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7 Baby Food Ingredients to Avoid

As parents, we all want to take care to use the healthiest baby food ingredients and avoid anything that could cause our babies harm. While some of these 7 baby food ingredients to avoid are fairly obvious, other foods on this list like honey and citrus fruits seem like wholesome choices. However, whether you choose to make your own baby food or buy baby food, you should be conscious to not feed your baby these ingredients.

  1. Artificial Flavors, Colors, and, Preservatives. Most commercial baby foods available don’t include artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. However it never hurts to check the ingredients label on the baby food before purchasing it. You should see minimal ingredients on the list.
  2. Cow or Soy Milk. For the first year, avoid any milk other than breast milk or formula. Cow and soy milk contain too much protein, sodium, and potassium for a baby to digest. In fact, the amount of these elements may actually damage a baby’s kidney. Not to mention, these milks don’t have enough vitamin E, iron, or essential fatty acids.
  3. Gluten and Wheat. Gluten, a protein found in foods like wheat, barley, and rye should be avoided for the first year of life. Avoiding gluten and wheat should be done because a baby’s digestive system may have trouble breaking it down.
  4. Peanut Butter. As kid friendly as peanut butter may seem, it is best not to give peanut butter to a baby. Peanut allergies are not the only cause for concern when feeding little ones peanut butter. Peanut butter’s sticky consistency makes it hard for a baby to swallow, causing a potential chocking hazard.
  5. Honey. While honey may seem like it would be a healthy sweetener to feed your baby, you should avoid giving honey to your baby for the first year. Honey contains harmful bacteria that an adult or child over the age of 1 would be able to fend off. However, these bacteria may cause botulism in your little one, which can be life-threatening to an infant.
  6. Corn. Corn should be avoided until your baby is older than 1. While it does make a great finger food to introduce your baby to once they are the proper age, corn lacks nutrients, may be hard to digest and is a potential allergen. During the first year of life, infants need all the nutrition they can get so it’s best to choose only the most nutrient dense foods to feed them. Corn also is full of insoluble fiber, which can cause painful gas and bloating for a baby.
  7. Citrus Fruit. While introducing your baby to some fruits is definitely encouraged, you want to avoid feeding your baby citrus fruits. Citrus fruit have too much acid to feed to a baby until they are at least a year old. The acid may damage the baby’s gastrointestinal tract.

Hopefully this list helps you, and next time you are feeding your little one, avoid these baby food ingredients.



I know not everyone eats all organic (or maybe can’t afford it as easily), but I’ve got to give a little piece of my mind. We eat all organic in our house, and have given our LO things we eat along with organic baby food once in awhile. While back home visiting we ran to the store to get a jar of organic food as I was reading the ingredients of other things. For a regular jar of food, the ingredient list was like ten things long! For just plain carrots. Yikes. Just my food rant for the day!

Any other moms out there ever researched Gerber baby food and noticed they’re a little bit iffy on bad ingredients like red dye # 4 I believe? I researched a little and now I’m scared to feed it to my son. I only give him Beech Nut, Earth’s Best occasionally and Plum Organics.

“Two baby food makers are being sued. Read the back labels where it says ingredients; they are in order so what ever is at the top of the ingredients list is what is in it the most!”

Moms I need reviews on baby food… I just got my WIC checks and they gave me baby food (we make our own baby food) anyhow what baby food has been good for your baby? I got Beech Nut baby food I did not like what I read about Gerber and their ingredients were just not what I wanted. So what baby food do you use if you’re not making your own? And what kind of diaper surprise did you get if any? In your opinion which brand of baby food does your baby prefer or yourself?

What are some good ingredients for making your own baby food?

Just want to give a shout out to an awesome product for those moms looking for great baby food. BEECH-NUT. All natural, reasonably priced & it looks, smells, and tastes like fresh home made baby food! And I love that NOTHING is added in the ingredients (not even water!) – just yummy fruits and veggies. My baby has loved all the flavors so far. Love this brand!


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