane. She’s also the co-creater of Kinfolk Magazine. If you’re not already following her on Instagram, her feed is pretty great- check it out!

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SmartMom Halloween!

SmartMom Halloween!

Feature Photo by Rebecca Conway

We hope all of our SmartMoms had a very happy and safe Halloween! We asked you all to send us pictures of your little ones in their costumes on the big day and here are some of our favorites!

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