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How To Share Your Amazing Birth Stories

Photo by Jamie Street

All moms have amazing birth stories. What makes birth stories amazing is that every birth experience is different. Even moms who have had more than one child can attest to the fact that each time they gave birth, they learned something new about labor and delivery and about what their bodies can do. No two birth experiences are exactly the same, and they hold not just the story of the actual birth of the baby, but usually begin at the very start, when the couple began trying to conceive or when a mom received a surprise positive on her pregnancy test. Whatever the case, there’s something empowering about sharing your own birth story with others.

Here are a few ways you can share your amazing birth stories with others:

Host a birth story-telling party. Share it over coffee or tea or while clinking glasses full of wine – whatever you prefer. There’s something about cozying up in the living room of your own home with your favorite beverage in your hands and people gathered around you,  that are all eager to hear the story about the birth of your baby. Whether your mommy friends are pregnant, just had a baby or their babies are already having babies of their own, it’s never too late for them to share their birth stories. It’s also a great excuse to catch up with your friends!

Share it online. Let’s face it: being involved in social media has become a norm. These days, everything is on the internet. Having an avenue such as a blog to share your birth story with all of your friends and family at the same time and having it visible to moms you may not even know is a great way to share your story. It gives people a chance to read your story wherever they are and even share it with others. This is an especially good idea if you live away from family and friends.

Email it. Again, this is a good way to send your written story to family and friends who don’t live close by and are not able to visit and hear you tell your story in person. This method makes it easy to select who you want to tell your story to if you don’t want just anyone to know exactly what happened.

Send out a birth announcement with print-out story. Recently one of our friends sent us a birth announcement with pictures of their new baby, his birth information such as weight and height, and a small print out of her typed birth story. It was so special to be able to look at his pictures and read how he came into this world. You can do this to announce it to your family and close friends before you post it on social media, such as Facebook, to make it a little more personal in this internet world.

A lot of times, moms don’t share their stories because they get so caught up in parenting that they forget the hard work they put in to actually bringing their baby into this world or adopting their child. Whether the birth was natural, Cesarian or in the backseat of your car, sharing your story can touch the lives of other moms and encourage moms-to-be.



Labor can get pretty crazy (or even just getting to the hospital in my case!) I’m sure some of you moms have one heck of a birth story to tell. Anyone want to/or are able to share their birth story in 500 characters or less?

“Story time!!! Anyone want to share there labor/birth stories??”

“I’d give birth all over again to see my sons face for the first time all over again. Share your birth stories, momma!”

The recent birth of my 2nd daughter was emergency c-section for failure to progress. My water had already broke and after 24 hours labour hadn’t started. They started the induction and after 24 hours on the highest possible dose of pitocin I hadn’t dilated past 4cm and they said it seemed as if baby’s head actually moved up not down. Baby’s heart rate was fine but they said if I kept going I was risking infection so they recommended an emergency c section. Ladies, what was your birth story like?

I’m 35 weeks with my second…anyone care to share their birth story? 🙂

“Birth Story: Just can’t take my eyes off of him. I labored for 13 hours with contractions every 2 minutes. I began dilating a cm an hour and had my water broken at 11am. I then started dilating 2 cm every hour with extremely painful contractions. I then attempted getting an epidural which was wonderful at first but the doctor gave me a dose of pictocin to keep my contractions going. My epidural failed 15 minutes later and I was in the worst pain of my life.”

Anyone use any other awesome blogs for mommies I’d like something where I can use more then 500 characters and would love to talk about my birth story and hear others…

Any UP/UC moms? I’d love to hear some birth stories!

Any ladies that had gestational diabetes who wouldn’t mind sharing their birth stories with me? I’m being induced on Jan. 23rd. Had my ultrasound yesterday (36 weeks) and estimated weight was 7lbs. 4oz. Husband is 6’5″ so I knew she wasn’t going to be tiny, but wanted to know how accurate your measurements were to reality. Sugar levels are perfect. Been on insulin since week 32. Thanks!!


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