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Heather S Thu, July 10th

My doctor told me I had to wait 3 months before I could go on birth control postpartum. I originally wanted to get my tubes tied but because the hospital I delivered in is a catholic hospital, tying tubes is a no no. For me to go back and have it done my doctor said I needed to wait 4 months postpartum. All of this seems a little ridiculous. How long did you have to wait to start birth control and/or get tubes tied?

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Christina P 2 likes

I was given birth control at my first checkup after my son was born.

D’Yani C 1 like

That does sound strange. I’m not on birth control, but my doc offered it at my 6 wks check up.

Lindsey V 1 like

My dr gave it to me at my two week check up. It’s a special kind since I’m nursing but he said to take it as soon as possible because I could get pregnant even while nursing. I’ve read online and was told by the dr that for healing purposes you should wait to be intimate for about 7-9 weeks. Check out babycenter.com for more info on when to start birth control.

Ella B 1 like

I was able to get the depo shot at my kids 1st week check ups after I had them. My dr said it be easiest until I can start/decide a different method to be on.

Nira H 1 like

That’s strange I got on birth control a month after.

Amanda H 2 likes

My doctor offered birth control at the six-week checkup.

ST 1 like

I started the minipill at my 6week pp checkup. My mom had her tubes tied at the same time as she delivered my brother (she had a csection). It sounds like the dr is letting the religious beliefs get in the way or is trying to make sure you have enough time to think about something so permanent (as though this is something you just randomly wake up one day saying :eye roll:). I’m guessing it’s probably the first one.

Desiree G Mon, July 14th

Is it ok to give my 3 month old cereal?

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Tatiana M 1 like

You should always talk to his/her family doctor first, I was actually told to start my kids at 3 months but I know some doctors who suggest to wait until 6 months and if you are going to start now do it in very small portions and make it with breast milk or water (DO NOT use cows milk!!!!)

Hailey S 1 like

My doctor didn’t allow my daughter to have cereal until 4 months. And I think most baby food besides formula is mark as 4months+. But I would ask your child’s doctor.

Shante D 1 like

It’s beat to ask your ped first, but if you start so tsp for ever ounce of water that’s why I give my 3month since he has acid reflex and he haven’t had any problems so far

Ciara B 2 likes

Its really 6 months. Just ask the Peditrician 1st. It might be ok to add to her milk so he/she will sleep better

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Jess V 6 likes

I wouldn’t but that is my opinion we started solids at 6 months

Megan W 5 likes

Make sure your LO is ready for spoon feedings. Cereal is made for spoons not bottles. Most pediatrician a recommend at least 4 months.

Jayna Rissa C 1 like

Yeah! As long as you start if off being watery. Her tummy may not be fully ready for a thicker consistency so start small and watch her/his behavior and bowels for any signs of discomfort or diarrhea etc. All babies are forsure ready at 6mo and that’s why that’s the guideline. But for generations, mothers have given their children rice and oats at a young age. Look for his/her ques. You’re his/her mother. You know her/him best!

Eileen C 1 like

They say it’s best to wait until four months

Linda C 1 like

Just add it to her milk since she’s not ready for solids yet

ProudMom M 1 like

yes its ok my peditrician told me to give my one month old cereal but do oatmeal instead of rice so she wont get constipaton

Hailey S 1 like

I tried oatmeal with my LO when she was about 5 months old and she gagged quiet a bit and that scared me so I quit giving it to her.

J S 3 likes

Ask your pediatrician. Most advice now says to wait until at least six months.

A V 1 like

I started cereal at 4 months. And I didn’t put it in a bottle.

Kadi L 3 likes

No – well not unless your 3month old is sitting unassisted and the dr has recommended it

Grisele G 2 likes

I gave my LO cereal in his formula, not enough to make it thick but enough that he was full and he was 4 months. No issues

Krysta B 2 likes

I started giving mine at 3 months. It was really thin and in a bottle and only at night. I found he slept twice as long

Kristy R 1 like

I was told 4 months if need you need to. Talk to your dr and make sure it’s ok before you do it. πŸ™‚

Betty F 1 like

Personally I wouldn’t I know a lot of people do, but pediatricians recommend to wait till they are 6 months because there digestive system isn’t ready for it and if you give it to soon it can affect them later

Charlee J 1 like

Babies do not need anything but BM/formula for the first 12 mos. giving them cereal can really cause some long term problems. It’s best to wait.

B 2 likes

Google it. But I wouldn’t give it to them that young. They don’t need it.

D D 1 like

I started my son on solids at 4 months. And I went straight to the cereal with formula and added a little fruit. He was hungry but didn’t want a bottle so I gave him the solids. But make sure your little one is ready for spoons. Keep it watery so he/she can digest it.

Brandis G 1 like

The AAP recommends that you wait until baby is 6 months old or older before offering any solids including baby cereal. Breastmilk/formula is all baby needs until 12 months old. “Food before One is Just For Fun!” Starting solids too early can lead to allergies and other issues later in life.

Shanda H 0 likes

Yes my son got it at 2 months till now for acid reflux in his bottles. I wouldn’t spoon feed yet though.

Paige H 2 likes

I started around tht time bc he was showing the signs he was ready (watching me eat, not sticking his tongue out wen u touch his mouth) and bc he wasn’t gaining enough weight. It depends on the baby. They r all different ☺

Tatiana M 1 like

Ask your family doctor. Every child is different. I see this debate a lot on Twitter and you need to understand that every child has different needs and YOU and your doctor would know best as to what is right for your child. I started my kids at 3 months with given advice from my family doctor πŸ™‚

Caitlin G 1 like

I did baby cereal and baby food at 3 1/2 months. My doctor said it was okay. But only give her it 2-3 times a day. And to get 24oz of milk in her each day. I do just that. My daughter does great with it. Everyone is so much more happier in my house. Got her on a good sleeping schedule.

Lindsey V 0 likes

Talk to dr first but check out babycenter.cim for more info. The American pediatric association says to not feed baby cereal or purΓ©e until they can sit up on their own or reach 6months. This is so they can sit properly in a high chair so they don’t choke or get ear infection from improper swallowing. πŸ™‚

Alysha M Fri, July 25th

Hey mommies! I bf my 3 month old and I cannot get the courage to do it in public even with a cover πŸ™ how do I get over that?

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Ashlee C 3 likes

Gotta zone out. Just you and your baby

Shandana B 4 likes

Start small? It’s hard to jump straight out there, maybe on your porch or back yard or in front of a friend and work your way up?

Heather S 0 likes

You could find an area with very little people or find a room where you have some privacy. there’s also slings that allow you to breast feed and you can’t even tell you’re feeding. It takes practice. I usually pump and use that for outings.

Carrie C 0 likes

I don’t love doing it in public either..most of the time I’m going out I will pump and take it in a bottle for her. Though I have bfed a good bit in public now due to traveling at a time where my supply was low and I didn’t have the bottle option as much.

Crystal H 1 like

It will always be a little awkward because of the stigma that people have put on it. Just remember that it’s your baby and they need to eat. Don’t let other people make you feel ashamed for doing something completely natural for your baby. It’s all about mind set. As weird as it is, I didn’t seem to mind when I was at home and my neighbor would come over or my mom was there but in public it’s different because you don’t know who’s judging. I only did it once or twice

Sarah D 0 likes

I never got up the courage but hope you do. If I was out in public I would just find a quiet or private place. I’ve used fitting rooms or the back seat more times than I can count.

Colbee H 2 likes

Baby steps. Start in a corner where you can turn you back to people. Wear a cover if it makes you more comfortable. Stress can cause you to not let down properly. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. There are laws in place protecting us super moms, and aside from immature scoffs there will be nothing else said. Just go at your own pace and find mothers experiencing the same. You will get there! Good luck mommy!

Samantha O 1 like

Find a more private place to practice. Like a small park. I haven’t had the need to feed in public yet with my 1 month old but I feel like I’ll be nervous too. Find a more private place to practice. Like a small park. I haven’t had the need to feed in public yet with my 1 month old but I feel like I’ll be nervous too.

Charo C 4 likes

I do it anywhere in front of anyone who ever doesn’t like it doesn’t need to look my way. I always make sure I wear something comfortable with easy access where my boob won’t be all out my girls hate to have their heads covered. Don’t worry about what others think it’s the most beautiful and natural thing to do.

Angie F 4 likes

My 1st time was at a restaurant in a booth it felt a little private not so much out there unless people snooped into my booth! And I did it with people I was comfortable feeding around ((mom and sister)) we talked and it kept my mind off the fact I was feeding in public! ☺

Rachel V 1 like

I’m with you mama. Plus my son hates being covered, and I can’t blame him! I hope to get the courage soon, because it makes outings very limiting and I don’t feel like pumping all the time.

Katie W 2 likes

I’m with you on this one. I’m a big supporter of breastfeeding and I still bf my 20 month old but I have a hard time doing it in public as well. I don’t know where you love but there is an event every year called the Big Latch On where breastfeeding mothers around the world get together and bf all at the same time. The website is BigLatchOn.org. Maybe going to that will help you feel more comfortable in public. I’m definitely going to the one near me! It’s coming up on August 2

Erin S 0 likes

It isn’t easy for sure… I never had anxiety till having a baby & facing this issue.. I started off by feeding her in my car in public then would find a quiet bench away from too much commotion & then slowly worked my way to larger crowds. I honestly think it’s now easier with larger crowds cause there’s so much going on that no one os fixated right on you. I do wear a cover and my LO doesn’t love it but I only bf in public now if absolutely necessary otherwise at home or bottle.

Alysha M 0 likes

Thank you ladies! I just need to do it! It does make outings limited! Good luck to other nervous mamas πŸ™‚

Alexandria M 1 like

Breast feeding builds bonding and nurtures your little one. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed πŸ™‚ plus the amount of time you’ll spend bf is so small compared to the rest of your life.

Caroline W 2 likes

Yep. Just do it. You’ll get used to it.

Tanne M 1 like

I am all about mammas having the right to bf anywhere anytime, covered or not. As much as I always wanted to be a proud public breast feeder, I still got really embarrassed. I would usually just feed in the car or in a quiet area. However, those times when I couldn’t find an out of the way place or get to my car I would just do it and just focus on baby and giving him what he needed rather than make myself or others comfortable. Good luck to you:)

Erin S 2 likes

Just do it! Lol I was nervous too at first but now I don’t care! I will feed my baby anytime and anywhere! It the most natural and normal thing you can do! And my boy hates to be covered up! I think what helped is that my city has a lot of free mom classes run by nurses and other moms there were bfing too so I wasn’t alone and since there was always about 10 moms in the group it got easier! Good luck to you! Don’t let others ruin a beautiful bonding time with you LO

Alysha M 0 likes

Seriously all you ladies are awesome! It feels so much better seeing that I’m not alone in what I’m feeling………I have 3 other kids but haven’t bf since my daughter who is now 9 my two middle boys didn’t take to it very well. πŸ™ so I was so happy and proud of myself to be doing it again but it feels like I’m brand new to it. And I fed my daughter in bathrooms and cars but I’m determined not to hide it like I’m ashamed this time so I need to just get over it lol

JL C 3 likes

I was always breastfeeding in the car. I just thought it was so much easier. But my friend gave me a idea that was pretty good she had twins and helped her. She brought a bunch of tank tops cheap ones and cut out holes in the beast area n wore under her shirts so she never had to worry about too much boobs of belly showing. Unfortunately i didn’t bf long enough to try this. But sounded like a good idea.

J S 1 like

Maybe find a la leche league or other support group to be around other nursing moms. Or see if there is a great latch in nearby!

Holly T Sat, September 13th

My 3 month old daughter has been teething for a few weeks now. She’s been really whinny and grumpy the last few days because of the pain. She sucks her hands/arm constantly and anything she can get her mouth on lol she drools like crazy, etc. Any suggestions to help ease her pain since she’s too young to comprehend holding a tether in her mouth and she can’t have most meds at this age.

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Nikki B 4 likes

Tylenol, frozen wash cloth, tethers, cold pacifier, rubbing her gums

Holly T 0 likes

Thanks Nikki. I gave her Tylenol once but it didn’t seem to help much and I don’t want to give it to her everyday. I rub her gums but she can’t hold the teethers in her mouth so those don’t work and thought about the cold wash cloth but seemed like it’d make her cold lol

Ariana Z 3 likes

I use the amber necklace on my LO and she loves it, doesn’t even know she’s wearing it and I barely give her Tylenol now

Tania C 0 likes

Give her the ice pops that help to keep her mouth numb and she will love it or frozen fruit too!!!

Jessica B 1 like

Frozen washcloth to suck on

Micah W 0 likes

Teething tablets work great too!

Holly T 0 likes


Kerry S 2 likes

I put an amber teething necklace on my dd at 3 months old drooling went away completely and when there was still days with pain I would give her hylands teething tabs if got them at Walmart. They were amazing

Holly T 0 likes

Thanks Kerry

Maryann D 1 like

My LO’s favorite thing was my finger at that age. I always washed my hands before of course. But as their mom you know best where it hurts and they will kind of direct your finger to where they want pressure.

Holly T 0 likes

Yeah that’s what I’ve been letting her do, “chew” on my finger/knuckle. Lol

Wendy S 1 like

We use the Baltic amber teething necklace as well. Our son cut two bottom teeth and we didn’t even know it!

Jessica S 1 like

She can have infant Tylenol ask the divine for how much she can be given also bet teething bracelets or necklaces work amazing

Michelle L 1 like

I use a.frozen wash cloth which helped

Holly T 0 likes

Thank you

Lish G 1 like

Hylands !

