My son is 3 months and 3 weeks. Is it too early to put cereal in his bottle?

Jozlynn B 1 like

I started putting cereal in my daughters bottles and 2 and a half months. As long as tummy agrees it should be fine.

J B 6 likes

You should never put cereal in your babies bottle unless otherwise suggested by your babies pediatrician for medical issues like reflux. It can be dangerous. I didn't start feeding my daughter solids until 6 months. I would speak to your babies doctor before starting solids.

Tamara S 4 likes

Yes he doesn't need anything except formula or breast Milk until 5-6 months.

Jessica M 4 likes

Momma do what you think best if your baby is hungry feed the babes!!

Tiredmama 1 like

It is better not to start solids until 6 months.

Melanie M 0 likes

I do not recommend doing that. It's not good for babies. I also do not recommend food until after 6 months. Even then I do baby led weaning.

Jess W 1 like

Yes, too early. Unless you have a reflux issue or problems like laryngomalacia. Otherwise you should wait a while. Talk to your ped about when to start.

Lena D 4 likes

My Ped told me to put 1 tablespoon of rice cereal or oatmeal with every 3 oz of formula or breast milk bc of my twins acid reflux & spit up. It was soupy and easy for my twins to swallow. I started doing this at 3 months (before bedtime) they are now 4 months. It's totally fine & is not a choking hazard bc it's still easy for babies to swallow.

Lauren R 1 like

What do your Ped say? Why do you want to do that? My Ped suggested 1TBS cereal/2OZs of breast milk for my daughter because she was below average in weight, but she didn't like it so I don't do it. That was at 4 months old. Now at 5 months we spoon feed rice cereal. Also you can start solids anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

Rubi C 0 likes

It's not too early if your baby has the hang of the swallowing motion. Just like Lena said for every 3oz only 1 tablespoon of rice cereal in the milk. The cereal is softened with the milk so the baby will not choke. At the same time let your pediatrician know what you will be doing just so both of you are on the same page.

Yasmina L 1 like

I started feeding my kids at this age. They loved it. I loved it. They were full and slept longer for me. I also gave them cereal at this age also.

Jamie K 0 likes

I started when all my girls were about 2 mths :)

Tabitha C 0 likes

I started putting cereal in my sons bottle to have him gain weight dr said he was always underweight and he wasn't gaining anything from BF or reg formula so I did he's fine. Other friends of mine have done it to.

Lakin C 1 like

No I started mine at that age and she's perfectly fine.

Rachel D 1 like

To answer your question in the most simplest form, no it is not too early. Now for the long version: some parents do it and some choose not to. If you decide to then it's fine. He/she will be okay, unless they don't like it. I started putting rice cereal in my daughters bottles when she was almost 3m and she did just fine. For some babies it does keep their belly full for a tad bit longer, not a guarantee though. Hope this helps :)

Katherine T 1 like

It can be very dangerous to put cereal in a babies bottle. Also I would wait until 4-6 months to give her cereal.

Violetta K 0 likes

as far as I know and pediatrist says no any kind if food or drinks besides breast milk(formula) before 4-6 months..great example mammals :they don't eat or drink anything ,but milk before some certain age..

Jessica A 1 like

My pediatrician recommended cereal in my babies bottle when he was 2 weeks old. I did it in every bottle from there on and it was great!!!

Katherine B 1 like

Yes. Read up on babies digestion. They do not have the proper enzymes to digest any solids until at least 6 months. Cereal in a bottle is a choking hazard, has zero nutritional value and will not help baby sleep Through the night

Olga T 1 like

There's no reason for it unless there is acid reflux. It does not help kids sleep longer. My kids were both on cereal b/c of reflux and still woke up.

Meghan M 0 likes

I was told not to put cereal in my sons bottle but I started spoon feeding him rice cereal at 4 months after talking to his pediatrician. I've heard many people say 4 months was too early but my son was always hungry. Run it by your child's dr and do what works for you.

Ashley K 1 like

Do whatever you think is best. I wanted to start around 2 months but I waited bc my ped didn't approve but I still did it around 3 1/2-4 months. For us, she was hungry so hungry and she ate and ate and was never satisfied. After we started with the cereal she was happier and slept better

Sherri G 0 likes

My son is on neocate formula cause he has reflux and has a milk allergy. I can tell he's not as satisfied with just his formula anymore. That's why I want to try cereal now

J B 0 likes

Sherri- it already sounds like your son has issues with his digestive tract, so I would hold off on adding food until you speak to the pediatrician. The digest tract in newborns is so sensitive, giving them food to early for the wrong reason can sometimes do more harm then good. My daughter had an intolerance to the dairy protein as well, and she grew out of it at 8 months.

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