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5 Best iPad Apps For Moms

It’s no secret that handheld devices have become a mom’s new best friend. Your little one will not stop talking? Give them a game to play. Have a question about which medicine is better? Google is at your fingertips. When was the last time you breastfed? Or slept? Or ate? There are trackers for everything. Here at SmartMom, we have compiled a list of the five best iPad apps for moms.

  1. Cozi Family Organizer

This organizer is the modern mom’s savior. Not only can you organize the schedules of the whole family, but you can also create grocery and to-do lists that stay updated in real time. Best of all, anyone in the family can access and update everything from any mobile device or computer.

  1. Must Have Recipes from Better Homes And Gardens

This app has a recipe for anything you could possibly cook. From 30-minute meals to holiday classics, you can find something for everyone. In addition to recipes, however, it is chock full of tips and tricks. Better yet, it has a grocery list built into it (that lets you organize by aisle!) and you can favorite recipes you love to ensure you can find them again!

  1. Reading Raven

Though many people have negative opinions about toddlers and technology, there are some apps out there that are actually helpful in your little one’s education. This is definitely one of those. With a step-by-step curriculum that lets kids learn at their own pace and multi-sensory engagement, this app aids in the literacy of your little one. You can also customize it, so whether your child is 3 or 7 they can start where they need to.

  1. Total Baby

This app has trackers and loggers for all of your baby needs. Trackers and timers include those for: diaper changes, nursing, pumping, solids, sleeping and baths. Logging features help you to keep a diary, and to keep track of milestones, doctor visits, growth, vaccines and allergies. This all-in-one app is a must-have.

  1. Scrabble

Every iPad needs a few games! Added bonus is this one will make you feel like you’re getting smarter! Whether you use it while nursing or waiting for the doctor, this will definitely help you pass the time.


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