Holly T 0 likes

Do the hylands teething tabs work good?

Christina P 1 like

I found Motrin worked better than Tylenol for my baby. And oragel also gave instant relief. I also use the amber necklace. He hated the teething rings (I think I bought every kind out there in desperation) or anything cold. He’d rather chew on my couch. With mine it seems one thing will work one time but not the next. Teething suck!

Holly T 1 like

She’s too young for Orajel ? after reading about hylands I changed my mind. Maybe I’ll just ride it out. Better safe than sorry!

Chelsie M 1 like

I used a cold baby cloth for my girl it worked when she was younger.

Holly T 1 like

I’m going to try that and rubbing it with my finger

Caroline W 1 like

My son likes those teething rings that can be frozen. He likes them room temperature.

Melly’s M 1 like

I’m going through this with my 3mo, since she still can’t grab the teething ring, we started putting her pacis in the fridge. This helped soothe her

Holly T 0 likes

Thank you

Paige B 0 likes

She is so cuuuuute!! Mine likes that numbing gel. It freaks her out at first but then she falls asleep from relief. I tried it before I have it to her and it was pretty powerful.. My gums went totally numb. But she seems to like it.

Kacie S 0 likes

Hylands teething tablets. All natural. My son started teething at the same age, in fact 2 bottoms just popped through! Finally is dissolve the tablets in a tsp of water like the bottle says put it in his medicine paci and boom 3 minutes later no more pain or fuss

Sarah F Mon, October 20th

Question at what age did you stop breastfeeding? I know it’s the best but my son never would latch and after 3 months of pumping I’m soo over it. I feel guilty but we have no life outside of the house with pumping every 2 hours.

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Toni P 0 likes

I only did it for a month for my oldest and two months for my youngest

Jennifer D 1 like

14 months exclusively! So no bottles at all, I didn’t really do much during that time. But it does go by fast and I wouldn’t have changed it!

Eryn οΏ½ 2 likes

I stopped after a week! I had to go back to college 2 weeks after having him, and we were both stressed! I couldn’t stand that he wasn’t eating. Don’t let anyone try to tell you you’re in the wrong for formula feeding! My son is happy and healthy.

Anonymous 0 likes

I’ve been giving my son exclusively for almost 10 months,no bottles. I will let him him wean himself off,if not I’ll probably stop within the next 6 months . Have you thought about about having a lactation consultant that could help your baby to latch properly ?

Meagan W 1 like

I breastfeed only at night in bed cause DD sleeps with me. She’s 3 mo old. I ebf till she was 1 mo then breastfeed off and on with formula supplementing till she was 2 mo. From 2 mo to now i breastfeed at night in bed.

Lacie C 1 like

My daughter wouldn’t latch on. I started to use the nipple shield that you put over your nipple. Now she will nurse. If you haven’t tried it I would. Website below. www.medelabreastfeedingus.com/…/nipp…

Sarah F 3 likes

Ya we almost lived in the lactation consultants office we were in there so often. I kinda figured that only the moms that were fortunate with easy breast-feeding would answer my question. I know there are moms that don’t feed every long but would never say it cause it’s looked so down on.

Robin F 1 like

I have heard that the first 6m are the most important

Brindley M 6 likes

Just know that if you do switch to formula the length of time you did give breast milk was wonderful and did amazing things for baby!

Jamie G 2 likes

I tried to EBF but my son was just not getting enough. He was not gaining weight and so we decided to supplement with formula. It was a hard decision because I was so emotionally invested in exclusively breast feeding. By at the end of the day it was about making sure he had enough to eat. The change in him once we started supplementing was amazing. Do what works best for you and your little one. If that means supplementing then go for it!

Katarina O 2 likes

I don’t produce a lot so I’ve been pumping 4 the last mnth! It is tiresome & I’m gng 2 try 2 hang on as long as possible – we also supplement w formula – good luck & I know whatever choice u make will b ok & ure baby will b great!

Eryn οΏ½ 0 likes

I tried pumping exclusively too. It just wouldn’t work with going to school and other life events going on. I couldn’t imagine being stuck at home all the time to do that!

Nicole H 1 like

The la leche league book lists all of the benefits your baby gets based on the length of time you breastfed. I can’t find it online, but even at 3 months you’ve already given your LO so many benefits. Do what is best for both you and baby! Enjoy that little one while they are that little!

Samantha O 3 likes

Take note that you need to take care of yourself to take care of baby! I started pumping when I went back to work and it made my supply drop. I tried power pumping every evening and between that and work I had no life. I became stressed, sick and depressed that my son had to switch to formula but really I should have been celebrating the 3 months he got of breast milk. Don’t beat yourself up if you choose to stop pumping. Baby will be okay and you will be much less stressed!!!

Teri L 2 likes

3 months of exclusively pumping? Wow great job momma! I quit breastfeeding at 4 months I was working and couldn’t make the time to pump and when I was home he was constantly feeding. My milk became mostly foremilk and I just felt it was time to stop. You did awesome and it’s something to be proud of!

Zory R 1 like

I supplemented w formula at about 5 months my milk supply went down because of work and not being able to pump as often. I do not regret any of it at least I tried.My son is healthy happy & striving and I am grateful! Do what you believe is best for you and your lil 1 do not let anybody make you feel any kind of way you are doing awesome ! At the end of the day its you and your lil 1 that matter ->Happy Mama Happy Baby πŸ˜‰

Alexandra F 1 like

I feel you. I have been exclusively pumping since my LO was 2 weeks (he is 12 weeks now). I am pretty over having to set an alarm for every 3 hrs to pump although I don’t wake up at night to pump. I will try and continue to pump as long as I can, mainly because it is the free option and formula is so expensive. I have a pretty large stock pile of frozen milk so once I’m getting close to being done I will figure out how much I have frozen for him. Hoping to get as close to a year but we will see

MAMA B 1 like

I stopped with my dd at 5 Months I couldn’t keep up with her and right now I’m still breast feeding and pumping all day for bottles at night and while I’m at school!!! I would stop anywhere from 6-12 months!!! Good luck

Aprilbaby 2 likes

I couldn’t bf. I didn’t produce any milk. But I will say any amount is better than none so a few months is great and better than not doing any. Also your frustration, anxiety, and stress effects your baby. So while breast milk is great for your baby you need to do what’s best for you and your baby which means how you feel too. Also my LO is exclusively formula fed and perfectly healthy and happy. Meets all milestones ahead of where he should and the doc says he’s perfect so don’t feel bad

Aprilbaby 1 like

Your little one will be fine either way.

Danielle B 1 like

I only breastfed my son for 2 months. I have extremely flat nipples and even with a nipple shield, he couldn’t latch properly. I had the nurses and consultant from hell. They were so critical and judgmental. My son would just scream and scream and I would cry right along with him because they just wouldn’t stop pawing at both of us. I don’t feel bad in the least for switching to formula. Sometimes it is just hard on your body and mind. But you’re doing a wonderful job!

Jamie F 2 likes

I made it to 4 months and am proud of that. It’s not easy, anything you have done is great and you should stop when it feels right to you. There is no too soon

Sarah F 2 likes

Thank you so much for all the positive comments!!!!

Marianne M 0 likes

16 months and still breastfeeding. I’ve been pumping since day 1. She was in NICU and didn’t learn how to nurse for about a month. We’ve done bf and bottle from the start (now sippy cups) and still pump 1x a day at work. Prefer to bf when I’m with her. I planned to stop a 1 yr, but she wanted to keep going! Yeah!

Marianne M 0 likes

If you’re pumping, you have good milk. I’d see an LC to see if you can get him to latch. You’ll enjoy it a lot more and get to relax over the whole thing. You’re making a great effort this far!

Shawna G 1 like

Your doing awesome to make it three months! I was the same, had to exclusively pump and at 3 months I decided to stop. Emotionally it was very hard but what I think was best for us because I was way too stressed trying to keep up with pumping.

Cara L 1 like

Both my daughters have now had latching Problems. My second daughter luckily uses the shield not First I had to pump ti she was 3-4months then she used the shield. She latched around 6 months. I would try the shield before switching to formula. The new shields are so great and you don’t have to pump after because your production isn’t affected like it would have been with the older style shields.

Jennifer D 1 like

Omg!! It wasn’t easy the first 3 months, but I kept at it!!! My son was born a month early so hadn’t developed the sucking reflex. I remember feeding him and he would cry & pull off and I would think to myself “I thought breastfeeding was easy?” It does get easier, much easier!! And when that happens its magical, before that it was a battle…

Jennifer D 1 like

Do what’s right for you and your baby! Breastfeeding is great and so is formula! Be proud of yourself for accomplishing what you did!! <3

Karrine D 1 like

I started loosing my supply around 4 month with both of my babies. I tried pumping but, even though my babies latched on perfectly, my supply dried up. I went to formula after that. At first I was mad at myself for not trying hard enough but I realized that I did what was best for my babies. Don’t beat yourself up over this, you do what you need to do for you and your baby.

Nicki S 1 like

Breast-feeding for three months is awesome way to go mom sometimes it is what it is πŸ™ it’s not an enjoyable bonding experience if you are both stressed out the whole time. I’m sorry it has been hard for you but major kudos for trying

Brandis G 0 likes

I breastfed for 22 months, 18 months, 30 months and i’m currently breastfeeding my 20 month old! It is definitely challenging at the beginning each time but it gets much easier as they got older. I never bought bottles or formula so that i wouldn’t give up on a hard day. I also never thought that i would ever breastfeed for over a year until it happened. They weren’t ready to be done & neither was i. I decided to let them wean when they were ready!

Mary G 2 likes

I quit after 5 weeks. Breastfeeding felt like torture. Best decision I ever made!! Your baby got some breast milk. Which is great! But remember– Formula is a wonderful healthy option too!!

Liz C Thu, October 23rd

Just for curiosity sake because I know every baby is different… When did your baby first sleep through the night (minimum 6 hours) consistently? My girls are 3 months and they’ve slept 6 hours straight maybe 3 or 4 times. Not consistently though.

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Brie L 1 like

Babies are a different. Both my kids slept through the night since birth. 6+ hours. Some DRs say wake them, but I let them sleep. Didn’t want to get them used to waking up to eat! That’s bad habits for when they are older πŸ˜‰

Caitlyn A 1 like

My son put himself on a schedule at 2 1/2 months old and slept minimum 12 hours a night. People like I suggest wake the baby up for feedings (I was accused of being a neglectful mother by another mother because I let my son sleep) but I’m old school and believe you should never wake a sleeping baby. If they are sleeping thy need it. 6 hours is a great start! Congratulations!

Elyse G 1 like

My daughter is 10 months old. Around 9 months she started go sleep through the night. Unfortunately she is not consistent and there are nights she is up a few times a night.

Irma C 2 likes

My son was 8 months old when he had his first 6 hr stretch of sleep. His dad & I threw ourselves a party lol My daughter was a week old when she slept all night. We actually had to wake her up for feedings

Anonymous 1 like

Is not consistent because babies are always changing. They can have good sleeping patterns but it doesn’t mean that they will always going to be punctual that does not exists. My lo sleept through the night at 3-5 months then at 6 he was waking up every 3 hours,at 7 months once or twice and now at 10 usually sleeps a length of 9-12 hours . Who knows what would be when he’s 12 months,most probably his hours will change,and is completely normal πŸ˜‰

Maggie W 1 like

My daughter started sleeping from 10-630 at about 9 weeks. We used the book cherish the first six weeks to get her on a schedule.

Jamie T 1 like

My LO started around 3 months. She is 5 months now and still sleeps through the night. Our pedi said she might start waking up more now that she is teething, but so far so good (knock on wood!)

Alice W 1 like

2 months

Mrs A 2 likes

My son is 1 and has yet to sleep all night.

Christina P 1 like

My son was 13 months, but he has nightmares.

Sarah S 1 like

About a month

Melissa N 1 like

5 weeks but babies sleep schedules seem to always change! I’ve stuck to the same bed time routine since she was 4 weeks.. Bath, pjs, feed sleep!

Cheryl N 1 like

My son started sleeping 6 hour stretch around 3 months πŸ™‚

T C 1 like

Mine just started too a few weeks ago so around 5 months she started at least 8 hrs min

Andrea D 1 like

6 weeks started sleeping 9 hours. She’s 21 months now and sleeps 12. Consistent bed routine.

Katie D 1 like

My two boys slept through the night by 3 months. My daughter slept through at around 7 weeks. Every baby is different though. I know 3 year olds who still don’t sleep through the night.

Jennifer 1 like

Consistently it was 4 months. My daughter started sleeping 7:30-7. She is 13 months now and still sleeps 7:30-7.

Jessica C 1 like

As soon as I brought her home from the hospital

Yuliya L 1 like

2 months old, not he is 5 months and sleeps 10 hrs

Melissa C 2 likes

My LO was 2 months and he slept 9 hours every night for about 2 weeks, even when I tried to wake him to feed him he wasn’t having it, he’s now 4 months and sleeps about 12 hours, and maybe will sometimes wake up once or twice to eat.

Tiffany A 0 likes

My 3 month old sleeps for 6-8 hours at a time most nights

Tiffany A Thu, October 23rd

Just wanna get some opinions about when you think is the best age to get my daughter’s ears pierced. (She’s 3 months old)

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Lauren G 0 likes

Now is good πŸ™‚ She’s young enough to get over it quickly but old enough to not have to worry about healing.

