What’s the Best Way to Wear your Baby?

Wear your Baby - SmartMom

Photo by Luisa Brimble for Sakura Bloom

With all the new products on the market, it’s so easy to wear your baby. Baby wearing is the most convenient, natural way to multitask while bonding with your baby. The question remains, what’s the best way to wear your baby? Here’s a short review of SmartMom approved products for moms wanting to “babywear.”

Soft Structured Carriers

The Ergo was our first carrier and we also got the newborn insert, which helps to position the baby for the first few months. It comes in cotton, organic cotton, and a more breathable performance material. Your baby can be carried on your front, your hip and your back. Your child can only face in, they don’t ever face out. This is to best support their growing hips. Many people say, “but my baby wants to look out and observe,” but I can personally say that my son adored facing in. He learned very quickly to turn his head to be social, and facing in makes it easy for them to nap on your chest. We used the Ergo multiple times a day with the front carry until our son was 1. From 1-1 ½ we carried him in the back carry, but with a heavy child (he was 30 pounds by 1), it does put a lot of strain on your back and shoulders.

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