The Effects of Helicopter Parents: The Good AND The Bad

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Though I have never been called a helicopter parent, I am, as my friends like to remind me often, an “involved parent.” I prefer to know where my kids are, what they’re doing, who they’re with and what they’re up to at pretty much any given moment. I don’t see this as a bad thing, but many people have been talking about the effects of helicopter parents on the kids of today, so I did a little digging to see if I could come up with a reasonable definition of the term “helicopter parent” for the purpose of this article.

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How To Be A Single Parent In A Couple’s World

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As a single parent, you are inundated with endless to-do lists, schedules to manage and roles to play that were quite possibly not part of your initial plan when you first had your children. And it is easy to wonder how to be a single parent, a good single parent, when almost all advice on the Internet or in books is focused on a two-parent family.

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How to Be a Successful Stay at Home Mom

How to be a Successful Stay at Home Mom - SmartMom

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When my oldest child was born, I stayed home with her while her dad worked. Half of it was great, the other half… well… not so great. I was frustrated, lonely, and in all honesty, pretty lost. I tried filling the days with activities, volunteer efforts and projects around the house, but let’s face it: there’s only so much you can do with a seven month old.

Just as I was really getting comfortable with how to be a successful stay at home mom, I went back to work. I thought I would love going back to work and that it would make me an even better mom.

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Productivity Tips for WAHMS

WAHMS - SmartMom

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Sleep Routines for Babies: Difficult, but not Impossible

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Photo by Dulcet Photography The roughest part of having a new baby is, debatably, the sleepless nights.  “How to get your baby to sleep” is, I’m sure, one of the top Google searches at 3 in the morning. Hoping and wishing and praying that your sweet new bundle of joy will just sleep for more than three hours in a row is a nightly ritual for many new parents. So how do you get your kids to sleep? Here are three tips that apply to all families setting sleep routines for babies for the first time. Continue reading

How to Teach Table Manners for Children

How to Teach Table Manners for Children

Maybe it’s just me, but whenever my kids and I go out to eat and someone, whether it is another patron or our waitress, compliments me on how well the kids are behaving, I puff up a little. Not with arrogance, of course, but with pride. I love that my kids all have good manners- even my two year old! Continue reading

11 Ways to be a Better Mom

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Ok, before you get all worked up about the title, let’s be really clear about something: you’re already a good mom. The fact that you’re even reading an article about how to be a better mom proves that you care. So you’re on the right track.

But no one is perfect. Goodness knows I’m not. I have a long way to go. But I’m still here and I keep trying. And clearly, so are you. Continue reading

5 Tools to Survive a Snow Day

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You wake up and, like most mornings, you check your phone before starting the day. And there it is: an alert notifying you that the kids have no school today because of a snow day. You are now faced with an entire day with your kids stuck inside and no planned activities on your agenda. 

When you’re prepared for events like this, you can take these unexpected twists and turns in stride. So, the next time you’re stocking up on milk and toilet paper, grab these items and keep them on hand for hours of guaranteed entertainment with your kids. Here are the 5 tools to survive a snow day: Continue reading

Creating Holiday Traditions with your New Family

creating holiday traditions with your new family

Traditions are, without a doubt, the primary touchstones of a family history. Creating Holiday traditions with your new family has to be a conscious, intentional decision to follow through on making the holidays special for your kids, no matter how young they are.  Whenever I think of my own childhood, the first things I always think of are the traditions my parents maintained as I grew up. Continue reading