Stephanie W 2 likes

It’s much easier when they’re young because you clean them and take care of them yourself. My step daughter got hers around 3 months and now her holes won’t close, so she will never have to experience the pain of getting them (unless she wants more) just be careful because now is the time they want to experiment with grabbing their ears, nose, feet, etc… So ripping one out is definitely a risk!

Anonymous 0 likes

The younger the better ! I don’t have daughters but my mom did mines right after birth and I don’t remember any pain lol Little baby girls look so cute with earrings πŸ˜‰

Sweetest M 9 likes

When she’s old enough to ask for earrings πŸ™‚

mommy k 0 likes

3rd grade… babies in earrings are so ridiculous!

Jaime K 0 likes

I have a daughter and I do think little girls look cute with earrings. But I also think there are things in life that are special and exciting moments. I can remember being four years old begging my mom to get my ears pierced. It’s up to you but wouldn’t you want to give your daughter that fun experience of wanting something like that and making a special day/memory of it and she can pick out the earrings she wants to get her ears pierced with.

MacKenzi Y 0 likes

I’d say it’d be fine to do it now mine were done at a month old

Jennifer 8 likes

I’ve chosen to wait until my daughter is old enough to ask, and take care of them herself. Her body = her choice!! By the way, your daughter is beautiful!!

Kourtney C 1 like

I got my girls done when they were 3 months and 6 months. I had the pediatrician do them because I felt better having them done there than at the mall lol

Lauren K 5 likes

We are choosing to wait until she’s old enough to ask as well. But just like with most things parenting, it’s a personal decision and doesn’t mean getting it done young is bad or wrong. πŸ™‚

Alexandra S 0 likes


Leeloo 7 likes

We are waiting until she asks. Not all girls want their ears pierced and I feel like that kind of takes the decision away from them. Her body so it should be her decision. If you are going to do it she should heal up fine at this age.

Laura E 1 like

When she’s old enough to make the decision on her own and old enough to sit in the chair by herself. I worked at Claire’s and piercing a babies ears is awful. Not only does your baby scream in pain but also its hard to hold their head still and make sure they are even on both sides since their ears are so little. I found once they were old enough to sit in the chair by themselves you could also have them pierced at the same time.

Elisabeth C 0 likes

I did my daughters at 6 months. The girl that did it told me they usually don’t do it before then.

Liz C 0 likes

My girls are 3 months and my husband and I are taking them on Monday to get their ears pierced. They are over 30 days passed their 2 month immunizations which is mandatory where we’re taking them. Doing it now so they don’t tug at them if we get it done when they’re older.

Marianne M 2 likes

We’re waiting too. For us, earrings is a “coming of age” event and part of the transition into young womanhood. I’m expecting to have that convo around 10 -12 years.

Maira B 0 likes

I am from Brazil and over there is within first week!! It’s our culture.. Some babies don’t even cry…

Joanna A 0 likes

I got my daughters done after she got her first set of shots. Now she’s almost 2 and I can’t keep them in πŸ™

Julie T 0 likes

My first got hers done when she asked for them ( at age 2). Her and I talked about it a lot and I explained many times they were to look at and not to touch. She was great when getting them done and even liked helping me clean them. She never once touched them otherwise. My second daughter got hers done at 3 1/2 months, and she was also great about it. She’s one now and she hasn’t bothered them at all either.

Katherine B 2 likes

When she’s old enough to tell you she wants holes in her body

Brittany W 0 likes

They say once they get their shots that can get them done now should be a great time

Billie S 0 likes

My pediatrician recommended 6 months after they get their third tetanus vaccine.

Caitlin S 0 likes

I got mine done around this time! It will hurt less now because the ear is thinner where it will be pierced. If your not sure ask your ped what they recommend . But I’d say now is good(:

Sarah W 2 likes

When she’s old enough to make the decision for herself.

Britney C 0 likes

Got my daughters done at 3 months and she cried for 2 seconds and now at 9 months she still never touched her earrings (:

crimefighter ? 2 likes

I think it’s best to wait until she can make that decision for herself.

W P Sat, November 1st

It’s been almost 10 years since my last baby and everything has changed!! I have a 3 month and need advice on diapers. Every time he poops it leaks down his legs and up his back. Any suggestions on diapers that will work!? Using Huggies right now. Oh and he is soaking wet if I don’t change him at least once in the night. Tx!!!!

Show Answers

Lindsey P 3 likes

I found that pampers work the best for us. Make sure you have the right size. We used size 1s too early and then for too long and they leaked when they didn’t fit correctly.

Jessica R 3 likes

I hate huggies for the same reason. I recently bought pampers baby dry and I’ll never buy another kind again. I used to have to change my son every few hours at night which resulted in waking him up but I just put a fresh pampers on before bed and I don’t have to touch it till morning. The fit awesome, I’ve never had a leak, I’m in diaper love

Kayley H 3 likes

We’ve been using Pampers Swaddlers since my lo was born! He’ll be 11 weeks on Monday and we’ve had no problems! I also used the free trial of Honest diapers and love those too! We just never used them at night!

Rachel V 2 likes

We had the same problem with Huggies. Pampers Swaddlers are my favorite so far.

M K 1 like

We use Pampers overnight one size up. No leaks since I started!

Danielle B 3 likes

Up & up. Remember the weight is how much the diaper will hold and not how much the baby has to weigh to fit into them. Good luck.

Nayatt C 1 like

Pampers swadlers are the way to go. Had the se issue with huggies. Use the nighttimes for sleep

Hannah M 0 likes

I use huggies, they make a night time diaper that is great! Plus some boxes of the regular huggies come with coupons for the night time ones

Michaela R 2 likes

Huggies are horrible. They did the same thing for me. I use pampers swaddlers during the day and pampers baby dry at night. Never had an issue. I have also tried Luvs and they work well also. Good luck.

Alex M 2 likes

That only happened to my son when people would put on his diaper too snug. They had good intentions thinking if it was tight then it would prevent the leaks. However it makes it where the poop has nowhere else but out.

Alex M 4 likes

Btw I haven’t had a problem with any certain brand. I’ve used everything from huggins to Dollar store brand. To me a diaper is a diaper as long as you use the right size and don’t put them on too snug

Shawna G 2 likes

We had the same problem with huggies. I will only use pampers!

Katie B 1 like

Maybe try going up a size? I Also like target brand diapers!

Taryn C 2 likes

Huggies are horrible

Brindley M 2 likes

Have you thought of cloth diapers? I cloth my baby and did with my older one too, you can add an extra insert for max absorption if they are sleeping through the night.

Marielle K 1 like

We use pampers baby dry. Love them. Never had any leakage. I had the same issue with huggies

Sarah F 1 like

I hated Huggies when my son was little!!! He leaked almost every time!! I found pampers worked well for him

Lauren R 1 like

Up and up! They even have a special night time diaper. They are cheaper than anything else and they are SO much better!

Jennifer D 1 like

Pampers baby dry! My son is 21 months and not one blow out and maybe 3 leaks the whole time. That was because he needed to go up a size.

Chrissy A 1 like

I use cloth and no blow outs ever. I love em for that, Cuz never fails when I use other throw away kinds it ends up all up his back and leaking out the sides:/

Macie J 0 likes

We have been using pampers swaddlers ever since my son was born he is now 22 weeks.

Heather S 0 likes

I like pampers and costco brand diapers. (Sam’s club) for some people.

Cheyenne L 0 likes

I plan on cloth for the same reasons the other women listed. I’ve never heard of blowouts with cloth.

Em A 1 like

Pamper but they are pricey. I’m using loves right now but I like pampers more. Also it could be the something wrong with the diaper position. I notice it doesn’t matter what diaper I use every so often my diapering skills fail me and I have a mess to clean.

Aubrey M 0 likes

I tried them all. Was SM on a tight budget. Switched to White Cloud (WalMart) and eventually to Luvs. They worked best for my LO. Other option that works better than most think.. Cloth diapers. There are a LOT of options now and my cousin swears by them and used them for all 4 of her boys!! I’m due any day with twins and after we get home and are big enough, I will be trying them myself!!!

Sherri G Sun, November 2nd

My son is 3 months and 3 weeks. Is it too early to put cereal in his bottle?

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Jozlynn B 1 like

I started putting cereal in my daughters bottles and 2 and a half months. As long as tummy agrees it should be fine.

Jennifer 6 likes

You should never put cereal in your babies bottle unless otherwise suggested by your babies pediatrician for medical issues like reflux. It can be dangerous. I didn’t start feeding my daughter solids until 6 months. I would speak to your babies doctor before starting solids.

Tamara S 4 likes

Yes he doesn’t need anything except formula or breast Milk until 5-6 months.

Rachel V 2 likes

We had the same problem with Huggies. Pampers Swaddlers are my favorite so far.

Jessica M 4 likes

Momma do what you think best if your baby is hungry feed the babes!!

Kateryna G 1 like

It is better not to start solids until 6 months.

Melanie M 0 likes

I do not recommend doing that. It’s not good for babies. I also do not recommend food until after 6 months. Even then I do baby led weaning.

Jess W 1 like

Yes, too early. Unless you have a reflux issue or problems like laryngomalacia. Otherwise you should wait a while. Talk to your ped about when to start.

Lena D 4 likes

My Ped told me to put 1 tablespoon of rice cereal or oatmeal with every 3 oz of formula or breast milk bc of my twins acid reflux & spit up. It was soupy and easy for my twins to swallow. I started doing this at 3 months (before bedtime) they are now 4 months. It’s totally fine & is not a choking hazard bc it’s still easy for babies to swallow.

Lauren R 1 like

What do your Ped say? Why do you want to do that? My Ped suggested 1TBS cereal/2OZs of breast milk for my daughter because she was below average in weight, but she didn’t like it so I don’t do it. That was at 4 months old. Now at 5 months we spoon feed rice cereal. Also you can start solids anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

Rubi C 0 likes

It’s not too early if your baby has the hang of the swallowing motion. Just like Lena said for every 3oz only 1 tablespoon of rice cereal in the milk. The cereal is softened with the milk so the baby will not choke. At the same time let your pediatrician know what you will be doing just so both of you are on the same page.

Yasmina L 1 like

I started feeding my kids at this age. They loved it. I loved it. They were full and slept longer for me. I also gave them cereal at this age also.

Jamie K 0 likes

I started when all my girls were about 2 mths πŸ™‚

Tabitha M 0 likes

I started putting cereal in my sons bottle to have him gain weight dr said he was always underweight and he wasn’t gaining anything from BF or reg formula so I did he’s fine. Other friends of mine have done it to.

Lakin C 1 like

No I started mine at that age and she’s perfectly fine.

Ruth D 1 like

To answer your question in the most simplest form, no it is not too early. Now for the long version: some parents do it and some choose not to. If you decide to then it’s fine. He/she will be okay, unless they don’t like it. I started putting rice cereal in my daughters bottles when she was almost 3m and she did just fine. For some babies it does keep their belly full for a tad bit longer, not a guarantee though. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

Katherine T 1 like

It can be very dangerous to put cereal in a babies bottle. Also I would wait until 4-6 months to give her cereal.

Violetta K 0 likes

as far as I know and pediatrist says no any kind if food or drinks besides breast milk(formula) before 4-6 months..great example mammals :they don’t eat or drink anything ,but milk before some certain age..

Jessica A 1 like

My pediatrician recommended cereal in my babies bottle when he was 2 weeks old. I did it in every bottle from there on and it was great!!!

Katherine B 1 like

Yes. Read up on babies digestion. They do not have the proper enzymes to digest any solids until at least 6 months. Cereal in a bottle is a choking hazard, has zero nutritional value and will not help baby sleep Through the night

Olga T 1 like

There’s no reason for it unless there is acid reflux. It does not help kids sleep longer. My kids were both on cereal b/c of reflux and still woke up.

Meghan M 0 likes

I was told not to put cereal in my sons bottle but I started spoon feeding him rice cereal at 4 months after talking to his pediatrician. I’ve heard many people say 4 months was too early but my son was always hungry. Run it by your child’s dr and do what works for you.

Ashley K 1 like

Do whatever you think is best. I wanted to start around 2 months but I waited bc my ped didn’t approve but I still did it around 3 1/2-4 months. For us, she was hungry so hungry and she ate and ate and was never satisfied. After we started with the cereal she was happier and slept better

Sherri G 0 likes

My son is on neocate formula cause he has reflux and has a milk allergy. I can tell he’s not as satisfied with just his formula anymore. That’s why I want to try cereal now

Jennifer 0 likes

Sherri- it already sounds like your son has issues with his digestive tract, so I would hold off on adding food until you speak to the pediatrician. The digest tract in newborns is so sensitive, giving them food to early for the wrong reason can sometimes do more harm then good. My daughter had an intolerance to the dairy protein as well, and she grew out of it at 8 months.

Gabi B Thu, December 11th

I was at a restaurant today and my son started to cry so I pick him up and try to soothe him, he’s 3 months, then this old couple across from us said “do you mind, where eating?” I said “I’m so sorry” got my nursing cover out and I began to nurse him, then the same couple say “omg do you have to do that here?!” I was so shocked that I didn’t even know what to say I just got up and walk out without finishing eating just paid the lady and left. So my question is what do I say/do in that situation?

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April V 15 likes

I would have said excuse me my baby is eating here

Jessie A 5 likes

I haven’t had that problem yet. I’m jut waiting for iT though. Our children have the same right to eat just as every one else. I would has told them that.

Diana L 0 likes

That’s so rude. I can’t believe people make comments like that. I would just kill them with kindness and keeps feeding. I mean it’s only natural.

