Do You Know How Much I Love You? By Donna Tedesco

Do You Know How Much I Love You? - SmartMom

Photo by Jessica Doll

Author and illustrator Donna Tedesco opens a world of imagination for parents and kids with her “Do You Know How Much I Love You” game turned into a beautifully illustrated children’s book. It’s a simplistic book with not many words; however I feel children will enjoy having this read to them. They will also have fun discovering objects in the drawings.

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Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman

Bringing Up Bebe - SmartMom

If you find yourself bored and overwhelmed with parenting “how-to” books, Bringing Up Bébé is a refreshing and humorous change. Author, wife, and mother to three, Pamela Druckerman, is an American who falls in love with and marries a British journalist who lives in Paris. When she becomes pregnant, and after baby is born, she begins to notice a difference in the way French and American children behave. Being a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Druckerman dives into uncovering exactly what it is that the French do differently in parenting.

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