I was at a restaurant today and my son started to cry so I pick him up and try to soothe him, he's 3 months, then this old couple across from us said "do you mind, where eating?" I said "I'm so sorry" got my nursing cover out and I began to nurse him, then the same couple say "omg do you have to do that here?!" I was so shocked that I didn't even know what to say I just got up and walk out without finishing eating just paid the lady and left. So my question is what do I say/do in that situation?

April V 15 likes

I would have said excuse me my baby is eating here πŸ˜‰

Jessie A 5 likes

I haven't had that problem yet. I'm jut waiting for iT though. Our children have the same right to eat just as every one else. I would has told them that.

Diana L 0 likes

That's so rude. I can't believe people make comments like that. I would just kill them with kindness and keeps feeding. I mean it's only natural.

Lish G 5 likes

I would say my child is eating as well, just covered yourself and went on with it. Breastfeeding is natural and just because it involves your "private part" some people get uncomfortable but if your child is hungry you shouldn't have to deprive them from eating. If you felt uncomfortable then next time just go to the bathroom or ask to be seated in the back. Good luck mama and never be ashamed

Anonymous 8 likes

I can't believe there's still people so close minded and discriminating towards a mom that is feeding her child.

Michelle W 5 likes

Agreed i would have just said no i don't mind! Do you mind to keep ur rude comments to your self while my baby eats!

Kristie D 1 like

I probably would have lost it. Good for you for keeping your cool.

Kristine F 0 likes

For breastfeeding mamas it's hard and not everyone is on board with babies. Not knowing their story you don't want to be rude but sticking up for yourself and saying sorry for your 3 month old for crying but now that he's eating he's not crying anymore. I'd thank them for raising their concern and continue my own meal and maybe treat them for a drink or a dessert. Kill them with kindness because you never know if they have had their own or couldn't etc etc...

Ash P 4 likes

#@!% off is what you say ... Okay just what you think. I would say, if you have a problem you should talk to the manager. Feeding your child anywhere is your right!!! I'm sorry that happened to you. Don't let it keep you from going out again. Some people are so ignorant but most are great. {{ well that's what I like to think }}

Gabi B 5 likes

I wasn't uncomfortable I was covered up, left cuz I wanted to have a b***h fit on them lol. But they were elderly so I left. I just can't believe the nerve of some people you pretty much tell me to shut my son up and when I do you get mad at me for how I do it? Like for real??

Charo C 2 likes

I would have went off i BF twins for 11 months and lots of times In public I never had anyone come up to me or be rude and never noticed anyone making a face because I could careless you have a right don't let anyone make u feel uncomfortable next time till them nicely to F OFF

Cortney S 1 like

That's so ridiculous. Boobs are made to feed babies. That's what their purpose has always been. And you had a cover so I don't know what their problem is. If you had been feeding him a bottle they wouldn't have had said anything. That's so ridiculous. If it had been me I would have stayed and not cared. How rude of them...

Ashley B 4 likes

Pardon my French but I would have told them to mind their own damn buisness. If they don't like seeing your baby eat they don't have to look

C L 3 likes

You were not in the wrong in this situation. You even covered yourself up, even though many mommies don't (Totally okay in both situations of course)! I would have just smiled and said its my business. If it was seriously bothering them that much that they couldn't eat, they can leave. You shouldn't have had to stop enjoying your outing and your meal because of a couple of arrogant people. Baby's needs come first. And it's better than having to go sit on a toilet seat in the bathroom!

Gabi B 3 likes

Thx girls, I'm so happy I can vent to y'all. And know I'm not alone in all this :)

Anonymous 2 likes

You have to know that is your right to feed your baby in public when need it, as moms we need to be confident in our choice to breastfeed whenever is necessary and stand up for ourselves and our children, you didn't do anything to be ashamed or to be hidden. I would have tell them to move places if they were so bother and continue to breastfeed,as simple as that! Ugh this is so nerve wracking !

SAHMomma 1 like

That's so rude of them to talk to you that way :/ I'm a new mom and I fear it all the time. I EBF and pump. So I always have a bottle when I'm out. I always thought I was doomed to run to the bathroom to nurse whenever the baby cried in public. Pumping has made my outings a lot less stressful for me.

Cassie 2 likes

You are a nicer person than I am I would have went off before you started bf when they got mad at him being fussy He's a baby!! BABYS CRY!! And they know that!! I understand that you didn't want to be rude but you weren't my dear they were don't let their ignorance bring you down I can see your a great mommy

Traci U 1 like

Wow. Who knows what I would have done. I probably would have been mean. You're a lot nicer than me.

Elizabeth P 2 likes

I would say, "yes, I have to do this here, but you don't have to watch."

Jennifer D 1 like

I wouldn't have given them the satisfaction! I nursed my son for 14 months and I waited for somebody to say something to me, luckily they never did!! I'm sorry if you felt uncomfortable, some people just lack empathy and understanding! Your baby comes first! Hopefully that situation will never happen to you again.

BabyRellO's M 2 likes

I probably would have gone off on them! It's not as if you were exposed ... Haha! Just to piss them off even more I would have taken off the nursing cover!!! Geez!

Kristina S 1 like

I would have continued what I was doing and just said sorry if you don't like it than look the other way it's my child's feeding time and this is how he/she eats.

Maryjoe C 1 like

I support you a 100%. Next time if someone has a problem, just tell to shut up and leave. Your baby needs to eat no matter what anybody says.

Gabi B 0 likes

Haha well hopefully theres not a next time, but if there is ill just ignore them and say "do you have to eat?" Then yes my son has to eat as well ;)

Mama J 1 like

I would've lost it! I'm so livid for you right now. I can't imagine what I would've done but it wouldn't of been pleasant for that couple.

Stephanie W 1 like

I would have told them they're half blind anyway, wouldn't be too hard to look away. NEVER EVER feel self conscious for breastfeeding. Shame on them! I don't even use a cover anymore usually. I got told that I was being inappropriate one time so I told them they were being pervs for looking. That shut them up

Dorothy S 1 like

I'm shocked that they even said anything it's a BABY needs FOOD and why are they looking anyway they should mind there own business!!!!

Dee 1 like

I would have told them to shut the hell up! Eat your food and pull your head from your ass! :)

Kelli M 1 like

I would have probably not so politely told them to shut the hell up and if it bugs them then maybe they should leave. Your baby has the right to eat too, and please never bring your baby into the bathroom to feed them, we wouldn't like to eat in a bathroom so why should the little ones have to? If people aren't comfortable with you breast feeding in public then maybe they should stay the hell home!

Sweetest M 2 likes

You should have popped your boob out and told them if they don't like it to fuck off. Never get embarrassed while doing mommy things. Shit happens, people say rude shit, just stand your ground and don't give a fuck about what people think. If they don't come to your bed at night their opinion doesn't matter.

Shannon H 1 like

I would have said "do you mind, he's eating?!"

Ana S 1 like

I probably would have told them that they are free to leave if they don't like it !!!

Cynthia R 1 like

You can never please people. You were so kind to keep your cool. Those old people had nothing better to do, perhaps just bitter at the world.Hope there is no next time!! But you did good!

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