Lish G 5 likes

I would say my child is eating as well, just covered yourself and went on with it. Breastfeeding is natural and just because it involves your “private part” some people get uncomfortable but if your child is hungry you shouldn’t have to deprive them from eating. If you felt uncomfortable then next time just go to the bathroom or ask to be seated in the back. Good luck mama and never be ashamed

Anonymous 8 likes

I can’t believe there’s still people so close minded and discriminating towards a mom that is feeding her child.

Michelle W 5 likes

Agreed i would have just said no i don’t mind! Do you mind to keep ur rude comments to your self while my baby eats!

Kristie D 1 like

I probably would have lost it. Good for you for keeping your cool.

Kristine F 0 likes

For breastfeeding mamas it’s hard and not everyone is on board with babies. Not knowing their story you don’t want to be rude but sticking up for yourself and saying sorry for your 3 month old for crying but now that he’s eating he’s not crying anymore. I’d thank them for raising their concern and continue my own meal and maybe treat them for a drink or a dessert. Kill them with kindness because you never know if they have had their own or couldn’t etc etc…

Ash P 4 likes

#@!% off is what you say … Okay just what you think. I would say, if you have a problem you should talk to the manager. Feeding your child anywhere is your right!!! I’m sorry that happened to you. Don’t let it keep you from going out again. Some people are so ignorant but most are great. {{ well that’s what I like to think }}

Gabi B 5 likes

I wasn’t uncomfortable I was covered up, left cuz I wanted to have a b***h fit on them lol. But they were elderly so I left. I just can’t believe the nerve of some people you pretty much tell me to shut my son up and when I do you get mad at me for how I do it? Like for real??

Charo C 2 likes

I would have went off i BF twins for 11 months and lots of times In public I never had anyone come up to me or be rude and never noticed anyone making a face because I could careless you have a right don’t let anyone make u feel uncomfortable next time till them nicely to F OFF

Cortney S 1 like

That’s so ridiculous. Boobs are made to feed babies. That’s what their purpose has always been. And you had a cover so I don’t know what their problem is. If you had been feeding him a bottle they wouldn’t have had said anything. That’s so ridiculous. If it had been me I would have stayed and not cared. How rude of them…

Ashley B 4 likes

Pardon my French but I would have told them to mind their own damn buisness. If they don’t like seeing your baby eat they don’t have to look

C C 3 likes

You were not in the wrong in this situation. You even covered yourself up, even though many mommies don’t (Totally okay in both situations of course)! I would have just smiled and said its my business. If it was seriously bothering them that much that they couldn’t eat, they can leave. You shouldn’t have had to stop enjoying your outing and your meal because of a couple of arrogant people. Baby’s needs come first. And it’s better than having to go sit on a toilet seat in the bathroom!

Gabi B 3 likes

Thx girls, I’m so happy I can vent to y’all. And know I’m not alone in all this πŸ™‚

Anonymous 2 likes

You have to know that is your right to feed your baby in public when need it, as moms we need to be confident in our choice to breastfeed whenever is necessary and stand up for ourselves and our children, you didn’t do anything to be ashamed or to be hidden. I would have tell them to move places if they were so bother and continue to breastfeed,as simple as that! Ugh this is so nerve wracking !

SAHMomma 1 like

That’s so rude of them to talk to you that way :/ I’m a new mom and I fear it all the time. I EBF and pump. So I always have a bottle when I’m out. I always thought I was doomed to run to the bathroom to nurse whenever the baby cried in public. Pumping has made my outings a lot less stressful for me.

Cassie 2 likes

You are a nicer person than I am I would have went off before you started bf when they got mad at him being fussy He’s a baby!! BABYS CRY!! And they know that!! I understand that you didn’t want to be rude but you weren’t my dear they were don’t let their ignorance bring you down I can see your a great mommy

Traci U 1 like

Wow. Who knows what I would have done. I probably would have been mean. You’re a lot nicer than me.

Elizabeth P 2 likes

I would say, “yes, I have to do this here, but you don’t have to watch.”

Olga T 1 like

There’s no reason for it unless there is acid reflux. It does not help kids sleep longer. My kids were both on cereal b/c of reflux and still woke up.

Meghan M 0 likes

I was told not to put cereal in my sons bottle but I started spoon feeding him rice cereal at 4 months after talking to his pediatrician. I’ve heard many people say 4 months was too early but my son was always hungry. Run it by your child’s dr and do what works for you.

Ashley K 1 like

I would have continued what I was doing and just said sorry if you don’t like it than look the other way it’s my child’s feeding time and this is how he/she eats.

Maryjoe C 1 like

I support you a 100%. Next time if someone has a problem, just tell to shut up and leave. Your baby needs to eat no matter what anybody says.

Gabi B 0 likes

Haha well hopefully theres not a next time, but if there is ill just ignore them and say “do you have to eat?” Then yes my son has to eat as well πŸ˜‰

Jordan H 1 like

I would’ve lost it! I’m so livid for you right now. I can’t imagine what I would’ve done but it wouldn’t of been pleasant for that couple.

Stephanie W 1 like

I would have told them they’re half blind anyway, wouldn’t be too hard to look away. NEVER EVER feel self conscious for breastfeeding. Shame on them! I don’t even use a cover anymore usually. I got told that I was being inappropriate one time so I told them they were being pervs for looking. That shut them up

Dorothy S 1 like

I’m shocked that they even said anything it’s a BABY needs FOOD and why are they looking anyway they should mind there own business!!!!

Mindee 1 like

I would have told them to shut the hell up! Eat your food and pull your head from your ass! πŸ™‚

Kelli M 1 like

I would have probably not so politely told them to shut the hell up and if it bugs them then maybe they should leave. Your baby has the right to eat too, and please never bring your baby into the bathroom to feed them, we wouldn’t like to eat in a bathroom so why should the little ones have to? If people aren’t comfortable with you breast feeding in public then maybe they should stay the hell home!

Sweetest M 2 likes

You should have popped your boob out and told them if they don’t like it to fuck off. Never get embarrassed while doing mommy things. Shit happens, people say rude shit, just stand your ground and don’t give a fuck about what people think. If they don’t come to your bed at night their opinion doesn’t matter.

Shannon H 1 like

I would have said “do you mind, he’s eating?!”

Ana S 1 like

I probably would have told them that they are free to leave if they don’t like it !!!

Cynthia R 1 like

You can never please people. You were so kind to keep your cool. Those old people had nothing better to do, perhaps just bitter at the world.Hope there is no next time!! But you did good!

Lauren S Sat, December 13th

Is it smarted to buy more newborn clothes for the beginning or 0-3 month? I’m stuck on which sizes to get ! πŸ™

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Sarah B 2 likes

0-3 months…babies grow out of newborn clothes so quickly and 0-3 is a wide range that they can wear for awhile

Amber E 1 like

I say get a few nb outfits mainly sleepers that zip up and onesies that go under the clothes. More than most likely your baby will only be in nb for a month or so. Go for 0-3.

Erin K 2 likes

0-3 if ur baby is born big they won’t fit into newborns long my son was over 8lbs and he was out of newborns within a month he’s 10 weeks now and where’s 3-6 month every babies different tho so it’s hard to know

C C 2 likes

Don’t buy a ton of newborn! They grow so fast and will only wear them for just a little bit! Pick out a few newborn things, but stick with 0-3 months right away. Don’t go overboard though! My almost three month old is already wearing some six months clothes! And I made the mistake of spending close to 700 dollars on clothes (they’re so cute right??), and he has so many clothes he probably won’t wear them all! πŸ™‚

Danielle B 3 likes

I got a lot of newborn and didn’t even use half of them. I would get mostly 0-3 months. It also depends on how big the think the baby will be. Get a lot of 3-6 also. My son was in 3-6 when he was only a couple months old.

Lauren S 1 like

Okay. Thank you guys so much! πŸ™‚ im 34 weeks now and they say she’s weighing around 4 pounds 12 ounces

Lauren S 1 like

And yeah I’ve already bought a bunch of stuff too I’m sure she won’t get to use πŸ™ lol

Gabes M 2 likes

Get 0-3 months! They grow like weeds! My son is just 4 months and has been in size 6 months for a couple of weeks now. We were done with newborn stuff within the first 4 weeks

Coryn P 3 likes

0-3 and 3-6 is what you should buy! They literally wear newborn for like a week haha.

Manda P 4 likes

My suggestion: buy 0-3 sleepers. My babies didn’t go out much, besides dr visits, for the first few weeks. They lived in sleepers and onesies.

Brittany M 2 likes

My lo was 7lbs 2oz but wore newborn for only 2 weeks bc he was so long now he’s 9 weeks and almost into 6 months…

Jessica A 2 likes

I would buy a little 0-3 months but it’s always safer to buy big! I bought so many newborn clothes at thrift stores and garage sales and for my baby shower I got a bunch of boxes of newborn diapers…. Well my baby was a big little guy and all his newborn clothes and newborn diapers I had to give them to someone else because they wouldn’t fit.. So keep that In mind πŸ™‚

T C 2 likes

I would just buy a few newborn sleepers bc the 0-3 were huge on my baby girl. Every time she moved her arms and legs would come out of their sleeves. Then the rest 0-3 it took about 2-3 weeks before she could fit into the other sleepers.

Hannah P 2 likes

Some newborn clothes are good but don’t go all out and get a whole lot they won’t were them for very long. All babies are different though.

Trena T 2 likes

My son was in 0-3 from birth. (My youngest) my oldest wore newborn for 3 months, then skipped 2 sizes and I had to put him in 6-9. My youngest is 7 months old and is in a 18month.. My 3 year old is in 5T shirts and 4T pants for length.

Jules M 4 likes

My baby never wore newborn(10lb 4oz!) he is 7 months and wearing 18-24 months!!! He’s not fat just a big stocky baby. I would have just a few for the first couple of weeks. All you need at first is onsies and pants. Maybe a cute outfit or two for pictures but honestly you want soft comfortable clothes. Also a tip those corners on top of the onsies are so you can roll them down the baby if poop gets on them. Just pull the arms out and roll down! No poop on the head:) I just learned that on here.

Jenny K 2 likes

My son wore newborns until he was about 3 or 4 months old. He was 6 lbs 4 ozs and 18 3/4 inches long when he was born. He was 3 weeks early but all babies are different

Zoe M 2 likes

I had this problem too! Your baby will grow so fast you won’t even use half of what you got (if you’ve gotten a lot already) like all the girls are saying, pick a few outfits out that you really like in newborn, then go up sizes!

Delmma V 2 likes

I birthed 2 ten pounders and they used 3-6 m from the start, is baby in a larger percentile of measurements?

Skylar K 2 likes

My daughters were 8.7 and 8.8 and only stayed in newborn for a week or two! I’d definitely go with 0-3

Chelsea M 3 likes

0-3 months

Kelly W 2 likes

Lol.. My son never fit newborn! Thank goodness for receipts because I had a lot to return

Theresa B 2 likes

I got my son newborn and he came out at almost 9 pounds, so he grew out of newborn diapers and clothes by the time he was a week old. Go with the ones a little bigger, they will grow into them before you know it!

Miranda D 2 likes

You really don’t need as many clothes as you think! My son barely wore some sizes. For example my son was well out of 0-3 month clothes but 1 1/2 months. But he was a 9 pounder when he was born.

Nancy W 2 likes

I bought mostly 0-3 because everyone kept telling me he would grow out of it soon. My baby was 7 lbs and used newborn clothes for two months! I literally had to send someone to get him a newborn outfit to get him out of the hospital and had to go shopping when I left the hospital.

K B 2 likes

I’d buy a few newborn.. I only had 2 outfits of newborn and like a million 0-3 and my baby came out 6lbs and she barely fit newborn.. She is 2 and a half weeks and she is just fitting into newborn size.

Stacy Wed, December 17th

Is it bad my 3 month old sleeps in the bed with me??? I can’t sleep well without her next to me… She’s well protected I just worry she won’t sleep in crib when it’s time … πŸ™

Show Answers

Keyonna N 2 likes

I slept with my LO since I’ve brought him home , I don’t think he feels secure with me not there

Coryn P 5 likes

Not bad at all! And some parents co sleep until their child decided he/she wants to be in their own bed.

Jenny T 2 likes

My baby been sleeping with me since the day i got her home from the hospital. She is now 4 months old. I am a single parent so having my baby next to me sleeping is not a big problem, just make sure dont lying to close to the baby to prevent rolling over her, and tuck her well.

Kimberly F 2 likes

I do the same thing. He is 7 months going on 8 months. I am tying to train him to his crib now. His crib is right next to my bed. I didn’t start using his crib until he was able to sit up. I did have problems with him being in his crib when he was first born because he was breasted. I had to use a boppy to make him stay but I wasn’t any use because he would wake up like every 45 minutes to eat so I just kept him in the bed.

Dominican Y 2 likes

She will suffer not you

Dominican Y 2 likes

Of course she is only 3 months

Jenna S 5 likes

Do it asap! My son is almost a year and will not sleep in his own bed! I really regret ever letting him sleep with us

T C 2 likes

Honestly I am all about my space and I rarely co slept with my LO she always slept in a bassinet or her vibrating chair. But do what you feel comfortable with! It will probably be a lot harder for them to fall asleep in the crib when they get older but every kid is different. So do what makes you comfortable

Kaitlin J 3 likes

Car side her crib. It’ll work well for both of you!

