It's been almost 10 years since my last baby and everything has changed!! I have a 3 month and need advice on diapers. Every time he poops it leaks down his legs and up his back. Any suggestions on diapers that will work!? Using Huggies right now. Oh and he is soaking wet if I don't change him at least once in the night. Tx!!!!

Lindsey P 3 likes

I found that pampers work the best for us. Make sure you have the right size. We used size 1s too early and then for too long and they leaked when they didn't fit correctly.

Jessica R 3 likes

I hate huggies for the same reason. I recently bought pampers baby dry and I'll never buy another kind again. I used to have to change my son every few hours at night which resulted in waking him up but I just put a fresh pampers on before bed and I don't have to touch it till morning. The fit awesome, I've never had a leak, I'm in diaper love

Kayley H 3 likes

We've been using Pampers Swaddlers since my lo was born! He'll be 11 weeks on Monday and we've had no problems! I also used the free trial of Honest diapers and love those too! We just never used them at night!

Rachel V 2 likes

We had the same problem with Huggies. Pampers Swaddlers are my favorite so far.

M K 1 like

We use Pampers overnight one size up. No leaks since I started!

Danielle B 3 likes

Up & up. Remember the weight is how much the diaper will hold and not how much the baby has to weigh to fit into them. Good luck.

Nayatt C 1 like

Pampers swadlers are the way to go. Had the se issue with huggies. Use the nighttimes for sleep

Hannah M 0 likes

I use huggies, they make a night time diaper that is great! Plus some boxes of the regular huggies come with coupons for the night time ones

Michaela R 2 likes

Huggies are horrible. They did the same thing for me. I use pampers swaddlers during the day and pampers baby dry at night. Never had an issue. I have also tried Luvs and they work well also. Good luck.

Alex M 2 likes

That only happened to my son when people would put on his diaper too snug. They had good intentions thinking if it was tight then it would prevent the leaks. However it makes it where the poop has nowhere else but out.

Alex M 4 likes

Btw I haven't had a problem with any certain brand. I've used everything from huggins to Dollar store brand. To me a diaper is a diaper as long as you use the right size and don't put them on too snug

Shawna G 2 likes

We had the same problem with huggies. I will only use pampers!

Katie B 1 like

Maybe try going up a size? I Also like target brand diapers!

Taryn C 2 likes

Huggies are horrible

Brindley M 2 likes

Have you thought of cloth diapers? I cloth my baby and did with my older one too, you can add an extra insert for max absorption if they are sleeping through the night.

Marielle K 1 like

We use pampers baby dry. Love them. Never had any leakage. I had the same issue with huggies

Sarah * 1 like

I hated Huggies when my son was little!!! He leaked almost every time!! I found pampers worked well for him

Lauren R 1 like

Up and up! They even have a special night time diaper. They are cheaper than anything else and they are SO much better!

Jennifer D 1 like

Pampers baby dry! My son is 21 months and not one blow out and maybe 3 leaks the whole time. That was because he needed to go up a size.

Chrissy A 1 like

I use cloth and no blow outs ever. I love em for that, Cuz never fails when I use other throw away kinds it ends up all up his back and leaking out the sides:/

Macie J 0 likes

We have been using pampers swaddlers ever since my son was born he is now 22 weeks.

Heather S 0 likes

I like pampers and costco brand diapers. (Sam's club) for some people.

Cheyenne L 0 likes

I plan on cloth for the same reasons the other women listed. I've never heard of blowouts with cloth.

Em A 1 like

Pamper but they are pricey. I'm using loves right now but I like pampers more. Also it could be the something wrong with the diaper position. I notice it doesn't matter what diaper I use every so often my diapering skills fail me and I have a mess to clean.

Aubrey M 0 likes

I tried them all. Was SM on a tight budget. Switched to White Cloud (WalMart) and eventually to Luvs. They worked best for my LO. Other option that works better than most think.. Cloth diapers. There are a LOT of options now and my cousin swears by them and used them for all 4 of her boys!! I'm due any day with twins and after we get home and are big enough, I will be trying them myself!!!

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