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Amber Necklace Benefits for Teething Babies

Amber Necklace Benefits for Teething Babies
More than ever smart moms are choosing amber teething necklaces as a way to cure the teething pain of their little ones. For centuries, amber has been considered an alternative medicine with numerous natural benefits. While some say the amber teething necklace is a mere placebo, mothers worldwide are convinced they see results.

Understanding Amber Beads
Amber beads are generally created by fossilized plant resin from the Baltic Sea and are known for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties. The beads are not stone, they are polished resin and small in size which allows them to be lightweight and easily worn around the necks of young children. When done so, they can be helpful in soothing red inflamed cheeks and gums while aiding in reducing pain, and irritability. Additionally, drooling is lessened due to amber stimulating the thyroid glands.
Baltic amber has also been proven to speed up healing and stave off ear and throat inflammation which can also occur as a result of teething.

Choosing Amber Bead Necklaces Over Alternative Teething Methods
You may find that mixing medicinal and alternative medicine options work for you, but some moms solely choose amber bead necklaces as a way to avoid unnecessary or overdoses of medicine in their very young children. The natural benefits of amber are not only healthy for your baby but are good for the environment as well as they are a great alternative to synthetic pain relief medications. Choosing amber bead necklaces for teething may be a way to reduce exposure to the harsher ingredients in teething gels.

Instructions for Wearing the Amber Teething Necklaces
For best results it is recommended the necklace be worn 24/7. Wearing the amber against the warmth of the skin allows the body to easily absorb the healing effects of amber, known as succinate. This substance is naturally found in our bodies (in much smaller amounts than amber, however) and acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Succinate is used in the medical world and is even chemically manufactured by pharmaceutical companies to aid in immune system medications among many other treatments.

The necklace should be worn flat against the skin and should not be chewed. Considering the fact that teething babies are inclined to chew everything, be sure to keep the necklace short and keep them tucked under the clothing. Babies should be supervised while wearing they amber necklace as it could break and become a choking hazard due to the many small beads. For this reason, it is recommend that the child be over 3 years of age when wearing the necklace. Because most teething happens earlier than 3 years of age, if you choose to have your baby wear the necklace, be sure she is always supervised. The beads are non-toxic, so if they are ingested, they should not cause a problem.

When your baby is in pain, it’s important to keep your options open for soothing their sore teeth and gums. Amber teething necklaces are definitely worth a try if you are looking for a natural alternative to typical teething options.  







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