Chelsea S 4 likes

I wouldnt let the baby sleep with you, you can alternate it. One week in bed with you and one in his crib! My baby sleeps in both now because i did that πŸ™‚

Kimberly H 4 likes

It’s a personal choice really, I did it with my first, and holding him and having him by me was the best ever!! Then it came time to put him in his own room. That was hell. I never did it again with my last 4. They go to bed on their own and it’s great, yes I do miss the cuddling, but its better for them to be able to put them self to sleep!!

Ashley B 3 likes

I was the same way. I miss him now that he’s in his room. My SO is a dangerous sleeper is the only reason he’s in there. I’ve had a busted nose and lip bc of him (accident of course)

Erica S 4 likes

I did that with my first born.. N it was hard to get him out.. But my second bAby never slept n bed with me I can’t do that to my self again

Desi L 2 likes

My baby slept in bed with me for 6 months. I got scared I was gonna drop him eventually so I just started putting him in his crib. Now he falls asleep on his own(he’s 11 months)

Jennifer D 2 likes

Our son slept next to us for 17 months :)! It took about a week to get him in his own room crib, I slept on the floor that duration. At 23 months he’s in a platform twinsize bed. I of course have to put in time, to make the transition easier for him but I wouldn’t change it for the world! He definitely has a strong attachment to both me and my husband.

Mercedes R 2 likes

It’s not bad but it will be hard for you to switch him/her to their own bed

Mimi S 2 likes

I don’t want to be a downer but it’s very unsafe to sleep with baby in the bed with you due to possible suffocation. It’s been known to happen quite often. By all means do what you think is best just be very careful. Congrats on your new baby ! πŸ™‚

Victoria D 2 likes

Dd sleeps next to me. Much easier to hear her when she wakes up to eat.

Dawn T 2 likes

I do the same but once she’s asleep asleep I try to let her have some time in her pack and play beside the couch which is now my bed lol since I’ve had her

Stacy 1 like

Well we have a only one bedroom so she’s gonna be with me regardless

Jules M 2 likes

I co sleep with my 7 month old! I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. My hubby and I love going to bed with all of us together. When it’s time I’ll put in the work to get him in his own bed. I don’t know when that will be tho:) everyone has a different experience you really just have to do what feels best for your family. Just make sure you are practicing safe co sleeping, baby’s head up by yours, no blankets that can cover him etc…Happy sleeping!

Erica C Fri, January 30th

Does anyone have suggestions on what I can put on my daughters neck? It looks pretty red and raw in the folds of her neck. I’m wondering if diaper rash ointment might work? She is 3 months. πŸ™

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Amy T 1 like

I’m not sure but maybe Vaseline it could be chapped

Cassie R 1 like

That ^ or an ezama cream maybe

Bethany C 2 likes

Are they stinky too? My baby’s would get like that from milk dripping down and the skin folds getting moist. Nightly baths and using a blowdryer on low to make sure she was clean and dry helped a lot. Also dusting them with cornstarch helped too.

Gaby C 1 like

Does it have a smell to it? My LO has a red neck too the doctor told me to just put some baby powder because that is where they most sweat. But if seems like there is fluid there and looking way to red and raw it could be a yeast infection. That’s what I was told by the pediatrician.

Michaela C 2 likes

My daughter has eczema and my doctor recommended hydrocortisone cream. It has definitely helped! Relieves itches and rashes due to a lot of things!

Kaley S 1 like

Yes either of the above! It’s usually from not drying her neck after a bath, it gets chapped and raw if left wet! No biggie, it happened to my LO a bunch when she was a newborn.. Her neck is too squished together!

Alyson ? 1 like

My daughter just went through this! I used aquafor healing ointment and it cleared up in just a few days!

Roro L 1 like

Vaseline is safe if it doesn’t help ask a pharmacist

Janae J 1 like

Destin !!!! Works wonders for droolers

Amy T 1 like

My baby had that from breastmilk getting caught in the folds and when I would clean it, it would dry out and then it got super red. When I bathe him, I clean it very well and then get a cotton ball and put a little baby oil on it then run it along his neck. It seems to be working for me because the area is getting moisturized and his neck isn’t chaffing as much

Roro L 2 likes

Yes corn starch help

Savina G 1 like

Baby powder or cornstarch and keep dry as much as possible

Pretty Me L 1 like

You gotta keep it as clean and as dry as u can but I use to put diaper rash cream on mines but not a lot cuz it hurts them

Catherine C 1 like

Could be a sweat rash. Dry cleaning the area real well and dry it well too and maybe use some Penaten

Mariah T 1 like

Something dry like baby powder

Stephanie B 2 likes

Cornstarch, try to keep it as clean and dry as possible

Brooke B 1 like

My daughter does the exact thing, it’s from the breastmilk dripping down into her little fat roles. I would clean with soap and water and make sure I dabbed it dry real good. Then I would put a little baby powder on the area. It clears hers up in about a day or so.

Heidi 1 like

Lotromin works amazing!!!

Brooke J 1 like

My 3 mo old has this as well. I put butt cream (a tiny bit) and it help. Make sure you clean any milk that’s in the folds. But don’t over wash or over wipe, it may irritate it more. And the most important thing is make sure it dry. Dry after you wash really good and even dry it if you use a wipe.

Ana E 1 like

If the skin is breaking I would either take a pic and send to doc or make appt. just want to make sure baby is not in pain, doesn’t get infected etc.

K M 2 likes

Yeast infection, try coconut oil

Marisa C 1 like

I was having the same problem except it smelled I tried everything. My doctor recommended over the counter zinc oxide ointment it works like a charm good luck!

ChasAnn M 1 like

If your breastfeeding put your breast milk on it

ChasAnn M 2 likes

Breastmilk has so many healing agents in it. I used it for drops in my baby’s eye, ear and rash. Heals like a charm. Even put it in my dogs ear when he had and ear infection. Healed in 24 hrs!

Marina’s M 1 like

Coconut oil!

L W 1 like

It could be from moisture (drooling, spitting up, etc). Make sure to dry the area well & my pediatrician told me to put a thin layer of hydrocortisone on it. It has worked well on my daughter. Good luck

Samantha A 1 like

Vagisil! The stuff you use for yeast infections. Mine had a yeast infection under her neck… It worked wonders

Erica C 0 likes

Thank you everyone! This is very helpful!

Sarah Y Mon, February 2nd

I’m currently breast feeding but thinking about switching to formula when I have to go back to work. I’m just thinking it’ll be a lot of work to pump and freeze milk for daycare. My baby will be almost 3 months at that time. But I feel guilty… Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated πŸ™‚

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Madison L 4 likes

If you feel guilty then I would try to continue breastfeeding & maybe supplement when you don’t have any milk pumped. I felt the same also but I really didn’t want to stop breastfeeding all together. Pumping is work but if you start making it apart of your daily routine it gets easier. Try to store as much as you can before going back to work so it’s not as much pumping when you do return to work.

Jhalishia C 0 likes

I recently switched my lo over to formula..she’s 5 months now and today makes a whole week for formula! The hard part is…getting the perfect bottles & plus my lo hated the way formula tasted when I first introduced her to it but the more persistent you are with it then the better the results. However I do still breastfeed throughout the night. Don’t give up & don’t feel guilty. It’s life (:

Madison L 4 likes

A good formula for supplementing is Similac for Supplementing. I’ve used it for my LO and he doesn’t like any other kind. Good luck!

Veronica R 0 likes

Think you should pump now and stored milk now like that you’ll have milk when it’s time for u to go back to work for ur baby

Heather B 1 like

I pump at work and just bring a lunch box with ice packs for the milk and when I get home I throw them in freezers I am also a cna do o have a busy schedule at work but still make time to pump at least every 3 hours and on days off or when home I still get the bonding time when nursing my baby.

Arela 4 likes

With my first, I pumped and BF until my LO was 10 months. It was stressful at times, but worth it. Do what you feel is right for both of you and don’t feel bad!

Katelyn D 1 like

I am all for breast feeding but I was unable to. Honestly my son was on a schedule within a week and it was easier on me because he didn’t need to eat as often. In my opinion you might feel stressed if you pump and freeze because you’ll be thinking about it while at work. It’s nothing you should feel guilty about because formula is made to be as close to Breast milk as possible and it even has extra stuff your baby may need. Never feel guilty, you know your baby and body best

Brandi H 1 like

Do what is easiest and best for you. Pumping is a challenge but like pp said it does become just another part of your daily routine. I got to the point where I looked forward to my pumping breaks as a 30 minute paid break to relax and play candy crush;) But… If you decide quitting is best for you, don’t feel guilty about it. It takes more than breastmilk to be a good mom.

Ana S 1 like

My Lo Is 6 months old and I am still pumping … I don’t have enough milk so I am supplementing also… If you have milk you can pump maybe before work and at night?in my opinion whatever you can give him/her is better than nothing as far as milk goes …

Suzevya’s M 1 like

You can breast feed your LO when you are home and give formula in your absence! That way you won’t feel guilty and your LO will get Breast milk too

Alexis C 1 like

My suggestion is to at least try it out. If things get too rough then make a change. (Smiles) If you ever decide to give your baby formula think of Similac or Enfamil. It’s like Pepsi versus Coca-Cola…LOL! Both are good; it’s just your preference and what you like.

Ashlee 2 likes

You can do both breastfeed in the morning and at night supplement with formula while you are away. But I will say i exclusively pumped for 6 months my son was premature and tongue tied and lip tied so by the time everything got sorted out and surgically fixed he had no interest in latching but I still wanted him to get breastmilk. It is a ton of work but once you get the hang of it it really isn’t to bad with a good double pump.

Desiree . 2 likes

Whatever you choose to do, you are a wonderful mom-don’t feel guilty! If looking for a good formula, I switched my lo slowly to gerber soothe. It has a probiotic in it, so it was a gentler switch on her tummy. Good luck!

Christina B 2 likes

My LO is 6 months, I schedule pumping into my day at work I bf at home to help regulate the amount of milk I make

Ciara B 1 like

If u pump and freeze now … Before u go back u’ll have soo much. I’ve been doing this since my LO was a few days old and I probably have close to 100 bags of 5 oz of breast milk. Even doing starting it today u’ll still have a stash! I always pump in the breast milk storage bags when I wake up around 7-8am and get 4-5 five ounce bags! So if I get 4 of those 5 oz bags a day that’s 28 five ounce bags a week! Make sense?

Ciara B 1 like

When u go back to work u can pump on ur lunch break. It’s the law that ur job needs to have a place for u to pump… NOT the bathroom.

Kelsey M 1 like

I had to start giving my son mostly formula at around 3 months because I went back to school. I gave him Similac and it works great. And don’t feel bad at all! You gotta do what you gotta do – giving your LO formula will still keep him healthy and happy!

Austin M 1 like

My son gets formula most of the day and breastfed (no formula) at night. I do pump at work, but it is soooo much work. And a hassle to get the time to do it. I’m sure I’m going to stop soon :/

Samantha W 2 likes

I continues to breast feed. Although I had a good working environment where they didn’t mind me leaving for 15 mins to go pump. I would pump a bottle in the morning then pump three times a day. It did take time but was well worth it for me. I work from 830 to 6 everyday. I would just breastfeed when lo was with me. She would nurse 2 times a day and all day on weekends. My advice would be just give it a try and see if it works for you.

Lisa N 1 like

It is hard but pumping at work becomes routine like everything else. I am a teacher and I pumped twice a day from when I returned to work at 8 weeks pp through June. Used what I pumped for daycare gave formula to supplement- didn’t stock pile or freeze- just did what worked for me- I once we were on solids I stopped pumping the next school year but did morning and night feeds at home- he self weened at 13 months! What ever you choose is fine too much mommy guilt is no fun!

Sarah Y 0 likes

Thank you, all of you, for your opinions and comments I truly appreciate it!

Sarah Y 0 likes

If I were to go to formula during the day while my LO is at daycare and breast feed at night, do you have to ween them over to it? How would you make that transition? I’m still thinking I’ll try pumping but if I wanted to try this I’m curious how you make the switch?

Lauren C 1 like

I currently work full time and pump at work for my 8 month old. I pump twice a day and it is really not that bad. I also pump at home before I go to bed to get the amount baby needs for the next day. I recommend two pumps if you are going to pump at home and at work so you don’t have to bring it every day. Babies are so worth the work but if you have to supplement it is not the end of the world

Baby M Thu, February 19th

If I sing worship music to my 3 month old she quiets right down. She loves it. What music do your babies like?

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Jane S 3 likes

My baby likes rock music she’s 1yo if she hears music she will dance

Amy Y 0 likes

Taylor swift…LOL or disney theme park music ( but I think that’s because I listened to it a lot when she was in my tummy! )

Elsa L 2 likes

The itsy bitsy spider. It calms her down.

Ashley 2 likes

Classical music

Steph L 1 like

My two year old likes Taylor swift and my seven month old likes anything from veggie tales, my two year old does too lol

Jessica M 0 likes

When my babe was younger she loved rihanna or any hip hop really. Now she’s totally into me singing whatever is on the radio which makes me happy she likes my voice even though I’m tone deaf haha. she’s completely into rocking out to anything on the radio as long as it doesn’t sound “scary”

Erin B 1 like

My 1 month old loves when I sing “I’ve got the golden ticket” from Charlie and the chocolate factory! My 3 year old knows every song on the radio haha and my 4 year old loves 1d, maroon 5 and big time rush. He also loves the vamps now

Mary S 0 likes

I sing the theme song to cheers lol. Just so happens all seasons ended up on Netflix so I’ve been watching it nonstop in the background. Lol.

