Just wanna get some opinions about when you think is the best age to get my daughter's ears pierced. (She's 3 months old)

Lauren G 0 likes

Now is good :) She's young enough to get over it quickly but old enough to not have to worry about healing.

Stephanie W 2 likes

It's much easier when they're young because you clean them and take care of them yourself. My step daughter got hers around 3 months and now her holes won't close, so she will never have to experience the pain of getting them (unless she wants more) just be careful because now is the time they want to experiment with grabbing their ears, nose, feet, etc... So ripping one out is definitely a risk!

Anonymous 0 likes

The younger the better ! I don't have daughters but my mom did mines right after birth and I don't remember any pain lol Little baby girls look so cute with earrings ;)

Sweetest M 9 likes

When she's old enough to ask for earrings :)

mommy k 0 likes

3rd grade... babies in earrings are so ridiculous!

Jaime K 0 likes

I have a daughter and I do think little girls look cute with earrings. But I also think there are things in life that are special and exciting moments. I can remember being four years old begging my mom to get my ears pierced. It's up to you but wouldn't you want to give your daughter that fun experience of wanting something like that and making a special day/memory of it and she can pick out the earrings she wants to get her ears pierced with.

MacKenzi Y 0 likes

I'd say it'd be fine to do it now mine were done at a month old

J B 8 likes

I've chosen to wait until my daughter is old enough to ask, and take care of them herself. Her body = her choice!! By the way, your daughter is beautiful!!

Kourtney C 1 like

I got my girls done when they were 3 months and 6 months. I had the pediatrician do them because I felt better having them done there than at the mall lol

Lauren K 5 likes

We are choosing to wait until she's old enough to ask as well. But just like with most things parenting, it's a personal decision and doesn't mean getting it done young is bad or wrong. :)

Alexandra S 0 likes


Leeloo 7 likes

We are waiting until she asks. Not all girls want their ears pierced and I feel like that kind of takes the decision away from them. Her body so it should be her decision. If you are going to do it she should heal up fine at this age.

Laura E 1 like

When she's old enough to make the decision on her own and old enough to sit in the chair by herself. I worked at Claire's and piercing a babies ears is awful. Not only does your baby scream in pain but also its hard to hold their head still and make sure they are even on both sides since their ears are so little. I found once they were old enough to sit in the chair by themselves you could also have them pierced at the same time.

Elisabeth C 0 likes

I did my daughters at 6 months. The girl that did it told me they usually don't do it before then.

Liz C 0 likes

My girls are 3 months and my husband and I are taking them on Monday to get their ears pierced. They are over 30 days passed their 2 month immunizations which is mandatory where we're taking them. Doing it now so they don't tug at them if we get it done when they're older.

Marianne M 2 likes

We're waiting too. For us, earrings is a "coming of age" event and part of the transition into young womanhood. I'm expecting to have that convo around 10 -12 years.

Maira B 0 likes

I am from Brazil and over there is within first week!! It's our culture.. Some babies don't even cry...

Joanna A 0 likes

I got my daughters done after she got her first set of shots. Now she's almost 2 and I can't keep them in :(

Julie T 0 likes

My first got hers done when she asked for them ( at age 2). Her and I talked about it a lot and I explained many times they were to look at and not to touch. She was great when getting them done and even liked helping me clean them. She never once touched them otherwise. My second daughter got hers done at 3 1/2 months, and she was also great about it. She's one now and she hasn't bothered them at all either.

Katherine B 2 likes

When she's old enough to tell you she wants holes in her body

Brittany W 0 likes

They say once they get their shots that can get them done now should be a great time

Billie S 0 likes

My pediatrician recommended 6 months after they get their third tetanus vaccine.

Caitlin S 0 likes

I got mine done around this time! It will hurt less now because the ear is thinner where it will be pierced. If your not sure ask your ped what they recommend . But I'd say now is good(:

Sarah W 2 likes

When she's old enough to make the decision for herself.

Britney C 0 likes

Got my daughters done at 3 months and she cried for 2 seconds and now at 9 months she still never touched her earrings (:

MamaBear 2 likes

I think it's best to wait until she can make that decision for herself.

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