7 Creative Money Saving Ideas for Thrifty Moms

Creative Money Saving Ideas for Thrifty Moms

Momming is an indescribably fun, all-consuming adventure marked by excitement, energy, and EXPENSES. There is not much that will drain your bank account as quickly as caring for your curious child.

You love your kids; so naturally, you want to buy them the best toys and experiences available. The problem with that is you fall into a trap of spending so much money on your kids that you’re taking money from their future.

It is possible to facilitate a magical childhood without breaking the bank. Here are 7 creative money saving ideas for you thrifty SmartMoms: Continue reading

Early Labor Signs and Symptoms

Early Labor Signs and Symptoms

As you throw back Tums, become closely acquainted with all local bathrooms, and lovingly rub your stretch marks throughout pregnancy, you’re almost always in a day-dream-like state. You’re dreaming up baby names and memorizing paint swatches and you may be able to recite the signs of labor with the ease of someone who has earned a medical degree. But, many women don’t know about signs of an early or pre-term labor – which is labor that happens before the 37-week mark. A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks.

Women carrying multiples, women with a history of premature births, and women with uterine or cervical abnormalities are at an increased risk for preterm labor. But, according to the America Pregnancy Association, early labor happens in 12% of pregnancies.

Sometimes, an early labor can be halted with medical intervention, so whether you are at increased risk for early labor or not, it’s a good idea to be aware of these early labor signs and symptoms, so you can get to your doctor quickly if something is wrong.  Continue reading

How to Be a Better Mom in 2016

How to be a Better Mom in 2016 - SmartMom

Naturally, the first week of a new year is a time where a lot of people look at their lives and set goals they want to meet. For all the “New Year, New You” articles you’ll find out there, you’ll probably find just as many saying that the resolve brought on by New Year’s resolutions only lasts a week, at best.

What I’ll say is this – as a mom (especially if you have little babies who still wake you up all night), you probably didn’t stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year and you may not actually know that it’s now January of 2016. So, I’ll start by saying – Hi, Happy New Year! It’s 2016! Let’s be better moms this year than we were last year! Continue reading

SmartMom Guide to Finger Foods for Babies

SmartMom Guide to Finger Foods for Babies

You’ve done it! You’ve gotten past the milk-only phase and limped through the adventure that is the baby food phase, known by your baby as rubbing food all over my tiny, chubby body, a.k.a. throwing juiced meat and vegetables across the room, a.k.a making sure said juiced food finds its way into crevices of my high chair and furniture that are literally impossible to clean, a.k.a. the season where mommy posts Instagram pictures of me that she thinks are cute but everyone else thinks are really gross (we are all guilty of this, moms).

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How to Develop Healthy Sleep Habits for Your Family

How to develop healthy sleep habits for your family? - SmartMom


Remember sleep? Let me refresh your memory. It’s that thing where you lay in a bed and you don’t wake up until morning. Remember that?

Even if you have kids who are great sleepers, it’s likely you still wake up to check on them. And everyone knows that when you become a mom, you morph into this superhuman who is weirdly 100 % alert and awake at the sound of an irregularly timed suck of the pacifier (In other words, your sleep can now be described as lighter-than-light). There is no known tranquilizer-like method I know of to ensure healthy sleep habits for your family when you’re smack dab in the midst of the parenting years. But, I can tell you that there is hope…for the future.  Moms of newborns, hang in there. We’re all counting on you. Continue reading

When is the Right Time to Have a Baby?

When is the Right Time to Have a Baby? - SmartMom

Back in baby boomer times, women married and had children younger. These days, the norm has shifted. Women are prioritizing their careers and trying to start families afterward. Having children is a very big thing. But, there are many ways to parent, and the answer to the question, “when is the right time to have a baby” really depends. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide what time of life is right for you.

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When Can I Take My Newborn Out in Public?

When can I take my newborn out in public? SmartMom

When you take your baby out in public really depends on who you are and who you talk to. Even the most extreme rule-follower might have a tough time figuring this one out because, like many parenting quandaries, there are a myriad of “right” answers and opinions. I asked several of the doctors at my pediatrician’s office and answers varied – even between doctors of the same practice.

Although the right answer is fuzzy when it comes to a healthy newborn, most medical professionals agree that if your newborn is sick or premature or has any sort of complications, you should be overprotective for the first two to three months. Continue reading

Does Your Child Have a Behavior Problem?

Does Your Child Have a Behavior Problem? - SmartMom


As SmartMoms, we have the tendency to see our kids in a pretty biased light. They’re our babies, after all! While the bus boy at your favorite restaurant shakes his head at your little dumpling’s meltdown, you feel a mixture of embarrassment, frustration, and deep love for the little monster.

Figuring out whether you’ve got a typical kid or child with a behavior problem can be tricky when you’re a mom because 1. You don’t view them objectively and 2. There are legitimate ages and stages for things. You can’t expect a 1 ½ year old to be a master at obedience when the truth is, they’re not even sure if they have a belly button or not yet. So, how do you know if your child has a behavior problem? Continue reading

Natural Remedies For Treating Baby Eczema

Treating Baby Eczema - SmartMom

Your baby isn’t thirteen years old. Your baby isn’t oiling up every day for a sun tanning session.  So, why is your baby’s skin all red and bumpy?! Chances are, your baby has the ever-so-common baby eczema. Babies are known for their PERFECT skin, so it can be weird when you wake up one morning and notice that your wee one’s perfect skin is covered in pimply-looking, rough, red bumps!

Mom, breathe easy. It’s baby eczema. Don’t run out to the pharmacy and think you have to medicate. There are plenty of natural remedies for treating baby eczema. Continue reading

Clean Up Your Act: Eating Out with Kids Without Getting Messy

Eating Out With Kids - SmartMom

Let’s be honest. Eating out with kids does not usually lend itself to tidiness. Kids are messy creatures. They can’t help it. They are learning to use their fine motor skills and it takes quite a long while for a wee one to get a macaroni noodle into her mouth hole without some cheesy carnage.

While there’s nothing you can do to make your baby or toddler eat like an adult when out at restaurants, there are things you can do to prevent angry stares from bus boys…well, kind of.  Here are some strategies to try with your little ones when you’re eating out… Continue reading