Netra C 0 likes

My daughter likes john legend…..especially his song All Of Me

Samantha A 0 likes

Klove or praise and worship… It’s all she’s heard with me (:

Gabby S 1 like

My kiddo likes reggae

Allie J 1 like

He loves everything!

Chassidy T 1 like

My daughter likes when I sing. Especially “Soft Kitty”.

Ashley L 1 like

Disney channel on Pandora, Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone, and the ABC’s.

Baby M 2 likes

Love the lullaby channel too

Emily T 1 like

Country music

Becky M 1 like

The guardians of the Galaxy sound track. lol thanks to his father. He’s 5 months old. As soon as “hooked on a feeling” comes on he calms down

Ronnie R 1 like

Aww same with mine πŸ˜€ that and Jaz or swing lol. Mercy Me came out a song called Shake, my dad played that for us when my son was 3 weeks old and it’s just stuck with him he loves it πŸ™‚ and its a mix of all in my opinion

Kathryn C 1 like

Classical music and twinkle twinkle little star. That song is his favorite

Amelita M 1 like

I get mine on sale in frys called 25 baby’s song favorites. My son sleep right away

Ally B 1 like

My baby loves The wheels on the bus, because I will go on and on singing about him and animals and noises… For the lullaby I will sing to him a song in Russian, that I used to sing to him when he was in the womb. He just loves music, oh and watch daddy dance.

Lee A Wed, March 11th

I was given 3 months off maternity (I’m a teacher) and my coworker is gossiping about me, telling others I need to get back to work because I have a responsibility to my students blah blah blah. She also said, “It’s not like she had a csection!” She has no kids. It makes my blood boil to think she can run her mouth off when I have the right to be out. What should I tell her?

Show Answers

Momma B 1 like

To mind her buisness

Baby G’s M 2 likes

Oh that’s so mean! Sorry she is doing that! Deep down inside maybe she’s jealous and so saying this stuff makes her feel better. Try not to worry about her and enjoy your maternity leave with your sweet baby! And yes tell her to mind her own business!

Anitra M 6 likes

I wouldn’t say anything. It isn’t worth it! I would just go back with my head held high. You got to experience bringing life into this world and you should be proud! Don’t let her take your joy!

La R 3 likes

Say nothing I’m a teacher too- there will always be people who are jealous of you for various reasons- it’s just their way of wishing for, the things that you have

Jamie 1 like

She is just jealous! Don’t let her bother you it’s not worth your time

Maria R 1 like

Its jealousy girl! How we Mexicans call it, invidia. Which is jealousy. Don’t let it get to you. You just enjoy those 3 months of vacation that she wish she had. I’m pretty once you go back to work she will be pretending to be concerned about you and LO. You tell her what you need to say, mind your own business hun!

Riley’s M 1 like

I would say nothing! I’m a teacher as well and took 12 weeks leave and have 4 weeks left (I did have a c-section, but would have taken 12 weeks regardless). She is clearly envious of what you have (I don’t know if she’s married or what not, but maybe she can’t have kids, who knows). I would just leave it alone and continue being happy at home with your LO πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

Lee A 0 likes

Yea she pretends to be my best friends while at work but the second I leave she talks smack to my other friend. Nothing but negativity. I need to ask for a transfer.

Janae M 1 like

Tell her to kiss your ass and mind her damn business!!!

Tricia 1 like

Tell her to mind her own beeswax!

Rosie R 2 likes

to kiss your ass and mind her business!! I hate ppl like that I bet when she see you she gone be all nice with you ?..

Lizzie M 1 like

Ignore her, be the better person and enjoy the time off with your love ones πŸ™‚ I’m also a teacher….

Sara C 1 like

She is a bitch, because that’s what they do be friendly in front of you, then when you are not around they talk shit about you. Don’t pay no mind because people like that don’t need losing your breath over.

Alyson ? 1 like

She is jealous. You shouldn’t say anything. A birth is a birth c section or not, and a baby is a baby. You’re going to want to stay home and take care of your newborn as much as possible. Say nothing and mind your own business.

Cassandra K 1 like

F* off? Lol. No don’t say that but you can totally think it.

Caitlin V 1 like

Don’t say anything. Speak to your boss and talk to the other teachers/your friends and tell them you were surprised she is talking behind your back and express concern about what she says about everyone else. No one likes the idea that the office gossip is potentially talking about them too. Maybe even add in that you hope she finds more positivity in her life and less time to talk about others. Stay calm, polite, and positive all thru. She can’t be a very good teacher AND running her mouth.

Caitlin V 1 like

But taking the higher road and not stooping her level will help people be more understanding to you and out her for what she really is- a jealous shrew who would rather gossip than do her job.

Kath D 1 like

Well no way around it I would tell her kiss my A**

Sarah F 1 like

Wtf dues she have kids? I want to smack her myself!

Lee A 2 likes

LOL no she doesn’t have kids. She’s dating a married man and has the nerve to call him her boyfriend. How pathedic!

Babygirl G 1 like

Tell her to mind her own business and that just because she doesnt understand doesnt mean she gets to be mean, that maybe shell understand one day and how it hurts to know that your being talked about and if shes rude tell her to keep your name outta her mouth, but i wouldnt keep her close because you dont need that in your life just be the bigger person cause you deserve only happiness at this time

Safia E 1 like

Obligations to students? There is a reason that ALL teachers in your district get the 3 months off. And why there are maternity substitutes to handle it while you’re out! You need time to heal after. Vaginal birth needs just as much healing after…tell her I’m pushing a human out of my vagina! Since you’re so obsessed with the situation maybe you want to take a look? Holy hell would I eat her alive!

Sarah U 1 like

Don’t transfer for that b$$$$ take your maternity leave and return with a smile because your a good mom and she’s a child

Lee A 0 likes

Haha great thoughts ladies! I love this app and everyone’s support. Thanks. I feel better!! ❀️?❀️

Mommy And M Sun, March 22nd

What’s the longest you are comfortable allowing your Lo to sleep at night without feeling the need to wake up and change and feed? Mine is 3 months and has been out like a light tonight but going more than 8 hours bothers me. Anyone else?

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Kendall G 2 likes

I feel the same way.. After like 4 or 5 hours of not eating or a diaper change i get nervous. By 6 hours i change his diaper to try to wake him up to eat. I know your not supposed to wake a newborn but i do not want my son sitting in his pee or poop for 6 hours…

Danie 2 likes

At 2 months my pediatrician said 12 hours is fine, I was waking him up after 8 hours and the dr said don’t do that, let him sleep

Kendall G 1 like

My sons been out like a light tonight too! Maybe growth spurts??

Tricia 1 like

I would be worried if my LO slept longer than 4 hours because he never does lol. No I’m jk I would be so happy if my LO slept through the night 8-12 hours. I wouldn’t worry.

Brooke J 2 likes

I wouldn’t wake them up to feed or change. They will def let you know when they get uncomfortable. If they are sleeping longer than usual their most likely having a growth spurt. Babies need sleep for brain development.

Dani D 2 likes

My dd sleeps 10-11 hr stretches at night. My paediatrician said it’s totally fine. She’s sleeping that long cause she’s getting all the nutrients she needs while she’s awake!

Blue S 3 likes

Don’t wake him up..,

Mary J 3 likes

My motto is never wake a sleeping baby if they are sleeping that long through the night take it as God sent and get yourself some sleep too πŸ™‚

Mommy And M 0 likes

I think it just concerned me as he’s never done it before lol.

Rach R 2 likes

Sleeeeppppppppp. Please don’t wake that baby

Mommy And M 1 like

Maybe it is a growth spurt. We also did have a big day today out and about, maybe just tired.

Kailaa T 3 likes

Never wake a sleeping baby! They will wake if they are hungry

Mommy And M 0 likes

Yah I know the overnight diapers are supposed to be good for like 12 hours but the thought of him stewing in pee for that long just bugs me.

Christal B 3 likes

My daughter sleeps 9-8 every night and I don’t wake or change her , I currently use the 12hr diapers and they really do work, and surprisingly my daughter don’t usually fill one . She pees more during the day and has only ever pooped once at night in 4 months … Let the baby sleep they can handle it and trust me they will let u know if their hungry

Tina S 2 likes

It’s gross to us yes. But if a babe needs something they will let u know lol we all know that. Otherwise enjoy your peace mama. Your baby is πŸ™‚

Yangie M 1 like

At bedtime, I put a thick thick layer of Desitin in my baby’s bottom so if he does poop or pee, that thick layer of Desitin will protect his skin from direct contact with the poop or urine. I dont like to wake him just in case I couldn’t get him back to sleep right away. And I have to get up and work in the morning too.

Deep S 2 likes

It’s fine let them sleep as long as they want. If they r growing fine with good wt gain don’t worry

Tay B 1 like

Yeah it bothers me too, but I’m learning to let him sleep. My son is 2 months and he’s been sleeping for 8 hours straight at night for the past couple of weeks. I’m just gonna thank the Lord and enjoy it while I can πŸ˜‰ but it does make me feel uneasy because my first son was so routine about waking up at night.

Margaret S 2 likes

I wouldn’t wake them, if their bodies need the sleep, let them

L W 0 likes

We had to wake our girls up every 2.5 hours when we first brought them home due to them being early & needing to gain weight, so once we got the ok to stop that, I let them sleep. When we put them in their own room/cribs, they started sleeping 11-12 hours & I let them lol. It never made me uncomfortable, they just increased the amount that they ate during the day.

Mommy And M Fri, April 3rd

We are visiting in laws with our 3 month old son and they just keep giving my wife horrible advice like he needs to be drinking water/juice, he should be eating table food. We expressly asked them not to feed him anything and I turn my back and my mother in law is putting Debbie cake cream in his mouth. My spouse and I got in a big fight because I felt it was complete disregard and disrespect. How would you handle?

Show Answers

Jessica M 6 likes

Grrrrrrr I’m so sorry! I think it’s your spouses place to say something, though. Seriously? Cake?

Austin M 4 likes

My mil is the same. We just keep telling her no. Luckily my so agrees with me. But whatever we don’t agree that she does, we talk about it at home and decide to back each other up whether we agree on it or not. We have to stick together as parents

Ashley H 2 likes

I probably would have freaked out in them right then and there. I’m not a confrontational person but when it comes to my kids my inlaws know I will lose it!

Elizabeth . 2 likes

Gosh, there have been a lot of posts on this lately. Some really crazy MILs! I would NEVER put something in anyone else’s baby’s mouth without consulting the parents!! That is so obvious to me! I argued with my husband about this too when his mother was sneaking my daughter hotdogs! My daughter would be just as happy eating mashed peas!….

Jessica M 2 likes

Omg, I remember u from last night too! The in laws with the smoky house. Honey, make up an excuse and get out of there!

Elizabeth . 1 like

…My MIL constantly wants to feed her sugary cookies and whipped creamed cakes and chips. I can’t believe it. I’ve said no each time. At least she asks now, I’ll give her credit for that. Provide your own food and snacks when u go over. I do now so there is no question what she should eat

Krista M 2 likes

He definitely has to be on your side at least when it comes to them. It should look like he doesn’t want your LO to have it

Tricia B 6 likes

That’s nuts!!! 3 months old is way too young. Their little digestive system can’t handle that stuff right now. And for them not to respect your wishes is more than frustrating. You are right! Stick to your motherly instinct!!! I’m sorry you have to worry about that instead of enjoying your time.

Austin M 1 like

I agree with Elizabeth, bring your own snacks/foods that you are allowing (if you’re allowing any foods yet)

Tricia B 3 likes

No he does not need water or juice. To each their own but I’m not a big fan of juice. There is no reason for it. By 6 months they are getting fruit and formula/breast milk is their only liquid. My pediatrician told me I was a breathe of fresh air because a lot of people give their baby’s juice and its really not necessary. It leads to tooth decay and in some cases baby’s will refuse their milk. Not good. You are right they are wrong. Lol Sry but that really ticks me off

Jessica M 3 likes

Dude, juice isn’t good for anyone at any age, look at the ingredients. Unless u are doing fresh-squeezed, and even then u should only have a little. Think about how much juice u get from squeezing one orange-then think of how many oranges it would take to get a tall glass full. Nobody needs 10 oranges in one sitting.

Elizabeth . 1 like

Absolutely right Jessica!

Elizabeth 1 like

You politely explain to your in-laws that the only thing your child is allowed to consume at this stage in their life is formula and/or breast milk. If they have any other concerns or questions, you would gladly have your pediatrician talk to them. Btw: Water can interfere with the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients in breast milk or formula. Also, Babies who drink to much water can develop develop a condition known as water intoxication, which can cause seizures and even a coma.

Elly L 1 like

Your S/O should support your decision and back you on not letting you little one eat that junk. To keep from having an in-law confrontation, have you spouse talk to them about respecting your wishes. If that doesn’t work, then take it upon yourself and have a conversation stating your ways and reasonings. It’s fun to spoil kids with treats sometimes, but it is ultimately your choice. Not to mention Little Debbie’s are so unhealthy! Best of luck πŸ™‚

Noor K 2 likes

Call the cops!

Steph P 3 likes

I will never understand people’s obsession with feeding babies inappropriate foods. Never. I’m sorry that you have to deal with that.

Kimberly R 1 like

That’s just sad disrespectful and out of place of them. Cake?!?? Smh

Mommy And M 1 like

I don’t need to provide snacks, he’s 3 months old and only eats formula lol. He shouldn’t nor is he able to eat anything else. He can’t even sit up yet. These people infuriate me.

Mommy And M 2 likes

I don’t want him consuming sugar or the crap processed food they feed their kids. I don’t agree with the parenting of her family on most issues.

