The Benefits of Attachment Parenting

The Benefits of Attachment Parenting - SmartMom

I had never heard about the benefits of attachment parenting until I had my first child. It wasn’t through prenatal classes of the volume of books that hospital sent me home with though, it was from searching the internet.  As a new mom I found myself questioning everything my daughter did and every decision my husband and I made. Though I was following instincts, it was as if I was looking for reassurances via the internet to give me the pat on the back that I needed. I needed to hear that I was doing the right things and that I wasn’t alone. Continue reading

How does Social Media Influence Parenting?

smartmom how does social media influence parenting

Social media, a term that is used to define communicating and networking with others through the internet using a website site such as Facebook or Twitter, has completely changed the world.  In particular, it’s influence on parenting is enormous.  I instinctively keep things to 140 characters and assume everyone I meet can be added to my list of friends on Facebook. Social media has influenced my life in every respect, some things for the better, and some things for the worse.  So how exactly does social media influence parenting?  Continue reading