Caitlin V 2 likes

Talk to your SO and make it clear that if your MiL isn’t going to follow what you literally just told her, how can you expect her to follow any other rules you set for your child? It’s not just about this one thing- it’s about setting a precedent. You have to know that when you two make rules, you both will stick to them and the people you let handle your child will too. Otherwise you can’t trust those people and it would be a shame if your LO didn’t get time with grandma because of that.

Mommy And M 3 likes

Thank God we live 10 hours away from these people

Tricia 2 likes

Oh I’d flip.

Mommy And M 1 like

Caitlin that was exactly why my spouse and I got into it. I said if you don’t speak up now they will do it everytime.

I<3mybabyboy 1 like

Why do in laws have to be so annoying!! Trust me I deal with it every week. My mil was a sahm and she knows everything about everything! Lord!

Caitlin V 1 like

For sure! I know from lots of experience with both my own parents and in-laws (my husbands parents were never married… So two sets of in laws!) that if you let them do it once, they will do it again and again. And if they are understanding, they will be hurt that you didn’t just say something. And if they aren’t… Well you just don’t spend a lot of time visiting them.

Alice C Sun, April 12th

So I read that a lot of people include a bath at night in the bedtime routine.. How many of you actually do that? My baby is 3 months and I give her a bath twice a week, I feel like bathing her every night might not be so good for her skin.. Plus, it’s a huge production every time!! Any thoughts?

Show Answers

Shawna 1 like

I only do 2-3 times a week. My baby girl loves bathes but her skin gets so dry. Even using cream.

Mommy B 1 like

I give my daughter a bath 2-3 times a week also. I’m afraid my daughters skin would dry out if I have her bath every single night.

Carmon C 1 like s

I only bath my babe twice a week. She gets way too dry.

Tiffany C 1 like

I bathe my son every other night. It is good for a routine thiugh

Lauren P 1 like

I don’t. I bathe her once a week and she showers with me maybe twice a week. If I did it every night she would be covered in cradle cap

Nikki B 2 likes

I bathe my son every night. I don’t use soap every time though.

Emy G 2 likes

I bathe my 2mo every 2 days around 8pm

Jamie 3 likes

I do it every night as apart of our routine! His skin is fine and helps him sleep so much better

Austin M 1 like

I agree with Elizabeth, bring your own snacks/foods that you are allowing (if you’re allowing any foods yet)

Tricia B 3 likes

No he does not need water or juice. To each their own but I’m not a big fan of juice. There is no reason for it. By 6 months they are getting fruit and formula/breast milk is their only liquid. My pediatrician told me I was a breathe of fresh air because a lot of people give their baby’s juice and its really not necessary. It leads to tooth decay and in some cases baby’s will refuse their milk. Not good. You are right they are wrong. Lol Sry but that really ticks me off

Jessica M 3 likes

Dude, juice isn’t good for anyone at any age, look at the ingredients. Unless u are doing fresh-squeezed, and even then u should only have a little. Think about how much juice u get from squeezing one orange-then think of how many oranges it would take to get a tall glass full. Nobody needs 10 oranges in one sitting.

Elizabeth . 1 like

Absolutely right Jessica!

Elizabeth 1 like

Every night!! I bathe myself everyday why wouldn’t I do it for her? Just lots of lotion!!.

Marianne M 1 like

I didn’t start a daily bath until my dd was about 8 months old and mobile enough to get a little dirty. Until then, just 2x a week. I actually found that baths wound her up, so we’ve stuck with the morning bath.

Olivia’s M 1 like

2-3 times a week max is all your LO needs at this age.

Shana V 1 like

My son is 15 months, he’s been getting baths nightly since his cord fell off. Even if I just put some bubbles in the water and let him play that’s all he wants, he expects it and he helps calm him down at night.

Sami 1 like

I bath every night before bed. I only use soap half the time. And I usually give her a bath in the morning cause she gets oatmeal everywhere.

Nadia S 1 like

Both my girls get baths every night I wash their hair every other night unless they play outside then I wash their hair that night. But they do get baths every night if I don’t they have he hardest time going to sleep

Britney C 1 like

We bath every night. I think a lot of the dry skin has to do with what soap you are using. If your using a soap with alcohol and formaldehyde in it then babies skin will dry out (as well as if you follow with lotions with the same ingredients) we once ran outta our soap and lotion and used one we got in the mail as sampled and holy moly it dried her out quick!

Cassie H 0 likes

I do it as a routine on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights and follow bath with lotion. I still use the lotion on the nights she doesn’t get a bath as part of the routine though.

Angie . 1 like

We started it and had to stop bc it dried his skin to my surprise he still went to bed nicely with a bottle music and a book

Logan’s M 0 likes

I live in California and we are experiencing a major drought; so, we’ve given up a nightly bath to conserve water. It helps establish a calming bedtime routine, though, and helps keep bedding cleaner longer. If you’re worried about your LO’s skin being too dry, you can help seal in moisture by applying lotion liberally after each bath. We also love using The Honest Company’s organic body oil (https://www.honest.com/bath-and-body/body-oil).

Haley W 1 like

We do it every 3 days and on the other nights get a warm wash cloth and just wipe her whole body down and lotion after just like we would if she got a bath.

Kathryn C 1 like

I do every night. My son spits up a lot so we got into a habit. He loves them.

Ethan’s M 0 likes

I have done it since he was born, it really does help him sleep better, my doctor even told me I could bathe him twice a day, I leave in florida and it is really hot. If you are worried about the skin drying put some lotion afterwards.

Sarah V Wed, April 15th

How old is your LO & what is their bedtime? Mine is 3 months and goes to sleep between 9 & 10.

Show Answers

Danie 2 likes

6 months.. 6:45-7

Cbird . 2 likes

Almost 4 months. 8:00! He sleeps all night. He doesn’t wake up until 6-7 in the morning.

Jasmine D 2 likes

Almost 2 and a half (years).Asleep by 8:00 pm every night until 8-9 am. No naps tho

Mel Marie 2 likes

5 years 9pm 6months 830-930(he made his own bedtime lol)

Caitlin L 1 like

3 months and typically 8

Baby G’s M 2 likes

3 months on Thursday and he’s ready for bed by 8. I nurse him and then he’s usually asleep by 8:30/8:45.

Sarah V 1 like

My LO wakes up 1 time between 4-6am then sleeps again until 9:30

Jess C 0 likes

5 months & 7:30pm

Aubreys M 1 like

9-10 . 3 years old . No naps and wakes at 8 ish

Michelle N 1 like

Almost 18 months. Between 7 and 7:30. He’s a bad napper (15-30 mins a day total) and still gets up between 5 and 6am even if I put him to bed at 8 or 8:30, so I figure he should get more sleep if he’s still going to get up at the same time.

Naasia W 3 likes

My kids are 4,3,2,1 and 5 months and there bedtime is 7

Chelsea A 1 like

Almost 7 months goes to bed at 8:30.

Crystal Q 1 like

20 months – 8pm, up between 6:30-7:30am

Jennifer F 1 like

5 yr old 830 rest time at 8 1 yr olds 7-8, we start our night routine at 7.

Kellie M 0 likes

15 months with a bedtime around 8am – 6:30am. She takes 1 or 2 naps everyday.

Jordan C 1 like

11.5 months and is out like a light between 7:30-8:00. She wakes up I the morning between 7:30-8:00 also.

Tara V 1 like

5 months and she is in bed at 7!

Mimi G 1 like

14 mo- bedtime around 8:30 after a calming bath

Ruth A 1 like

6 months goes to bed at 8-830pm But he is now teething and his schedule is all mess up

Austin M 1 like

5 months and 8pm

Ashley W 1 like

3 months 8:30

Sami 1 like

4 months 8-9

JVP 1 like

8 months 7:00pm 3 years 9:00pm

K P 1 like

6m and bedtime is 730/745. He had 2 naps each 1.5-2hrs. And wakes at 7am.

Dani D 1 like

4 months, 7:45-8pm ☺️

Blessed M 0 likes

7.5 months and she’s in bed 6:30-7 Still wakes up 1-2 times and is up at 7-8

Mariana C 0 likes

Little by little go back with time .. 93o then 915 then 9.. Till 7 pm my both girls 2 and 4 still go bed 7 to this day as I’ve been consistent day in day out

Lori A 1 like

8 months and between 6:30-7

Chelsea T 0 likes

My LO is 2 months, she needs to be in bed by 8pm… Lol.

Teryn S 0 likes

2 months 1 week he goes to bed between 7-10 pm depends on when he is done eating and falls asleep and if he’s fussy/cranky we try to get him to bed by 7

Sarah S 0 likes

My LO is 10mo and is typically in bed by 6pm and he sleeps all night and wakes around 630am

3TimeMom 0 likes

11 months – 7:30 3.5 years – 8:30 Me (37 years) – right after that –

Jen M 0 likes

2 mo. and around 8pm

Olivia’s M 0 likes

14 months and 8-8:30. She usually parties in her crib until she falls asleep around 9:15. She sleeps until 9:30 am

Erin B 0 likes

Mine goes to bed around 9-10 too. 3 months old. Last night was 11 though and up at 4:30

DJ’s M 0 likes

7 months And he asleep by 11

Luna L 0 likes

My daughter is 17 months and goes to sleep between 7:30-8:30pm.

Chelsea M 0 likes

My son is three and his bedtime has changed recently, before I had to start work at 6am my son went to bed between 840-9pm. Now that I’m working so early and we both have to be up by five I put him down around 7pm. He’s had a 9 o’clock bedtime since he was only four months old when he created his own sleeping schedule, and sleeps until 10am when I’m not working.

Chelsea T Sat, May 2nd

Is it bad that I want to go out every weekend for 1 night? Should I just stay home or get out? Tonight my moms friend is having a bonfire, I don’t feel comfortable bringing a 3 month old. Her dad said he will watch her, we’re separated right now but still living together.

Show Answers

JVP 3 likes

I wish I can go out one night a weekend! Lol. If you can go for it!!! U need a break!

Heaven V 2 likes

If they offer then go just tell him to call you if he needs backup

Chelsea T 0 likes

Do you think I’m a bad mom? And why don’t yall go out?

Katie M 1 like

Yea I try to go out once a week so my hubby or mom can put baby to bed it’s good for the baby and you to have a little time apart

Aubreys M 2 likes

I wish I could just go out once a month without the baby lol

Nicole A 1 like

Moms need breaks to! You are not a bad mom for wanting to get out once a week! I go out not once a week because I don’t have a babysitter all the time but if I did I would!!

Luv J 1 like

You aren’t a bad mom. Everyone needs a break. Ur just asking for one night a week, that’s nothing. Go have fun

Andrea C 1 like

Go out please I wish I could go out once every week .Enjoy yourself you need some time off anyway

Ashley E 1 like

If I could afford it I would eventually so and I would like to each take one night a week to ourselves whether that’s going out or just going to bed lol or I will prolly make some diaper cakes!!!

Chelsea T 0 likes

I probably won’t once a week but I have lately, the first time was like my 21st my mom took me out, the second time was with my friend and tonight I want to go to a bonfire. I usually bring her but I know there’s some situations where I know she probably shouldn’t come. Lol.

Danie 1 like

You’re not a bad mom, you deserve a break.. Go for it

Chelsea T 0 likes

Oh Ashley, I never pay lol. I wish a made money being a stay at home mom!!

Bri οΏ½ 1 like

I go out and my hubby watches the LO.. I’m with her all day, I need a break too.. I don’t go clubbing,but I get my nails done, shop, have coffee/ lunch with friends.. We both understand we need alone time and family time.. Our relationship is great cause if that..

GNA οΏ½ 1 like

I would like some time to relax, but then again I have anxiety when I’m away from my lo. That’s why I don’t go out. Lol

Sherry J 1 like

I try and get a night out with husband at least once a month. I always have a hard time leaving but once I’m away I’m so glad I went. Take the time for yourself when you can!!!!

Jennifer W 1 like

I go out when I can but not once a week…as a rule. I always put my son to sleep and leave him with my sister and I’m back before mid night and I never get drunk so I can be good for the next day.

Jacquelyn D 1 like

You should go!

Melissa B 1 like

Go for it ! I got my nails done yesterday during the day and my mom watched him – last weekend my s0 watched him and gave me money to go out which is was so nice and unexpected – I do find it hard to leave ..constantly through the night I was thinking about my LO and how much I miss him -but we need breaks to !!

JDM ! 1 like

Based on your previous posts and his behavior do you feel comfortable leaving your LO?

Chelsea T 0 likes

JDM, as long as he isn’t drinking. And I’m right down the street.

Dayhan P Fri, May 15th

How often do you give your LO a bath? My LO is currently 3 months πŸ™‚

Show Answers

Daniela❀️ K 2 likes

Daily since she was 2 months before that just on day yes one day I wouldn’t

TaylorGrace’s M 1 like

Every night, age 3

Zeni (Zoeys) οΏ½ 1 like

Evey 3 days 2 month

Jess B 2 likes

Every night. I will only skip a day if my baby seems to exhausted for a bath and wants to go straight to sleep. She is 5 months now

Selina H 4 likes

Every 2-3 days at that age, so their skin doesn’t get irritated or dries out. Ps your baby is ADORABLE!!

Ashley 2 likes

9 months and every other night.

Kristy B 1 like

Every other day so I don’t try his skin out, it’s already super sensitive.

Mom O 1 like

Every night ? my favorite thing to do!

Tara B 1 like

Every 2-3 days.

Chelsea D 1 like

2 months, and every other day because I have sensitive skin and in worried she does to. But she loves it so much I want to try every day.

Ruth A 2 likes

At 3 months it was every other day but now at 7.5 months it’s every night as part of his night routine:)

Kathryn J 1 like

Every other day, and when needed! My LO has greasy hair for some reason…and a lot of it, for that matter!

Angie C 1 like

Mine is 9 months now and since about a month and half it has been every other night. She has sensitive skin and we have to use Aveno. Bathing too often can dry their skin out at that age is what my dr told me.

Momma C 1 like

My boys are 5,3 and almost 1. They need a bath every night when it’s warm out… We do every other in the winter. At 3 months though… I’d do 2-3 days in between baths. Too much will dry out a new baby’s skin

Ashley C 2 likes

My baby is 10.5 months and we do every 2-3 nights. Once he is walking and playing outside a lot it’ll probably be every night

Carol M 2 likes

Same as ^@ruth

Lisa M 2 likes

Every night, its part of his routine

Isabella M 1 like

Every other night. 11 months. Has been this way since birth

Cara F 1 like

Every other day! Mine is 12 mo and we still do it that way.

Sarah S 1 like

3 weeks old, every night before bedtime. It’s part of our routine and he is starting to understand that after his bath it is time for bed. Routine is a necessity!!!

Paige B 1 like

Every day in the summer and every other day/every three days in the winter. When my one year old was younger I gave her a bath every day until she was 5 months because she had acid reflux and was spitting up all the time. The doc said to watch for her skin drying out but I always put coconut oil on her post-bath and she never had dry skin.

Melissa : 1 like

Every night ☺️ Best way to end his day! He loves it and knows it’s light out right after his massage (applying lotion)

Samantha 1 like

6mo every night with exception every now and then!

MJ’s M 1 like

Every single night since he was 2 mo. I use soap and shampoo everyday too followed by baby lotion. My baby’s never had a diaper rash or any other skin issues.

Kim S 1 like

My son is 2 months and I give him a bath every night since he’s been born. Sometimes I do it twice a day once in the morning once at night. I put lotion on him usually every other day (when he cooperates) and he never gets dry skin.

Mel Marie 1 like

Like 4 times a week turning into every 2 days then every other day. 7 months. (Or if he gets dirty or throws up) I’m a firm believer that they don’t need baths daily cuz their skin dries out.

A V 1 like

9 months and every other night because my daughter gets drier than a popcorn fart. It’s really dry where we live

Lilys M 1 like

I do it every other day πŸ™‚ or if we go out that day. But mostly every other day, and my baby is 10 months

K.C. R 1 like

My child just turned 2. He gets a bath everyday, sometimes 2.

Heather H 1 like

2.5 months. We do it every night for her night time routine. Bath, feed then bed:)

Mommy Of O Wed, July 1st

Curious to know how much your baby weighed when born and when they grew out of newborn and 0-3 month clothes?

Show Answers

Kathryn J 1 like

LO weighed 6.3lbs and grew out of 0-3 around 3 months

Mrs. H 2 likes

Weighed 8.1 when born … She never wore newborn clothes. Stays in 0-3 mo til about 2.5 mo.

Kristin B 1 like

My LO was in 3 months clothes by 1 month and is now 3 months in 6 month clothes. He was 8 lb. 4oz. And 21 1/4 inches.

Fabiola N 1 like

6 p 14 oz and shes about to be 4 months in 2 days and most of hem still fit her

Michelle W 2 likes

My boy weighed 8lbs 5 oz at birth. He wore 0-3 until almost three months(except PJs, both my kids outgrew those first cuz of length). He can still wear 0-3 month shorts cuz the length doesnt matter. Onesies and pants no way. I make long babies

Kb T 1 like

6lbs 13oz and wore 0-3mo until about 4 months

Haley 0 likes

LO was 9 lbs at birth. Was in newborn till 1.5 months and at 15 weeks he is just now growing out of 0-3 mos. mostly things are getting too short.

Kelly D 1 like

5lb9oz at birth. Almost four months and still fits 0-3 months.

Aimee A 1 like

She was 6 lbs 9 oz at birth newborns until 2 months 0-3 until 2 1/2 months 3 until 3 1/2 months 3-6 until 4 1/2 months Now she’s in 6 month clothes and she is 5 1/2 months old. ? She’s a string bean. Very skinny, but very long. There’s some 3 month pants that fit her, but are capris on her because she’s so long. So I just stick with 6 months because they fit better ? plus it’s summer so she’s mostly in dresses and shorts anyway!

Jerrick’s M 1 like

My son was 7 pounds 4.4 oz when he was born. He grew out of his newborn clothes when he was three weeks old and also upped his diaper to size one around the same time.

JVP 1 like

8.2lbs never worn newborn! 5.6lbs stayed in them about two months. (: o-3 months stayed in them about 4months.

Keli H 1 like

He weighed 6lbs 13oz and he wore newborn for the first two months (he’s a small guy). Size 0-3 is good to get since newborn clothes are only good for babies up to 8lbs I believe.

Keli H 1 like

Oh and he still wears 0-3 month clothes at almost 3 months old.

Brittany M 1 like

8lb 1oz , wore them for 2 months

Firsttime M 1 like

my son was 9lbs & is starting to grow out of 0-3 now at 5 weeks old

Elizabeth M 1 like

My LO was born at 4.15 lbs. He was in preemie clothes for few weeks, maybe a month. Then in went into newborn. He seems to stay in each size for like 3 months and also seems stay in one size behind his age. For example, he’s a few days shy of 8 months and still in 3-6 month clothing.

kj’s mommy j 1 like

our son was 9lbs 10 oz and was never in 0-3 he started out 3-6

Julie D 0 likes

7 lbs 12 oz at birth… Newborn the first week and she’s going to be 11 weeks this Thursday and weight 11 lbs 3 oz and I had to take all her 0-3 months out cause she outgrew them already πŸ™ growing so fast

Aysha J 1 like

7.02 oz

Amber H 0 likes

Mine was 7 lbs 5oz…she was about two months when we switched her to 3-6 months cloths

Cara M 1 like

8 lbs 6 oz when born and he’s 6 weeks old now and is in 3/6 clothes

R S 1 like

Mine was 7 but she was too long for newborn clothes and diapers, left the hospital on 3 month clothing

Tara R 1 like

LO was 9lb when he was born. Was out of newborn and into 3 month clothing at 3 weeks and out of 3 month and into 6 month when he was 2 months

Kelli M 1 like

Baby weighed 7lbs 13 ounces at birth. Was out of newborn within three weeks and just fitting into 3-6 at 9 weeks. She’s longer otherwise she may still fit in 0-3.

Crystal Q 1 like

My son was 6lbs 13oz at birth & rocked the 0-3 months clothing until he was 5-6 months – he’s always been a little peanut.

Clayton’s M 1 like

DS weighed 5 lbs 15 oz. He’s 7 weeks old and still in newborn clothes…

Aaren G 1 like

My son was born at 6 lbs 5 oz and 20 in he is now 2 months old 10 lbs 11 oz 23 inches and within the last two weeks he has grown out of all of his newborn onesies (they are too short, tight, and don’t fit over his head) he can still fit into newborn shorts and pants because he has a slim waist area and tiny legs. Keep in mind that brands run a little bit different. I find that carters run true to size sometimes large and felt that target brand ran smaller.

Ally Thu, July 23rd

How often do you bathe your LO? Dr told me every 2 days no more than 3 times a week bc it dries their skin but I feel like he gets so dirty (& I have no clue how lol he’s not mobile yet) but he’s 3 months if that makes a difference.

Show Answers

Ashley M 1 like

I just started bathing my 3mo old every other day, I have to because he gets very dirty, he has reflux so he’s constantly spitting up and he has blowouts because he’s between diaper sizes right now… But I heard you should only bathe them 3 times a week

Jordan C 4 likes

We’ve always bathed our LO every night as part of her bedtime routine. She’s never had an issue with it drying out her skin but we use Aveeno for sensitive skin.

Daniela❀️ K 2 likes

I do it every day

Auby’s M 2 likes

From 2 weeks old we have given our now almost 4 month old a bath almost every single night

Lela M 2 likes

Every night

Mellissa B 1 like

I bathe mine (20 months and 3 yrs) every other day, unless they are outside or get dirty from dinner.

Jilly M 1 like

My LO is 4 months but since birth I have only done it every other day. After the bath I massage her whole body with lotion and play her favorite song and I also do that even on the nights that we don’t give her a bath to keep the routine and it works great every night she sleeps all night and pretty much always has

Danie 1 like

2 times a week

Brianna 2 1 like

I have been bringing lo in with me since she was 3 mo. She loves it and her skin has been perfectly fine!

Beth D 1 like

We bathe our lo every night we also use Aveeno and have had no problems

Nicole A 1 like

I bathe my 4 month old almost every day if not every other day. She throws up a lot and always smells like her formula.

Stephanie W 1 like

I did every other day bc he smelled I felt like . He spit up a lot so he needed it .

Shailyn E 1 like

We bath our son every night because it’s part of his nighttime routine and he enjoys it! We put lotion on him after and his skin hasn’t dried out! He’s 9 weeks!

Travis’ M 1 like

Just don’t use soap every night, you can put them in the water to rinse them off ever night.

Ashley R 1 like

Daily, lotion each night and soap every other night. We’ve always felt they needed a good rinse at the end of the day, even more so now that they’re toddlers. We’ve never experienced issues with dry skin.

Sandy L 1 like

In the cold months mine are every 3rd day so about 2 times a week. In the hotter months everyday because they get all sweaty

Dana P 1 like

My DD only gets bathed once a week unless she goes in the pool then it’s more. If you start noticing skin drying out try a no rinse wash or a sponge bath☺️ she’s 3 months

Brittany M 1 like

At 3 months I started doing every other day, my son is 8 months and we still do every other day.

Andrew’s M 1 like

My LO hates baths. Wish I could get him to not scream every time I put him in the tub

Darion’s M 1 like

i used to every other day my son was born in November so if it was to cold i washed him 2 days no & one day yes .. n omg my son’s clothes i used to wash twice a week i felt as his running out of clothes lol

Erika H Wed, September 2nd

Am I a bad mom for giving my child Tylenol right before bed to “help” him sleep. I mean he is teething but I do it almost every night and he’s only 3 months old

Show Answers

Brianna 2 14 likes

You shouldn’t medicate unless they really need it.

Cortney M 8 likes

Agree ? if he’s in pain then by all means but ‘to help him sleep’ is a no no. And definitely not an every night thing it can be harmful.

Ashley M 15 likes

Doing it every night is very bad. Tylenol is very bad for our livers and should ONLY be used when baby has a fever. PLEASE stop using Tylenol to help your baby sleep.

JVP 10 likes

No need for it every night! Even if baby is teething. Try different more natural remedies. My daughter just had her first dose at a year old.

Suganya R 5 likes

I afraid it’s bad.. Pls don’t do it anymore ..

Taylor S 4 likes

I agree that if my baby is very restless or teeth in I give him Tylenol before bed. Sometimes 5-6 nights in a row. But not every night. I don’t think it’s good for them.

TT M 5 likes

Tylenol overdose can be very bad.. Especially for a 3 month old..

Emma Kates M 8 likes

I feel bad anytime I give my baby medicine. I worry all night long about it. If he’s uncomfortable u could try the Hyland teething tablets. They melt instantly and will help him rest too.

Maci C 8 likes

Do not give them Tylenol every night. Or any medication to help sleep. Only if pain. Especially Tylenol, it can affect the liver if given to much. & giving medicine to help them sleep will cause them to get addicted to it and HAVE to have it to sleep. Sorry mama, but it’s bad

Mama Of 3 2 likes

Baby could become constipated from that also.

Ann S 4 likes

Only when he needs it. He could get dependent on it. My aunts friend used to give their baby Benadryl every night before bed and now at 8 they are dependent on it

Ashley M 7 likes

Ughhhh this is just so bad:( I hope you take our advice and STOP giving your baby Tylenol

Melissa H 10 likes

Not only is it bad for them to have it everyday they can build up an immunity to it and then when they really need it to being a fever down it won’t work. However, your not a bad mom just maybe misinformed.

Brittany B 2 likes

???what all the other mommies said!!! It is so bad for the liver. Maybe try other measures to comfort you LO.

Felisha L 1 like

I wouldn’t do it every night because that can cause issues with his liver later on in life. If he is really needing it is when it should be given only. If sleep training is what the problem is then let him fuss it out he will survive a few minutes of unhappiness:)

Melanie P 2 likes

I understand where you are coming from and I know you are well meaning. When my lo was hardcore teething I did give tylenol before bed for about 3 days in a row. Babies don’t feel teething pain for weeks on end and only use it when it’s REALLY needed. I know it’s hard. You don’t want your babe feeling pain, but you have to hold out.

Cassie A 1 like

Please don’t ruin your child’s liver for your own convenience.

Ashley P 2 likes

You did it every night? I hope that’s a typo . That’s not good. I gave my lo Advil tonight but ya been a long time since she’s had it she teething and runny nose and little fever

Violeta K 2 likes

Yikes. I’m sorry but I have to agree. Don’t do it every night. Only if he really really needs it. He’ll wake up crying, hold him, rub his head n back, comfort him, sing to him, give him a bottle, breastfeed. Something, but no Tylenol. Only with fever God forbid or if he is fussy after shots n even then only 1 dose

Erika H 4 likes

Ok I won’t do it anymore. I’m glad I asked. ? thanks everyone!!!